We've got the Winnie the Soft Pole Test Winner!

We've got the Winnie the Soft Pole Test Winner!

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Kids for Peace - Will It Be You?

Sleeping with a baby, not easy!

Why is it difficult to sleep with a baby? Just because he wants many other things. The proof with this video posted on Youtube by a mother who tries to take a nap with her daughter after giving him food ...

Production : Alissa Tirana Knoxville
Montage: Alissa Tirana Knoxville
Production : Alissa Tirana Knoxville

Traveling with the baby by boat

Traveling With A Toddler And A Baby During A Pandemic. Travel Vlog

Underwear for pregnant women

Underwear for pregnant women

Wife Buys Second-Hand Underwear to Seduce Her Husband. Extreme Cheapskates

Postponement of the trial of the deadly fire on Boulevard Vincent-Auriol

Sine die ... Today, the Criminal Court of Paris has just returned, without setting a new date, the trial of the building of 20, bd Vincent-Auriol in Paris 13th. On the night of August 25 to 26, 2005, 17 people including 14 children had died in a deadly fire. A heavy balance sheet aggravated by the excessive concentration of population, obsolescence and non-compliance of the building. (News of the 10/03/11)

A trial that promised to be delicate

  • Expertise found arson without being able to identify the arsonist.
  • The investigation revealed aggravating factors, particularly related to the non-compliance of a plywood wallcovering and the absence of fire extinguishers.
  • Freha, the association that managed the building, and a building company are being prosecuted for homicides and unintentional injuries.

A postponement at the request of lawyers

  • On Wednesday, at the opening of the trial, the plaintiffs' lawyers had lamented that it had been scheduled for only two half days. The meeting had been adjourned until the following day.
  • A courtroom too small, very bad acoustics... civil parties and families of the victims had denounced the "carelessness" and the lack of consideration with which justice treated this tragedy that had made 17 victims.
  • Thursday, the hearing conditions have not improved, the lawyers all asked for a referral, which the court eventually granted.
  • A fixation hearing should be held on May 5 to decide new dates for the trial.

Frédérique Odasso

AFP Source

9 Things Nobody Tells You About Waking Up Your Cup

9 Things Nobody Tells You About Waking Up Your Cup

Even if yours was timed and well-prepared, you might still be surprised.

9 Things Nobody Tells You About Waking Up Your Cup

1. Coming out of the mind for the first time is going to take the least amount of pain that any parenting child will ever go through.

It is understandable that fresh motherhood snaps out of your mind as soon as you hear your life cry. But you better be prepared: for two weeks after a cup, you will endure brutal pain every time you wake up, or even stand up for it. Luckily (just in case) you only have to press a button in the hospital to raise the weight of your bed, and even to help you hold your baby and baby, you won't have to go home. you accept, "he says dr. Alyssa Quimby, Professor of Sles Ngabh, California. "You don't give them up by accident." And at home, always try turn to your page first or ask your couple to help them get out of bed.

2. Breastfeeding after cesarean section can be very unpleasant

"With fresh cups of wounds it is quite difficult to find a position for breastfeeding that is comfortable for at least 20 minutes (both for you and your baby)," says Quimby. "At times like this, I used to advise moms to deal with a variety of postures." Many people a hуnaljtartбsra swear (when you hold your baby's head in your palm and your feet are under your armpit). It also helps if you are breastfeeding or weaning on smooth cushions. If you are unsure, please feel free to ask for breastfeeding advice!

3. On the Tracks You Can Get Into Difficulties During Operation # 1 and # 2

Well, we would rather not partition and go to the bottom. The peeing will sting and / or sting, but it is also possible that you will never feel that you have completely cleared your bladder because of the catheter you have received. "All of these are perfectly normal symptoms. Fortunately, things get settled within a few days," says Quimby. In the case of a major cancer - or rather, a major problem with a major cancer. "The pregnancy hormones slowing down the digestion processwhich does not disappear immediately after birth. What's more, you can add one blade to the pain-relieving side effect of the cup, which can also cause constipation. Since you don't know how to walk, which can trigger the digestion, try eating high-fiber foods (plums, apricots, kernels, flaxseeds) and more. If the situation starts to get rude, feel free to ask for some relaxation! "

4. The cute pair of shoes you wore before baby's baby should stay a little under the wardrobe

Whether you have given birth to a baby through a natural route, even with a cesarean section, it is still quite normal for you to be upset, which can make your foot a couple of times bigger than it was before pregnancy. "Blood volume increases by about 50% during pregnancy. Because of this, and because of the intravenous fluids you receive during childbirth, watering does not improve for some time. because of the risk of thrombosis), but sipping lemon water can help a lot to eliminate excess fluids from your body. "

5. You can forget about sleeping 8 ounces for a while

Now that you have brought a human being to life, and also a body abdomen, it makes sense that they will leave you to sleep after all, right? No, unfortunately we have to be bitter. After a cup, your neighbors should check your blood pressure and your blood pressure 3-4 times, probably during your entire hospital stay. However, there is also your little baby who, until a few weeks, may not be able to make a difference between day and night, so you can't count on many sleeps at the same time.

6. It is possible that one half of your cervical wound will be swollen and tender ... even after years of childbirth

Cesarean section is a yes serious abdominal pain. Not only the skin, but also the nerves are affected. The healing of the wound is a great deal, but the regeneration of the nerve near the scar can take up to a year. Occasionally, the scar heals unevenly, so that the wound on one side may be more swollen and sensitive. It will cripple a lot over the years, but unfortunately it may not disappear completely.

7. Itchy Wound and Sensitivity Typical Symptoms

The йrzйketlensйg it also stems from the fact that an obsessive physician also transmits nerves during surgery. Because it can take years to regenerate them, the sensation of numbness and numbness can remain. And itching is clearly a sign of wound healing.

8. You will be held in strict rest for 8 weeks

Until the wound heals completely, you should avoid leaning, bending, turning, lifting, lifting and pushing things harder than babies, "says Quimby." you are about to take care of, so feel free to leave your housework to other members of your family. " In the early days, you often missed being a mother too, and you have to be patient, "says the professor. your doc will surely warn you.

9. Are you planning a second baby? You also have a chance of having a vaginal birth

Depending on what was the reason for the cesarean section, it is possible that you will be allowed to give birth to your baby for the second time. If the cause of the cup was a non-recurring problem (eg tail, twin birth), your chances are better than average. But of course, even in these cases, your doctor may not recommend vaginal delivery. In such cases, the greatest fear of the Doctors is that the gauze scar, which is unlikely to be the result of modern medical procedures, is a real problem. Whether or not you are allowed to rush through the natural world is completely unheard of, so it is best to be prepared for any eventuality.Related articles after cupping:
  • What should we count after cesarean section?
  • Headache after a cup
  • Cupping from the baby's point of view

Santo Sancho Day, September 5. Names for boys

Sancho is a name for a boy of Latin origin that means "saint". It is one of those traditional names that brings distinction and originality, so it can be perfect for your child.

Although it is not one of the most frequent names, its use is not strange or old-fashioned and its familiarity is due to the fact that it can be both a first and a last name. He celebrates his name day on September 5, which is San Sancho's day.

Because of the meaning of his name, Sancho has a charismatic personality and great strength. His sense of responsibility, courage, and resourcefulness easily make him a leader to blindly follow. In addition, Sancho is characterized by his friendly and sincere character and a great capacity for seduction.

The name Sancho is not very well known outside the Hispanic sphere. The peculiarity of this name, so popular in the Middle Ages is that it can also be used as a surname, something that has contributed to maintaining its popularity. Sancho is one of those names that preserves all the weight of the tradition that today's parents like so much, so in a short time it can become one of our favorite names.

The number of historical figures who have borne the name Sancho throughout history may help you to choose your baby's name. A name whose origin is located in the first kingdoms of Navarre and which has a long list of Castilian kings. Undoubtedly, the name Sancho continues to provide today a touch of dignity and height like few others.

Perhaps the character that has made your son's name the most popular is the faithful squire of our most international literary gentleman; Sancho Panza, the companion in the adventures of Don Quixote is, without a doubt, unforgettable. As unforgettable is also the actor who played Curro Jiménez for so long, Sancho Gracia.

To know the origin and meaning of other names that celebrate their saint in the month of September, consult our calendar of the names of September saints. You will find all the curiosities related to the name and date of your birthday.

Plus, we have the most comprehensive guide to baby names for boys and girls. Here you will find all the baby names arranged alphabetically to know their origin and meaning.

Laura Velez. Contributor to our site

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How a woman's belly button changes in pregnancy and when to worry

The body of the woman in pregnancy changes for weeks. One day the pregnant woman discovers that there is something different in her gut: her belly button it has come out and is more bulky, something that is considered a normal characteristic, as can also be the linea alba or chloasma (spots on the face). But, Why does a pregnant woman's navel change? It can be avoided? When can these variations be worrisome?

The growth of the uterus, the baby, the distention and separation of the rectus abdominis so that the abdomen can expand well and fit the new life that we harbor are the main causes of changes in the belly button of women in pregnancy. So, in most cases, it is not worrisome, it is often an aesthetic issue, which may be more or less liked, but nothing more.

If the mother is primiparous, that is, she stops for the first time, it is normal that she comes out at second quarter or already entries in the last. However, when we have had more than one child, the navel outlet it is much earlier, even in the first weeks we can already notice it differently.

It does not need more care, in addition to those we use for the rest of the abdomen, as is the correct hydration. And the normal thing is that the navel after childbirth, go back inside, without any extra intervention.

Sometimes it happens that what sticks out is not just the navel. We can observe that when a pregnant woman lies down or stands up, putting some tension on the abdomen, a larger or smaller bulge protrudes in the central part: this could be due to a diastasis recti - more frequent in multiparas (2 of every 3 women who have more than two children present diastasis).

Another thing that usually worries is that it hurts, and we know that pain indicates a actual injury or potential. In this case, we could speak of a possible umbilical or paraumbilical hernia, just as we should think of a hernia or diastasis if the pain or bulging persists after delivery.

Whether our navel is out due to a hernia or we have a non-physiological diastasis, during pregnancy we can do some things to take care of ourselves and that there are no complications, since rehabilitation or surgery (in case it is necessary to close the hernia) until postpartum are not possible:

- Avoid excessive weight gain in an uncontrolled way.

- Control posture, avoiding lumbar hyperlordosis (deformation of the spine) as much as possible. We can improve a lot with prenatal Pilates or water gymnastics, always performed by midwives or health professionals such as physiotherapists.

- Use the pelvic belt to be able to correct the posture and not to pull the rectums too much. This is very advisable if there is a lot of lordosis - lumbar curve - or pain in the symphysis pubis.

- Strengthen the transverse abdominis, which is our natural girdle and the one that will support the viscera, the uterus and the baby, preventing the rectus abdominis from separating too much (we run the risk that if the distance is opened too much we will have a pathological diastasis of the rectum with repercussion on the pelvic floor, abdomen, aesthetics, back muscles, digestive system, etc).

If the weeks after delivery, you see that your abdomen has not returned to the same, that the navel continues to protrude out or you feel strange, go for an evaluation of the abdomen to rule out a diastasis or a hernia. If everything goes well, the normal thing is that the navel goes back inwards.

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