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Winter holidays. How to have fun with your family during cold days

In winter, our state of mind suffers. The energy and the well-arranged specific to the hot days is replaced by a melancholy state. You can beautify your cold days with family fun activities.

We show you how you can get out of the rut and have fun with your loved ones. Here are 10 activities that the whole family can participate in and that will energize and bless you all.

1. Organize a mini-show

Before dinner, stage a show that will include you all. Each one of you to demonstrate your talent, it can be about performing a song, reciting a poem, a special dance or a gymnastics demonstration. Children can make short stories inspired by short stories. You can even make a competition and appoint an arbitrator

It does not take too much organization, a short number, 2-3 minutes, it is enough to have a lot of fun and laugh over saturated. Don't forget to take some pictures to remember these special moments you spend together.

2. Dance break

When you start to feel irritated and the children seem to find their place, the fastest way to break the tension is an unexpected dance break. Let go of the music and take your children to dance, they will enjoy themselves, and you will get rid of the negative state, filling yourself with energy with their laughter and dance moves.

Prepare a special playlist for this, think of songs that will please your little ones and when you see that the atmosphere is loaded, just press "play".

3. The day without screens

Choose a day of the week when you spend time at home with no screens. That means no television, video games, computer, tablet or phones. Often these gadgets get us tired more than just relaxing, and a little break from them is welcome.

You can play something in the family, games like Monopoly or card games are perfect for a family night out. You can also draw watercolors and draw together or make handmade decor items.

4. Evening movies

Winter evenings are perfect for watching family movies. Set that once a week to see a movie together. Each one of you will come to pick a movie one evening and the whole family will watch it.

Winter has three months, so you can make themed months, a month dedicated to animations, a month for musicals, a month for comedies.

5. Go to the museum or the theater

Spend a day visiting the museum. There are plenty of options depending on one's passions, you can go to the natural history museum, the national history museum or the art one. Also, you can go on a planetarium night, the children will definitely be delighted to see the constellations and find out more about them.

Children's plays are also a way to spend time with the little ones, whether it's puppet theater or traditional theater.

6. Cook together

Cooking is a very relaxing activity, and during the winter you can teach the little ones some of the secrets of the kitchen.

You can approach the traditional cuisines of the world, in a Mexican week, in another Chinese or Italian. Do not forget a day dedicated to the preparation of delicious desserts. It will be a joy not only to cook, but to eat them together.

Cooking with you, the children will develop their dexterity and will understand that the food prepared at home with love is healthier and tastier than the fast food. At the same time, if you choose to cook together at home, you can prepare meals made from fresh and healthy ingredients.

7. Time of movement

Physical exercises are essential for a healthy development and a good mood. During the winter you can move in the living room with the little ones. Put on the rhythmic music and start the series of exercises, it will catch you and your child well.

You do not have to do complicated exercises, some series of genoflexions, splints and abdomens are enough to get you out of the specific state of lethargy in winter. In addition, the sport will give you energy and you will feel much better after a session of movement, and in this way you will give a positive example to the child.

It is essential that the child understands the importance of physical exercises for health, and for this he must have you as a model for a healthy lifestyle.

8. The day dedicated to puzzles

Make family puzzles, each one can contribute to his achievement and then you can frame it. In addition, the puzzles help the little boy to develop his analytical thinking in a fun way. And parents have to gain from this activity, because they help us relax, and every hour spent with the little ones is a delight for us, parents.

9. Role Playing Games

Change roles for several hours. Parents are children, and children are parents. It will be very fun to see the little ones trying to behave like adults. In addition, it is an interesting exercise with which you can figure out how the little ones will perceive you. And the little ones will immediately join this game and try to imitate you as they can.

10. Outdoor activities

Playing in the snow is a joy of childhood and we cannot let winter go by without enjoying it. Even if it is cold outside, if you dress well, you can take advantage of the snow and the specific activities that this season brings. Make a snowman together, make angels, slap, go to the ice rink or organize a snowball fight - children against parents.

If you practice winter sports, take a weekend getaway to the mountains. The clean air will do well for the children, and from 3 years you can already put the skis on their feet, while the snowboard can be used by children from 8-9 years.

How do you make frigid days more beautiful? Write us in the comment section below!

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Opt for the pushchair gym!

Almond Easter cake

Almond Easter cake

Wow your guests with this sweet Easter dessert recipe. A blend of almonds, vanilla and apricot that will seduce gourmands.

Wow your guests with this sweet Easter dessert recipe. A blend of almonds, vanilla and apricot that will seduce gourmands.

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The real Spiderman who heroically saved a child

The real Spiderman who heroically saved a child

The bookbooks are ideal for the smallest ones: they are hard-edged, 12-16 pages long, there is no interwoven text, and there are plenty of colorful pictures to guide the seedlings across the globe.

We are in the middle of a bookstore deployment

To read a book you! This is an undeniable fact. And the colorful, colorful books are already attracting the smallest interest - so much, so much. There are people who can look at books from a very young age, and some who eat them, according to you.I have five children - I can set it without any reason - I have some experience with children's reading habits. Big boys and gentlemen, all pages have been carefully reviewed, others - well, they have been better than others - can be improved before they can. they just didn't like it for some reason, or, on the contrary, they fell in love with what they were seeing and wanted to bring it with them, say, to the next corner of the playbook. She had made some inquiries in the past: she was curious to read the shelves in our bedroom, but that was not the real deal. I realized a couple of weeks ago that he was showing me more and more over books in his middle room and explaining something in a tangled baby language, gently gesticulating.
I was wondering what to put in his hand that didn't suffer any permanent damage in the first few minutes (because unfortunately we had to realize that he was also a fan of the imaginative genre), but he is immeasurable. I was knocking on the shelves and I was reminded of the knockout series! The first prizes were given to Grandma, but each of our children enjoyed them, and even as it turned out, this sensation has not gone away, I barely tried to squeeze the big ones so that we would not rush out of the Smallest Book.
BOOKBOOKS are idyllic for small children: they are hard-edged, 12-16 pages long, there is no matching text (maybe two subtitles or funny sentences in good capital letters), and in exchange there are plenty of color pictures on the seedlings. There are also small and large figures, they are rotatable, and their motifs are varied: playground, fairy tale, forest-field, seasons, city, transport…
These books are especially good for children's development, and we can find different games for them.

Game ideas for bookbooks

  • look for the same color items / vehicles
  • point to animals, vehicles, imitate their voices
  • look for matching pairs (dog-cat, child-adult, small-large)
  • we can practice right / left directions (who sees where your ship is going, etc.)
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Guess riddle


Tells you what is right
tells you what is wrong
and is not a person,
Who can it be?

Guess, guess ... Riddles for kids are a great way to stimulate intelligence, logic and creativity in your little ones. Also, this children's game provides a wonderful opportunity to spend time with the family.

For this reason, in GuiaInfantil we have created a fun application to play riddles as a family, with thousands of riddles to stimulate children in their learning and help them learn vocabulary with a fun game.

You can search children's riddles from different categories, pick a random puzzle, get clues, and enjoy an afternoon of family leisure, in the company of our mascot Ragged. Go ahead and try your luck!

13 Riddles That Are Trickier Than They Seem

Washing fruit and vegetables: activity for children 3-6 years
My child is sulking all the time

Arms crossed, head down, tight lips ... Your child has its boils of bad days. No doubt, he sulks! Why is he doing the head? How to react to his sulking? The explanations and advice of our specialist, Blandine Choret-Duru, psychologist.

Who disturbs

  • Your child. When he makes his head, he excludes himself by his fault of a game, a discussion ... It undermines him.
  • You. You struggle to understand what is bothering him when he hangs like this. You wonder how he's going to keep his pals with that pouting character.


Bouder: it's his new thing

  • He may be imitating his pouting comrades around him and he should quickly change his attitude as soon as he understands that he is embarrassing himself. Unless something has recently happened in his life that prevents him from managing the annoyance and his emotions well.

What has to be done

  • Ask the teacher if other children often sulk in class. To you also to make the link between his attitude and a recent event (dispute between you and his dad, project of move, arrival of a little brother ...).

What to tell him

  • "You know, you do not need to do like your buddies pouting as soon as something bores you." Or: "That's really what I'm asking you that bother you or else there's something else "You're not happy since this happened or that?"

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