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Mashed potatoes and cabbage. Irish Colcannon Recipe

Sexuality: how to answer its first why?

Head & Hair

Head and hair concerns begin early. Does your baby have a bald spot? Is your son or daughter bald all over? Don't worry, baby hair loss is expected and usually normal. But what about the shape of your baby's head? Read up on flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly) and get prevention tips. As your child gets older and spends time around groups of kids at daycare or in school, you'll start hearing about head lice. Learn to handle a lice comb (fingers crossed you'll never need it!).


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Help him discover the smells

Help him discover the smells

Cosleeping: for or against?

The cododo (or cosleeping) is a practice that involves making baby sleep, not only in the parents' room, but within the bed of the marriage bed. Zoom on this topic that divides.

What are the benefits for cosleeping?

  • One of the main benefits of "shared sleep" is the ability to maintain close physical contact between the mother and her baby.
  • A strong bond was created during pregnancy and the cododo makes it possible to make the transition smoothly, to reassure the newborn.
  • Another point in favor of this practice: it provides a better sleep to moms suckling, so they no longer need to get up to feed their baby.
  • The cododo is also a good way to keep an eye on him and react faster in case of problems.

Cosleeping: a controversial technique

  • According to detractors of the cododo, the baby has no place in the bed of parents, who lose all their privacy.
  • They also state that it is important for the baby to learn how to sleep alone when leaving the maternity ward, in which case he will have difficulty living with separation and will have difficulty falling asleep alone later.
  • The cododo is also (and especially) pointed at for obvious reasons of safety: danger of falling, of smothering the baby by a pillow / a quilt, or even by one of the parents ...
  • The risks seem numerous. A study published in the British Medical Journal in 2013 even revealed that co-sleeping could increase by five the risk of sudden death in babies under 3 months.

Security measures

If you still want to try the cododo, it is essential to take certain precautions for the well-being and safety of the baby:

  • Make sure he can not fall off the bed
  • The mattress should not be too soft
  • Remove duvets and pillows to reduce the risk of choking
  • Make him sleep on his back, it is essential to avoid the risk of sudden death of the infant
  • Last recommendation: cosleeping is to be avoided if one of the parents has restless sleep!

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