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Allergic to all parents

Why are you getting more allergies? Can a tiny child be allergic? Can disease be prevented?

Why are you getting more allergies?

It is not known exactly why the number of allergy sufferers is increasing year after year, in any case there are three basic reasons to suspect.
The first is that we are more allergenic in our environment. An example is ragweed, a plant that was not native to Hungary. 20 years ago it was barely known, and today it is a widespread weed. Another good example of housing: In Hungary, in the 1960s and 1970s, the development of housing interiors began to spread in the modern interior environment, with the carpeting and the taping themselves. Slowly, it is well known that house dust mites proliferate in the carpet and wallpaper molds are home to molds. The discolored, black and blotchy parts of the patches are contaminated with molds with great certainty.
Remarkable are the various detergents for which the human immune system has never been able to keep up with the choices that have never been made.
So we take care of ourselves with allergies. Cats and dogs have always been close to people, but not in the home, as is the case in city life.
Yet the question arises, how can substances suddenly well-known in the early years become allergenic? Although allergies are not a completely new "mystery", in fact, a massive choice is new. And this is explained by the fact that we have changed the structure of "living" substances and particles, which they have become allergic to.
Take a closer look at the pollen. In Japan, it has been noticed that people who are allergic to pollen from Japanese pine trees live near highways. The same people no longer suffered from allergies, despite the fact that Japanese pine was found there. It has been found that solid particles of exhaust gas, and especially exhaust gas from diesel-powered vehicles, change their surface when adhered to pollen particles.

Three basic reasons are increasing the number of allergies year after year.

Pollens emit whites through their surface pores, but pollutants also vary in the amount and quality of whitening. Among the selected whites, there are several proteolytic enzymes, which are known to irritate the mucous membranes of the mucosa. So you can depend on environmental pollution and allergies. We haven't talked about the third currency, our immune system. Especially in the West, he is popular. hygiene-elmйlet, which was based on the megfigyelйsen that testvйr, gyerekkцrnyezet nйlkьl felnцvх, jуmуdъ sterile kцrьlmйnyek kцzцtt йlх children are often allergiбsok than gazdasбgilag kevйsbй advanced kцrnyezetben, nцvekvх among testvйr small csecsemхkoruktуl many bakteriбlis йs vнrusos fertхzйsen бtesх children . The theory, which is probably very true, is that the immune system needs early infections to trigger normal immunoglobulin production.
Our body's immune system plays an important role in the blood immunoglobulin white and the lymphocytes, or the helper lymphocytes, which have three other groups. Only TH1s produce immunoglobulins responsible for the normal immune response. They can be distinguished further by you. TH2s, which produce substances responsible for the allergic reaction. If the immune system is able to meet minor or major infections in early childhood, and then suppresses the immune response to normal TH1 cells, it is less likely to be allergic. BCG vaccine has such an allergy-enhancing effect in early infections.
The immunoglobulin responsible for the allergic reaction is IgE, which produces very specific reactions. A single IgE can only react with one type of allergen, but it can recognize very similar structured substances, so it is possible for it. keresztallergiбk.

Can a tiny child be allergic?

The little ones are so healthy, how can they be allergic? We might think that allergies only occur in younger children with a tendency to do so. Unfortunately, although the trend is true - as we get older we become more and more allergic to everything - few people think that even the youngest can be affected by the discomfort, and that the they are becoming more and more sensitive to allergy. it takes time to generalize.
One of the most common sequelae of allergies is usually skin allergies, eczema, which unfortunately is not uncommon in infants. This is followed by asthma, which typically occurs only after 3 years of age, but not in infancy. The ъn. The next stage of an allergy march is syndrome, or rightly allergy, which is fortunately very rare before the age of 6, but can occur at the age of three. The most severe is generalized allergy, when anaphylaxis can cause a life-threatening condition. Unfortunately, it can appear in tiny babies, insect bites or any diet. In the 0-3 age group, the immediate exception is usually some diet.

Can disease be prevented?

In fact, the younger the little person, the fewer currencies any allergic disease has to be aware of, however, is that vulnerable children have a tendency to start and end their lives. Generally speaking, it is not a matter of whether or not you are giving a chance to develop an allergy. Primary prevention is most needed in vulnerable families, where one or both of them are allergic to the parent, one parent and one of the direct relatives are allergic, or the sibling is allergic. It is only advisable to introduce rules that are not harmful to anyone and are beneficial to everyone.
During pregnancy, the mother should not smoke and also avoid passive smoking. After childbirth, the most important thing is a completely smoke-free environment and breastfeeding until at least half of the age, because it does not allow foreign bodies to enter the baby's digestive system. The apartment should be prepared so that it is not allergic. Do not keep pets at home, dust frequently, and do not have mold in the home. Prevention of some of the other steps of allergic marching is also very important. The ekcйmбs toddlers felйnйl the kйsхbbiekben Unfortunately, asthma can occur, however, that megfelelх gyуgyszer adagolбsбval megelхzhetх, rбadбsul the ekcйma tьneteit, elsхsorban also enyhнti the viszketйst, ezйrt the megfelelх megelхzх gyуgyszer alkalmazбsбrуl gyermekorvosnбl, -allergolуgusnбl be йrdeklхdni.A tбplбlйkallergiбkrуl tъl emlнtett йteleken szуlу article especially for older children aged 1-3, it should be noted that not only meals themselves, but also various nutritional supplements, colorings and conditions can also be allergic to some, even traces of food. Therefore, preferably home cooked, non-food and non-nutritious foods.
Be careful with the washing powders as well. In particular, inhalation of fine dust particles of enzymatic washing powder (made from Bacilus subtilus) may cause allergic-type dermatitis. Detergent residues in clothes can cause skin irritation, cheating, eczema. On the one hand, because the immune system needs healthy infections and microorganisms useful for the development of intestinal flora, different, often used, nourishing baths are eliminated.
For newborns, we use baby shampoo anyway, and for older children, it is worthwhile to wash with us at most, at most during the holiday season.

Does sexuality return to normal after childbirth?

Does sexuality return to normal after childbirth?

Pregnancy and childbirth were a real upheaval in the couple's sex life. After childbirth, the return of sexuality to normal depends on physical factors (persistence of pain for a few weeks, presence of scar in case of episiotomy for example, bleeding), sexual factors (persistence of lack of desire, sometimes linked to pain for a few weeks and to a drop in estrogen). But past this course, everything must return to normal after a few weeks.

Breast pump, manual or electric?

7 ideas to guide children in the use of new technologies

7 ideas to guide children in the use of new technologies

Children have access to the Internet from their earliest stages. In many homes, smartphones, tablets or computers coexist naturally with other toys. In fact, it is very common for toy companies to develop specific computers for children with interactive games for children.

The children then they live with these devices and know how to handle them without receiving any kind of training, just by looking and using your intuition. But, they are unaware of the risks derived from both uncontrolled use and excessive use, how can you help them?

Everyone knows that children need to go out, go to the park, play with friends ... Technology is part of children's daily lives, and as long as it does not interfere with that important leisure time away from home , it can be very beneficial. But, how to guide children to use new technologies in a responsible way?

1- Set a time limit: not allowing access to new technologies is not logical since they will have to live with it throughout their lives, even in school more and more tools of this type are introduced for teaching. However, limiting their use and controlling the time they spend is essential. It is convenient to establish a routine of time that the children know.

2- Guide children in navigation: It is true that they are very intuitive and know how to navigate almost without receiving classes, but they do not know what to do when advertising is triggered or how to proceed with that file that is asking to be downloaded. Teaching them to use these devices well is basic.

3- Learn with children: You may not know technology well, but it is important to know how they work or what possibilities they have to be able to teach your children to use them properly. Perhaps your children can also teach you tricks or ways to use the devices that they did not know and they will be proud of having taught their parents something.

4- Explain the dangers: knowing the risks on the Internet is important in order to avoid them. Children need to know what can happen if they give their information, contact strangers or browse pages that are for adults.

5- Using technology for more than just gaming: It is okay to let your child play with the smartphone in the doctor's office for peace of mind, however, technology offers much more than games. You can use children's interests to delve into the Internet and watch documentaries or information about what they like the most.

6- Monitor navigation: the autonomy of the child on the Internet involves risks. Leaving him alone with the tablet means that he may end up accessing content that is not suitable for him or that he simply cannot understand or it may scare him. Taking a little time to navigate with the child and monitor their use of devices is pedagogical.

7- Create a climate of dialogue: so that they can let us know if they have detected something that is strange or has scared them.

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Did you know that a simple vote can change the lives of our children?

Did you know that a simple vote can change the lives of our children?

You have them, you love them, you want them to be good and give them all the best you have before birth. Because they are the best for you.

That is why Philips Romania has specially designed a project to try to change the lives of children in Romania. Within it, from July to now, from people from all over the country, over 1000 project ideas have been gathered. They aimed at the period of birth, the healthy start of the child in life and the recreation through the light. All this came on the table of a jury of specialists who sent in the grand final the most inspired and achievable 9 ideas.

When's the final sea? When is the future to be decided? Even these days, the project period is underway in which 3 of the best ideas will come true with the help of Philips, but also by public vote.

So enter on See the finalist ideas, think about which of them you want achieved for the sake of your children and vote it. You have time until August 29th. On September 1, Philips will announce the winners and in the shortest possible time will start implementing them.

Through such projects, Philips has succeeded in changing destinations worldwide. Why wouldn't they do that in Romania?

Candlemas: The laughing pancake

Candlemas: The laughing pancake
Types of fetal tail

Generally, Figs. the fetus turns head-to-head, but if it is later on in the back, there is no cause for concern: it may turn around at any time until the onset of the butterfly. There is also an external reversal of the fetus.

Head and tail fetusAll of this is important because in many hospitals in Hungary there is no possibility of vaginal birth if the fetus is not cephalic. Some of the hospitals allow for spontaneous onset, so you may start on your own, but the baby has to be born with a cesarean. The other half of the hospitals still do not allow the mother to use such a bug or program. Even though there is a far cry for birth without complications, it takes a lot of patience. It also doesn't matter if the fetus has a large buttocks and a small or average head volume. That's why we also use ultrasound to estimate fetal weight and head volume. There are two types of tailbone: full (or total) tail or partial tail.For full dorsal view, the baby's foot appears first at birth. In the case of a partial case, the bottom of the baby appears first.In the case of a fetal position of the fetus, it is possible to try reversing the uterus. This is what parents call methods, this is called outward reversal. There are also practices that your mother can practice alone, such as the Enkin gymnastics. This is an easy-going, loose-fisted posture that is worth 15 minutes a day.Related articles in Torso Lying:
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Eggplant stuffed with rice and vegetables, vegetarian recipe

Nude pictures in a just cause
Fasting during pregnancy is risky

Pregnant women get hungry more often because of the physiology of pregnancy. Because during this period, the daily calorie intake requirements increase with the extra calories they are obliged to provide to the baby. Kiss. Dr. Sözen says: “Pregnant women are prone to fall every 3-4 hours to keep blood sugar is recommended to keep small meals. In a study conducted in Singapore in 2004, more than half of the fasting pregnant women stated that they had much more difficulty compared to fasting before pregnancy, and one third stated that they experienced fasting-related side effects. ”

Being hungry affects the baby

Can fasting be a risk to babies? Kiss. Dr. Ibrahim Sozen answers the question: büyük The biggest danger for the baby is the increase in blood in the blood during fasting, which may adversely affect their future neurological and psychological development. Ketones are released as a result of burning stored fat when sugar is not present for the use of cells. For example, during long-term hunger, the body's sugar depot is quickly depleted and fats are burned for energy needs of the cells. As a result, ketones that are harmful to both the mother and the baby are released as a result of fat burning. The same is true for uncontrolled diabetes. In a study published by the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology in 1995 by Rizzo et al., It was shown that high levels of ketone in the blood, such as uncontrolled diabetes and prolonged fasting, may cause future brain and psychological dysfunction. ”

What are the reasons for high ketones in pregnant women? He answers the question: yüksek There are two reasons why high ketone levels can be easily reached in pregnant women. First of all, hunger processes in pregnant women lead to hypoglycemia much faster than non-pregnant women. Due to this decrease in the blood, when there is no sugar left for the cells to use as energy, the body burns fats and ketones rise as a by-product of this burning. In non-pregnant women, this ketone elevation intensifies within 24 hours, while pregnant women around 16 hours. The second reason that allows high ketone rates to occur in pregnant women is the development of insulin resistance in pregnant women, especially in the following weeks. When this resistance is very high, pregnancy-related diabetes develops. In this case, there is enough sugar in the blood, but it cannot function as insulin, which will make it available to the cells. Sugar rises in the blood, but cells cannot use sugar as fuel. Cells therefore burn oil, an alternative fuel, which releases high ketone rates.

Beware of thirst!

Potansiyel Another potential problem when fasting is the lack of fluid in the body. İbrah İbrahim Sözen continues: de In pregnant women, the amount of blood and fluid in the veins increases greatly. In order to maintain this amount of blood and fluid, pregnant women should take at least 3 liters of fluid per day. In cases of relative fluidlessness, blood pressure is reduced, blood flow to the placenta (the wife's wife) and thus to the baby is reduced. As a result, the baby's oxygenation may fall below ideal rates. Indeed, the biophysical profile score, which is an ultrasound measurement of the baby's brain oxygenation, was found to be lower in infants of fasting mothers than in infants of non-mothers. According to this study published in the International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics in 2003, fetal breathing (diaphragm movement), which is one of the best ultrasonographic findings of good oxygenation of the baby, shows a significant decrease in the babies of mothers fasting. In summary, fasting of pregnant women who want to fast will be more positive both for themselves and the baby if they keep an accident fast at the end of pregnancy. ”

Can nursing mothers fast?

Anadolu Health Center, Department of Child Health and Diseases. Ela Tahmaz, Breastfeeding mother's fasting says: Research on breast milk has shown that short-term non-eating does not reduce milk, but severe fluid loss can reduce milk. A study conducted between 2 to 5 months of breastfeeding women showed that there was some change in the content of breast milk during fasting. The amount of energy taken, protein, vitamins A and C were found to be below the daily requirement. This shows that milk quality is affected during fasting of nursing mothers. For these reasons, it is not right for breastfeeding mothers to drink water all day, especially during the first 6 months when the baby is exclusively breastfed. It is not appropriate to start additional food and formula before fasting is necessary. However, it is easier to tolerate the mother's inability to eat or drink during fasting in infants over 6 months or for other reasons that have already begun supplementary foods. However, in this case, it is absolutely necessary to get up to sahur and to take plenty of liquids during the time from iftar to sahur. They should also spend the day resting and not exhausting themselves. It is recommended that the baby continue to suckle at the same intervals and that additional foods are given in the same way.

It should not be forgotten that mothers who have problems with sugar metabolism, such as diabetes or mothers with blood sugar or other health problems, are at risk of fasting and they should consult their doctor. ”

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