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Inflammation: Signs and Problems

We talk about infertility when the fertilized egg adheres to the uterine wall. What happens to our organization at this time?

Inflammation: Signs and Problems

The fusion of the human germ cell and the ovum takes place in the ovarian transverse region of the oviduct, and then the fertilized ovum starts from there to the oviposition for another day. See what happens in our organization at this time!

Traveling to the bees

The fertilized ovum, which is called zygote, starts in the oviduct for 5 to 7 days, and divides continuously into the blood stream. The zygote divides into a row of black cells, which is 32 cells. Its internal cells are partially drained, and on the fourth day, the bladder cyst (blastocyst) is created. This is how azn develops. pregnancy mucosa (thickening of the lining of the uterus). This process is facilitated by the corpus luteum hormone and follicle hormone produced by the ovaries.

The bullshit

Fertility Followers 5-7. day arrives at blastocyst, which is then 0.2-0.4 mm in diameter, and germinates after a 2-3 day blood supply. The braiding takes 5 days. The nesting site of the ballastocyte is located close to the upper part of the uterus: the ovum enters the anterior or posterior wall, ie, encapsulates the lining of the uterus. From that moment on, our body grows rapidly HCG hormone This hormone, which prevents further ovulation during pregnancy and also regulates the production of hormone estrogen and progesterone, is also monitored during pregnancy.

Problems with marriage

Fertilized ova are the cases It takes about 25-30 percent, even though 70-75% of the ova die, and miss the next menstrual period.Exploitation can occur only under certain conditions. If the mucous membrane is not yet ready to receive the blastocyte, or the zygote still arrives in the uterus before it has developed into a blastocyte, then the bladder can not become cured. This is called utter pregnancy, which is a dangerous condition and must be interrupted by surgery.

Are there any signs of marriage?

The cases are mainly for the cure there are no clear signs. However, elevated body temperature, pink or brownish spotting, and abdominal stings may indicate that the mastitis of the ballastocyte has stopped. However, these are often not experienced by the pregnant mother. Missing menstruation and a positive pregnancy test can confirm the very fact of pregnancy. Related articles in the topic of crafts:

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Salt dough: the cow

How to have fun and keep kids safe during a COVID-19 summer

Coronavirus Covid-19 Safety Tips For Kids. Coronavirus Covid-19 Hygiene Etiquette for Kids

The pioneer of mesenchymal stem cell applications in neurological disease therapy in Europe

Transplants made with hematopoietic stem cells from umbilical cord blood are no longer surprising. More than that - these are considered to be standard treatment therapy for nearly 80 serious diseases.

But does this mean that we have already learned to use the umbilical cord to its full potential? Nothing wrong! This has been proven by Polish doctors who were among the first in Central Europe to administer umbilical cord isolated Wharton gelatin stem cells in a neurological disease therapy.

The umbilical cord blood has been successfully transplanted for 25 years. The tissue harvested immediately after the birth of the child contains not only valuable hematopoietic cells, but also mesenchymal stem cells.

Both types of cells have one thing in common - they can only be harvested and stored at the birth of the baby. The sources of these cells are different - the hematopoietic cells are isolated from the blood vessels of the umbilical cord, while the mesenchymal cells come from the so-called Wharton gelatin, located in the umbilical cord tissue.

Properties of mesenchymal stem cells

Mesenchymal stem cells represent a chance for a new therapeutic approach. These are multipotent cells that have the capacity of self-renewal and differentiation in different types of specialized cells (chondrocytes, bone or nerve cells). These unique properties of mesenchymal cells are used by Polish doctors, who administer them to patients in clinical trials.

"Mesenchymal stem cells are cells with huge therapeutic potential because they can repair damaged cells and produce significant amounts of immunomodulatory substances. For this reason, they are applied in cases where standard therapies do not deliver the expected results." - Dr. Dariusz Boruczkowski , FamiCord Medical Director.

"So far, we have delivered mesenchymal cell samples for the treatment of over 50 patients in Poland, Romania and Latvia, in several clinical centers in Poland and abroad. Most of the time they have been used on patients suffering from the disease. graft-versus-host or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, "said Dr. Dariusz Boruczkowski

These innovative therapies are possible thanks to the specialized laboratory of the Polish Stem Cell Bank (PBKM - founder of FamiCord Group). PBKM has obtained the approval of the Chief Inspector of the Pharmaceutical Department to make a medical product for advanced therapies, represented by Wharton gelatin mesenchymal stem cells, in hospital procedures.

"This product is made in specialized laboratories, in an ultra clean environment, under the same conditions as in the manufacture of drugs. The preparations with mesenchymal cells are produced individually for each patient individually." said Dr. Tomasz OÅ'dak, Director of the Laboratories of the FamiCord Group.

Such therapies are considered innovative and non-reimbursable, the clinical centers in which such therapies can be applied must meet several legal requirements, including approvals of the bioethics committees.

The procedure of preparation of the stem cells is quite complicated and demanding for the laboratory staff. However, most of the times this is the only chance to improve the condition of patients or sometimes to save their lives.

Research cooperation In addition to producing cells for the needs of individual experimental therapies, PBKM also conducts research projects. The first clinical trials with umbilical cord tissue applied in the case of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia, a disease that often occurs in premature newborns, will be performed in Spain in the second half of this year.

Sevibe Cells, a member of the FamiCord Group, will play an essential role in these clinical trials, being the supplier of the stem cells used for transplantation. "We are very pleased to be able to participate in research projects that can contribute to the wider use of stem cells in medicine," says Jakub Baran, CEO of FamiCord Group.

"Increasingly, clinicians and researchers are turning their attention to stem cells in research projects. FamiCord laboratories across Europe are open for cooperation with serious partners interested in this field," adds Mr. Jakub Baran.


BIOGENIS is a private stem cell bank, part of FamiCord, a European group of stem cell banks with their own storage, partner and commercial locations in Spain, Latvia, Romania, Poland, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina , United States, Turkey.

In 2009, Biogenis completed a stem cell storage and processing center in Bucharest.

Contact: BIOGENIS SRL Bucharest, boulevard Dimitrie Pompei no. 10A, Building CONECT1 - ground floor, Bucharest, Sector 2, Phone / Fax: +4021 312 30 41.

Cluj, calea Turzii no. 101, ground floor, Cluj Napoca. Phone / Fax: +40726 712 772

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Your child's job - a mystery to him or to you?

Some children respond promptly to the question "what do you want to do when you're older?" Others hesitate, swinging between several variants. As they get older and discover things they like and activities they didn't know until then, absolutely nothing, the more the children change their minds.

Therefore, the widening of the horizon of knowledge and the awareness of the PERSPECTIVES, even at the superficial level, according to the age, influence the preferences and the choices of the children in relation to the job they want to practice.

That is why we as parents find ourselves giving them as many perspectives as they can choose from. We do not have to cut from his list any job, but we have to present the whole picture to choose in the knowledge of the cause.

Thus, our child must know that a doctor not only saves lives, but also has some successes that do not necessarily depend on him, that being an astronaut requires years and years of training so that in the end there is the possibility of not being him. the one chosen for the journey through the universe.

Of course, every piece of information must be given to the little one in his time, not the first time when he dreams with his eyes open. Let him dream, encourage him, but at the same time follow his behavior and see what he likes, what he understands, what his preferences are in relation to daily activities.

Once you have noticed his talents, the way is easier. Encourage him and help him follow his passion. Surely the passion will lead him to the choice of the next job.

Returning to the question proposed in the title of this article, we must acknowledge that the child's job is at first a mystery for both the protagonist of this story, as well as for his parents and close relatives. That is why the little one needs the help of the big ones to find out what the world is and what you can do living in it. As we are asked by a cockroach, a flower or a puppy to find out the elements that surround it, it also requires us as adults to discover what a doctor, a climber or an astronaut is.

As we cannot decide what he will do with his life, all that remains to be done is to provide our child with the environment conducive to personality development and a series of perspectives that will broaden the horizon of the elections.

To achieve this, we propose you to deal with his financial future, starting right now. Thus, when your child is ready to walk into the world on his own, he will have a safe support. With Magister rent from BCR Asigurari de Viata you can determine and collect the amount that your child will benefit at the age you set. Choose Magister rent and give it a future full of PERSPECTIVES!

Follow 50 success stories that will make you look confidently into the future, seeing how many opportunities and opportunities your child can have living in a beautiful world, full of perspectives that will allow them to achieve.

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Is there an ideal age to become a mother?

Age plays an essential role in the conception of a baby and in becoming a mother, both physiologically and psychologically. In an age when many women give up this privilege or postpone it until it's too late, the question arises whether there is a certain age, the most appropriate one to become pregnant!

Regardless of how young you feel, how fit you are, or how well you "hide" your age, your body knows best what your real age is and reacts as such. Thus, as time goes by, fertility decreases and the chances of having children decrease as well. In addition, neither psychologically nor will you have the openness and patience needed to grow a baby at a young age.

The right age to get pregnant from a physiological point of view

The maximum fertility age in women occurs around 18 years. That doesn't mean it's the ideal age. Up to 25 years, women go through a period of maximum fertility. Starting with 26 years, fertility gradually declines over a period of 10 years. And at the age of 35, your fertility decreases even faster, so at age 40 it will be very difficult for you to fulfill a dream that you have postponed. About 2/3 of women trying to have a baby after 40 years have major problems in being able to get pregnant.

Obviously, women are fertile even before the age of 18. Specifically, the pregnancy can occur in the life of a little girl with the installation of the menses, even at 11 anisors. It is certain that at this age the child is not psychologically prepared to face such a responsibility.

On the other hand, there are many cases in which women over the past 50 years have succeeded in giving birth to healthy and powerful children. However, the risks these mothers take are enormous, because the risk of developing congenital malformations such as Down syndrome is the highest.

It is certain that from the physiological point of view the age indicated and recommended to get pregnant with minimal risks in terms of complications (loss of pregnancy, congenital malformations, etc.) is around the age of 20, between 18 and maximum 25 .

Psychological age, paradoxes

There is a paradox regarding the right age to become a mother psychologically and emotionally.

While between 18 and 25 years your body is best prepared for a pregnancy, your psychological and emotional state may be at diametrically opposite dimensions. It is an age when young people are in full professional ascension, eager to assert themselves in a career, to finish certain studies, so that they do not feel ready to become mothers.

On the other hand, after 35 years most of the women have made a family, have a stable career, have finished their studies and have only left to impregnate their family with another member wishing a baby with all their heart. After this age, however, the body does not help them so much in its conception, the chances of fertility decreasing considerably.

And then, what is the compromise solution?

Specialists argue that the 25-35 year period is one of the most appropriate periods to try to become a mother. This age is one in which the risks are not totally absent, but they are minimal. It is the period when women become emotionally prepared.

Other considerations that are taken when trying to schedule your pregnancy are:

  • finances;

  • housing aspect;

  • the family;

  • impact on other children;

  • partner's desire, etc.

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The belief in Santa Claus could affect the relationship between parents and children

The belief in Santa Claus could affect the relationship between parents and children

We have all believed at some time. We were all children. Do you remember that feeling of illusion the night before? How hard was it for you to sleep thinking excitedly about the arrival of Santa Claus or the Three Kings? That night, you carefully placed some sweets and a glass of milk next to the tree, or you made sure that the sock of the toys was in a visible place ...

But the day comes when all that fades away, and magic turns to bitter disgust. But why? Why did everyone insist on keeping that lie?

A disappointment hurts. Sure it hurts. And even more so when we are small, when we are not yet able to understand and much less handle certain feelings and emotions.

Do you remember that moment? That moment ... when you discover that everything is a hoax ... do you remember? And how did you feel? Did you feel sadness, disappointment ... anger?

Now the psychologists Kathy mckay (Psychologist at the University of New England) and Chris boyle (University of Exeter), reopen the debate: They claim that maintaining the existence of Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men may not be such a good idea. Moreover, they affirm that because of this great chimera, Many children drag a certain resentment and distrust towards their parents when they are older. The psychologists who claim that this great lie should never have been created are based precisely on calling this tradition a 'great lie'. According to them, the moment of discovery of the truth it is a time of deep disappointment for children and feelings of frustration and anger towards their parents.

And even more: the theory of these psychologists affirms that maintaining the tradition of Santa Claus is only a deception of the adults themselves, who try by all means hold on to 'your childhood', a kind of 'flight' from the need to mature and also the relationship between parents and children can be spoiledas well as children's belief in magic. Confidence towards parents is damaged. 'If they are capable of lying about something like that ... what other lies are they hiding from me?', Children may come to think ...

Against this theory, many other psychologists say there is no obvious evidence that this 'lie' is so harmful to children.

But ... if keeping the tradition of Santa Claus or the Magi is bad, I wonder ... So, what about dreams? Can't believe in wishes? Not in luck? Can't believe in magic? Not even in the stories? And ultimately... What would life be without dreams? Should we really deprive children of illusion? From fantasy? No, I don't think so.

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Erziehungsfehler: Das macht die Beziehung zu deinem Kind kaputt

Children imitate their elders: in the good and the bad

Our young children copy and repeat phrases, gestures, games and behaviors without stopping, it is their way of learning; they absorb and imitate everything they see and hear, anyone can become their role model and, therefore, many parents are concerned that their children have a suitable example and role model in any environment where their child moves or in their social relationships .

Taking care of the relationship that our children have with other children is very important. In the family sphere, there are many families made up of several siblings where the older ones are demanded more because they will be the model that the little ones are going to imitate and because they have taken a few more steps in their relationship with their parents and friends. The youngest ones, who naturally want to be older, more often imitate the behaviors of their brother or older child, which exerts an irresistible influence on them.

But although the family environment and the recommendations of parents to their children are decisive, there are environments that are difficult for us to control and that can spoil our work in the education of our child. I read the other day a comment from a mother who had had to go to live in her mother's house with her little girl and her oldest niece also lived there, whose rebellion and anger towards her mother was constant. Her little girl, who until now was a docile and obedient girl, under the influence of her older cousin, imitated his rebellious behaviors and adopted defiant phrases before her mother, which greatly saddened her mother, who saw how her little girl was bewitched towards him. bad behavior from her older cousin.

Unfortunately, there are situations that can get out of hand because we cannot educate the children of others nor can we control everything, but what we can do with our child, even if he is still small, is make him our accomplice, tell him about the problems or difficulties that can move these older children to undesirable behavior and try to convince them that this way of acting can have dire consequences for that child and that it will make him unhappy, not only his mother, but himself.

Although it is difficult, in no case should we throw in the towel, or resign ourselves to losing what we believe best to model our children. We must not rest in advising them and offering them an adequate education in dealing with ourselves and with others. Why not invite them to reflect on the saying: 'Don't do to others what you don't want for yourself?' I, my little one, always ask him, do you like to be hit or insulted? He answers me with a resounding 'no' and then I say to him: 'Well, if you want to have friends, you shouldn't do it to others either, each one reaps what he sows.'

Children understand things much more than we think, their parents are their main role model and it is advisable that there is good communication between us so that they can realize our love and dedication towards them and so that they always trust us and in education that we offer above other models that are within your reach.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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