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What do moms want?

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A baby in 2019? Put the odds on your side!

It's decided, this year, you start: you want a baby! But are you well aware of things to do or not to maximize your chances of becoming pregnant?

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To have a baby, I have to stop my pill several months before to cleanse my body

It's true It's wrong


If you have been taking a contraceptive for years, it is tempting to think that your body will need time to regain its rhythm, and you will cycle. It is not so. You can quite get pregnant as early as the month after stopping the pill. So be careful if your baby project is not quite reflective ...


First thoughts when you know that you will have twins

We just found out we're expecting twins. It was a huge shock, a real surprise that I still couldn't handle.

First thoughts when you realize that you will have twins! (Fotу: iStock) "We have always wanted more children, maybe one more baby, as much as possible, but despite being very excited about being pregnant, I was very surprised when I said that more babies were growing in my belly. I went through a real emotional rollercoaster ride to get to my current state, when I was already excited to meet my two babies. But before that, different thoughts flowed through my mind - writes the author of mother.ly."1. Everybody's so serious in the room. Just nothing wrong? 2. Always moving the ultrasound on my stomach: just need a baby there! "5. Said two? Two 6. But what's the name of my baby? 7. Breathe. Breathe. Can something be forgiven. 8. I want to laugh.10 I want to laugh.11 How can I get over two newborns 12. Good bye, can you imagine how much cute clothes we can give them 13. But wait, how can I carry two little ones? We'll need a bigger car.15 We'll need a bigger house.16 We'll need a LOT of money! Without help, this is impossible. Someone is me do it without family help 19. 19 children under 3 years old. We're crazy.20. Our oldest child won't be our baby anymore. Did I get ready for this? Two newborns! What? That? Why can? 22nd How will we distinguish them? Why does my brother always smile? Х Not worried? Okй. Lйlegezz. Everything will be fine, it will work. Two newborns! We could barely handle one! It happens for all reasons. The reason for this soon becomes clear.27. But I'm not ready for that! Now my husband can be engaged and become a middling family.29. So I mean, if you can do it, are we, aren't we? Who's the baby? Oh my heart? Our son will be the best big one! 32. Or can you? How can we be so lucky?! 34. It will work (VIA)Connected to:
Breastfeeding made me sad

Nobody ever told me about Dysmorphic Milk Ejection Reflex (D-MER). When I stopped breastfeeding, I forgot all about it.

It's easy to forget. The feeling was so fleeting. But each and every time I nursed my babies, within the first few minutes of them latching on I was hit by a powerful wave of sadness. It was as if my babies were pulling a long ribbon of sorrow out of me through my breasts.

It felt almost like being homesick. The sadness was there for the briefest of moments, just hovering on the edge of my consciousness, and then -- poof -- it was gone.

I wrote a about it in a comment on a post about formula feeding, half hoping someone would see my comment and say they experienced this too. Someone would surely say I was not alone. No one did.

But later, thankfully, another our site blogger told me she had also experienced this feeling of sadness upon breastfeeding.

Later still, I happened to be browsing over at Motherhood Uncensored and learned that not only was I not alone, there's an actual name for this bizarre mood swing. It's called Dysmorphic Milk Ejection Reflex (D-MER) and you can learn all about this treatable disorder at the website, D-MER.org.

Some of the most important things the website reveals, include it's caused by hormones, it's not a psychological response to breastfeeding, it's not PPD, and it is not the same thing as breastfeeding aversion.

Instead, the sadness is linked to an extreme drop in the hormone dopamine that occurs at the time of letdown. It's a reflex -- dopamine drops, allowing prolactin and oxytocin to rise, triggering the milk to release. Somewhere in between during this hormone-driven pendulum there is this moment of profound sadness and negativity. The D-MER can occur during pumping as well.

Breastfeeding came easy to me. When it came to milk production, I was a certified Dairy Queen. But that didn't make me love it. I remember finding it annoying after the 6-month point. I got agitated, irritable, even resentful when I nursed. I nursed both my daughters for over a year, but had expected to do it for at least two. Now I'm wondering if the D-MER had something to do with this. Maybe, maybe not.

Why all women don't experience D-MER is unclear. What's important is we're talking about it now.

It feels wrong -- disappointing and confusing -- to feel sad when feeding your beautiful babies. Depending on the severity, simply knowing what's causing the feelings, and knowing you are not alone, can help to manage it.

Anyone else experienced this? Did it concern you? Do you think it affected your decision to continue, or stop, breastfeeding?

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From 4 years old: Up! Hippo, Croco and Co.

The influence of the moon in childbirth

The influence of the moon in childbirth

Scientists insist again and again that the moon has no influence on the birth of a baby. And we women continue to think that yes, there are things that do not need to be tried. So even though science says one thing, popular belief continues to support the idea that the moon does play a role in triggering labor. Many midwives, in fact, subscribe to this popular belief and defend it with data that have been pointed out from their own experience.

They say that nails and hair should be cut on a waxing moon, and that you should never have surgery on a waning moon. They say that if you are about to give birth and the full moon is approaching, that day your child will be born. They say and say, and scientists deny, but in the end, the numbers win. Why do more bag breakages occur with tinted waters in a waning moon? Why are there more spontaneous births with a new moon? And why are there more cases of slow induced labor, the threat of premature labor and cesarean sections during the waxing and full moon phases?

That mysterious, dreamy and magnetic moon that attracts us so much, perhaps has the answers. The moon exerts a power of attraction on the Earth. It is the culprit that the tides exist. It governs the menstruation periods of the woman. Why shouldn't she have something to say at birth? If the moon moves the waters of the sea, will it not be able to do the same with the amniotic fluid?

Scientists claim that the moon has no power over the baby's amniotic fluid. However, the baby rests inside its mother as if surrounded by the invisible cloak of the moon. Without gravity, surrounded by darkness. Protected. As if he were floating in the middle of the universe, far from Earth.

Birth data from hundreds of midwives they attend daily reveals the following:

- What during new moon phase, they attend more quick and easy deliveries. The expulsive is short and everything flows naturally. They hardly have to intervene in the delivery.

- What during the waxing moon phase, they attend almost perfect deliveries. They comply with all phases of labor. The mother has time to live each moment of childbirth.

- What during the full moon phase more unexpected births occur, some prematurely. A woman's cervix is ​​not yet ready and deliveries tend to be slower and more complicated.

- What during the waning moon phase, there are fewer deliveries and they are very slow. Babies take longer to be born, the placenta takes longer to come out. Many end in caesarean section. Labor is even more complicated on the last day of the waning moon, one day before the new moon.

So, on the one hand the scientific data. On the other, the data of midwives. Let each woman draw her conclusions.

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Does the Full Moon Affect Human Behavior?

How are the pros educated?

How are the pros educated?
No one will have such a name!

Anyone can see, this little one, though not born, is one of a kind! He waves the ultrasound, even in 4D, "clear" by throwing a kiss at the camera and winking. How could his name be everyday?

No one will have such a name!

After the first positive pregnancy test, "will you be a boy or a girl?" followed by the second most common request the mother hears is "What's her name?". Decide, no fairy tale! Relatives, friends, but also the greener require the name of a baby to be born after a half year, and have a wide-eyed admiration if there are no two-threes, so the parents are looking for it.
Not only is organizing our own wedding more complicated, more human-worthy than we first think - choosing the name of our baby to be born is a similarly complex task. Serious responsibilitybecause you will call me that all the time. This name will be introduced to the first day of kindergarten, and in the next thirty years you will be able to publish scholarly publications on fission. Zita Para, Elemer Lapos, or Ishik Bud are just fictional figures from urban legends, but I remember remembering that when I was a little girl, I was circling a classmate, the Great Army system. I just realized slowly why, boy, when I say fast one after the other, that Big Rugby, Big Rugby, Big Rugby ... A badly chosen name can make a lasting laugh, a good ringing name can make a difference.

New and newer

It is often difficult to choose lots of options. The website of the Institute of Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences is constantly updated more than 3500 names public. You can consult numbering, vote for options on public portals, and even if you don't find the right one, you can post a new name.

- As far as the most popular names are concerned, last year the names of the most beautiful parents were Jasmine, Anna and Hanna, and the names of the boys were Bence, Mate, and Levente - he explains. dr. Judit Raбtzis a research fellow at the Institute of Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. - But these names can't be said to be "fashion names." Looking at recent years statistics, the top one, Jasmine and Benedict, is barely 3.3 percent for children.
She is constantly growing the Yeah number of unique first names. From January to October 2010, 349 official letters were received at the Institute of Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, nearly 40 published, 65 new men and 72 new names were registered at the Institute. New names are spelled out in two directions. One is that some parents want their child to have a foreign, sonorous, and catchy name so that if they bring their fate, make it easy on the outside. That is why many people would like to call it Maya or Jessica Jessica. We must reject such requests in any case, as the correctness of the registration of names is governed by law.
THE another direction is the choice of ancient Hungarian names. This process could be good from many points of view, as we can add nice names to our namesake (Zadadnyka, Juggernaut, Hunedoara), but often the problem is to name people who have never been named, or even Hungarian. Of course, besides these, it is becoming increasingly common to see someone who wants to give their children a unique, exotic name.

A treasure that is not

"We've been waiting for our baby to arrive," says Martti, a happy mother of three children. - Since we were always born with my treasure with my wife, this is where the idea came for our baby to be born. We followed it up on the net and thought it was a name, and two days after it was called from the registry office to think of another name because Treasure - none. Upon hearing my confusion, the lady made me aware that if we would like to do so, we would try to authorize her to keep the birth certificate. My brother filled out a request and, three weeks later, a report came in to approve our request. Our daughter has two different names. Esther is the first, Treasure only the second. We wanted to make sure we had the choice, but we were a little afraid that if you got into the community, there might be people who didn't like the Treasure, but it seemed like our fears were unfounded. Everyone likes this name so much, we don't even use Esther.

There's only one chap!

The wise men of the ancient world have chosen the meaning of the first name to determine the character of the wearer, and even his destiny. The name of the Cumanian warriors was unfortunate enough to keep the evil spirits away, and to this day the Maori children are given the name they wish they had. Today, most people choose less well-known first names because of their specific sound, not their content. The time of the Marquis, Pistik, Elizabeth, seems to be over. Welcome, Chaplains, Agapions, Epiphany, Clicks, Save! But are you choosing a special, rare, strangely ringing first name instead of the "traditional" names?
- If your child is perceived to have a special, unique, strong and solid character - explains Tуth Mercedes pszicholуgus. - Also, if your name is not everyday, this "selected" sensation might be stronger. On the other hand, if you get the name Faramucian, "big", but don't look particularly exciting, the complexity of the exterior and the simple interiors will be too large. Although everyone's goal is to stand out from the crowd, the Hungarian society does not like anyone else. Let's get it out, sweetheart. In my opinion, it is better to give the child a simpler but good ringing name than a complicated intricate sound. - It often happens that the name you are trying to register is too big, like Ari, Babuca, Babsi, Ptyti, Ziza - explained by dr. Judit Raбtz. - When choosing a name, never forget to remember that ours will not remain an elderly child. Once he goes to school, he falls in love, or maybe wants to work in a serious position soon after.

Tip: The Internet Helps!

Check out the Babanev generator on Facebook. You can set the length of the name to search for with the first letter of the given leader name.
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