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Children's party in Baneasa Shopping City

Children's party in Baneasa Shopping City

On Saturday, November 6 and Sunday, November 7, starting at 4:00 pm, parents are expected to come with the little ones to Baneasa Shopping City to listen to autumn stories.

On Saturday, November 6 and Sunday, November 7, starting at 4:00 pm, parents are expected to come with the little ones to Baneasa Shopping City to listen to autumn stories.
The little ones dance, sing, play and win prizes.
The face of the baboon and the face of the grandfather, Red Scufita, Crickets and ants, Pacalit bear of fox, Raven and fox await you with unforgettable stories only in Baneasa Shopping City!

The Christmas ball. Christmas poem about the innocence of children

Christmas is emotions and feelings, just like poetry. Therefore, in our site We propose you a beautiful Christmas poem that talks about a Christmas ball hanging from a fir tree. A girl makes a huge discovery in her that makes her a very happy girl. The protagonist of this story does not need gifts to have a good time, it is worth it with a very special Christmas ornament. Blessed innocence of children!

We hope you enjoy 'The Christmas ball', a beautiful christmas poem written by the poet Marisa Alonso Santamaría.

of a Christmas tree,

shone bright

A crystal ball.

Next to the portal of Bethlehem,

sitting at the foot of the tree,

a girl making faces

Bringing his face closer

he saw that there was a child inside,

kicked in his crib

and laughed amused.

Cocking head

surprised asked:

What are you doing inside a ball?

And the boy smiled at him.

With grace he stuck out his tongue,

making fun of the child,

and playing the same child,

he made a rogue face on him.

He started to wink at her,

then the other winked at him

and the child also playing

he closed his eyes at the same time.

she said tired of the game,

and the child also tired

he yawned very sleepy.

As you say good night,

with her lips she kissed him,

and the crystal ball

with more light it shone.

Does your son like poetry? If the answer is negative, perhaps you should suggest some verses that are within reach. And it is that poems are a great tool that helps children acquire and practice different skills necessary for their adult life. These are some of the reasons why your child should read more poetry.

1. Stimulate your creativity and imagination
As with stories, poems open doors and windows to new worlds in which anything can happen. Children who read the most are more creative and fanciful.

2. Helps improve memory
Playing at memorizing poems will improve children's retentive capacity, a skill that will help them when studying.

3. Teach a richer lexicon
Some poems contain words that can be escaped from children's vocabulary, allowing them to expand their vocabulary. The most curious children will want to know what the different words they read mean and will learn in the process of finding meaning.

4. Transmits values ​​and talks about emotions
Poems can serve as learning for children as they transmit teachings and values. Also, they can help children understand their emotions and feelings.

5. Improve rhythm and expression
The cadences and rhymes in poems can help children improve their speaking skills. By straining to recite the poems, they learn to keep up with a reading rhythm and improve intonation.

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A Childs Christmas - Theme

First names that do not look cold: Bernhard

First names that do not look cold: Bernhard


Do not be fooled by its apparent sweetness ... it's a brave bear hiding behind this name! From germanqiue "bero", bear, and "harti", courageous, here is a name with a little retro charm that could come back. His birthday: August 20th.

More On Bernhard

Videos that prove dads have superpowers

Videos that prove dads have superpowers

Fatherhood endows us parents with new skills and talents that we did not know we had: infinite patience, overflowing energy, the possibility of constantly multitasking ...

All of these are normal abilities in a way, but there are others that escape science, they are supernatural, and it is that, from the moment in which a man becomes a father, his senses hyperdevelop and generate a new superpower: the ability to foresee imminent danger and protect his children with reactions as fast as light. You do not believe it? Check out these videos of super powerful parents.

A girl on a sled, a slope with some ice ... the tragedy is chewed. Only a super dad can avoid the fall and save the girl from a sure hit.

A super-powered dad is able to save the day when his son is thrown off the swing, even if he has his hands full with a small baby, with what part of the body will he catch the little one?

Super radar and supernatural reflections keep this dad in control of the entire room ... just out of the corner of his eye! This is how you catch the baby before it falls to the ground.

Still don't believe in the superpowers of dads? And then, how is he able to divert the path of this car that was going directly to his daughter?

And what about multitasking dads who can let one of their daughters do kinks that 'decorates' them with pink fashion glasses while reaching out to prevent her young daughter from falling?

Do you still have doubts? Don't you think dads have supernatural powers? Well they do, but they can only use them when their children are in danger.

They are not miracles, they are not dads with high abilities, they are dads ... with superpowers!

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Titans New Powers. Teen Titans Go! Cartoon Network

Origin of first name:

Hebrews, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

Normal 0 21 false false false X-NONE X-NONE

In the Hebrew language, the name Dayan means "judge".


Dayan Abraham is a man of Jewish faith who served as Rabbi of the Hebrew Congregation Caulfield of Melbourne.
Dayan Fisher is a British actor and writer best known for his role in The Bill and the NCIS television series: Special Investigations.
The last descendant of Kubilai Khan also bears the name Dayan. His mother, the queen, had placed him at the head of the Congolese regency at the age of 18 years.

His character :

Dayan is a person who perfectly combines kindness and authority. Dynamic, voluntary and charismatic, he has the makings of a great leader. A great speaker, he uses words tactfully to influence his surroundings.
Dayan has a particular taste for risks and thrills. Thanks to his innate business sense, it will not be surprising to see him invest in an unpromising project and win.


The name Dayan has no derivatives.

His party :

There is no special day to celebrate Dayan.

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When can children have sugar and salt?

We want the healthiest diet for our children. The relationship that the child has with food depends entirely on the Nutritional education that we give him and the example he sees at home. That is why we must be very aware, from the first moment, of what we feed our baby.

Today specialists alert us to the lots of salt and sugar that we eat in our daily lives and that far exceeds the recommended daily amounts. Since the excess of salt and sugar is the origin of countless ailments, the proposal is to avoid these foods in the baby and moderate their consumption throughout childhood; So when can children have sugar and salt?

If we want to instill in our children a healthy nutrition it is best to do it from the beginning. The crucial moment in which the baby you start taking your first meals should be free of both salt and sugar. The reason is very simple, they do not need it. The salt and sugar that our body needs is already contained in the food we eat. Therefore, it is not necessary to add an extra.

The baby develops taste buds between 6 and 24 months. Little by little you will discover if your baby food is delicious or simply 'passable', but it is about leading you towards eating habits where the protagonists are the natural food. Maybe the taste of baby food is not very pleasant for us, but we cannot get used to adding salt or sugar from that age to completely transform the taste.

Among the most frequent mistakes is thinking that our baby does not like his puree and then we add a pinch of salt. There are even those who sweeten the porridges with sugar or juices. With this we are teaching the baby to completely transform the taste of food based on unhealthy additives. And we already know that a preference for sugar from babies can lead to a situation of childhood obesity.

When the baby becomes a boy, salt and sugar may already appear in his diet. When the child eats everything and eats the same as adults, there is no problem in dressing some dishes with salt, or in sweetening some desserts, but always in moderation. We remember that those Additional features that we add salt and sugar are not exactly necessary for our body.

The risk of eating too much salt may not become too apparent in childhood. But if we want our children to become healthy adults We must start by preparing family meals with the minimum amount of salt. After all, adding salt to dishes is a cultural question rather than taste. As always happens when we talk about instilling healthy habits in our children, the best teaching is by example.

For his part, excessive consumption of sugar presents more problems in childhood. An excessive intake of sugar goes hand in hand with problems such as tooth decay or childhood obesity, which are the great enemies to fight. And it is that excess sugar appears in the children's diet without warning, in the form of sweets, pastries and soft drinks that they consume without being very aware of their high sugar content.

Laura Velez. Editor of our site

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