Yum yum, Eat Healthy. Meal Time Song. +Compilation. Pinkfong Songs for Children

Yum yum, Eat Healthy. Meal Time Song. +Compilation. Pinkfong Songs for Children

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Pregnancy rights in front of the employer

Pregnancy rights in front of the employer

Is it normal to have hot flashes during pregnancy?

Is it normal to have hot flashes during pregnancy?

Yes, it's absolutely normal to have hot flashes during pregnancy. On the pregnancy hormone roller coaster, hot flashes – like mood swings – may be part of the ride. More than one-third of women have hot flashes during pregnancy, often even after giving birth.

Regular fluctuations in hormone levels, particularly drops in estrogen, as well as your increased metabolism during pregnancy can cause the surges of heat that may have you kicking off your sheets at night or fanning yourself wildly in the checkout line.

Hot flashes during pregnancy usually affect the head, neck, and chest, and they can last "from seconds to minutes," says Laurie Gregg, an ob-gyn based in Sacramento, California.

Generally, hot flashes are more common in the second and third trimesters and may continue after your baby arrives. "That's because your hormones lower after pregnancy and will stay low if you're breastfeeding," says Gregg.

It's important to recognize when you have a fever and not just a hot flash because fevers can signal an infection, and high fevers can be dangerous during pregnancy. The key difference is that fevers raise your body temperature, but hot flashes don't.

"If your temperature is over 100 degrees F, call your healthcare provider," says Gregg.

To stay cool during a pregnancy hot flash:

  • Wear layers.
  • Use a fan.
  • Open a window.
  • Drink ice water.

And remember, like the other inconveniences of pregnancy, hot flashes too shall pass.

News flash about hot flashes: They can last longer than you think

A beautiful picture on the wall of the butterfly, an urgent, grumpy look, a poorly worded message, a sentence dropped in the right place at the right time. Each of us has one of the most important things in our life, that is, or makes life difficult: the baby.

Although we are not always conscious, messages are constantly coming to us from the world. We deliver our messages from morning to night, but in the big swap we sometimes get something we didn't count on, and we may even miss everything, but they do. In this case, we will talk about suggestion. Positive and negative suggestions are made even more distinct by the fact that they are not necessarily intentional. There are many messages that the "sender" doesn't even know they are. In some ways, we are all sensitive to this. However, there are situations in which we have a tendency to increase our teeth - such as pregnancy and birth.
The power of our words
Statements about our baby or future birth are very capable of influencing our thoughts and feelings. Even if they are used by almost everyone, we won't find anything wrong with them at first. According to Dr. Katalin Varga, the culture of the bitch has been a mistake in our culture.
- At home it is called milk fever. This is a slight disadvantage, and it only exacerbates the terrible birth events that may have been brought from home. Interestingly enough, this is a translation error. The original Biblical wording is not about fairies, but about work - in English it has been preserved. Birth really requires extraordinary activity from our body. However, this is not necessarily painful! It can also be a positive outcome. However, when we hear about terrible births and pain, our bodies are also uncertain. There is also a pile of mutually reinforcing effects in the house, which is a problem in itself. The hospital itself suggests bad things. Many women are born sick in many places. At the bottom of the consent statements is the patient's signature. I heard from a woman who had a sick baby at the time of her pleading and said she was a mother. These are small in themselves, but when stacked together, their effects can be significant.
Fine reinforcement
In most cases, the hospital environment is not very friendly. There are many places that are striving for a more homely design, but we are only beginning to make the change. Fortunately, you can mitigate the inconvenience by choosing parents who provide us with good messages. Based on Dr. Katalin Varga's experience, this is more important.
- Of course, women should primarily choose a place that is sympathetic to her. However, it is possible that pleasant conditions do not match attitudes - fortunately this is also true. A good-looking baby can make the most of the most despicable place in which you should be born. The best thing would be for the situation to say "You are home, we are just home". Who controls the bedroom? Does the staff knock when they enter the door? My real home doesn't open to me ... The specific manifestations are also very important, like "push, push!" Typical instructions are in most cases incorrect sentences. What if we said, "Let me go ... yeah ... yeah!" Or rather nothing. Our artist knows what to do: push the baby out by itself, just as your heart beats by itself, you don't have to bounce. If you try to control the natural process with conscious effort, you may be excluded. Another direction is taken by the guides. Rather delicious, so I need to confirm that everything is going well here. Of course, there are situations where you need a firm guidance. However, in a good case, they also offer an offer that the mother either accepts or does not accept.
Can we go out?
Notice how many times a negative message comes to you!
- If somebody comes to me for a birthing job, I usually ask them to gather them. So he listens actively, and is more likely to be unaffected by hidden influences, says dr. Katalin Varga. It is very important that women who are ready for birth start to deal with themselves as soon as possible. Your inner expectations, your insights, especially the positive ones, because you can make them from them. Notice why something is good! What gives? If you have one, look for similar results. Come on, say, belly! It's a good idea to contact parents who have enjoyed the baby. Because you can hear, "The time has passed so much, I am so sorry that it is over."
"My doctor, when he was about to discover a problem, was always wondering what he was doing. Poor was so scared that he couldn't even think back to the interventions. raise them - but yes, you made the decision, but without asking! "
"At 22:45, we were aware that the baby was coming. We were two. Now what? - I was scared. Nothing, baby!" szobбjбban. "
"Then I had some indescribable pains. The midwife was comforted that she would be twice as sick."
"To the best of my ability, a young doctor is a guard. We'll talk to her about helping her in her birth."
"At the beginning of the flask program, the doctor said in a lecture on couples attunement:
"You have been chosen by nature ... but now you have a chance." You are the treasurers. The treasure is in a river full of crocodile locks that you have to step into and you never know when they will meet one ... they are in peril ... I am the guide. "
Specialist: dr. Katalin Varga psychologist, PhD, hypnotherapist
The article contains quotes from the letters of our readers, and Dr. Katalin Varga - dr. Csaba Diуszeghy Hypothesis, or the role of suggestion in everyday medical practice is derived from the book. For more information on suggestive communication training, visit www.sas-ok.hu.



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