Difficulty breathing in babies (dyspnea)

Difficulty breathing in babies (dyspnea)

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The sugar beetle overheard, the cake's inscription became cruel

A heart-wrenching photo of a baby girl wandering around on Facebook, the confectioner's name was overwritten, and candy was on her cake.

I called Elizabeth Jones the baby whose photographer had wandered around the web. The baby's nickname Lizard, which is usually derived from its nickname (Liz), also means a mogul. The baby's mother placed an order for her birthday cake, Happy Birthday, Lizard! the sugar the sugar had overlooked and said on the cake that it was a Happy birthday loser. And the baby - as if we were surrounded by it - is making a miserable face that the Internet's nappies have completely subdued.The sugar beetle overheard, the cake's inscription became cruel Of course, her mom shared the picture on Facebook, in lots of numbers, and even in the form of "happy birthday loser" pins in the form of a little cake, for $ 15.
In my time ... (column in defense of gimbaza) In my time, children were different, women dressed more modestly, men were more masculine, there were not so many diseases, plane crashes ... each of us, if he did not make such an opinion, at least heard her. It goes all-children, women, teenagers, adults. While this type of criticism is completely understandable and harmless, if it falls from the lips of old men who do not understand the world today and do not find themselves in new realities, it amazes and laughs when I hear it from the lips of twenty-something kids.

We, children of the late nineties, brought up by the yard and beaters ... nonsense! Most of us had computer games (old good Pegasus would not impress modern console users today, but it used to be an absolute hit), cut in chips and sweets without moderation (because moderation in giving sugar to children is a relatively new invention) and sipped Coke. We did exactly what today's kids do.

... the children were more independent.

Yes. But it was not their merit. In a world without dishwashers, finished semi-finished products, non-fuming cotton and self-polishing floor polishes, mothers had a lot of work. Releasing the child in the yard guaranteed time and the ability to cope with household chores. And the child acquired teamwork skills and independence. Why can't it be repeated today? Because most of today's yards are in fact parking lots.

I remember playing as a street class as a child. Sometimes the oncoming car interrupted the game, but given the frequency, it was a minor inconvenience. I lived in a big city at the time. Today I live in the countryside, there is a school a few hundred meters from my block. Four roadside crosses stand over a distance of two kilometers. Drunk drivers, teenage pirates.

It is not surprising that mothers do not send children alone to neighborhood yards. Let's add access to information - psychopaths and pedophiles have always existed. There are not more of them today than years ago, but each case is blown to the point of absurdity (nothing increases the viewership more than the harm of a child).

Listening, reading and looking at three hundred materials about one and the same degenerate, the average mother has the impression that a psychopathic killer or pedophile priest is the norm! It lurks at every turn, so you need to lock your child in the house for four triggers to make it safe! Children are still the same as they were years ago - they are independent as much as adults allow.

... had more imagination.

It is also our merit. We stimulate and educate 24 hours a day. We have forgotten that the best and most creative games are born of ... BORING. Let your child get bored instead of putting on new toys and gadgets. Let us play "just something" on our own.
The modern parent got lost and let the ads and fashion go crazy. We buy for power - everything for child development. Does this mean that once the children did not grow? Imagine that years ago children ... crawled on their own! You did not need a "waltz to learn crawling" for PLN 100. Not only that, WE SEE without stimulating the newborn baby with archdepositive modern black and white carousels for cots. Names of the body parts were taught by the mother, who explained during the bath: and now we wash Peter's leg, arm, anything else. The same with colors. Today you need a robo-toy, preferably screeching in five languages, once there was grass, sun, sky and colorful flowers in the garden. And despite the lack of high-tech stimulation of development from the first second of life, humanity exists. Not only that, we have electricity, antibiotics, we fly into space and carry out open-heart surgery. And to think that Pasteur and Balzac did not have a Puppy Pupil!

... they were not that sick.

Yes, because the most sickly ones had no chance of survival. Today, we have an impact on the child already in the fetal period - we support endangered pregnancies, determined women spend months lying down to save the toddler's life. Once, all "weak" pregnancies were terminating naturally. Today, we save premature babies, who often require many years of rehabilitation and treatment. Tumors and allergies are also unusually large, but it is largely the fault of civilization. Anyway, in every family there is probably a sad story about a child who died many years ago without any reason, or for a reason that would hardly convince today's doctor: in the evening he drank dirty water from a puddle, and in the morning he did not wake up, ate a piece of warm yeast cake, etc. Most likely, it died of a disease we know well today, and it used to be 'gone'.

... were more polite.

They were not. Often they were spanked and afraid of their parents' anger, and therefore mischief in secret. Ask your grandfather, father, uncle. Maybe they will find the courage to admit the best "numbers". Or maybe you have the courage to admit yours?

... and better brought up.

Well, this accusation amuses me the most. What is the child's fault that his parents did not instill in him the principles of good manners? They didn't have time to teach "please" or "thank you"? What is the child's fault that parents teach disrespect? Unfortunately, this is clearly visible in the case of behavior towards teachers. From the model in which the teacher was respected to such an extent that the parents did not take into account any translation on the part of the child (moreover, the student could have been hit by a ruler on the hands for the slightest offense) we went straight to the model in which the teacher is the enemy. Each one is a manifestation of the fact that "the monkey has become trapped from the math", not that the parent neglects the child and does not see his problems. There are no people willing to come to the interview, but there are those who are all blamed for the failure of the child at school willingly blamed on the inefficiency of teachers. And the children are listening. Culture or the lack of culture cannot be learned from books. You can only take her out of the house. And if there is nothing to take out, it's easiest to dump on "such times."

Witch legs. Halloween craft for kids

This time we show you how to make somewitch legs, to use them as decoration on Halloween. A beautiful craft for children to celebrate this terrifying holiday in style.

Let your child's imagination run wild, and develop their concentration, encourage their creativity and improve their fine motor skills. Go ahead and do this spookyHalloween craft for kids!


  • A pool foam tube
  • Scissors
  • A striped stocking
  • Black felt
  • Cotton
  • Golden eva rubber
  • A white marker
  • Hot glue gun

1. Take a tube of foam and cut it into 2 parts. Make sure that each part measures around 35 cm. Now,make a cut with a cutter cross at one end of one of the tubes. Repeat this step with the other tube.

2. BelowTake a big stocking, and put the tube through the round part. Stretch it out and trim the excess with your scissors. What is left over from the stocking you will use to make the other leg of the witch. You just have to tie a knot at the end of it and insert the other tube.

3. To make the witch's shoes we will use the black felt and an insole of a shoe that we previously made with a cardboard. Place the template on the felt and trace it 2 times with the help of a white marker. Then cut out the two figures with your scissors that you just traced.

4. Take your glue gun andglue one shoe on top of the other. Remember to only stick them on the edges! This way we will create a kind of bag with them. Since the hot silicone has dried, fill your shoe with the cotton. You just have to fill in the bottom of it.

5. The next step is to take your foam tube and insert it into the shoe. Now take your golden eva rubber and cut out a square, fold it in half andmake two cuts with your scissors, as I show you below. Notice how we then cut a square inside our figure.

6. With hot silicone stick your eva rubber square on the witch's shoe. Remember to repeat the steps above for your missing leg!

You can use this cute Halloween decoration toplace it under a mat or a door. You like?

DIY Halloween Decorations Witches Legs

Where do babies come from? What's inside mommy's belly? These are some of the questions that many children often ask their parents; It is the most normal thing in the world since children are naturally curious and want to know more about the world around them. Your duty as parents is to answer all your questions.

Calm, do not panic! We know that this type of questions can become uncomfortable, but they should be taken calmly and naturally, then the psychologist Mónica Poblador explains what to say to children when they ask us where babies come from.

1- If your child asks why you have a belly, answer clearly and concisely, explain that inside there is a baby that is growing inside the womb and that it is in a kind of bag called the womb.

2- And how is it that a baby is forming in there? The answer to your question is that there have been two cells, one from Dad and one from Mom, that are growing and multiplying. Slowly, in a few months a baby will be formed, a little brother or sister, who will come to the world to be cared for and cared for.

3- It is better to give the children real meanings and that the child builds his own knowledge from reality.

4- Depending on the age we do not have to give them too many explanations, they must be concrete and simple, do not get nervous, you just have to treat the issue as what it is, something natural.

5- If we come to have the feeling of having given too much information at the beginning, there is no need to worry, as we will already talk about it and clarify doubts that arise.

6- Another very good tip is to listen to the children and tell us a little about your curiosity and the specific questions you have, based on your level of knowledge, we can answer your questions.

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Riddle: She has no feet

Guess riddle

The mermaid

She has no feet
And if you neglect
looks like a fish

Guess, guess ... Riddles for kids are a great way to stimulate intelligence, logic and creativity in your little ones. Also, this children's game provides a wonderful opportunity to spend time with the family.

For this reason, on our site we have created a fun application to play riddles as a family, with thousands of riddles to stimulate children in their learning and help them learn vocabulary with a fun game.

You can search children's riddles from different categories, pick a random puzzle, get clues, and enjoy an afternoon of family leisure, in the company of our pet. Go ahead and try your luck!

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