The meaning of the Halloween pumpkin

The meaning of the Halloween pumpkin

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7 tricks for reviving emotional life

7 tricks for reviving emotional life

Emotional health is what really assures you happiness. You can improve your emotional stability with a little sports, sleep or with the help of friends. But for this to happen you have to be careful to remove all the dangers that could sabotage your psychological condition and to resort to the following tricks!

1. Improve your online communication!

Whether they are your close friends or from social networking sites, it is important to be in a good relationship with everyone. Or even increase your circle of friends and have fun together, even virtual! It is not an authentic communication, but it has the effect of immediately raising the psychic tone.

2. Prioritize your weekly activities!

If you were to get on the to-do list with just about everything you should and should do, you'll find that the repset paper is not enough for you to get all the stuff done. You have to create a flexible program, in which to organize all your tasks so that you do not completely catch up.

3. Juggling with stress!

Stress is part of your life, whether you want it or not. But this should not exceed a "legal" amount, therefore, as many times as it affects your health, it should be immediately tamed by the relaxation techniques - massage, reading, spa treatments, breathing exercises, etc.

4. Start writing a thank you journal!

Even if Thanksgiving is far away and we don't celebrate it too much, you have the opportunity to express your gratitude in a notebook that you turn into a journal. Usually in a diary both positive and negative aspects are written, but it will be a little different.
5. Think optimistic!
Change your attitude and thinking! Put aside negative thinking and enjoy the benefits of an optimistic attitude. You can do whatever you want if you really plan and bring the powers of the universe together so that it works for you.

6. Allow yourself to make mistakes from time to time!

Perfectionism is a trap that can prey on anxiety, depression and other problems of this kind. It is important to be kind to yourself and allow yourself to be wrong from time to time, without dramatizing it.
7. Volunteer!
Making a nice gesture for those in need always gives you a good feeling and a pleasant feeling. It is one of the most relaxing and "healthy" ways to revive your emotional life.

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Babies and Their Specific Temperatures

Babies and Their Specific Temperatures

One of the most widely accepted ideas about human nature is the idea that each individual is born with his / her own personality traits. In other words, even newborn babies are thought to be different in character.

In fact, does each baby have a unique way of reacting in its interaction with the environment, that is, temperament? The answer to this question Istanbul Parenting Class Development Expert Psychologist Sinem Olcay.

Observation of many differences in behavior among infants is seen as proof that each baby has a unique temperament. Behavioral differences examined to assess the temperament of infants; activity level, how quickly she is upset, how she reacts when something unexpected happens, and the level of socialization. Such temperament traits are thought to be essential elements in the formation of a child's personality.

If you want to assess your baby's unique temperament, it would be a good guide to observe where your baby is in terms of the 9 different behavior traits described below.

BABY'S Temperament Characteristics




Activity Level

Ratio of the time a baby spends on the move to a period of immobility

Even in the womb, some babies wander more and kick more. Similar differences are seen in the frequency and severity of shaking and kicking movements in early infancy. In addition, the tendency of some young children to be active during most of the time spent awake is also related to this temperament feature.


Degree of regularity and predictability of basic biological functions

Individual differences between infants from birth can also be seen on how easily the order of body functions such as feeding and sleep times and defecation occurs.

Approach-please feel free to

The nature of the baby's first reaction to new things

Some children are disturbed and exhibit withdrawal behavior in the face of new and unexpected experiences, such as offering a bottle instead of a mother's nipple, meeting a stranger, opening a dummy when opening the lid, and others actively discovering the new experience and seeking more stimulation.


How quickly a baby's first reaction to a new experience comes to equilibrium

The first response to a new experience, whether approach or withdrawal, is that all babies adapt to new situations, such as solid formula instead of milk or being alone with the caregiver. Infants show individual differences in how quickly and easily this adjustment is possible.

Response threshold

The level of intensity required for a stimulus to have an effect on the baby

To awaken some babies from their sleep, there is little sound or the diaper gets wet to cry. Some babies react only after the stimulus becomes too intense.

Severity of reaction

Severity of the baby's reaction

Regardless of whether the situation is gratifying or disturbing, some babies' reactions are always mild. For example, a baby of this type mumbles when satisfied, and only frowns when sad. Some babies laugh sincerely in gratifying situations and cry violently in distressing situations.


Ratio of pleasant, happy and friendly behaviors to unhappy, unhappy and unfriendly behaviors

Some babies often laugh and tend to look at the world with a smile, while some babies are in an unhappy position for longer than expected.


To what extent a new stimulus can divide or change ongoing behavior

Parents often want to distract the crying baby by offering a pacifier or toy, but these tactics only work in infants who have a high degree of cleavability.

Attention / stability

To what extent an activity can be started

Some babies stay in the loop or play happily with their favorite toy for long periods of time, while some babies lose interest in a short time and often need to switch from one activity to another.


In utero: he moves

In utero: he moves

Every day, find one of the infos extracted from the new issue of the collection "Les Essentiels d ': 80 tips to help it progress from 0 to 2 years", sold with the October issue of. Today, his movements in utero and archaic reflexes.

  • Well before his birth, in your belly, your child is already moving a lot. If you do not see his movements until around the 4th month, he is actually active since the 2nd month - before, he was only an embryo - and will be until the end ... if he has enough room for it. But his kicks and other antics are not voluntary. It is a spontaneous motricity that his brain, which has not yet achieved its connections, does not control.
  • During 9 months, the skin surface of your baby and his balance organs are solicited by the amniotic fluid and the pressures of his own body against the uterine walls. Its receivers respond to these touches, while its vestibular sensitivity, which governs the balance, is gradually being put in place. The larger the amount of liquid, the more it gesticulates! As much proprioceptive and vestibular information as your baby records for her future life ...

Archaic reflexes

  • No sooner is your toddler born that the midwife tests her archaic reflexes, also called automatic. Mainly ordered by the brainstem, they are proof of a good functioning of the nervous system and a sufficient muscle tone. By reacting well, your baby proves that he is "technically" able to develop his motor skills.
  • These reflexes will disappear in the first three months as his cortex develops, allowing him to acquire his own learning. A developmental disorder or injury to the nervous system may result in the persistence of primary reflexes as well as disruption of the acquisition of motor control.

Stéphanie Letellier

Find more information in "Essentials of: 80 tips to help him progress from 0 to 2 years", sold with the October issue of, pocket size.

Other essential tips.

Eat everything, couples, authority, child care, Dukan diet, allergies, sleep, nutrition, games and toys, back to school ... find other Essential tips.

Top 7 Teething Symptoms and Signs in Babies

Name Eurydice - Meaning and origin

Name Eurydice - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The term "Eurudíkê" means "justice without limits" or "divine justice" or sometimes "omnipotence". In the Greek tradition, this first name refers to "Eurydice", Orpheus' dryad companion.


French actress Eurydice seen in the movie "The Caveman" (1979).
Eurydice Davis, actress, screenwriter and American writer known among others for her work on Pathology (2008) and Norbit (2007).

His character :

Smiling and full of charm, Eurydice exudes a pleasant and truly irresistible aura. This likeable and adorable woman in appearance is actually driven by boundless ambition. She is in perpetual quest for power, no matter what form or area she might exercise. This aspect of her character makes her courageous, combative and determined. For his entourage, Eurydice most often gives the impression of being Machiavellian. Although it has a good air, flexibility is not one of its strengths. She does not tolerate setbacks and is very impatient. This woman of character can thus enter a mad rage when the events do not unfold according to her good will.

Eurydice is able to put a lot of effort and imagination into carrying out his plans. She will not hesitate for one second to manipulate others to achieve her ends. In one way or another, this intelligent, insightful and persuasive woman will always get what she wants. As a result, the parents of the small Eurydice will have no problem with their future, from a material point of view. Showing a certain interest in the outward signs of wealth from an early age, it will be necessary to help her develop her moral sense. Throughout her childhood, Eurydice's parents will also have to remain vigilant to avoid being manipulated by this little malignant.



His party :

The Eurydices are honored on November 10th.

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