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Tips for choosing children's summer footwear

When summer comes, we not only change the clothes, we also renew the footwear. On our site we tell you everything you need to know to choose the most suitable footwear for children during the hot months.

In childhood, it is essential to choose well the shoes or sandals that the child will wear to avoid both injuries and health problems in feet that are constantly growing.

Whatever type of footwear you choose: sandals, slippers or shoes, it is convenient that during the summer, children continue to wear socks to avoid injuries, blisters or abrasions. It is also recommended that the footwear be like this:

- Breathable: not just any material, it must be made of leather, both the insole and the external part to avoid excessive sweating. In the case of sneakers, 100% cotton fabrics are preferable.

- Anti-slip: both the sole and the heels should be reinforced to prevent the child from slipping with the shoes and falling.

- Flexible: summer shoes should not be rigid, but rather have a certain flexibility so that the foot can move correctly.

- Adjustable: Mary Janes, clogs, flip-flops or moccasins tend to come off the foot and the child has to worry about catching it with the toes and they could fall because they are not properly attached.

- Not wearing inherited shoes: Even if the brothers have only worn them for a month or two last season and appear in good condition, the shoes adapt to children's feet and take their shape.

- Correct size: check that the buckles or adjustable velcro do not press down on your foot and, of course, that they do not pinch your toes, or are too loose.

- Do not abuse plastic sandals: Although they are useful for the beach or the pool, they are made of plastic and will make the foot sweat and can leave wounds or blisters.

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Carnival coloring: fairy and pirate

Download coloring to print


Female first name. This pretty name, original, means vague in Japanese. No feast date known.

Female first name.

This pretty name, original, means vague in Japanese.

No feast date known.

Crèche: Are the proposed activities different according to age?

In crèche, activities offered to children vary according to their age and also their development. Explanations in video of Ludivine Rivet, manger director.

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our site is committed to providing the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the world. Our content is doctor approved and evidence based, and our community is moderated, lively, and welcoming. With thousands of award-winning articles and community groups, you can track your pregnancy and baby's growth, get answers to your toughest questions, and connect with moms, dads, and expectant parents just like you.

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Errors of parents towards children in a separation

Parental breakup is an unpleasant process that some children have to go through. For children it is a sudden and unexpected life change that they do not usually understand or accept. On the part of the parents, the process is painful and difficult.

Separation is a process that takes time, maturity, and commitment from adults. If parents know how to overcome difficulties and manage the separation process in a healthy way, they can avoid a lot of harm to their children. However, there are common mistakes parents can make in a separation or divorce.

When the couple separates, they try to do everything possible not to hurt their children. The problem is that in practice mistakes are made that can hurt children during the separation process and point them out for the future. The most common mistakes made by divorced couples are:

- Speak badly of the absent mother or father. Some parents may instill feelings in the child based on the lie. The child hurts the bad that can be said about any of his parents, so you have to know how to separate the role of the couple that is divorcing from the role of father or mother.

- Choose between one or the other. You cannot make a choice because the son loves you both. In the end you will feel closer to the one who shows you affection and love.

- Present new couples continuously. Children tend to become fond of easily so care must be taken to introduce them to other couples before they are established.

- Living with the new partner. Another mistake is when the new partner is not established, forcing the child to live with her. You have to respect the child's choice and not force it so that there are no problems of coexistence.

- Assume that being away from your partner is being away from your children. It is one thing to relate to the couple and another to the children. Communication must be used to show affection for children and closeness.

- Children feel guilty. There are parents who do not accept responsibility for their actions and make children carry this responsibility.

- Replace affection with material things. Some parents, feeling guilty for not living with their children, respond with gifts instead of affection and love. The value system is altered and children can begin to give more importance to the material than the affective.

- Differences in the child's education. Both parents seek the best for the child but sometimes they differ in the way of educating him, for example, one more strict and others more flexible in which the child will learn to use these differences to their benefit, altering their scale of values ​​as well.

- Abusing outside help to care for children. Abusing the resources of babysitters, caregivers or extracurricular activities leads to “not knowing” the child himself.

Separation and divorce is a process in which there are many factors that can enhance your discomfort, such as the breakup itself, moving to another home, lawyers, etc. This causes parents to unconsciously make mistakes with their own children. Adapting to the new life takes time but it comes. Parents and children will gradually adapt to the new circumstances. To do this, if some of the most common mistakes have been made, it is advisable to:

- The first, rectify immediately if the parents realize that they have made any of the common mistakes that are often made.

- Recognize that you are doing wrong so as not to cause more insecurities and confusion in the children.

- Create routines and shifts. That they maintain the same activities as always both at school and after school activities is beneficial for children.

- Do not speak ill of the other party. He is the ex-partner but is still the father or mother of the children.

- Make the children see that even though the parents are separated they will continue to be their parents and they will never stop being.

- Avoid overprotection. Avoid being too permissive in the wake of the separation.

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