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Many future and young mothers have their Twitter account. To share in tweets their questions with other moms and find solutions, to learn by following or subscribing to threads close to their concerns. You are tempted, but do not know yet how? Follow the instructions!

  • 1. Go to and Create an account.
  • 2. Choose a user name not too long. In the tweets we send you, the number of letters of your name counts (140 characters max in total)
  • 3. Go to Edit (or on the notched wheel) to enter your parameters. Upload one of your photos that will sit in the background of your Twitter page and another for the header that will sneak into the background behind your photo. That's it, you're on Twitter!
  • 4. Subscribe to Twitter feeds friends and strangers. To find accounts that interest you, type in the Twitter search engine the name of your favorite blogs, they often have an account. Then look at their followers. You will find interesting Twittos (Twitter users).
  • 5. Go down the time line or TL (thread that takes place under the picture of the Twitter account) of those you already follow and subscribe to the profiles that you like. This allows you to start the conversation. It's as if you dare to finally approach strangers in the street to discuss.
  • 6. You can now tweet and retweet (RT). Tweeter is to post a message of 140 signs on the subject that you like. Retweeting is citation or resuming the tweet of another by clicking on the double Retweet arrow that appears when you hover over the tweet with your mouse.
  • 7. To send a tweet to someone, type @ followed by the account name. This places your tweet in his time line if the person is also subscribed to your account. If it does not follow you, the message will be sent in its @connecter menu. These tweets are public.

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The little Swiss who foam ...

How to draw a cat mask

How to draw a cat mask

PJ Masks In Real Life 247 Full Episodes

Lotions, shampoos and repellants are some of the products that exist in the market for remove lice. But do you know which are the most effective?
Many head lice treatments do not work because they are done poorly or not fully completed. If you want to know how the treatment to eliminate lice is carried out, step by step, do not miss the advice that the pharmacist Cristina Abascal offers us.

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How to Get Rid of Lice FAST!! 1 Hour Lice Treatment!

COVID-19 and Pregnancy

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Frost Island Cups

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Advanced version of "Boj Slave", the name Bojan means etymologically "battle".


Bojan Sarcevic, French artist of Bosnian origin, Bojan Bogdanovic, Croatian basketball player, Bojan Krkic, Spanish footballer.

His character :

Bojan's personality is generally reserved and calm. He may, however, show a sudden nervousness. He has a weakness for loneliness and tranquility. He aspires to a real balance. A man of reflection and analysis, he is also intuitive and quite visionary ...


Bogdan, Boyan, Bohan, Bohane and Borane.

His party :

Obviously, there is no party dedicated to the name Bojan.

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