The songs of Pinpin and Lili: He was a lady Tartine

The songs of Pinpin and Lili: He was a lady Tartine

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Why this big belly?

Because your baby is growing, of course, but not only! Contrary to popular belief, it is not just the fetus who is responsible for this fat belly. There are also appendages, amniotic fluid and placenta, which take up a lot of space.

The amniotic fluid

  • From the 8th day after conception, a small cavity full of liquid appears on the back of the embryo, which looks like a sheet of paper. A little later, when the baby takes the form of a tube, the liquid cavity stretches and surrounds it from all sides. Here he is surrounded ... for his greatest good!
  • The amniotic fluid, made jointly by the mother and the baby, is vital to the latter. It protects him and prevents him from adhering to the uterine wall.
  • Rich in trace elements and amino acids, always at a constant temperature, it is an ideal growing medium for growth.
  • In the second quarter, the liquid represents up to one liter of volume. Then at the end of pregnancy, it decreases, especially because it becomes dehydrated and thickens. Become mucus, it can then play a role of lubricant and facilitate the passage of the baby at birth.

The placenta

  • Another element that elects home in the belly of the future mother: the placenta. Even if it appears very early, it will not have its final constitution until mid-pregnancy.
  • On the 15th day after conception, the cells of the outer layer of the embryo invade the uterine lining and moor. It is the preplacenta.
  • Gradually, this organ expands, resembling a sponge, place of blood and nutritional exchanges between the fetus and his mother. It is also a hormone factory, since it produces all those that the fetus does not have.
  • At the end of pregnancy, it declines and will be eliminated at the birth. In the long run, it weighs about 500 g.
  • Unlike amniotic fluid, the size of the placenta is proportional to that of the baby. This is why, in many so-called primitive civilizations, he is considered to be his twin of the baby. Not so amazing this big belly!

Isabelle Gravillon

9 months in utero: the evolution of your baby in video

The first month in utero

2nd month in utero

3rd month in utero

4th month in utero

The 5th month in utero

The 6th month in utero

The 7th month in utero

The 8th month in utero

The 9th month in utero

Your pregnancy week by week, all the info

Maybe you have a stomach ache because of a new meal? Or have you been surrounded by the unknown face? We've collected some common reasons for baby dolls.

There may be a number of reasons for this

Let's see some possible reasons!

1. Clarity, unanimity, boredom

In the second half, the baby will be very interested, open and agile. Thank you for going around your life, and there is something to look out for, there is something to be busy with. This does not mean you have to stack it with players. Perhaps it is less important to talk to us as we do our things, to show, to convey what we do, that is, to become more and more involved in our daily lives.

2. New food for tummy tummy

Let's refresh the little one ingredient at a time. Notice if you have a good skin, and you will only get a few days later. Despite the inscription on the box, milk powder containing cows' milk in large quantities is not ideal for infant formula.

3. Pain / Illness

Towards the first day of birth, you may have mild to moderate inflammation. Characteristically, the baby usually wakes up at night, painfully crying, hunching over his ears. You may also be drinking when you eat, because swallowing causes him pain. Mostly fever. Give him a fever and painkiller and take him to a doctor the next day.

4. Striking and directing strangers

Infants can make a clear difference between their parents and close relatives and infrequent or foreign people. If they communicate very quickly, too loudly, it can be severe. Do not let us be restrained, trust him when he comes near you.

5. You can't do what you want

She would be getting more and more explored and exploring the world. But he finds that almost all the interesting things are taken out of his hands, and he is always locked away. No wonder you're advertising! We're better off creating a safe environment for him, and we only ban what you have to do. We pack the most dangerous things.Related articles on baby care:
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The cruelest plague: if our child dies

The death of a child is the most frightening fear of any parent, and if it ever comes, the greatest spiritual pain of his life can come. In such cases, healing is often complicated and there are other methods of recovery.

Complicated cure

A complicated fabric can be talked about when the processing of the loss does not follow the normal course of the grief, but differs from it. Previously, they talked about pathology, but since cure is not a disease, the concept of complicated cure is now used to avoid maladministration.
It is characterized by the unconscious onset of thoughts, sensations of the dead, sleep disturbances and recurrences, sensation of the presence of the dead, abstinence from the dead in the human being, or life. THE complicated cure there are several types, but among these we will only examine the most common cases of child loss in the following.
One fish of an infant or young child it is almost always an unexpected and stunning event. Although children sometimes hear about childhood deaths, accidents or illnesses, most people are unknowingly assuming that this cannot happen to their child. Our belief in the predictability and safety of the world is one of the roots of our spiritual equilibrium, which is fundamentally denounced by such an unexpected death.
In such case Excessive (hypertrophic) medicine can develop in which abnormally violent bodily, emotional, and mental reactions are initially present. These are very distressing, the purpose of which is to reduce distress to the senses, which is accompanied by increased anxiety and abstinence from social relations. The result of this is that the process of healing is prolonged and cannot end in a normal process of healing in one year. talking to him in thought, leaving his room unchanged, not touching his favorite objects. Let's call it that crown curewhich can also jeopardize your health. In some cases, complicated cure directly causes a physical or mental illness, in which case distorted cloth beszйlhetьnk.

How can we process it if our child dies?

Complicated cure there is a great need for professional help that may be provided to the healer by a psychiatrist, psychologist or soul. However, there are still a few options that can help close the relationship with the deceased, which are considered below.

From the cure to the ways of waking up

In our society a fish face something he walks in a different structure than he did before. With the cessation of the power and support of local communities and rituals today, we have to confront the cure alone or in a narrow family circle, which has become much more difficult.
He speaks with an unspoken expectation that he should recover himself as soon as possible, live his old life again, but he often does not even receive help and has to cope alone. After reading all this, it seems like an unrealistic expectation. The family life of the bereaved child's bereaved with the bereaved will not be as old as the child's memory cannot and should not be erased. It is therefore important that the healers receive adequate support.
There are many ways to do this, that is, to raise the curse out of something. There are lay methods, help, family, and support from friends can do a lot. There are also transition options between lay and professional opportunities, such as help groups or the Internet. In addition, of course, professional (psychiatric, psychological, spiritual) help is also available.

Non-professional assistance

Nonprofit Assistance most often aids in the process of mourning, but even in the event of a serious grievance of the loss of a child, there is a need for professional help. If the death is due, for example, due to an illness, it is important to be prepared for it.
As much as parents have the opportunity and mental capacity to spend, spend more time with their children talking, playing and helping with care. The topic of the brain is particularly difficult to deal with in this case, and doctors and nurses often avoid it, as it may be important for parents at least to talk to each other. it is important for parents to see the child's bodyand, as far as possible, they both get involved in the ceremony. The burial of the funeral and the body of the corpse can prevent the formation of a later overpowering guilt and help the exorcism of the dead.
Spontaneous expressions of feelings and thoughts following the funeral are of utmost importance, but talking to family and friends is of the utmost importance, but at the same time, we must leave time to close the funeral. In this case, the relatives and friends also have a great responsibility, as the smallest amount of concrete help they offer keeps them strong.

Assistive methods

Different assistance methods are located on the border between lay and professional aid. In Western Europe and the United States, there is a long tradition of support clubs and groups that bring together people who face similar problems. Their common characteristics are that they are not professionally led and that group members are peer-to-peer, expressing opinions, perceptions and thoughts.
However, with the spread of the Internet, you not only have access to personal meetings and information through personal meetings, but you can also take advantage of thematic sites, forums and chats. These have the advantage of being relatively inaccessible and inertia, which, especially during the initial period, can help with leniency. Alongside all this, he has probably the greatest tradition in our country, telephone helpdesk also provided an opportunity where you can get advice or support anonymously on a live basis.

Professional opportunities

It is important to seek professional help in the event of more severe crises or psychological problems. THE complicated cure one of the forms described above may be particularly needed in the case of cure for crown or non-cure, but the loss of a child is almost always recommended. Although our society is not a widely accepted example of psychotherapy in every stratum, in the above cases it is almost indispensable.
The purpose of therapies is to end the mourning, which is the acceptance of the reality of loss, the transformation of the pain of mourning, the adaptation to the new environment, not the death. If two parents have lost a child, they are strongly advised to have a therapy, where a psychologist can help them with the situation.
Of course, the traditional form of professional assistance is the spiritual support can give at least the same amount of strength as it did in previous centuries. In the treatment of depression associated with clinical depression, individual therapies can be effective, including, in particular, cognitive behavioral therapy when supplemented with appropriate drug therapy.
With all of this in mind, even the unexpected loss can be processed, the pain will subside over time, helping to keep the family together and have a quiet, peaceful memory.
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