The secrets of flask bibs Meeting in the laboratory

The secrets of flask bibs Meeting in the laboratory

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Fertility versus cancer. What happens in the case of such a diagnosis? What are the chances of having a child?

An extremely interesting topic, the answer of which obviously depends on the case.

Certainly, there are couples who have faced a double medical problem, which gives rise to many question marks. For a primary elucidation, answer us Dr. Oana Moise, specialist obstetrics-gynecology specialist within the only hospital dedicated exclusively to the treatment of infertility disorders and endowment to international standards of the departments of maternal-fetal medicine and assisted human reproduction, Wellborn.

In the case of men ...

It is a delicate topic of cancer in young people (because we can talk about men in this context of preserving fertility); they are generally diagnosed with aggressive forms and require almost no exceptions chemotherapy treatment that also affects healthy cells (reproductive in the context of our discussion, in both female oocytes and male sperm).

This impairment is long-term and, most often, irreversible to the patient / he / she will remain infertile throughout life if no fertility preservation measures are taken before starting treatment for cancer.

In men, the technique of sperm preservation is very simple and involves collecting 2-3 sperm samples and cryopreservation until they intend to get a pregnancy. The term that can be kept is theoretically unlimited, but the legislation can reduce this interval (in countries where there is legislation in the field of assisted reproduction, the term is between 5 and 10 years).

These samples can be used for intrauterine insemination or in vitro fertilization, the technique chosen depending on several parameters regarding both sperm quality and partner.

In the case of women ...

As for women, the situation is much more delicate because in their case they must be able to bear a pregnancy, which implies first of all the cure of cancerous disease because it excludes pregnancy (for most forms of cancer it is necessary to have a 5 years free of the disease to be cured).

If the woman is in a stable couple, the most effective is to obtain embryos through an in vitro fertilization procedure and they will be kept until the cancer has been completely cured in the mother.

There are particularities here because there are forms of cancer such as breast cancer that are hormone dependent and thus these procedures cannot be performed. In such situations, ovarian tissue can be cryopreserved and it will be used at the time of pregnancy planning.

In the case of single women, without a partner at the time of the disease, oocytes can be obtained and frozen, and they will be fertilized when the woman is healthy and she intends to get a pregnancy. This process is relatively new and with a low fertilization rate of the oocytes after thawing, preferring to obtain the embryos and freeze them whenever possible.

Cases of cervical cancer

A very difficult situation is related to the forms of cancer of the neck, where the indication is of total hysterectomy (removal of the uterus), so the woman does not have, practically, how to be pregnant later. In Romania there is no legislation in the field yet, so the use of surrogate mother is a temporary option because the law we have will prohibit the use of surrogate mother, and practically for women with hysterectomy there is no viable solution to having their own biological child.

In general, it is very useful in young patients who do not have children, who, with the detection of a cancer form, should include in the treatment plan and keep the possibility of a subsequent pregnancy, being practically necessary, a quick consultation and evaluation of the technical possibilities to preserve reproductive cells or even embryos in the context of positive long-term expectations.

Wellborn Hospital successfully responds, through personalized treatment schemes, to the disorders derived from the Assisted Human Reproduction department, so patients who have problems can contact the medical team or specialized coordinators with confidence.

Do you use tap water for cooked food? 5 misconceptions about boiling water

Do you use tap water for cooked food? 5 misconceptions about boiling water

Many of us consume only bottled water for drinking, but prepare food from tap water with the conviction that by boiling it eliminates all its contaminants. Unfortunately, in reality, most of the contaminants in the tap water cannot be removed by boiling. We present below 5 misconceptions about the water used for cooking.

Chlorine is removed by boiling

Chlorine added as sodium hypochlorite is removed by boiling water for at least 15 minutes, but chloramine is not removed.

After boiling, the water remains clean, free of contaminants

Boiling only eliminates pathogenic bacteria. Chlorine, sediments, heavy metals, asbestos, pesticides and insecticides are NOT removed by boiling and are introduced into the body along with cooked food, tea or coffee using tap water.

Tap water is safe because it comes from a treatment plant

The water from the tap has the disadvantage of a very large quantity of chlorine and that, although it starts from the very clean filtration stations, on the way to our houses it passes through old pipes, drilled, some asbestos, and collects unwanted substances from them, contaminants. which is not removed by boiling.

Boiled water is just as safe as bottled water

If you use bottled water for coffee, tea or cooking, it is important to make sure that the plastic bottles have been stored in proper conditions both during transport and at the store (in the sun, at temperatures above 25 degrees or below the limit. freeze causes phthalates to be released from the composition of the plastic glass, which are carcinogenic - laboratory studies of a British study indicated that in the water held in plastic a concentration of hazardous substances 12 times higher than in those stored in glass, the conclusions of the study being confirmed by specialists from Romania). In conclusion, in many cases boiled water can be cleaner than bottled water.

Boiled water is just as safe as filtered water

Boiled water may contain contaminants from the water distribution system, which, as I have shown above, is not removed by boiling. In order to have safe water it is necessary to install a high performance water filter such as the 3M water filter, which can guarantee through international tests and certifications that it can clean drinking water of all impurities. The filter is preferred to operate on charcoal, to keep minerals in the water, so useful for the body (calcium, magnesium, etc.).

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Many kinds of mendemons live for one thing: envious, imaginative, impertinent and, of course, savvy. But what is the truth. The psychologist answers.

Experience does not justify one-on-one sacrifices: they are not necessarily flamboyant, imaginative, envious or downright impotent, mimicry and mother-in-law soldiers. Personality form though the brothers are effective, but you can also control situations, roles in which you can practice sharing, fight the expiration, or simply experience that you are not at the center right now.

Even when you are threesome, you don't have to worry about the kid

- Every community of children requires compliance with social rules, adaptability. It gives you the ability to compare your knowledge with others, to benefit from benefits, to help, to negotiate. Rбbnr a help, urges for improvement - for one reason the area of ​​the door, the sports club, the relatives, the friends is a good place.
- The brother you can play a little role as a friend, a cousin who she can be with not only on social programs, but also on boring weekday dinners or sleeping on weekends. Do not treat the "brotherhood kid" as brotherhood: there is no need for a fun program, extra fun - let yourself make the connection, frowning.
"You don't have to keep worrying about the kid even when." you are threesome. Occasionally, you can occupy yourself alone, and without it, you can go to an "adult program" together or indoors. Organize community-based family programs with friends or some form of community so close parent-child relationships can take place - advises psychologist Kriszta Kovácsné Tуth.Even more, one of our articles is:
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  • So educate the one!



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