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Romanian Traditions in Bucharest, Easter Fair 2013

"Romanian Traditions in Bucharest" invites you from April 26 to 30, 2013 on the platform of the Military Academy in Cotroceni at "Easter Fair"", which aims to offer the public with selected dishes with grace from all corners of the country.

The main purpose of the event is to promote traditional Romanian products, with authentic taste, without preservatives and other additives, in an elegant setting in a bohemian area of ​​the capital, very easily accessible.

The fair offers the possibility to get in direct contact with the traditional producers who will bring you closer carefully prepared dishes based on authentic recipes.

We expect you to participate in a real holiday and indulge yourself with a delicious pastry trimmings and smoked Transylvanian strawberries, leave your mouth water, goat's cheese with cumin seeds or tasty bell peppers wrapped in fir bark, raw products -cooked, fresh or smoked sausage, served with lamb or pork, breaded mussels, all good to taste.

The traditional sweets made in the oven with clever housewives enrich the menu and for the appetite, the Bihor palinca and the wines of the chosen varieties will give flavor to this feast.

Do you miss the taste of childhood spent in the grandparents' garden?

Come and taste the watermelons pickled, cauliflower stuffed with peppers, cheeses stuffed with donuts and tasty zucchini made from eggplant and mushrooms. As a dessert, we will spoil you with walnuts, blueberries or black cherries, natural and fragrant syrups, or relaxing teas.

The invigorating scent of walnuts, raisins and other spices, freshly seasoned, the taste of rhubarb and Easter, red eggs - bestowed by the most skilled hands - will all give you the authentic Easter holiday.

We are waiting for you on Friday, April 26, starting at 10:00 am, at the Easter Fair on the plateau of the Military Academy - Cotroceni area, where you will find the taste of Romanian dishes and recipes from another time!

You can also find us on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/TraditiiRomanestiInBucuresti.

Source: www.pikaso.ro

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When a father or mother hears a diagnosis of Spina Bifida, the first thing that usually comes to mind is: Why did it touch us? Why our baby? Some studies show that there are many factors that contribute to the development of Spina Bifida and / or Hydrocephalus. For this reason, it is very important to understand that parents are not to blame, that it was not some lack of care or an accident that caused your baby's disability, since the Spina bifida it can happen in any situation.

At first, no more knowing the news, it is normal for parents to feel desperate, impatient and lost. You will need time to adapt to the new situation, and above all accept it. Now, during gestation, when the baby is in the womb (the safest place) it is time for you to seek information and advice, and make the necessary decisions.

Although medical advice is very important, you must seek other points of view on the subject: the Spina Bifida Associations in your city or province can offer you practical solutions and guidance. In addition, contact with other parents who are experiencing the same situation, can give you more security and support.

These moments may be one of the most difficult of your lives. That is why it is important that you share your feelings with friends and family. If you have trouble talking about the subject, the solution is in the professionals. But, the most important thing is that you accept all the help that comes to you, especially among yourselves.

For this reason, you should go to the doctor together, to hear the characteristics of your child's disability. The information can be alarming and they will surely have to repeat it several times until you understand it. It is better that you go to several specialists in Spina bifida, since the techniques advance very quickly.

Some doctors are convinced that people with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus have such a poor quality of life that they recommend termination of pregnancy. This is a pretty extreme "medical" position that rules out other views. It is true that there are many medical problems related to Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, but quality of life is not simply a medical criterion. The most qualified people to make judgments about this are those with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus and they are convinced that life is worth living.

Knowing what are the phases that the family go through from the moment they know they are going to have a baby with Spina Bifida, can help the father or mother of a newborn with this problem, to accept and face the new situation.

Impact phase: the diagnosis. In this phase, parents must be helped to mitigate guilt and build self-confidence.

Repercussion phase: the process of normalization of family life can lead to acceptance of disability, resignation or rejection.

Assimilation and reorganization phase: once the child's disability is assumed, the feelings are tempered and balance returns to the family.

Acceptance attitude: You have to accept the child not only with their limitations but with all their possibilities and abilities.

The attitudes that parents may adopt regarding the treatment and care of their child with Spina Bifida may be different, and in some cases erroneous. It is necessary to avoid:

  • Authoritarian and over-demanding attitude of parents;
  • Attitude of accommodation and discouragement
  • Overprotective attitude

- Spanish Federation of Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Associations (FEBHI)

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Isn't there a red car in almost every boy's dream and every baby girl has a big baby in their dreams?
Rattles, dolls, remote controlled cars en Each of these toys, which may seem unnecessary for parents from time to time, has a special place and importance in child development…
Memorial Hospital Department of Pediatrics Uz. Dr. Abdurrahman Yildirim, 'The importance of toys in the development of children and should be considered' gave information about.

- What benefits does the toy provide to the child?

The toy should arouse curiosity in the child, exercise muscles, and increase entrepreneurship and imagination. More importantly, it should lead the child to problem solving. Therefore, the best toy for the child is the toy he wants to play again and again and gets more pleasure each time. The containers, rollers and doughs in the house provide the child with a play environment in which he can shape them as he wishes. The game also helps the child to adapt to different situations by providing a life experience.
- Which points should be considered when choosing toys?

Toys must be selected according to the age group of children. The age group determines what the child will play, as well as how to play. Children between the ages of 0-2 enjoy colorful and audible toys that stimulate all their senses, while preschool children enjoy all sorts of objects and paintings that support their creative side. It is known that children are more sensitive to toys that will develop age-appropriate skills. Because every new skill for the child is also a game. The displacement of objects and the sounds made with objects may be the most enjoyable game for him.
- What are the benefits of choosing the right toy?

His interest in the sound of objects can be an indication of his musical talent. A timbre from there can discover the baby's interest in music. The new colors and sounds he discovered can reveal his interest in art. The fact that the mother is a good observer after the 6th month will make a difference in the behavior of the baby. For example, when you hit two objects that make sound, they insist on doing it if you like it. Much attention is interrupted like to repeat continuously. When you interrupt that movement, it may cry and cranky. You can tell from where you like it. Even the baby can listen to classical music while the mother is pregnant. Even children who are talented to music in the first 6 months are different from crying. It can produce a higher frequency and longer sound. In the studies conducted on thousands of babies, especially in the first 6 months, the sound tones in all crying were found to be different from each other, although it may seem the same from the outside, this difference was revealed in detailed investigations. In this context, babies who are interested in music can be identified early and directed for music education.
- Do toys affect your choice of profession?

The toy helps children prepare for the adult world by providing personality and talent development, as well as the psychological development of the right toy, as well as the cultural development of the child and even the choice of profession in the future. For example, it is possible that a child with a keen interest in cars might have an interest in racing sports in the future, and a child who is interested in lego or hand paste is an architect or engineer. The interest in toys comes from the children and it is impossible to force the child to another toy. The important thing is to discover your talent when you are very young and to guide the child according to him. For this reason, it is necessary to buy appropriate toys and be strict observers according to the age group.
What are Moon Moon Toys and Benefits?
0-3 Months Toys

Choose the bright, colorful and simple-form ones with music, especially music. Helps the baby to focus and recognize the shape.

Plastic Ring: Improves hand control and coordination.
Rattle: Improves hand control and hand eye harmony; teaches the baby the place where the toy ends.
Toys Between 4-6 Months
Dolls and other soft toys: catchy objects that encourage imaginary play.
Soft ball: improves hand-eye harmony.
Mirror: Nourishes the concept of self
Soft blocks in bright colors and different shapes: Helps recognize colors and shapes.
Game mat - game center: Impact teaches reaction.
Teething rings: Soothes uncomfortable gums.
Fabric books: Gives the touch experience; The book nurtures his love.

Toys Between 6-9 Months

Blocks: Strengthens the perception of size and provides color and shape recognition.
Balls: Hand provides eye harmony and balance.
Mirror: Improves self-sense.
Wooden books: Fun, multiplies your vocabulary.
Phone: Provides creative play, enhances communication skills.
Stringed puppets in the box: Teaches object retention.

9-12 Months Toys

Containers: Teaches the object persistence.
Stacking toys: Strengthens the perception of size.
Any thing with holes: Teaches object persistence.
Bath toys (Shower, bucket, bucket): It helps to measure and weigh, encourages to explore new environments; introduces a safe free game.
Steering: Provides fantastic gameplay.

Toys Between 13-15 Months

Shape sorting: Learns the relationship between shapes.
Toy truck or walker: Provides balance and reinforces walking.
Rings stacked on the base: Gives the ability to sort.
Simple puzzles: Improves muscle skills, acquires reading skills.
Teddy bear rings: Helps dexterity.
Matching toys: Matching is the first math skill.
Sorting bag: Encourages sorting, first math skill.
Shape inserter: Helps sorting skills, strengthens the perception of size.

Toys Between 16-18 Months

Imagination developer game presents: babies or stuffed animals.
Toy horse: Promotes physical skills.
Thick pastel crayons: Improves drawing and manual dexterity.
The toy that makes balloons of soap: It teaches the first scientific concepts. Some items change the format.

Natural Toys Between 2-3 Years Increase Their Creativity

Between these months, children develop games based on imagination. For this reason, the child will create something new self-prefer materials. You can choose play dough, sand, water, newsprint, wooden or plastic hammer, screwdriver, non-sharp scissors, paints, papers, simple guessing games (such as recognizing animals), coloring books. The fact that the toys offered to your child during this period and after are natural materials will both increase their creativity and give them more opportunities to express themselves.
Toys, kitchen utensils, toy telephones, dolls and cars that require intelligence and creativity, such as dismantling the whole, creating the whole from pieces, also attracted attention during this period.
Tricycle is one of the children's favorite toys. They learn to ride their bikes with their legs, hands and feet, and they develop a sense of direction.
Materials such as wooden and plastic blocks, play dough and sand, which improve his creativity, increase his dexterity. It strives to realize its dreams. The playgrounds allow it to start socializing.
Children of this age group with a fear of a doctor should be allowed to play with it by taking a doctor set (it may examine you!) So that over time the doctor can help overcome his fear.

Between 3-5 years of games can fight
Preschool children prefer toys with realistic details and functioning parts. Children of this age period reflect their recent events and observations through their games and drawings. Therefore, it is recommended that parents pay attention to the characters, names, and play content that children of this period use in their symbolic narratives.

In this age group, children start to play in groups of 2-3. However, sharing fights can occur during games. If the fight is continuing, a common decision should be reached with the thought of children to ensure peace and children should be expected to respect this decision.

Children between the ages of 3 and 5 also have an increased interest in imitation and animation, and at the age of five, this interest reaches its peak. Their interest in puppet games is also very high.

They usually play planned or targeted lego games. Their interest in various animation games with small figures and cars also reaches its peak.

Most children of this age can play with toys containing small pieces. However, if the child still tends to bring objects into his mouth, you should prefer toys that do not contain small parts. Toys must be rigid, have no sharp edges or corners, should not break easily, and sharp corners should not come off when disassembled. It must not contain electrical parts unless under the supervision of an adult.

How did my mom, my mom

Mommy ana_micu83
Baby Andrei - Razvan,
born through caesarean section

It is said from the elders that every child up there in the Lord-God, before coming into the world, chooses his parents ... I think so, only the old people are wise! They do not take away any famous teachings ... I read the CVs of my parents from the Lord-God's office and decided: I am hiring them for life! About how I got to be theirs and mine, I give my mom the word:
Razvan's story it started with a strange dream and contrary to reality ... I had dreamed of a hospital bed, operated by appendices (I was once). There in the dream I shared a reserve with a baby who was crying very loudly. When the nurse came in, I asked her to take that baby to his mother. Instead of taking the babies, the nurse smiled and congratulated me on the healthy boy ... who was mine.

In vain did I try to explain to her that I was not even pregnant, so I had no way of giving birth to her ... that nurse also told me that my doctor knew me and made me Caesarean section under the pretext of an appendix surgery. Well, if I still had a baby in my dream, I tried name variations. All the dream only Lucas-Andrei or Luca-Andreias came out of me.
She came in the morning, we told her husband's dream and we were amused by the situation. I told my mother
(which he said was a sign from God!) and I justified his need for a solid career before a baby.

I decided to focus on my career

Time passed and through September 2008 I decided to follow and fulfill my dream of becoming a "famous lawyer". I bought my books on the market, I started learning and I was thinking with emotion what to reserve my future. I was afraid that in the first years I would not earn anything or that I would earn more, and I needed a fixed income guaranteed to cover the rates at home.

I was aware that in the first years as a lawyer you do not have "this chance" and, to be even more stressed, the family opposed this plan because of my thyroid health problems. I just said to myself, "God help me and guide me to make the right choice"! On October 20, I was complaining to a good friend that 14 days after menstruation (October 28) I should be admitted for some investigations in Parhon and CM was late to appear ...

Very calm and confident on her, my friend said to me: "You have a twinkle in your eye, you're pregnant!", and I started laughing and annoying myself at that moment. I couldn't get pregnant and it wasn't the time. Safe on her "signs", my friend took me one pregnancy test (the one in the picture) and asked me to do it. I did it and ... it came out with two lines.

On October 21, 2008, I did the first ultrasound:
If you expect me to describe the feelings captured in the photos above, to know that words were not invented ... it was an immense joy, a fear for measure, a feeling of absolute power and a sense of reconciliation with me and peace. (not that I had quarreled with myself, but I was a little shaken).

The pregnancy was good and bad ... "I managed" to lose weight due to 8 kg weight gain in 12 weeks, I had insomnia, but I also did some things that some would fit into "extreme sports". I did the driver's school during the pregnancy and took my driving license from the third test in week 37 of pregnancy.


The "big day" came in one night at 2:15! He took me a "do not know-what" and I put on June 13, 2009 at 22:00 on the iron. And I stepped in until 00.30 when I described it as time for bath and sleep. After I took a bath as I liked, I went with my dad to the living room watching a movie. After a few requests for "let's go to sleep", the action of the movie was stolen and I stayed for an hour on TV. About 1:30 we went to bed and we fell asleep.
At about 2:15, however, a strong, powerful pain "flashed" my belly. Wow, what a painful contraction I had. I hoped it would pass and I went to bed again. 9 minutes later another came. I told myself that I still had to wear my tummy for another 9 days and that there was no time to come to the world that night when I was tired, asleep. But that's when the "play" started ...
I felt an acute need to go to the toilet. When I arrived, I was urinating, I had the power to control everything and I was convinced that it was not the liquid (it was colorless, odorless). I went to bed and wanted to go to the bathroom again. I had come to believe that I was very cold. I was arguing with the thought that I was not careful with the state's disqualification, especially in the last period of pregnancy. Between a contraction that I was treating with No-Spa and a bath trip, I was thinking about what risks a woman faces during the last period of pregnancy if she does not sleep nights and I thought to say this and the girls in the forum .
After an hour of contractions and going to the bathroom, I decided to make a phone call in Brasov at the Eva Clinic and I was waiting to be told that I had a fake job. The good fairy, Loredana, answered my phone and asked me to take my luggage, my husband, to go to the maternity ward in Sibiu for a check that would decide if it was time to go 135 km or to stay in the city. After I turned off the phone, the membranes broke. Then I knew I had a few more hours to receive The Gift of God-God!
I arrived around 04:00 at the Maternity Hospital in Sibiu, I knocked on the doors, in the windows and after about 15 minutes I was greeted by a lady awake from sleep with a phrase "perfectly" perfectly the moment: "What do you want?" I explained to them what had happened until then and asked for a check. I was informed that I am unconscious, that I am putting my child's life in danger and that I MUST stay born in Sibiu because I am very dilated. They made all kinds of jokes about water birth. They were trying to scare me and at the same time to convince me that I must stay in Sibiu.

I arrived in Brasov where I met Loredana, the person with whom I had talked by telephone until then and, being convinced that I am very dilated, we asked to fill the pool with water, so that it would not be born on land. They controlled me and I was dilated only 1 cm: I had to wait!

The hours passed and my situation was identical. Loredana controls me from 30 to 30 minutes. In the meantime, the director of the clinic still controlled me, but the result was the same: I wasn't dilated! With my agreement, they tried to help my body through all the methods they had at hand: castor oil, infusions, hand dilated, calcium. Slowly, the hours passed, the pain existed, but the dilation was still 1 cm.
After 3-4 hours spent in the clinic with no results, the director pronounced the word "caesarean" for the first time. I said that all the sky falls on me and all the ships are sinking. It couldn't have happened to me like this, after all the pregnancy I said I was born in the water, after I was afraid that my doctor might not be present at birth, after I stayed with fear of not reaching EVA ... I could not be born naturally (apparently, the patient's "material").
After 12 hours of work, after pain until tears, after futile efforts, I accepted caesarean section (the beats of the heart decreased on contraction and could not be expected). The whole time I waited for me to expand, with me - even if I had finished my program at 08:00 - was Loredana (our fairy), who promised to leave home only after seeing me with baby in arms! Loredana, thank you very much for your dedication and help, I do not know if I can ever thank you!
All this time, my doctor, Dr. Cristian Baiulescu It was a real support for me, both medically and psychologically. During the whole pregnancy, he taught me that the moment of birth should not be associated with the pain of the moment, but with the MIRACLE / THE BUCURIA to give birth to a life! I arrived in the caesarean room with a smile on my lips and with the belief that everything would be fine. How could it be otherwise?
Dad was close to me, he breathed in contraction with me, he gritted his teeth when the pain reached its peaks and he pushed me every second. Thank God I had Dads there! He filmed the entire operation and cried with excitement and joy all the time.

Andrei - Razvan came to the world!
At 14:45, on June 14, 2009 Andrei-Razvan came to the world, 3080 g, 50 cm, with note 10!
I do not know what feelings you nourished when you read those written above by my mother, but I know for sure that they, my parents, at each reading, relive those moments, they lose a tear, they look at me and they cannot believe how great I became! Thank God we are all 3, we, the Micu family! I rode on his and introduced my family!

Thank you, Razvan

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Bone marrow disorders in childhood

Bone marrow disorders in childhood

The background and causes of ossification disorders were asked by Dr. István Füle, Heim Pál Children's Hospital specialist. It is worth paying attention to the physical development of children.

How to categorize ossification disorders?

Dr. Füle Istvn

Bone ossification disorders can be divided into several aspects. One such classification may be the acquired or hereditary disease, or it may be a mixed type.Acquired ossification disorder can be caused by vitamin deficiency and vitamin D deficiency is the most important factor for ossification. However, it may also happen that the hormone, which is responsible for the normal development of bone, is not produced in the body. It may also be due to the fact that calcium is a bone mineral, for some reason - e.g. malabsorption - not absorbed by the body in sufficient quantities or excreted prior to use, this may be due to renal disease. Growth disturbance may occur even after bone formation. Hereditary ossification disorder may be caused both by the disease of the bone growth part and by the genetic disorder of the normal bone composition.
How would you characterize ossification disorders due to traumatic causes?
Each bone has a specific part from which it grows, and if this part is damaged, some degree of growth disturbance may remain. Such disturbances may include axial misalignment, longitudinal lag, premature growth zone closure.
Of these types of volatility, it is extremely important to correct the millimeter, possibly in a secondary way. The nцvekedйsi zуna sйrьlйse mйg not derьl out hosszъ tбvon jцnnek elх may problйmбk, йs kьlцnbцzх stages of the accident pillanatбban, ezйrt azoknбl the sйrьlйstнpusoknбl where you can szбmнtani principle nцvekedйsi confusion, not elйg nйhбny hйtig and hуnapig the utбnkцvetйs but nйha the nцvekedйsi The patient should be monitored until the end of section.
And what is meant by metabolic disorders due to ossification disorders?
They are characterized by not only touching one bone, but practically all or at least the superficial bones.
In these cases, the parts of the bone that are responsible for growth do not function as they should physiologically. It is not a matter of burying here, but of the fact that the materials needed for normal operation are not available. This includes the vitamin D and calcium deficiencies mentioned above.
What can you do in this case?
If herbs are lacking, they need to be consumed and made available to the body. The importance of dairy products is well-known, but it is still it is not known in such a wide way that calcium and carbonic acid binds calcium, making it impossible for the body to enter the body.
Could you say a few words about this hateful form?
Another case is due to hereditary causes of ossification disorders, which have genetic backgrounds. These can be neglected medically, but the genetic error cannot be neglected. Many times, there are a lot of repetitions that take place. Unfortunately, it is also possible for a baby to lose his or her bone once he or she turns around in the diaper.

Bone marrow disorders in childhood

How can a parent realize that their child has fragile bones or that something is wrong with bone development?
The first suspicious sign is that a child has more bones than other peers. Not counting that eg. in basketball, your fingers are broken - which can happen to anyone - but if you have a series of broken long bones, for example. femur, shinbone. This phenomenon can be observed from early childhood when the child is on foot.
Fragile bone can have many different causes. Bone has a structure that contains organic and inorganic materials. The ratio and the normal structural uplift of the two provide the "power". If the quality of the material is poor, the bone will become fragile.
Scheuermann's disease affects many people with osteoporosis. When can you apply?
Scheuermann's disease is a transient ossification disorder in adolescence that results in weakening of the vertebral structure. It affects both girls and boys alike, but the disease can be rarely detected before the age of 10-15. It occurs relatively frequently, with about 10 percent of adolescents affected by the disease. It may be suspicious if the child has been trapped, but this does not mean that the child has Scheuermann's disease.
The vertebrae also have a part from which the vertebra itself grows. If this zone does not work properly, it will create itself. typical vertebrae. The problem here is not only that the bone is not developing well, but also that the static structure of the bone structure is upset, increasing the load on the back muscles.
The sooner we recognize the disease and consult a doctor, the better the treatment may be. Scheuermann's disease requires a long-term, chronic treatment that begins with a physiotherapist, and the second phase is supported by a variety of fixed devices (such as a fistula).
Do you have the right number of professionals in childcare?
External pediatric orthopedic doctor ca. 16 persons, of which less than 10 persons. Generally, orthopedists solve a mixture of adult and pediatric cases.
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