Fetal development: Your baby's hair

Fetal development: Your baby's hair

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Give the baby bath or bottle to your baby, dress, breastfeed, wear, nose, bed, massage ... our videos child care show you the right gestures and advise you.

The baby's toilet

With his daughter Alice, 2 months, Melanie found the right rhythm: a bath at night to spend a good night and small toiletries in the morning to properly approach the day. Eyes, ears, nose: nothing escapes his vigilance as a mother concerned about the well-being of her daughter.

The toilet video.

Breastfeeding baby

Nothing is more natural than breastfeeding your baby, and yet it is better to know some good things. Nathalie, mother of little Théophile, 3 months, you unveils them so that you can live serenely these magical moments.

Breastfeeding on video

Give the bottle to the baby

Nestled in the arms of Camille, his mother, Theodore, 4 months, appreciates the moment of the bottle. To share serenely this moment of tenderness, Camille has planned everything. Find his advice and the good gestures.

Give the bib 'video.

Give the baby bath

The bath ... a moment of complicity that Sebastien loves to share with his little Ella, 6 months. Soaping on the changing plane, rinsing in the bath ... in pro dad, it leaves nothing to chance and shows you the good gestures in video.

Bathing it in video.

Dress up baby

Body, socks, pants or bloomer ... when she chooses her outfits and prepares her daughter, Stephanie is always very tender. As for Lilou, 6 months, she seems to have more trouble to accept this exercise without fidgeting. Fortunately, her mother has made sure gestures and everything is going well.

Dress it up in video.

Wear your baby well

At the maternity ward, then at home, Constance learned to keep Joseph well, 4 months ago today. To adapt the portage to the different moods of your baby, here are his tips.

Video porting.

Swaddle baby

By recreating an enveloping cocoon, swaddling reassures your baby, soothing and promoting his sleep. Since the birth of his daughter Maxime, now 3 months old, Maeva has adopted this technique. Step by step, she shows you how to start this ritual with your infant.

His advice in video.

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Eryplast presents its paste to water with enzymes, especially developed to prevent and treat baby irritation and protect your skin against diaper rash.

¿What is diaper rash? An acute inflammatory process, located in the area covered by the diaper, which affects children of a few months old. The causes of its origin are very varied, but among the most frequent are:

  • Lack of hygiene after urination or defecation.
  • Wearing your own diaper.
  • The infrequent diaper change.
  • The use of plastic panties.
  • The use of wipes impregnated in cleaning substances without rinsing the area after use.
  • Mental disorders or congenital malformations
  • The use of therapeutic products such as disinfectants, antihistamines, antibiotics and sulfa drugs.
  • Digestive disorders (especially those that cause diarrhea), urinary infections and high protein diets.
  • Atopy, children with atopic or seborrheic dermatitis are more prone to irritation.

To prevent your baby from suffering it or to find a solution if it already suffers, Eryplast's zinc water pasteproduces an absorbent and non-occlusive barrier capable of preventing bacterial infections, neutralizing the enzymes responsible for the irritation. Also, thanks to the fact that it contains D-Panthenol, it accelerates the healing process, relieving the baby's bottom. It can be used daily at each diaper change, applying to the buttocks and external genitalia. And, in the case of irritations, it should be applied directly to the affected area.

But if you want to guarantee the health of your baby, as a complement to the paste, I recommend that you also use the bath gel, which contains aloe vera and vitamin E, and the Eryplast moisturizer, suitable for dry and atopic skin.

Tips to take care of your baby's skin against heat

Now with the heat, we must take special care with our baby's skin, so here are some very useful tips:

1- Babies younger than six months should be kept out of the sun, especially between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

2- It is essential to apply high sun protection creams on the baby's skin a minimum of 30 minutes before exposure. Preferably at home.

3- The baby should be dressed in cool, loose clothing, light colors.

4- The use of a wide-brimmed hat is useful to protect the face.5

5- In the heat, the baby does not want to eat or accepts less amount of food. Fruits and fluids should be offered, and it is essential that you drink water all day to stay hydrated.

6- Airing the area when the skin is irritated and inflamed helps to reduce and improve symptoms, but it is necessary to avoid the sun shining on that area.

7- If the baby has an allergy in the skin folds, the cream recommended by the pediatrician should be applied.

8- Substances that absorb excess moisture must be applied.

9- It is advisable to use Eryplast, a non-occlusive water-based paste that absorbs the moisture from the skin, keeping it dry. Creams that act occlusively prevent normal skin perspiration.

Tips to prevent diaper rash

In addition, to prevent dermatitis it is convenient maximize the frequency of changes, checking it every hour and at least once during the night. Important, use high absorption diapers, and that they fit tight.

After the change, wash only with lukewarm water. Use mild soap only if the stool is difficult to remove. Since for daily cleaning, use neutral glycerin or oatmeal soaps, and the shampoo should be hypoallergenic. Do not abuse lotions or perfumesat most three or four drops on your clothes, never on your skin.

Subsequently, drying must be thorough, paying special attention not to leave damp places in the folds, since this is where dermatitis usually appears. Don't use non-cotton towels or soap-soaked disposable thiallites.

Finally, let it air dry or dry with a very delicate gauze, cloth, or paper. Yes it's hot, leave him with the skin in the air as long as possible. A little trick, make tiny holes in the diaper so that air enters.

Ensure your baby a healthy and cared skin

How to avoid childhood dermatitis

How should I change my baby's diaper

How to protect baby's skin

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Hundreds of children at the launch of the animation Sammy 3D Adventures

The adventures of Sammy 3D, the animated movie that reveals the fascinating underwater world, gathered Friday in the Movieplex movie theater hundreds of children eager to leave with the cute characters in a virtual adventure through the oceans of the Earth.

The special guests of the event were the children from an orphanage in Bucharest, who took the stage together with the three entertainers and started singing and dancing. In a few moments, the children present at the event invaded the stage, delighting all the spectators and managing to lift all the participants in the hall. Along with them, they enjoyed the show and loved stars from the world of entertainment, arrived with their children: Alina Chivulescu, Ioana Ginghina, Ioana Picos and Elvira Deatcu.

The main hero of the movie, Sammy, is the bravest of his peers. As with all the freshly hatched frogs, Sammy has to start her journey through the Earth's boundless oceans. The road to the water is fraught with dangers, but once it reaches the waves, a series of funny events take it on a real adventure around the world. Filmed entirely in 3D, the film offered everyone present a unique experience, combining image perfection with adorable characters and a wonderful, humorous story.

MediaPro Distribution wanted to make other surprises for the little ones, so that, besides the fun moments organized especially for them, at the end of the event, all were awarded with diplomas "Little Ecologist" and posters with the Adventures of Sammy 3D.

The children from the social center, the most active and enthusiastic participants, received many gifts: extra Sammy frogs, creative and educational games and all kinds of toys. Also, children from 7 schools and kindergartens - School 192, School 190, Greek Catholic High School, Little Print Kindergarten, Little Einstein Kindergarten and Strop de Roua kindergarten - have made creative projects on ecological themes, from recyclable materials. All their creations were exposed to the event for everyone to see, and in the end, they were given from the hearts of orphaned children.

The adventures of Sammy 3D can be viewed further, both doubled and subtitled, in cinemas: Hollywood Multiplex (Bucharest and Oradea), Movieplex, The Light Cinema, Odeon Cineplex (Cluj) and in the Cinema City network (Cotroceni, Sun Plaza, Timisoara , Iasi, Pitesti, Cluj, Bacau, Arad).

A film distributed by MediaPro Distribution and recommended to the public of all ages.

Tags Movies for children

Pregnant spasmophilia crisis: zoom on 100% natural remedies

Pregnant spasmophilia crisis: zoom on 100% natural remedies

In addition to the immediate symptoms (tingling, muscle aches, cramps or hyperventilation), spasmophilia attacks also cause intense fatigue and stress. Discover the natural remedies that effectively fight against spasmophilia attacks during pregnancy.

Spasmophilia during pregnancy: what are the symptoms?

  • A crisis of spasmophilia results in strong and violent muscular contractions completely uncontrollable. It usually occurs in a particularly upsetting, stressful or anxiety-provoking situation.
  • When one suffers from chronic attacks of spasmophilia, one can easily recognize the warning symptoms. At first, one feels a sensation of tingling in the hands then, little by little, the muscles of the arms then of the whole body contract. Soon, the heart rate accelerates (we speak of hyperventilation) and breathing becomes more difficult.
  • These symptoms of spasmophilia are sometimes accompanied by cold sweats, light dizziness and nausea.

To fight against spasmophilia attacks, fill up with magnesium

  • It is assumed that a known deficiency in magnesium favor the appearance of spasmophilia. Indeed, this trace element essential to health intervenes in particular in muscular functions, relaxations and contractions among others. Also, to avoid spasmophilia attacks, bet on foods rich in magnesium such as kale, spinach, green vegetables, bananas, dried fruits or dark chocolate.

Say stop to spasmophilia thanks to relaxation

  • The spasmophilia crisis is usually caused by intense anxiety. However, this same anxiety amplifies the effects of the crisis. To get out of this infernal circle, you must learn to relax your body and mind.
  • Why not test relaxation techniques? Yoga, visualization, sophrology, hypnosis, meditation or reflexology, the choice is vast! Thus, you will be able to better channel your emotions and your concentration, to fight against stress and calmly regulate your heart rate and your breathing.

Have you thought about aromatherapy to avoid the effects of spasmophilia?

  • Nature offers you a variety of 100% natural remedies to fight against spasmophilia. Aromatherapy, for example, consists in using the multiple benefits of essential oils for a therapeutic purpose.
  • Once the first trimester has passed, the essential oils of chamomile, lemon verbena or lavender are particularly recommended to soothe anxieties, stress and anxiety during pregnancy. If you want to orient yourself towards essential oils, do not forget to consult a health professional specialized in aromatherapy: he will advise you the best in your approach.





You have the right to choose the short version, Theo, but it will be less original than Theophane ... celebrated on February 2. From the Greek "theos", God, and "phainen", to appear, it is a name rare and yet full of charm.

More information about first name Théophane

Sempronia: origin and meaning of the name for girl Sempronia


We highlight in our dictionary the name for a girl: Sempronia. You will find in our meaning finder of all baby names.

History of the name Sempronia

Feminine of Sempronio. It comes from the Latin name Sempronius, an illustrious Roman family.

Meaning of name Sempronia

Although it may be of Etruscan origin, it is also believed to be a derivation of the Latin semper, "always".

Origin of the name Sempronia


Famous people with the name Sempronia

  • Salma Hayek, Mexican actress (1966)

Sempronia name coloring pages printable game

75 COOL BABY GIRL NAMES FOR 2020 - Names and Meanings!

Oclio cane stroller
Cauliflower with mushrooms in the oven

What is Christmas to you? What does this time of year mean to you? What would be the most suitable synonym for you? Give it some thought before answering with a single word. I imagine that depending on your personal situation, your social condition or your age, among other factors, you will perhaps answer joy, sadness, gratitude, solidarity, humility ... All of them are the values ​​of this time of year! How to manage emotions at Christmas with children?

Children have to learn to manage emotions and parents must help them understand such Christmas feelings as joy or sadness. Andrés París, educational coach and pedagogue and speaker of the 1st Meeting #ConectaConTuHijo, organized by our site, helps us to work with the smallest of the house these feelings, because, as he himself says, Christmas is joy (or pseudo-joy) and joy is contagious, hence its importance.

But, What happens when a parent is sad and doesn't want to celebrate Christmas because of a bad personal moment? 'We have to respect the emotions of others and ours. If Christmas comes and we don't feel like being happy, nothing happens! Resilience appears there, that is, the ability to face that moment and to deal with this situation in a healthy and normal way, 'he explains. But above all, he advises us: never, under any circumstances, should we trample on the emotions of others.

And when is the child the one who loses the excitement for Christmas? So, there are the parents who have to do a rereading. Throughout the year, we 'give away' perhaps too many moments of emotion to children, since we anticipate what our children ask of us and we enter a very dangerous loop. As parents, we must continue to keep the illusion alive with our children in a simple way: teaching them that life is beautiful (and it is not so much having many gifts / toys).

We want to be the best parents, but sometimes we fail and that makes us feel really guilty. We set very high goals, which are sometimes not met, and we get frustrated. True? Andrés París sends us a reassuring message: 'We are human persons and we have the right to fail. And if one day, for whatever circumstance, I gave my son a shout, nothing happens! We have to, as parents, learn to relativize more. '

At Christmas, many times that wanting to be perfect means that we cannot enjoy this family period 100%. And it is that our obsession with looking for the best plans with our children - although that does not take us 2 hours in a queue waiting for see santa claus- or moving all our 'contacts' so that the Three Wise Men bring our children the toys they have asked for in their letter, it makes us lose patience and let's forget the true meaning of these dates.

If parents want to be happy, without a doubt, we have to lower our expectations, and this serves us 24/7 and 365 days a child. If our son does not go to Luna, the world does not end! 'We live in an educational moment -explains Andrés París- in which if we see that the little one approaches a piano and plays several keys in a row and with a certain rhythm, the parents want to enroll him in conservatory classes, because it will be (or so we think ) a great musician. This is a serious mistake, because what we have to do is read the obvious: he has played an instrument for the first time and there is nothing else. '

What is the main consequence of not stopping to read this? That if the child does not meet 'our expectations' we will end up getting angry with him, that is why this pedagogue insists that the best thing that can happen to parents is to have 'normal children' with whom they get angry, of course, but for other things (Remember that education is a process in motion and not static) and not because they do not fulfill our wishes and aspirations.

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