75 Strong Boy Names to Rule Your Name List - Names and Meanings!

75 Strong Boy Names to Rule Your Name List - Names and Meanings!

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It is normal that as children grow older we stop watching a very important habit: their hygiene. But from what I have heard from a friend who is a primary school teacher, there are parents who do not teach and do not demand that their children follow good hygiene habits.

This friend told me that there are children who come to class in a sorry state. They smell strong of sweat, they have earwax in their ears, some dirty clothes, and some of them come with a few mouth breaths to wake up a dead person.

Parents need to be aware that good hygiene helps prevent illness in children, while promoting their personal well-being and relationships with others.

Hygiene is a necessity that seeks the well-being and health of the body, and even prevents some diseases. Hygiene is a measure that must be monitored both at home and at school. Hygiene of the body, clothing, food, the environment ...

1. Lto body hygiene
The daily bath or shower removes the remains of sweat, sebaceous secretion and germs, from the skin, hair, ears, etc.

2. Oral hygiene
Teeth should be cleaned at least before going to bed and when waking up. The elimination of the remains of the meals contributes to avoid cavities and to preserve the teeth.

3. Hand hygiene
They are the parts that get the most dirty and polluted. They can transmit germs when children get them in their eyes, ears, mouth, etc. Washing hands before and after eating, and whenever necessary, is a habit that we must demand of children.

4. Foot hygiene
It is a propitious part for the development of mycosis, conditions produced by fungi, which can give rise to a bad smell. Toenail and fingernails should be cut once a week.

5. The hiIt comes from clothes
That the dresses are clean. It is very important not to reuse already worn garments, such as socks, underwear, etc. Avoid very tight clothes that make it difficult for the body to breathe.

In any case, it is important that, even as children grow up, we do not stop monitoring their hygiene habits. Ask them if they have brushed their teeth, if they did not forget to use a deodorant, if they cleaned their ears, washed their hands, etc.

Proper hand washing is essential to prevent health problems, from a cold, flu, or infectious disease to food poisoning.

It is very normal that we frequently touch our face, mouth, eyes, or nose, so if our hands are not perfectly clean they become a vehicle for transmitting germs. Washing hands with soap is a simple habit that we are taught since childhood. In this way, we can eliminate from the skin a series of pathogenic microorganisms that we acquire when in contact with contaminated surfaces, and which can be viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi.

The easiest and fastest way to combat these microbes is to wash your hands well, especially at times such as after going to the bathroom, sneezing or coughing, having touched objects that could be contaminated or animals, after visiting a sick person or changing the diaper to a baby and, of course, before eating, or handling or preparing food. We teach you how to wash your hands:

1. Wet your hands with water (if possible, warm) to remove surface microorganisms.

2. Apply soap to the palms of the hands

3. Briskly rub the palm of one hand against the other

4. Also rub the back from one hand to the other and vice versa

5. Rub the fingers of the hands up and down

6. Squeeze the right thumb with the left hand, rub it and vice versa

7. Rub the palm of one hand with the fingertips of the other and vice versa, in case dirt remains under the nails.

8. Rub the pulses of each hand

9. Put your hands under running water and make sure to remove the soap completely.

10. Finally, dry your hands thoroughly using clean towels or disposable paper.

11. If you don't have soap and water, alcohol gel can be used.

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Advice for Parents ADHD Social Skills Hygiene - ADHD Dude - Ryan Wexelblatt

The epidural: what do women think

Today, almost all women can benefit from an epidural during childbirth. Yet, a demand for alternatives is emerging in some women. This was revealed by an investigation conducted by Ciane *.

A revolution in the delivery room

  • Epidural is a local analgesia that anesthetizes the pain and not the sensations. By entering the birth room, she totally changed the feelings of childbirth in women.
  • It is offered both to women who give birth vaginally but also by cesarean section.
  • Since 1994, thanks to Simone Veil, all women can benefit from it thanks to a full management of this analgesia by health insurance.
  • As we approach the 20th anniversary, Ciane * conducted an online survey of more than 8,000 women to find out what they thought about this analgesia.

Increasing epidural rate

  • Since 2005, the survey reports a steady increase in the number of women wanting an epidural when they arrive at the maternity ward as well as an increase in the number of epidurals practiced. In 2012, 88% of primiparous women (women whose first birth) and 58% of multiparous women (women having given birth several times) benefited, compared to 76% and 50% respectively between 2005 and 2007.

Partial satisfaction ...

  • 78% of the women who wanted and had an epidural declare themselves very or rather satisfied. On the other hand, 56% of those who had one when they did not want it initially feel dissatisfied for different reasons: lack of choice, support, information, lack of sensations ...
  • As for the women who decided not to use this analgesia, 97% said they were satisfied with having made the right choice.

Improve information to reduce the level of dissatisfaction

  • The survey conducted by Ciane * shows a desire among women to know the limits of this analgesia so that you can make an informed choice.
  • It also highlights an expectation of alternatives to the classic epidural. The dilatation tub, the pelvic mobilization balloon or the self-destructive epidural (controlled by the woman) appear to be forms of pain relief appreciated by women and whose practice should be developed.

* Collective interassociative around the birth

Frédérique Odasso

(News of 18/04/13)

Linda J. Murray is the Senior Vice President of Consumer Experience and Global Editor in Chief of BabyCenter, the #1 parenting and pregnancy digital resource, reaching more than 45 million parents globally each month. Linda also sits on the our site executive team and is responsible for developing and delivering on BabyCenter’s long- and short-term business strategy.

Linda and her teams around the world provide new and expectant parents with personalized, stage-specific app and web-based experiences. With its unique blend of trusted expert advice, parent-to-parent support, and digital tools, our site makes the journey of parenthood easier, healthier, and more fun.

Linda has addressed a variety of hot-button parenting topics on national television, such as spanking, manners, parenting styles, birth plans, baby names, and more. Her numerous appearances include 20/20, Today, The Early Show, Access Hollywood, Extra, Good Morning America, Dr. Phil, as well as various shows on CNN and MSNBC.

Additionally, Linda has represented the voice of mothers at national and international summits including a post–State of the Union education roundtable at the White House, Mom+Social, and the International Congress of Midwives.

Linda is a passionate advocate for maternal health issues. She serves on the board of directors for the Preeclampsia Foundation and is a member of the advisory council for the Heart Health for Moms study led by Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Linda is co-author of The our site Essential Guide to Pregnancy and Birth and The our site Essential Guide to Your Baby’s First Year. She is also the editor of two books, our site Pregnancy: From Preconception to Birth and our site Baby: The All Important First Year (DK Publishing, August 2010). In addition, her writing has appeared in Huffington Post, MediaPost, Redbook, Self, and Unbuttoned, an anthology of essays about breastfeeding.

Prior to joining BabyCenter, Linda held a variety of editorial positions at national women’s magazines, as well as a production role in public television.

Linda lives with her family in the Bay Area, where she enjoys horseback riding, archery, and hiking with her daughter and dogs.

Ashley: origin and meaning of the name for girl Ashley

Are you pregnant and looking for the ideal name for your baby? Our name finder has thousands of names for girls to help you in this important choice. We highlight the name in the dictionary of meaning of names: Ashley.

It was originally used for boys, however it gained popularity as a girl's name in America in the late 20th century. In England it is still used as a boy's name, thanks to the role of Ashley Wilkes in Gone with the Wind.

Ash tree, or the one that lives in the ash tree


  • Ashley Cole: football player Ashley Olsen: American actress

Ashley name coloring pages printable for kids

Ashley: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Ashley name coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Ashley coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Ashley name to color and print

Irene wants to be a witch. Children's Stories

Every morning Irene dragged her heavy backpack and sad eyes past the costume shop before going to school. Every morning Irene would stop to observe the mannequin dressed as a witch that, with a threatening look, looked back at him on the other side of the window. And every morning she sighed before dragging her heavy backpack back to school.

Irene dreamed of becoming a witch. She wanted him every day, every night before sleeping, every morning before entering class with her eyes downcast. Irene wanted to be a wicked witch, the kind with the wart on her nose and the messy hair, to scare the children who didn't understand her.

Irene wanted to have a book full of enchantments. If I did, Irene would do the following:

1. It would always be summer, so as not to have to go to school (Irene had just changed countries and had not finished adapting to the new language, French).

2. I would turn children into cats (He loved cats).

3. I'd make the fish taste like chocolate (And the thing is that Irene didn't like fish at all).

One day like any other, Irene stood in front of the window of the costume shop and made her wish: I want to be a witch. And just as he was about to leave, he heard a laugh. It wasn’t just any laugh, it was a real bad witch’s laugh.

- Yes, yes, don't look at me like that. I'm the one who laughed - the witch spoke in a deep voice - Well, you want to be like me ...

The witch asked her why she wanted to be like her and Irene told her everything: how little she liked going to school, how badly he got on with his classmates, how unpleasant the taste of fish seemed to him ...

- Well, what a thing! This is no reason to become a bad witch for life ...

And he finished his sentence with some strange words that Irene did not understand. What he did know right away is that something had changed. The witch had turned her into a cat!

- No, no, no, no ... the cats have to be them ... not me! - Complained to the witch.

- Bah! I am a bad witch and I do what I want. Or what did you think? What was going to help you? That is why I found you a fairy. You will be a cat until the hex is broken.

Irne the cat headed towards the school. As soon as she saw her, a couple of classmates approached her ...

- See what a beautiful cat. What will you do here at school?

Before long, all the children in her class were surrounding Irene, filling her with candy and wanting to play with her. They took her to class and left her in a corner, surrounded by comfortable cushions. It was so nice to be half asleep there, while the teacher taught math. The girl was surprised that now, as a cat, everyone paid attention to her. They even brought him fish ... and he liked it better than chocolate! Now that was weird. It really was very good cat.

But when I was thinking that, Irene-cat, who was walking calmly through the schoolyard, heard some grunts and in the distance she saw a huge German shepherd running towards her. Very scared, she climbed to the top of a tree. Irene-gata felt more fear than ever in her life. Still, he managed to get rid of the dog.

Irene-gata began to wander the streets and without realizing it, ended up making the usual way and planting herself in front of the window of the costume shop. The mannequin dressed as a witch was still there.

- Bad witch! Look what you've got! I almost ended up in the claws of a dog ...

Irene-cat heard the witch's evil laugh and her deep voice again.

- But you have overcome it, just as you will overcome your problems with the school children. There is no use running away, or wanting to be a bad witch. To solve a problem there is only one solution: face them. So, I don't want to hear you complain in front of this window again. Show those children that you are as interesting and fun a girl as them (or more). And he finished his sentence with some strange words that Irene did not understand. She was a girl again!

And the witch was a simple mannequin again on the other side of the window. Irene went home thoughtful. She didn't tell anyone about her experience as a cat, but that night, when Mom put the fish on the table, Irene ate it eagerly. It was delicious!

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Origin of first name:

Africans, Arabs

Meaning of the name:

Dayna is a name of Arabic origin.

In the Arabic language, Dayna means "good Muslim with sincere religious feelings".


Famous celebrities include American jazz singer-songwriter Dayna Stephens, American actress Dayna Porter, American journalist Dayna Devon, and Australian-born rugby player Dayna Edwards. Zealand.

His character :

Dayna is a hyperactive and dynamic little girl, who does not hold up. She is an adorable, endearing and emotional girl who has a huge need for attention and affection. Whimsical and spontaneous, she has the knack for inventing situations and games out of the ordinary. Dayna is a traveling party. She always laughs and illuminates her surroundings with her unshakable optimism. She is intelligent, curious and lively. Its biggest asset is its capacity for rapid assimilation and understanding. Dayna is also a small athlete seed. Sporty and energetic, she is attracted by boys' games and likes to be constantly moving. With an iron will, she knows what she wants and wants it on the spot!


Dayana, Diana, Diane, Danae, Dina and Dayan are variants of the given name Dayna.

His party :

Dayna has no date of celebration.

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