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Emma from Once upon a time

Strolling - Challenging or Standing?

Despite all the advantages of a stroller, there are many challenges that a baby carrier can bring to the city. It is an indispensable tool for transporting your child, but there are many places where they did not think that a stroller would arrive there.

Strolling is not always easy, either in the city or in a smaller village. In the capital city, the lack of a subway, especially the lack of a yard, can make everyday life even harder. Often there are helping hands and conscious babies trying to choose a lightweight stroller - know the limits of their environment - but still a series of difficult situations expect mom, dad and baby. "I remember when I started my first big trip with my son. He was a month old and I don't remember anymore, but I had to get into the doctrine to do that. I buy this. My boyfriend was out in the open, my friends were working, my grandparents were mean and I thought I would solve it smoothly. " Kati baby carriage, which - we won't surprise anyone with this - bristling. "I think the bus was the first shock. In the last month of my pregnancy, I didn't go anywhere very much. I wonder if you can help me, maybe I'll miss you. " Although today there is a growing number of low-floor buses, trams, but in many places, even without a stroller, it is a challenge to rent a car, not with a baby.

Stroller transport is not easy

The next sensitive point was the one below. Kati had no help here, so she got the stroller underneath her and got down. On the other hand, he did not dare to do so. An older Price rushed to the rescue. "As we climbed the ladder, I was scared to keep the kid from getting out of the car," he says. But his book didn't end there. The document office he was going to was not barrier-free, because of the many people who had come, he couldn't even get inside. She gave up after her bed, especially as the child became anxious. His walk led me to a little pharmacy where the two stairs turned out to be an insurmountable obstacle before the door, the kid fell asleep, didn't want to leave, so he put me off. "Because my A and B plans didn't work if I walk around a bit before heading off for a new adventure tour on the way home, "he says, he added this idea after a 2-foot bench. For months afterwards, he was only willing to drive by car if the kid was going somewhere. since then it has improved, in many places it has been barred but I still think really a serious challenge baby carriage and stroller "- sum up your experience and your opinion.
Completing the layette for the baby is a real challenge for young parents. Wanting the best to prepare for the arrival of a child, they are looking for opinions on the gadgets they need. One of them is a soothing pacifier, which helps satisfy a strong sucking reflex, bringing moments of respite to mom and baby.

Regardless of whether you are breastfeeding or a bottle, moments spent on food are not always enough to meet all the needs of the child. In addition to a pleasant feeling of closeness with my mother and a full tummy, they also need to suck. The best answer may be a pacifier. However, choosing a specific model and then using it correctly can pose some difficulties.

Does my baby need a pacifier?

For some children, the time spent eating is sufficient to satisfy the sucking reflex. Such babies do not need a teat and since they do not use it at the beginning, they are unlikely to accept it later. Many of them, however, need additional stimuli, so in search of objects to suck, they put a blanket, diaper, their own fingers, and even whole fists or other accidental finds into their mouths. This, of course, can lead to dangerous situations that threaten his health and even his life. Thumb deformities, abnormal development of the jaw or palate, choking are just some of the negative consequences. In such situations, when you see that your toddler wants to suck, but is already rejecting the breast or bottle, it is wiser to use a teat. Failure to respond to this need may cause anxiety, irritability or nervousness in the child.

We buy a pacifier

Before your toddler is born, you can't predict whether he'll become a fan of the pacifier or not want to use it. Therefore, it will be optimal to prepare for each of the options and buy one or two different models of a sedator to be able to reach for them "in the dark hour". The purchase of larger quantities is pointless, but the very awareness that you included a pacifier in your layette will be comfortable for you.

So it's time to go shopping. In stores you can find a wide selection of soothers, which at first glance differ mainly in color. Indeed, it is important for aesthetic reasons and, like everything in a newborn's wardrobe, it should be matched to the sex of the future user. However, appearance is not everything. Safety is the most important thing for baby products. Before you choose from a dozen or so models, first discard those that do not have the appropriate certificates and markings. Only teats that meet European standards are worth considering, as the CE or EN1400 symbol on the packaging will inform you. Another indicator may be the approval of Polish centers, such as the Children's Health Center or the Institute of Mother and Child.


  • Always buy a pacifier based on the age of the child - it is important that the pacifier head is the right size. Too high can cause a gag reflex and impede breathing, too little - a teat falling out of the mouth and irritation of the toddler. When it comes to choosing the size, you should not have a problem - on each packaging the manufacturer puts information on the age range of the toddler for whom a specific product was created.
  • pay attention to the design of the teat - it is important to make and connect all the elements so that as a result of suction none of them falls off and does not come loose. It is good if the plastic, contoured shell adjacent to the mouth has holes for air circulation, it is soft and does not impede breathing.
  • the material used to manufacture the teat - it is extremely important that the teat is free of harmful substances such as BPA chemical hardener. Most often you can find heads made of rubber, latex or silicone.
  • teat construction - classic, orthodontic or maybe dynamic? Manufacturers often declare what features a particular teat has. What do they mean for parents? That the head has a shape similar to that of a female nipple, so it is friendly to the toddler and works like sucking when sucking. For this to happen, the tip of the teat should be soft, and the part located next to the lips harder. It's good when the eraser is slightly flattened on the tongue side. These nuances in the construction of the pacifier affect how the baby's bite will develop.

The art of skillfully using a pacifier

Buying the right teat is just the first step. It is important to use it wisely and set boundaries. Although his role in calming a sick or grumbling child is not on sale, numerous studies indicate that it should be limited to exceptional situations.

The safest if you follow the basic rules of hygiene and give voice to the mother's intuition and common sense:

Sweet cream pudding

The sweet cream pudding is a simple and delicate preparation, reminiscent of the French dessert creme brulee.

Preparation time

25 minutes




6 eggs

50 g butter

100 g old

100 g flour

1/2 stick vanilla

2 cups cream

1 salt powder

chocolate sauce (optional)

Method of preparation

Mix the egg yolks with sugar and half the vanilla stick, then add 100 grams of flour and two cups of cream. Put salt and lemon peel, then mix everything well and, at the end, add the whipped egg whites.

Grease a heat-resistant form with butter, sprinkle flour and pour the composition. Put the pudding in the oven, over medium heat, in the bain-marie.

Leave everything in the oven, about 50 minutes. Spread pudding on a platter and serve it warm, with chocolate sauce on the side.

The type of kitchen


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We all know the popular saying: "the letter with blood enters." How many times did we listen to it when we went to school and we still continue to perceive it in the environment.

In schools, children's knowledge is managed and for this, teachers can and should choose among the many educational models that exist to be able to get children to acquire these skills.

There is a big problem and it is that still in many schools there is a model that continues to be legitimately above all and that teachers unconsciously end up using: toxic pedagogy.

Toxic pedagogy refers to the traditional model based on rote learning that has been practiced since the industrial revolution. It is a model of non-education that paradoxically seeks that the child is never formed since it is based on:

- That students are formed from a imported knowledge (what they are told as absolute truth) and that they are unable to form their own knowledge.

- Focuses on results instead of being focused on learning itself.

- Evaluation and grades promote competitiveness and the only objective is to be the best. Which relegates to the background a minority that does not keep up.

- What students learn is selected without taking into account the interests of students.

- The teacher is the only power and no interest in student participation.

There are studies that show that using this type of pedagogy, children's creativity decreases as the little ones continue to "learn" with this educational model. Thus, curiosity and the search for experiences give way to more rigid and inflexible behaviors.

This happens because from the toxic pedagogy that is used, the child is being taught to conform to the established and adopt convergent thinking. If the little one goes off the path set by the teacher, he does not like it and, therefore, limits the potential of the student, and unconsciously, it makes him clumsy and less intelligent since they cannot use their imagination

From this model, school success means getting good grades and those who do are the ones who adapt, repeat the established patterns and do not risk innovating so as not to make mistakes. In the future they will not know how to find their own solutions since they have only learned to do things as they are told, in a single way and without thinking differently.

The type of pedagogy that is still used and which we call toxic had its reason for being in an industrial society where training meant accumulating information to apply it later in future work. Today we live in an entrepreneurial and information society where, thanks to the internet, it is easy to find any data.

Thus, students will need creativity in addition to developing the skills and abilities necessary to be able to find solutions to problems and know how to discern the positive from all the information that bombards us.

You can read more articles similar to Toxic pedagogy, an educational model still in force in many schools, in the School / College category on site.

The Little Celebrities bring to life the children's film industry in Romania

The Film and Television School for Children Little Stars released on Thursday, March 28, two new short films for children, "Little Stars give a show" and "Little Stars discover the secret of magnets", productions that are part of a large film project , unique in Romania, the series of short films for children "The Adventures of the Little Stars".

The two short films were filmed at the Bucharest Central School and combine the educational themes with the captivating adventures of the Little Stars.

"In the movie 'Little Stars give a show', the children show their talent and ability to make a successful show alone. And to integrate the new classmate into their collective, a little too shy, the Little Stars show a lot of skill and collegiality. ", said Ariana Pendiuc, director, but also director of the Little Star School.

In the second film, "Little Stars discover the secret of magnets", Anisia, a 9-year-old girl, embarks on a new adventure in her attempt to be independent, along with the Little Stars from the school's advanced group, and succeeds with the help of "magnets", to bond a beautiful friendship.

"We had the immense joy last night to receive almost 500 guests to the screening of the two films, in the largest Cinemaplex Cinematography Hall, in Plaza Romania, which proved to be incongruous. The Young Star premieres have already become a phenomenon. film festivals for children all over the world and believe me everyone is surprised how we manage to make such premieres, with hundreds of spectators, for short films, and I tell them that Romania is thirsty for Romanian films for children, fun , educational and positive ", concluded the film producer, Ema Pendiuc, whose productions participated in prestigious international festivals, such as the International Film Festival for Children Cinekid - from Holland and Lucas Festival, from Germany.

The Adventures of the Little Stars project - of which the two short films are part - already has 13 successful films, which were made in less than 3 years, and two of them participated in the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, in the Short Film section. Corner and Romanian Short Waves, in 2011 and 2012.

The talents of the graduates of the Little Vedete School are also confirmed in renowned full-length productions, in which they played alongside famous actors. Little star Iulia Lupascu (10 years), played the main role, along with Maia Morgenstern, in the feature film "Carmen", which will be released on the big screens this year. Alexia Stanescu (9 years old) and Tudor Rosu (7 years old) are two other Little Stars who played in the movie "HoHoHo 2", along with Andreea Marin.

The Thursday evening event was supported by the Bucharest Central School, the City Hall of Sector 1 - the Metropolitan Cultural Center and the City Hall of Sector 6.

The Little Rock School ( is the first film and television school for children in Romania, which is addressed exclusively to children between 5 and 11 years old. The Little Vedete School is a unique educational project that contributes to the harmonious development of children because here they learn to play, overcome their emotions, cultivate their creativity and develop their vocabulary and diction. The children study three disciplines: Shooting technique, Interpretation and Dictation, having professional equipment, a talent management system and individual development plan. The program also includes visits to the Castel Film film studios and to the Romanian Television.

To be connected in real time to our events and projects, follow us on Facebook School of Film and Television Little Stars.

Teach the child about savings, expenses and debts

The value of money and financial advice are lessons that children should receive from parents, not from friends, from school or the media. Early financial education can have a beneficial effect on how your little one learns to spend their money and save for later.

The easiest way is to give your child a monthly amount of money, and then teach them how to spend it, explaining to them how you sometimes postpone a wish, to fulfill it much later.

Children are more tempted to take the example of parents than to listen to their theory lessons, so you must have responsible tax behavior if you want your little ones to take on the same values.
Adolescents, but also younger children, can learn a lot if you explain how you spend part of the family budget. When unforeseen expenses arise, make sure the little ones understand where the money will come from and why other things you should miss.

Offering the child a monthly pocket money allocation, which you supplement only in exceptional situations, is the easiest way to learn the value of money.

If they want something they can't afford to buy from the allowance, encourage them to save a little each month and then help them buy what they want, adding a third or even half of the final outlay.

Give them even an interest when they manage to save money and give them the option to borrow from you with interest. Once they find out they have been bored with the game or toy they bought very quickly, but they have to pay for it for a few months, they will be more careful about how they spend their money.

Fiscal responsibility is one of the most important skills that your little ones must acquire from you, in order to become adults who can manage their money well and not accumulate debts that they cannot pay.

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