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The crying of children is one of the things that can most despair and worry us as parents, especially when that cry is very intense, so much so that the child ends up screaming instead of crying.

When they are babies, the crying intensifies when the child does not calm down, and the crying itself makes them nervous, restless and uncomfortable, so they cry even more and the crying is increasingly intense. They still do not have control over themselves or their emotions or their needs and they do not know how to "cool down." This is what we can do with children who cry loudly.

Emotional self-regulation refers to the "strategies we use to adjust the intensity and duration of our emotional states until reaching a comfortable level that does not impede the achievement of our goals" (Thompson, 1994). Good emotional self-regulation during the first years of life contributes to autonomy and the development of social interaction skills.

As we have said before, babies in the first months of life do not control their emotions, and it is the caregivers who, from the outside, regulate the baby's emotions, calming his crying, reassuring him when he is nervous, etc.

Slowly Babies develop skills that help make these "negative" emotions less intense and long-lasting (they learn to calm themselves, for example by sucking on the loudest pacifier or sucking on the finger). It will be when they learn to walk or move independently and, above all, when they begin to speak, when they can begin to express and manage their emotions and acquire more emotional control strategies. They can tell us what is wrong with them, they can "run away" from something that scares them or ask for help.

Crying in children and their emotional reactions, in addition to the evolutionary moment, are closely related to the temperament of each child.

We refer to temperament as "a series of biologically determined individual dispositions that are relatively consistent over time" (Rothbart and Bates, 1998). These dispositions are related to emotion and behavior, and are understood as a tendency of each one, which is malleable. That is, that biological profile, (which is had from birth) makes it very likely that a child is in a certain way, (such as being fearful, or more sensitive or more restless), but it does not guarantee 100% that it is. , (the environment, education, parenting guidelines also influence ...)

But something that we cannot forget either, is the role of adults in all this. Some of the children who cry intensely, who are difficult to calm, who scream, will be within what experts call "difficult temperament style". But there will be other children, who are not necessarily children with a difficult temperament, who may show those behaviors as well.

An "easy" child can become difficult if the demands, demands and guidelines of their caregivers are inadequate, and a "difficult" child can have a positive change in his behavior if we are sensitive to his characteristics, more patient, tolerant and understanding.

So it will be important to understand why the child cries, and how he cries to know how to handle it properly, (based on what we have mentioned above).

  • If a baby is not cared for when he cries, he will cry more and more intensely because it is their way of expressing discomfort and claiming attention.
  • A more sensitive child will have a higher crying intensity and it will also be important to help him calm down and reassure him.
  • But also a child who gets frustrated easily, demanding with others, or who does not know how to wait, will cry and scream if we do not attend to their demands or demands, (children who use crying to demand attention and the less we give it the more they scream and cry).

Therefore, before children who cry intensely to the point of screaming, the guidelines will be different depending on the reason for this situation. Let's not forget that depending on the age of the child, it will be more or less easy for them to calm down and regulate themselves.

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Make a baby stop crying! - Calm for baby for 10 minutes with this video! Make newborn baby happy!

Are you pregnant and looking for the ideal name for your baby? Our name finder has thousands of names for boys to help you in this important choice. We highlight the name in the dictionary of meaning of names: Porcio.

It originated from a rural nickname. The feminine form is quite common in Italy.

"Pig farmer, pig farmer"

July 5 and November 24


  • José Plácido Domingo Embil, lyric singer (tenor and baritone) and Spanish conductor (1941)

Drawing of the name Porcio coloring page printable game

Emily dover (New South Wales, Australia) was born as a normal baby, somewhat smaller than his siblings, yes. Doctors told his parents that everything was fine. However, from the age of 2, his nightmare began: His chest began to grow in an unusual way, he began to develop pimples typical of puberty and finally, at the age of 4, he had his period.

Seems that if, menopause in a 5-year-old girl, it is possible, although it is an unusual problem that draws a lot of attention.

(Photos from Tam Dover's Facebook)

While many mothers, gathered in the park, talked about their children's tantrums and terrible two years, Tam, Emily's mother had another concern. His daughter's chest was beginning to grow. What's more, He already had body odor, and the occasional pimple was beginning to appear. Everything, typical of pre-adolescence ... not two years!

Tam, who works in a hospital, began asking all possible doctors about her daughter. They did a lot of tests to rule out all kinds of possible infections. Two years after starting the tests, Emily had her period, just 4 years old. He was scared, of course. I was not prepared to face this. The pain typical of menstruation came and pubic hair began to grow. The doctors decided to stop all that. At last they found the problem: the cause was a problem with the adrenal gland. The solution? An aggressive hormonal treatment.

Emily now, at 7 years old, is larger than normal, suffering the consequences of menopause, which began at 5 years old, including bone problems. As if that were not enough, the rest of the children have not been able to assimilate that 'difference' in their partner, and the little girl suffers a lot of teasing at school.

Emily's case is strange, yes, worthy of study by doctors. Her parents are now beginning to connect the dots, and finally understand why Emily had so much trouble sleeping since she was born, complaining of pain that they could not locate and He grew faster than the rest of his brothers. They had to fight hard to find the cause. At first, doctors thought it was viral infections, until hormonal tests detected at 4 years of age the same hormonal levels that are found in a pregnant woman. Emily's illness has a name: Addison's disease. Additionally, Emily suffers from precocious puberty and autism.

Addison's disease it's one of those strange diseases affecting very few people around the world. It affects directly the adrenal gland, responsible for the production of cortisol and another hormone called aldosterone. It is related to a problem in the immune system, since the immune system (without knowing why) begins to attack the tissues of the adrenal gland (which are found in the upper part of each kidney), a gland that does not manage to produce enough number of hormones.

Main symptoms of this disease They are: muscle weakness, skin hyperpigmentation, nausea, dizziness, cramps ...

The treatment? The drug seeks to repair the destroyed hormones, but has side effects and it is also a very expensive treatment.

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Controversial photo that shows gender inequality between boys and girls

Amazed, outraged and stunned. This is how we find ourselves in the newsroom of our site after coming across this controversial photo on social networks that, unfortunately, shows the gender inequality between boys and girls in today's society. How long will we have to endure this type of discrimination?

"Isn't it a cute picture?" TheMedicalShots Twitter account posted a few days ago. I want to believe that the author of this publication in which two little blond children are seen holding hands and "playing" at being older wanted to convey tenderness, but, the truth, he did not get what he wanted.

The more I look at it, the more I see a clear example of gender inequality and discrimination. And I wasn't the only one! The comments on the networks against this photo have not been long in coming, so much so that the account has deleted the photo, although there is the damage caused by it, that is indelible! They have tried to correct the mistake or perhaps their reputation was not affected, but it is too late.

And it is that nobody understands how, today, men are attributed the quality of doctor, while women have to settle for that of a nurse. Why was it not the other way around? Without a doubt it is a sexist image, a snapshot that shows a problem: society continues to discriminate against women and grant them jobs of less category and responsibility.

The work of a nurse is somehow seen as "less than" and therefore pays much less than that of a doctor. We live in a society that continues to believe that professions that focus on caring for people are meant for us. And, sorry, gentlemen at TheMedicalShotst and many others who think so. It is true that there are women who dream of being nurses, but there are many others who aspire to become doctors, and we will continue to fight to make that happen.

But we are still the target of scorn and criticism, for example, a recent study published in The Times created a new category to define women who work outside the home, "absent mothers" and "blamed" them for having more obese children. And I wonder: 'Don't these children have parents who also have an obligation to be involved in everything that involves their children's education?'

And as I look at the photo, more questions I ask myself. 'Is it just a photo that we are over-analyzing?' Honestly, I don't think so, because it is this type of news that makes the barrier between men and women increasingly high and that hinders the work of many parents who are educating our children equally.

This photo has served as an excuse to talk with my daughter about gender inequality, machismo and discrimination against women. And this tweet is not just a picture of two children in disguise, it is a sign that we earn less than they do, that women sleep less than men, that working mothers have two jobs (outside the home and that of boys) and that we do more unpaid work than men. This photo is an example that we are failing the new generations of girls! Let's remedy it!

- Enough of dressing the girls in pink and the boys in blue. Let everyone choose the color they like best!

- Let's abandon the custom of buying for birthdays dolls and kitchens for them and trucks and cars for them.

- Let's give them the freedom to sign up for the extracurricular activities they want and let's talk about how soccer can be for girls and dance for boys.

- Let's tell them stories like that of Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman to travel into space, or let's watch movies like Billy Elliot with them, where the main character is a boy who dreams of being a dancer.

- Let's distribute the household chores in an equitable way regardless of gender, although the age of the children does.

- AND, Let's lead by example. Let them see Dad ironing and cleaning the bathrooms and Mom changing the light bulbs or fixing the dining room closet.

Only then can we avoid writing news like this and we will write headlines where we will change the word inequality for equality.

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Jordan Peterson: There was plenty of motivation to take me out. It just didnt work. British GQ

Origin of first name:

French, Latin

Meaning of the name:

From the Latin Claudius, name of an illustrious Roman family.
Claude tasted success in the 30s to 40s by naming one boy out of 20. In this momentum, Claude in the feminine made a breakthrough without ever reaching this record. Saint Claude La Colombière was the tutor of the children of Colbert and died in 1682.
The Claude are celebrated on February 15th.
Its derivatives: Claudic, Claudian, Claudian, Claudin, Klaoda, Claudio.

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First names of spring: Anemone

First names of spring: Anemone

Name Assia - Meaning and origin

Name Assia - Meaning and origin
Baby Baby: What to Buy?

Every family is ready for baby kayaking: there is an accurate chart for everything you need to get. Others are starting to buy and buy impulses that are just getting in the way, or what someone mentioned as an important tool.

Here are some articles to think about before baby is born - even if you are a baby, the first child is the real challenge, as the next child is born - because there are few things that need to be patched up - you still have to get the fragments of it as in the first round. friends with childrento consult family members about what's in sight is unnecessary, which is good for us. Little ones are growing fast, so the easiest thing to change hands with your baby is baby clothes, but there are many things like car rides, baby toys, baby toys, baby strollers, and other things that are good for you. Whatever we get, we want to lose, we have a list of everything we need to get until the baby is born.

Let's try to create the best possible environment for the baby!

Let's start with the baby room. You'll need a baby for a sloppy baby bed, a diaper table with a mattress and, of course, sheets, linen, bed linen, soft towels. You can put a room thermometer in your tiny room, but you will still feel that your room (or, if you have a baby in the bedroom), has the right thermometer. Anyone who chooses to purchase a flicker can buy one that shows a room temperature. Opinions about the flicker are shared or not. Again, it is worth following the principle that we make decisions that are reassuring to us. If we can be calm when there is a watchful eye next to the baby, then we should definitely get it - no matter who gives you good advice on this. gently lit new lantern, since we will need to go to it many times, but in no case will we use some bright lighting. Today, we can shop around with many lamps that provide a pleasant, calming light for the night of breastfeeding. If you get inside, you can buy a comfortable chair for the baby to sit with while the baby is feeding or just soothe, anesthetize. make your baby or home awake. We also need to get a play mat where we can put the baby down when he is awake and out of the baby watching the world for himself. Of course, in addition to toys and buggies, you will also need pacifiers and some other fairy tale books. Many moms paint their little room at home with pictures and photos, and it really depends only on our creativity.Related articles in Baby Articles:
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Child sex, signs of pregnancy that show you will be a boy or a girl

You can guess the sex of your child, find out on an ultrasound, or be one of the pregnant patients waiting until the time of birth to know if it is a baby or a boy. But it's not fun! You can have lots of fun trying to track the specific pregnancy signs of each sex. It is certainly more interesting and fun to try to guess (without being sure) by this method, than to use ultrasound ultrasound. And who knows, maybe you'll be right!

You used the Chinese calendar to predict the sex of the child before conceiving, because you definitely wanted a little girl. You may have failed, but you had a lot of fun trying.

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You still do not know exactly what sex your child is having, but you do not want to use ultrasound to share it with your doctor. It's time to get together with your whole family in a fun and surprising game by the end of your pregnancy.

Here are some signs of pregnancy that may indicate that your future child is a boy or girl:

Signs of pregnancy indicating that he is a boy

  • if you do not have morning sickness at the beginning of pregnancy;
  • the heart rate of the fetus is less than 140 beats per minute;
  • your belly looks like a basketball;
  • if the pigment around the areola has darkened considerably;
  • if you have a craving for salty or sour food;
  • if your belly is very low and straight in front;
  • lust for protein (meat, cheese, etc.);
  • you have very dry hands skin;
  • you have colder legs than before pregnancy;
  • if you notice that the hair on your feet has grown more often than usual;
  • the urine is yellow and light in color;
  • if you have a headache;
  • if your dad gets fat all the time during your pregnancy.

Signs of pregnancy indicating that she is a girl

In general, the signs that the baby might be a baby are the opposite of those for the boy:

  • if you had morning sickness;
  • if your belly is up and not "hanging";
  • the heart rate of the fetus is at least 140 beats per minute;
  • your left breast is larger than the right one, and the difference is extremely visible;
  • if you have reddish reflections in the hair;
  • your tummy looks like a watermelon;
  • lust for sweets, fruits and orange juice;
  • you have an oscillating disposition;
  • your breasts got really big;
  • the urine has a dark yellow color and is more turbid.

These are not scientifically proven indications nor do they offer certainty about the child's sex. It is just a fun way to guess the sex of the child based on some beliefs and assumptions released over time.

Other methods of detecting the sex of the child

The Chinese calendar

The Chinese calendar is considered to be one of the most accurate methods of determining the sex of a child, based on the age of the mother and the month in which the baby is conceived.

See also: How do you find out the child's sex using the Chinese calendar?

The method of lifting the lower pregnancy

Another popular method of determining the sex of the child is the one in which the pregnant woman is in a lying position, with her head facing east (east). This is set to rise, and if lifting from the ground is made to the right, it will face, if it rises to the left it means it will have a boy. It is important that the pregnant woman does not know these details when she is experiencing the method.

The method of throwing salt in the hair of pregnancy

Popular tradition says that if you jump into a woman's hair without her knowing it, you can easily identify the gender of the future child. When a pregnant woman is behind her back, throw a few strands of salt at her hair. If he puts his hand on his head for the first time, eyes or nose means that he is a boy, if he takes her to the mouth for the first time it means that he is a girl.

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Meaning of the name Octavio. Name for boys

Among all the names for boys we highlight Octavio. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

It was the name that was imposed in Rome on children born in the eighth place. by C.

It comes from octavus: "eighth"

March 22, November 20


  • Octavio Paz, Mexican writer and diplomat (1914-1998)

Octavio name coloring pages printable game

Octavio: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Octavio name coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Octavio coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Octavio name to color and print

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