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Bronchial asthma in children

Bronchial asthma in children

My baby is breathing hard. Can he have asthma?

Of course, it may alarm your child's heavier, unusual breathing, but they are likely not to be asthma, but just an upper respiratory tract infection. Bronchial asthma, on the other hand is an inflammation of the bronchioles (tubular airways of the lungs).
In children up to one year of age the respiratory tract is quite small and their breathing can easily be confused with asthmatic breathing (wheezing).
Wheezing is common in the first years of life, but if it does not persist until later, it does not cause concern.

The causes of asthma

asthma Bronchial, especially in childhood, usually has an allergic cause to different stimuli: cigarette smoke, animal hair, mites or pollen.

As with other types of allergies, the allergen stimulates immunoglobulins E (IgE antibodies) to secrete histamine and other chemical mediators.
The typical location where these releases of substances occur is in the case of asthma, the lung.

What are the risk factors for asthma?

A child living in a smoker's home is three times more likely to have respiratory problems than one who is not exposed to cigarette smoke. The genetic factor is also important, raising the possibility of a child having one of the asthmatic parents to develop the same disease later. Poor conditions are an unfavorable cause in the evolution of this disease.

The incidence of asthma

More and more children have asthma, their number increasing with the industrialization of big cities.
We spend far too much time in the house, where there are many allergens such as mites or animal hair, instead of opting for outdoor activities.

Treatment of asthma

Bronchial asthma it is a chronic disease that does not heal itself. However, it can be controlled with the help of medicines and by minimizing exposure to allergens. Many children, over time, may experience significant improvement even with the disappearance of symptoms.

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Baked potato with pipot, a simple, but nutritious recipe, recommended for babies aged 10-12 months.


  • a potato
  • the pipot
  • dill
  • a teaspoon of olive oil
  • four coils of salt
  • 1. The potato is peeled, washed, put in a pan, pour a teaspoon of oil on top and sprinkle salt;
    2. The pipette is washed and boiled;
    3. When the pipot has boiled, clean the meat from it, and cut into small cubes;
    4. Pipette cubes are placed in a bowl over which the baked potato is placed and the washed and chopped dill is sprinkled.

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    Fiodora: origin and meaning of the name for girl Fiodora

    Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Fyodor.

    Very common name among the tsars of Russia.

    Russian feminine form of Theodore.


    • Federica Montseny Mañé, Spanish politician (1905-1994); Frederick of Hanover, queen consort of Paul I of Greece (1917-1981).

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    Fiodora: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

    Drawing of the name Fiodora coloring page printable game

    Drawing with the name Fiodora coloring page printable game

    Drawings of names. Fiodora name to color and print


    The fraternal rivalry begins to make its presence felt in the older brother's behavior even before the new baby of the family came to the world. Beyond the characteristic jealousy between the brothers, one of the side effects of the appearance of a new family member is the regression in the development of the older child. This is how the regressive behavior manifests itself, but also what measures you can take to help the child adapt to the new situation!

    Signs of regression to the older brother

    The regressive behavior appears to the brother when the new member of the family is born. The older child begins to adopt age-specific manifestations:

    • sucking his finger;
    • he wants the bottle;
    • he wants to be swayed;
    • pees on it and wants to wear diapers;
    • talks like a baby etc.

    There are temporary manifestations that appear against the background of the child's failure to come to the world of the new brother. It is confusing and cannot be adapted to the new family context alone. It is his way of transmitting that he does not understand what is going on, and his parents often misinterpret these reactions. They tend to argue and punish him, instead of understanding the context in which they appear and what they can do to prevent or combat this situation.

    What do you do when the child shows regressive behavior?

    The specialists draw attention to the importance of preparing the child for the coming of the new brother to the world, even before his birth. Only an extended period of accommodation with the new family context, sprinkled with explanations and patience on your part, helps prevent these regressive manifestations in his behavior.

    If the child goes through a regression in development, it is important not to obey his requests. When you ask for the bottle, although he is 4-5, maybe even 6 years or older, it is important to stay and explain to him, patiently, that he has passed the stage when the pope with the bottle. Accompany your photo talk with him since he was a baby.

    It helps him to realize that he was in the past the age of his younger brother and that he went through the same experiences, but that he is now big and that he can do a lot of other things, much more interesting.

    Talk to him about the time of his birth, debug memories with him and support them with photos or videos. You can sometimes play with the "baby" again, swing it or hold it in your arms, but don't overdo it.

    In any case, it does not allow or imply that it is okay to eat with the bottle or to wear diapers at his age.

    It is important for each parent to understand that this situation is quite common in families with several children and that it is not the child's fault to behave in this way. Against the background of these things, it is important for the parent to model their behavior or reactions in front of the child.

    Criticism and punishment do not have their place in this situation and are useless for resolving the situation. Even if apparently they are helpful in determining the child not to behave like this - not to suck the finger, to stop drinking from the bottle, etc. - they do not solve the problem. The child's frustration with not understanding what is happening remains.

    In this way, the fraternal rivalry and the problems that may arise between the two brothers are encouraged. The most important thing is to make the child understand that the new baby in the family is not a threat to him and to the love and affection you carry.

    It may be helpful in this regard to involve him in the care of the new family member. It also mediates his approach to the baby and strengthens the relationship between them, in order to combat the later rivalry.

    Many families go through a delicate situation when they raise their family and they have to prepare the older child for the new brother's coming into the world. How was the transition for you? Did you notice any signs of rivalry or regression in the older child's behavior? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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    Surimi bread

    To travel to London with children you have many options, depending on your city of origin. But whether by plane, car or boat, here is a London guide where we recommend the best route.

    It is also important that you know how to move around the city, it is important to plan the routes of the visits so that the children do not get tired. London has the tube, bus and other comfortable alternatives for the whole family.


    The most comfortable way to travel to London is probably by plane, especially if we are traveling from America or anywhere far away. The flight can be very long, lasting about thirteen hours from Argentina or ten from Mexico for example.

    luckier Spanish tourists will have, since London is only an hour away and it is a very comfortable trip for children.

    There are many flight companies that operate from different countries. If the trip is short, the best option is a low-cost company such as Ryanair or Easyjet.

    On the other hand, if it is a question of traveling many hours, it is better to abandon the idea of ​​low-cost and find the balance between price and comfort, for this it is best to consult a page of offers and flight search engines.

    London airports

    London is an important and very large city, so it has several airports: London City, Stansted, Gatwick, Heathrow and Luton.

    London city: It is the closest to the center of London, but it is used more for business trips.

    The airport is easily accessible thanks to the Jubilee tube line that connects to the London Underground network. To access it, you have to buy a bus ticket that takes you to the beginning of the line from the airport, Canning Town, and costs 2 pounds (1 for children).

    there is also a direct bus (Blue airport Shuttle Bus) that takes you to central Liverpoool Street. The round trip price is 12 pounds.

    Gatwick: One of the largest and busiest airports in the world, Gatwick welcomes thousands of travelers every day, and is located south of London, at a distance of 45 kilometers, but with very good communication.

    The Gatwick Express train leaves the South Terminal every 15 minutes and has a very long schedule, making it the best option to get closer to London. Each journey is priced at £ 17, £ 29 roundtrip, and the journey takes you to Victoria Station in 30 minutes.

    With the same destination we have the Connex South Central train, also with a schedule with departures every fifteen or thirty minutes, the trip also takes about half an hour and costs 11 pounds each way.

    The bus, which runs every hour, costs £ 9 and the journey takes about 90 minutes.

    Stansted: Third in importance, it is located about fifty kilometers from London and most of the low cost companies operate there

    The best way to get to the center is the Stansted Express train. It has departures every fifteen or thirty minutes, and the journey is 45 minutes. The train, which costs £ 13 one way (and £ 26 round trip) stops at Liverpool Street and Tottenham Hale, two very central stations.

    You can also take the Terravision bus, which has different destinations (you can check the most convenient on their website). The price is £ 9 for adults and £ 4 for children.

    Heathrow: It is a very important and busy airport, it is also relatively close to London, about 30 kilometers. Most transatlantic flights arrive at Heathrow

    This airport has a train service, the Heathrow Express, which for 18 pounds (34 round trip) makes the journey to Paddington Station. It departs every 15 minutes and the trip takes about 45 minutes in total.

    The subway is the cheapest option, although it can be longer and uncomfortable. The Piccadilly line runs from Heathrow Central Station to central London for around £ 5, and the journey takes about an hour.

    The buses of the National Express company connect Heathrow with the well-known Victoria Station, with journeys of about 45 minutes and a price of 6 pounds.

    Luton: Despite being a smaller airport, very popular companies such as Ryanair, Easyjet or Silverjet operate there.

    As it is a fairly modern airport, the connection with London, which is about 30 kilometers, is quite good. From the airport you can access a free shuttle bus that allows you to access the train in a few minutes. For £ 17, the train takes you to Victoria Station in about an hour.

    The Terravisión buses also take you to Victoria Station, although they make several stops along the way, so the trip lasts up to an hour and 15 minutes, for 15 pounds (4 for children).

    The Easybus company also has buses to different destinations: To the Earl's Court stop (one hour's journey), Victoria Station (1 hour and 20 minutes), for 10 pounds.

    Remember also that London can be accessed through the underground tunnel that connects it to Europe, so renting a car may be a good option if we get used to the English traffic regulations, according to which we drive in the left lane.

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    High teenager asked riddle!

    Peace Day at the children's school

    Peace Day at the children's school

    All the children celebrate today the School Peace Day with different events in schools, which aim to make children aware of the value of this goal, which world society has not yet achieved. One of my sons had to wear a green t-shirt today to celebrate Peace Day at school, the oldest a gray backpack ... to participate in a collective activity. Thus, all the children in each of the school classes did their bit by bringing something symbolic from home to participate in a common act of great value: Peace.

    A fantastic idea that serves to highlight the importance of peace and non-violence in education, through solidarity and respect for human rights. And it is that this day requires the participation of all, of educators in the first place to offer children the values ​​that help them to forge a more supportive, fairer, more dignified and free world.

    Since its declaration for the first time in 1964, after a pioneering, non-governmental, independent and voluntary initiative of non-violent and pacifying education by the Spanish professor Llorenç Vidal, the culture of peace aims to make possible the peaceful development of society in general, the protection of the environment and the personal satisfaction of each human being.

    For this reason, there are many of us who believe that the celebration of the school Peace Day It is a wonderful opportunity to help schools become instruments of peace and understanding among children of different races, cultures and religions. The school is the reflection of the society where it is educated for life. Educating in values ​​as important as Peace is the goal that adults seek to turn this world into a better world.

    Also, this day commemorates the death of the national and spiritual leader of India, Mahatma Gandhi, who on January 30, 1948, was shot dead by a Hindu fanatic. Many were the phrases that this Indian thinker and politician left in this world for the reflection of society in general. Some of the most famous could be these: 'Violence is fear of the ideals of others'; 'There is no way to peace, peace is the way', 'What is obtained with violence can only be maintained with violence.'

    Marisol New.

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    Fish print child's beanie: 9 € (Speedo) .Where to find it?

    Children's fish print beanie: 9 € (Speedo).
    Where to find it?

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