That's why I was born over 40

That's why I was born over 40

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RANGO children's movie trailer

"RANGO" is a chameleon that lives in a terrarium. He has believed himself a hero for some time, but finds himself separated from his companions around the American Southwest and ends up in a town in the Old West. Regardless of the difficulties, Rango tries to adjust to his neighbors and then begins to question his own beliefs. It is a fun, computer-animated film, and has the voices of actors like Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher, among others.

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Juvencia: origin and meaning of the name for a girl Juvencia

We highlight in our dictionary the name for a girl: Youth. You will find in our meaning finder of all baby names.

History of the name Juvencia

The feminine form of Juvencio. Name of a 2nd century bishop of Pavia.

Meaning of name Juvencia


Santoral of the name Juvencia

February 8, June 1, September 12

Origin of the name Juvencia


Famous people with the name Juvencia

  • Juvencio Valle, Chilean poet (1900-1999)

Juvencia name coloring pages printable for kids

Trending Muslim Names For Baby Boys With Meaning. Modern Arabic Names For Baby boys

The newborn's travel kit

It is a suitable gift and appreciated not only by the child but also by the mother. It consists of a complete kit that contains all the necessary things for the little boy in case he has to travel with his parents. Besides the bag containing diapers, talcum powder, creams, wet towels or spare clothes, you should not forget toys that are extremely important in such a case.
The special seats for the car, provided with accessories and toys, ensure the safety and good disposition of the child on the rear seat of the car.
The kit must also contain the other items needed for each newborn, special creams for those with sensitive skin, food for those who cannot breastfeed, medicines for pediatric use (painkillers, antipyretics, antidiarrhea, etc.).
The jump chair
A gift suitable for both the young child and his parents is such a special device created to continuously swing and move the child. The seat, either provided with wheels and thus the child can move by moving the legs, or is suspended from the door frame by elastic strings, being a good substitute for the swing.
There are also special models provided with electrically operated systems, making the child's movement much easier.
The child likes to be rocked whenever he is taken in the arms, some of them being extremely unhappy when they no longer have this attention. This type of device keeps the child busy, gives him the necessary freedom of movement and not least is also considered a good means of play.
Baby pillow
It is a gift that can be used by the mother when breastfeeding the baby to obtain a comfortable breastfeeding position. The baby cushion is made of a special hypoallergenic material, soft to the touch and is useful when the baby is trying to sit on his or her feet.
Many times the child attaches itself to this object which he considers a surrogate of the mother in her absence and gives her a pleasant feeling of safety and comfort.

How we can teach children to save

How we can teach children to save

Cybermarathon to sponsor children

Jordi Folgado Ferrer, General Director of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation and nephew of the founder, talks to our site about the 3rd edition of the Cyber ​​marathon, sponsorship, and what is expected of the campaign. This year they have chosen the motto Sponsor to stop sponsoring.

He invites everyone to get involved to restore dignity and hope for a better future to some of the poorest and most marginalized communities in India.

What is the goal of the Cyber ​​Marathon?

The objective is to get the maximum number of collaborators to continue working on the eradication of extreme poverty in the Indian district of Anantapur, where the Vicente Ferrer Foundation has been working for nearly 40 years.

In this 3rd edition the message we have chosen is Sponsor to stop sponsoring.

Because by sponsoring today we will ensure that future generations can live in a self-sufficient, dignified and humane society. Today's gesture of solidarity will make it possible to eradicate poverty in the future.

How can you collaborate with the campaign? Is it restricted to sponsorship only?

Collaborating with the Cyber ​​Marathon is very simple. It is not only about sponsoring a child, but also about supporting us in spreading our message.

From the Vicente Ferrer Foundation we would like to encourage the whole of society to enter our website, and send a message with information about the campaign to a friend, family member or co-worker. In addition, you can also download the banners to hang it on web pages, intranet or newsletters.

How would you encourage a person to sponsor a child? What would you say?

I would tell him that when you sponsor a child, you sponsor his entire community. You have the opportunity to know the real value of your help through the life of a child and his family. And you collaborate in the long term in a project for the future, which you get to know through the eyes of a child. Thanks to this collaborative formula, the distance between Anantapur and Spain disappears. Indian families and Spanish families are united by the same illusion and the same commitment. As a sponsor, they will get to know the child through photographs, letters and drawings, and you will receive information about the benefits of their help for the community where the child lives.

Why sponsorship of children? Is this the best way to contribute to the development of the poorest countries?

Child sponsorship means helping an entire community. The monthly contribution of 18 euros is not intended only for the child, but to improve the living conditions of the entire community. It allows development NGOs to have a stable income, which implies being able to assume the commitment to carry out long-term projects with a guarantee of continuity over time. Because in order to eradicate extreme poverty, different aspects of development such as education, health, agriculture, the integration of women, creating jobs to improve family income, and for all this it is important to assume a commitment to stay in the same area for a long period of time. The Foundation has made this commitment to Anantapur, a region where Vicente and Ana have already been working for nearly four decades.

The Cyber ​​Marathon has been held for three years. What can you expect from this year's campaign?

This is the 3rd edition of the Cyber ​​Marathon and we would like to continue adding collaborators to achieve our future goal: eradicate extreme poverty in Anantapur. In the two previous editions, 3,000 new sponsorships were added, we hope this year will be the same.

Is the Vicente Ferrer Foundation still a project or a dream come true?

The Vicente Ferrer Foundation is a real project for the transformation of the Anantapur area, in southern India. Vicente and Ana have been working in the area for nearly four decades, obtaining practical and forceful results in their struggle to eradicate extreme poverty. Since the opening of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation in Spain in 1996, our objective has been to guarantee stable income that ensures the continuity and autonomy of the project. We still have a lot of work to do, but as Vicente says: poverty can be eradicated if humanity proposes it.

What real power does solidarity have?

As Vicente says: good deeds are never lost. Vicente and Ana have shown in Anantapur that with effective working methods it is possible to eradicate extreme poverty. But without the solidarity of the Spanish people they could not continue this magnificent work. That is why I encourage all of society to join this solidarity network of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, so that together we can restore dignity and hope for a better future to some of the poorest and most marginalized communities in India.

Lately there are many reports of complaints about mismanagement of some NGOs. What can be attributed these irregularities?

In the vast majority of cases the work of the NGOs is fantastic. In India, for example, they go to the more inland towns, where no one wants to go, and they work with those most in need. It would be a mistake to lose confidence in NGOs due to some cases of mismanagement.

If you want to know a little more about the Cyber ​​Marathon and the work carried out by the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, visit: Vicente Ferrer Foundation.

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Epidural pain relief for labor

Managing Labor Pain. Kaiser Permanente

Guess riddle


Twelve are the little brothers,
one is the youngest,
seven are the oldest
and the remaining four
the smallest ones.

Guess, guess ... Riddles for kids are a great way to stimulate intelligence, logic and creativity in your little ones. Also, this children's game provides a wonderful opportunity to spend time with the family.

For this reason, at GuiaInfantil we have created a fun application to play riddles as a family, with thousands of riddles to stimulate children in their learning and help them learn vocabulary with a fun game.

You can search children's riddles from different categories, pick a random puzzle, get clues, and enjoy an afternoon of family leisure, in the company of our mascot Ragged. Go ahead and try your luck!

It depends on how sick your child is. Many doctors suggest postponing vaccinations if your child has a fever over 101 degrees Fahrenheit, the flu, or other serious infection. If she has a mild cold, there's no medical reason to delay a vaccination. She may be fussy or have a harder time tolerating any reaction if she isn't feeling great, however.

Timing is important. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), children with moderate or severe illnesses, with or without fever, can be vaccinated as soon as they're no longer acutely ill. Talk to your doctor and find out what his policy is, so you'll know whether you should cancel an appointment. Keep in mind that the sooner your child has her vaccines, the sooner she’ll be protected.

When you schedule vaccines that can cause a mild reaction, such as the DTaP or the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR), take into account that your child might feel poorly for a few days (up to a week later in the case of MMR) after getting the shot. Don't schedule these vaccines right before a vacation, trip, or other important event.

There are a few other instances in which experts say it's wise to delay vaccinations. Steroids can weaken a person's immune response. So a child who has taken high doses of oral steroids (for asthma or poison ivy, for example) for more than two weeks should wait at least one month before receiving a live, weakened vaccine, such as the MMR or chicken pox.

Children with leukemia, lymphoma, other types of cancers, or AIDS, as well as kids whose immune systems are severely compromised, shouldn't receive any of the live, weakened vaccines. These vaccines pose no threat under normal circumstances, but an immune system undermined by a serious disease or suppressed by chemotherapy may not be able to fight off the "little infection" these vaccines produce.

Children with a low platelet count or other bleeding problems should not receive any injectable vaccines (shots.)

Children with severe egg allergy should consult with their allergist before receiving MMR or flu vaccine.

The population of children who can't be vaccinated for medical reasons offers another compelling reason for making sure your child's vaccines are up-to-date. The concept is called "herd immunity." The idea is that if most people in a community are vaccinated, diseases become less common, and those who can't be vaccinated are less likely to be exposed.

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Jeannot comes from the Hebrew "Yeohanan" which means "God gives grace". It can also be a diminutive of John.


Among the celebrities bearing this name are Congolese singer Jeannot Bombenga, ice hockey player Jeannot Gilbert and politicians Jeannot Krecké, Jeannot Kouadio-Ahoussou and Jeannot Volpé.

Saint John the Baptist is the cousin of Jesus and a prophet of the first century. He gathered many disciples and announced the coming of the kingdom of God. In the Gospel according to St. Matthew, Jesus himself came to see him to be baptized. John the Baptist died decapitated after being imprisoned by Herod.

His character :

Jeannot is a dedicated and hardworking person. He is able to give up his interests for a greater cause. Jeannot is an extrovert and prefers the company of his friends to solitude. He wants above all to bring love and compassion to the people around him. He has a real gift for bringing comfort. He is a positive person who does not let himself be discouraged by his failures.


John, John, Johnny, Yann, Ivan and Yvan.

His party :

The Jeannots are celebrated on June 24th or December 27th.

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