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Children's movie and theater in Bazilescu Park between 4 and 15 August

Children's movie and theater in Bazilescu Park between 4 and 15 August
Children's Dictation Workshop (7-12 years)

Children's Dictation Workshop (7-12 years)

The Calea Victoriei Foundation invites children on Saturday, February 15, from 3:00 pm, to the Dictation Workshop for children (7-12 years old), supported by actress Marcela Andrei, with a long experience of working with children at the Ion Creanga Theater.

Reader: Marcela Andrei
Start date: February 15, 2014;
Course time: 3pm
Number of workshops: 6
Frequency: weekly, Saturday
Minimum age: 7 years;
Maximum Age: 12 years
Cost: 300 Ron;
Low cost (loyalty card): 270 Ron
Location: Str. Popa Sun, no. 40, 1st floor (near the Pache Protopopescu Round and the Saint-Friday Church-Blvd Corneliu Coposu)
Registration at [email protected]
Details at www.scoaladeartesimaniere.ro

The ability to express our ideas and opinions in a clear, concise and convincing way is one of the factors that help us to fulfill our most beautiful wishes and projects.

Our course is aimed at children and includes exercises and games taken from the actor's art and adapted to their age. The main objective is to discover and correct any errors of dictation, by using the right exercises for each child. The workshops will be adapted to the needs of each child and will have an interactive character.

The children will learn to breathe properly, they will learn to use their voice correctly and they will do exercises in the three vocal registers (head, neck and chest).

They will discover how important is the attention we pay to each spoken word, when we want to convey thoughts, feelings, beliefs.

At the last meeting the parents will also attend, and the children will present a short text studied in the course.

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The quality of the diagnosis and the speed of diagnosis are most important for parents

Children have problems with colds, ear and nose problems, and other pediatric illnesses up to the age of 18, and it is not uncommon to spend the night in a hospital.

The quality of the diagnosis and the speed of diagnosis are most important for parentsHeim Pбl Children's Hospital Development Foundation According to a survey of 750 people, the quality of care and the speed of diagnosis are the key to the availability of MRs for parents.Because medicine is constantly evolving, every parent's cheer when his or her child becomes ill. According to a 750-person survey of the Heim Pбl Children's Hospital Development Foundation, children, aged 18 to 27%, have the most problems with colds, otitis media and pediatric disorders (48% to 37%). In addition, allergies are common (21%) and injuries (13%), but not uncommon eye problems (8%), digestive problems (7%), and psychological / psychiatric problems (5%) are not common. 43% of those surveyed reported having a child between the ages of 0 and 3, but the answers were also critical for ages 4-7. As the age goes on, health problems will diminish. The most common answers from fillers (40%) were that children had to go to a doctor or an appointment at least 21 times before the age of 18. It is not uncommon for a child to spend the night in a hospital (83%), In this case, it was not possible to sleep with the child in the town hall. 64% of the respondents reported that they spent 1-5 days in the hospital, while 24% responded with 6-15 days, and 8% indicated that they spent over 27 days.

In addition to quality of care, the speed of diagnosis is key

The survey also looked at how well the child is benefiting and how to make the diagnosis speed, quality are important, the ability to make a diagnosis locally, and the availability of MRIs (products that can show tissue of different body parts, especially in the spine, internal organs, and skull). The quality of diagnosis (88%), followed by its rapidity (85%), the availability of MRI (76%) and the ability of the child to care locally (67%) received high values.

Many hospitals counted on 1% of the taxes offered

21% of those surveyed indicated that they had had to be transported somewhere for examination because the equipment was missing. Setting up a diagnosis and a quick start to treatment is important to have the appropriate machines in every hospital and not to have to take the child to another institution. One of the most important berendezйs MR kйszьlйk.A Heim Pбl Gyermekkуrhбz Fejlesztйsййrt Alapнtvбny immбr 20 йve tбmogatja the gyermekellбtбs kцrьlmйnyeinek javнtбsбt which megvalуsнtбsa йrdekйben fordнt serious цsszegeket Heim Pбl Gyermekkуrhбz йpьleteinek felъjнtбsбra, New Account, korszerыbb mыszerek, eszkцzцk beszerzйsйre and professional dolgozуk tudбsбnak fejlesztйsйre.
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Resting kit for an easy season

Biocebral and Bien Dormir help you get through the difficult days and nights

The end of the year brings a lot of responsibilities and tasks that you strive to accomplish as quickly as possible ... work at the office often gets tiring, homework does not stop multiplying, the holidays are approaching with fast steps, and the cold weather and cold weather outside does not help at all in this escape to "vacation".

Stress, daily workload, intense mental stress are just a few of the factors that affect your ability to concentrate and memory. Without a restful and qualitative sleep, the brain can no longer act at full capacity and resume the tonic rhythm of the previous day.

Isn't it so that you would like a well-being so that you can successfully face all the challenges? We offer you a refreshing kit for those days and nights when fatigue does not give you peace.

During the day, Biocebral gives energy to the mind, body and soul. The product increases the capacity for attention and concentration and reduces the state of agitation and fatigue.

Biocebral contains a complex of natural active substances, useful for students and students during exams, people who need to support brain functions or psychic and intellectual overload, as well as those with memory deficiencies.

At night, the range Sleep well helps to install a restful and quiet sleep through the content of standardized plant extracts, carefully selected.

Sleep Strongly Melatonin Strong it helps to reduce the time needed to fall asleep and to alleviate sleep disorders. Bien Dormir Valeriana Forte is efficient in the relaxation needed to install the sleep, as well as improving its quality.

Get informed on www.biendormir.ro, www.biocebral.ro or facebook.com/LaboratoareleFiterman

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