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The most overweight child in our country2016 is the fight against obesity

The most overweight child in our country2016 is the fight against obesity

Consumers participating in the Children's Health Program were announced in 2016 as the Year for Combating Obesity.

Childhood obsession: we top the list in Europe

In the morning broadcast of the current M1 channel, Gyorgy Pуta, chairman of the Home Pediatricians' Association, said: In our country, every fifth child is extraordinaryThus unfortunately vezetjьk the eurуpai statisztikбt.Az Цsszefogбs children egйszsйgййrt kezdemйnyezйsben the gyermekgyуgyбszat йs betegsйgmegelхzйs best-known professional organizations in rйszt the Hungarian Pediatricians Tбrsasбga, the Hungarian Children gasztroenterolуgiai Tбrsasбg the Hбzi Pediatricians Egyesьlete, the Hungarian Vйdхnхk Egyesьlete, the National Egйszsйgfejlesztйsi Intйzet besides the Hungarian Dietetics Association and Nestlé Hungaria.
Gyorgy Pуta emphasized that in the wake of childhood deprivation a cardiovascular ailments and cerebrovascular ailments are well on their way since their thirties he added.
The specialist emphasized that in the long run, childhood prevention can be really effective. The goal is to guide children and parents to a much healthier diet, ”says Gyula Gyor, with special emphasis on reducing carbohydrates and yeasts.

Baby Room: Start reducing your sugar intake

In the past 20 years, the number of exiled children in Hungary has virtually tripled. It is a sad statistic that half of the parents of children who are overwhelmed do not even notice and think that their children have any problem with weight. And you have a lot of deceptions about the attitude that love can best be shown through feeding. There is a great need to change attitudes. The parents have a huge responsibility.
Reducing the amount of sugar added to foods can improve the metabolic results of overweight children in as fast as 9 days, without significantly altering their caloric intake.
The importance of sport and exercise does not need to be emphasized, as all parents are aware of this. What is very difficult to do is to show the example, to reform your own way of life. If there is no good example in front of the child, he will hardly live an active life.
If the max. sugar and calorie intake values, or for more information, read our article on limiting your sugar intake.
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    Jokes stimulate children's good humor, encourage laughter, develop vocabulary, and amuse them. Jokes are good tools to elicit good, big smiles from children.

    We believe that laughter not only expresses joy and happiness, but improves mood and unites the family. A few days after birth, approximately 3 months of age, the baby develops the ability to laugh. Babies often respond with laughter to hide-and-seek games and by appearing and disappearing (for example, when the father puts a diaper on his or her head, not letting him see, and then uncovers himself and says 'cucutras' Later, there are games that make children laugh and when they start the school year, they get to know the jokes.

    We believe that together we will be able to do many little things ... Therefore, if you know of a joke that we still do not have, we invite you to publish it here and we can share it with other parents.

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    24 Kid Friendly Jokes

    Carmen Bruma: There are no wonders in weight loss!

    Carmen Bruma is an example of the will of many women in Romania. As she confesses in her first book "Slim - How I lost 30 kilos and never put them back" she managed to lose a lot during the teenage years.

    Following a balanced diet and a healthy and active lifestyle today has become one of the most beautiful romances. She is known as one of the promoters of a healthy lifestyle, willing to share her knowledge about nutrition and others, which she did in her next book "3S - Suppla, healthy, satula".

    Starting with October, Carmen Bruma is the new image of CANAH, the first producer of hemp oil in Romania and the only integrated processor of hemp seeds in Europe, which makes all the products derived from these seeds under one roof. Loved TV presenters regularly use and recommend hemp as one of the most nutritious foods, due to its high protein content, oil rich in polyunsaturated omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids and insoluble fiber.

    I met her at the CANAH product presentation event and took the opportunity to ask her some questions:

    : Because we represent one of the most important parents of parents and future parents in Romania, the community, I would like to ask you what food advice would you give to the new mothers to get back to the figure before pregnancy?

    Carmen Bruma: The most important tips would be to have patience and be disciplined because in time the results will appear. An important and often overlooked aspect is weight control during pregnancy. A pregnant woman should eat enough, but not excessively

    : Pregnancy is a difficult diet for a woman. What do you think are the dietary principles that should guide a pregnant woman?

    Carmen Bruma: First of all, it should inform about the main vitamins and minerals that the body needs during this period, identify the best sources and then integrate them into the daily menu. Pregnant woman should focus on folic acid, iron from animal sources, calcium, iodine, omega3, complete proteins

    : Have you recently become the image of CANAH, tell us what are the benefits of consuming hemp seeds and hemp oil?

    Carmen Bruma: Hemp is one of nature's perfect foods, a super food that can help maintain health and well-being. Hemp seeds offer a wide spectrum of health benefits, the most important being: increasing energy levels, regulating cholesterol levels, improving circulation, strengthening the immune and nervous system, speeding up recovery in case of injuries, reducing stress, reducing the symptoms of atopic dermatitis and allergies. . Hemp oil is one of the most suitable oils for long term consumption and contains the ideal ratio of omega 3 / omega 6 ie 1: 3

    : How can these products be consumed?

    Carmen Bruma: Hemp seeds are some of the most nutritious foods on earth and have been a traditional source of nutrition in many countries for thousands of years. They can be consumed in various ways such as: vegetable and fruit salads, mussels, bakery products, pasta and rice recipes, hemp milk. Hemp seeds can be biologically classified in the category of nuts or oilseeds. I use them in soups, salads, cooked vegetables, hummus, avocado paste, etc

    : Can they be consumed during pregnancy?

    Carmen Bruma: They are even indicated during pregnancy due to the high content of omega 3, the perfect proportion of omega 3 / omega 6, iron, calcium, complete proteins. Although there is no recommended daily dose of essential fatty acids, many experts recommend a minimum of 3% calories from omega-6 fatty acids and 1% from omega-3. Pregnant and lactating women should double these doses. One tablespoon of hemp oil or 2 tablespoons of husked hemp seeds contain approximately 6.6 grams of omega-6 and 2.2 grams of omega-3 - exactly the required dose for a 2000 calorie diet.

    : But during breastfeeding? Do they have any influence on lactation?

    Carmen Bruma: Due to its nutrient rich content, hemp seeds are an important support during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Their regular consumption decreased the incidence of premature births, increased the baby's birth weight, length at birth and head circumference, as well as improved the intelligence of 18-month-old babies.

    : Are you an example of beauty for many of our readers, tell us how you manage to maintain your figure, what is your secret?

    Carmen Bruma: Thanks. I have already revealed all my secrets in the 2 books I have released. In the program 3 S-Sanataasa Supla Satula (book plus DVD) I showed with concrete examples how you can lose weight and keep up without wasted time or money thrown on the window. It is still available and can be ordered online.

    : Give me an example of a daily menu of yours. Today, for example, what did you eat?

    Carmen Bruma: I post part of my tables on my Facebook page Carmen Bruma Oficial. Today I ate fruit in the morning: a banana, a kiwi and 2 figs plus a green tea. At lunch: tomato cream soup with quinoa and hemp seeds, snack: a handful of macadamia nuts, almonds, cashews, Romanian nuts, dinner: grilled salmon with spinach

    : Do you like sweets? What is your favorite sweet?

    Carmen Bruma: Sweetness is my weakness that I have managed to control, fortunately. This means that once a week I eat sweets and my favorites are: Krantz cake with walnut ice cream, almonds, mascots, pies and caramel ice cream.

    : Given that you know how heavy the fight with extra pounds is, what do you think is the most important piece of advice you could give to a woman who wants to lose weight?

    Carmen Bruma: 1. To realize that when you have problems with weight, your whole life will have to follow some rules. 2. In terms of weight loss there are no wonders!

    I thank you for the kindness to answer my questions and for the precious advice that I am sure many members of the community will take into account. .

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    Features of the intelligent man

    The path of illusion undertaken until celebrating my first Father's Day

    Whenever I write articles I do it from the point of view of the educational psychologist. Today, on the other hand, I am going to change my prism. I'll do it from a totally new perspective for me: being a parent. I want to share with you the path of hope that I have started a few months ago and that has now led me to celebrate what will be My first father's day.

    It's been a month since our daughter has been with us and, yes, our lives have changed. His arrival has meant adjusting our usual routines (be careful, do not lose them), and something has also changed the way we see ourselves and live life.

    The arrival of a new member home has brought uncertainty, doubts, changes, inaccuracies, etc. Also, it is true what they say: children do not come with instruction book. In my case, I am lucky. Thanks to my profession and having worked for almost 10 years in a nursery school, I am not caught by new things such as: diaper changes, the different tones that she uses when she cries, etc.

    The experience gained is appreciated. But still this does not exempt me from having insecurities.The only thing that is clear to me is that I will choose to put aside doubts to focus all my effort on caring for and educating my daughter to the best of my ability and knowledge.

    As a future father, apart from being emotional support during pregnancy, I tried to strictly follow the 'manual to be a good companion for the mother'. I aspired to do everything that they advise us, or that I have ever advised in any of my posts. Among all the things he intended to do were:

    1. Accompany my partner to medical check-ups
    I went to each and every ultrasound to see the baby. I have to say that it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life and very positive.

    2. Find information
    Thanks to all the searches I have done during pregnancy and now I can become a founding partner of Google. It has been a basic tool for exploration in search of information about what is happening during the child's development. As I was telling you, I am lucky to know a lot of things thanks to my profession, but the insecurities are still there and I am not a 'todologist' either.

    3. Make the preparations
    This one has been fun too. To start shopping for clothes. Have you seen the outfits that are now for babies and young children? It's crazy. In less than a month my daughter has been dressed as Supergirl, Batgirl and Wondergirl in the superheroines section; with tutu, in princess mode; rompers, the most comfortable to sleep on; and a long etcetera that, if you're lucky, will fit more than 2 weeks.

    4. Assembling the crib
    Another of the sections of the preparations and that deserves a point and apart was the assembly of the crib. To put you in a situation I have to tell you that in my house the rule that the plugs are fixed by the boy is not followed. That micro machismo, as it is called, has now not 'crossed the door' of our house. When I saw the assembly instructions I got feverish and I thought very seriously that the girl could sleep in our bed all her life rather than get into the work that looked like the assembly of a tremendous hulk.

    The day I got ready to assemble the crib, I got up earlier than when I go to work, in case things dragged on and I had to ask for reinforcements, and to my amazement I got it in 1 hour and a half. You can imagine how my ego was inflated and my self-esteem rose. That day I was able to give DIY tips and it even crossed my mind to buy a toolbox.

    5. Accompany the prepartum classes
    Okay, not everything was going to be perfect. Here I deflated. And that I tried. I asked for the afternoon off and in the first class I accompanied my partner. The class was packed, so much so that I had to sit on the floor (after 2 1/2 hours I had to use the crib instructions to rebuild my back).

    Call me insensitive but during all that time I did not hear anything that my common sense did not already know. I only made it clear that a birth plan had to be made, that giving birth was like an orgasm and that no 'intrusive' technique was used in the hospital. In the next class, my partner went without me and I kept working.

    And the day arrived. Well almost. It all started on a Tuesday at noon, and I was working. When they called me, I showed up at the hospital. After 2 hours there they told us to go home that had not been delayed yet and to come back in a while.

    We came back, of course, the contractions were so painful for my partner that they hurt even me. Nine hours after everything started they already admitted us. Blessed epidural that calmed all the pains of the mother... and by somatization of the father. Everything was getting so long that the effect of the epidural wore off and at that moment the labor began.

    I remember they told me: 'be careful that do not use intrusive techniques'. Well, I saw them in all colors: It already started with the Hamilton maneuver 2 days before, it continued with the artificial rupture of the bag and ended with the Kristeller maneuver. The latter I no longer saw because I could not be inside.

    In summary, the 'birth plan' in our case was not very useful. Going with a preconceived idea is not advisable. Everything came suddenly and in the situation of tension, seeing how your partner suffers, in the end you just have to let the professionals do it and put yourself in their hands. Doing the opposite from my point of view only hinders. It all ended with a healthy girl and a recovered mother. The father at that time is a mere observer who helps when they tell him as much as he can.

    Of all this there is only one truth. When your daughter is in her mother's arms and then yours, all of the above is completely forgotten. And so, When they ask you what it's like to be a father, you answer: it's very nice.

    What an illusion and what responsibility. What I have clear to carry out this new role is that I will do it following my reason. Choose to pay attention to what they tell us or not, but with the certainty that we are the ones who decide.

    I'm not going to discover anything new talking about the interference and the ability to advise and give an opinion that the whole environment acquires. It's like living on Twitter but in reality itself, where all have the absolute truth.

    But among all the advice they have given me, the winner is: 'Don't take her in your arms because you get used to her badly'. And I wonder where the girl will be better than in the warmth of her mother or father.

    I understand that it will be better to hold her and cuddle her now than when she is 17 years old, in the heyday of adolescence. I remind you that my back after the antepartum courses has not been the same again, so imagine when I turn 52 ...

    And if it wasn't all pretty and exciting, besides I am going to celebrate Father's Day for the first time. Hey! Do not be wrongly thought that it is not because of the gifts ... What I will really celebrate will be the first of many days remembering that one of the most beautiful things that can happen to you is taking care of your daughter.

    But, don't doubt that I am also delighted by the idea that once I celebrate Father's Day I will be able to proudly fulfill that great Spanish expression that says: 'when you are a father you will eat eggs'.

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    Willehalda: origin and meaning of the name for girl Willehalda


    We highlight in our dictionary the name for a girl: Willehalda. You will find in our meaning finder of all baby names.

    History of the name Willehalda

    Feminine form of Willehaldo. Variant of Villehado.

    Meaning of name Willehalda

    Origin of the name Willehalda


    Famous people with the name Willehalda

    • Saint Villehado, first Bishop of Bremen

    Drawings of the name Willehalda coloring page printable game

    Origin of first name:


    Meaning of the name:

    From the Greek "daphnê", laurel. In mythology Daphnis is a young Sicilian shepherd, son of Hermes. His birthday: August 10th.

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