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After a miscarriage in a separate room. Finally!
Potato puree with red and yellow

Don't know what to prepare your baby for? How about mashed potatoes with tomato and egg yolk? It is a delicious recipe for babies of 7-8 months and you only need three ingredients!

Preparation time: environment


- a potato;
- one tomato;
- an egg.

Method of preparation

1. The egg is boiled for 7 minutes;
2. The potato is cleaned, washed, cut into cubes and put to a boil, covered with water over low heat.
3. The tomato is washed, the rind is cleaned, the seeds are cut, the cubes are cut and the potatoes are added.
4. When the vegetables are boiled, they are cooked.
5. The hard boiled egg is cleaned, only the yolk stops, and it is passed.

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Inguinal hernia occurs in the womb

Inguinal hernia occurs in the womb

Acıbadem Bakırköy Hospital Pediatric Surgery Specialist Assoc. Latif Abbasoğlu, 3-10 times more common in boys than girls in pubic hernia is shared with you curious about.
What is inguinal hernia?

Inguinal hernia usually presents as a swelling in the groin area that develops with crying and straining. The risk of hernia in children varies by 1-5 percent. It is 3-10 times more common in boys than in girls. It is reported that this rate reaches 30 percent in premature babies.


Ovaries in girls, boys in the abdominal cavity testes. In the 7-9th month of pregnancy, the abdominal membrane reaches to the groin area like a finger of a glove. The testicle that passes through this finger takes its place in the bag. Likewise the ovaries and tubes are replacing normal. This area, such as a glove finger, closes after a while, and when it does not close, a hernia occurs.

How is it diagnosed?

We often diagnose the disease with a family history. With increased intra-abdominal pressure, intestines and girls in the abdominal cavity with the introduction of ovaries and tubes hernia occurs. Twenty out of every 100 people have groin hernia. These people die with the opening and closure of the opening and the cause can not be determined. It can only be understood if the abdominal organs are herniated. “If the hernia was born, why did she appear at the age of five? A the parents ask. However, the inguinal hernia may appear later than it does not occur at all. Inguinal hernia can be 60 percent on the right, 30 percent on the left and 10 percent on both sides. The diagnosis of hernia occurs when the child cries or pushes during the examination, that is, one of the intra-abdominal organs progresses into the groin canal with the increase in intra-abdominal pressure. Because in this case, a swelling occurs in the groin. When the child is silent, that is, this swelling disappears spontaneously or is pushed into the abdomen by hand. It is called “hernia drowning ası when this swelling does not disappear spontaneously or cannot be pushed into place by the intervention of a specialist physician. Here, the intestines are caught in the hernia sac and this situation requires urgent intervention.
How is it treated?

When the diagnosis of inguinal hernia is diagnosed, it is treated surgically. Although the diagnosis is not urgent, surgery is planned as soon as possible. As is common among the public, it is not right to expect the child to reach one or two years of age or school age. He needs treatment without waiting. Inguinal hernia surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis without hospital admission. It is performed with general anesthesia. The patient is sent home on the same day because it is called a day surgery. In the treatment, the congenital open canal and then the herniated membranes are closed.
Will the disease relapse after surgery?

The risk of recurrence of inguinal hernia despite surgery is low. If surgery is delayed, gangrene and life-threatening conditions may occur due to circulatory disorders in the intestines. Therefore, the patient should be operated without waiting after the diagnosis.

Sweet names: Liam

2. Party candle holders

Small lights that twinkle in the evening, nothing like to shine the eyes of children ... and install the magic of the holidays. With your brushes!

Small lights that twinkle in the evening, nothing like to shine the eyes of children ... and install the magic of the holidays.

With your brushes! Click here

Ikea hacking: ideas for a child's room

View the slideshow

Banal, the Ikea furniture? Not at all, it's the same trend. With a little imagination, it is possible to make beautiful furniture to decorate, play, but also tidy up. So, we tinker, we customize ... and especially we save!

Ikea hacking: ideas for a child's room (20 photos)

Game of contrasts

This convenient Rast took a serious blow of youth!


Idea that rolls

This Raskog shelf will serve you well. To store baby stuff, but also games, books, coloring material ...


At the time of the exchange

A chest of drawers on which is placed a wooden tray ... and here is a nice changing baby for less cost.


Bright idea

Your princess dreams of a Miffy lamp? No need to ruin yourself ... turn a simple Fado lamp with cardboard ears and a black marker.

See the tutorial on Pinterest


You have trouble finding the dresser of your dreams or that fits into the decor of your child's room? Here a PS dresser was diverted with small drawers, pretty buttons and paint. An idea that can be declined to infinity ...

See the tutorial on Pinterest

Too soft !

A simple stool to adopt urgently!

See the tutorial on Pinterest

Modular bench

Here is a Billy library that has been hijacked. Placed horizontally on the ground, here is both a storage space underneath and a bench. Nice, no!


Are toys tidied?

Two Ikea chests of your choice, a plywood board ... and voila! A cabinet with storage that can serve as a bench, but also small office to play.


Fashion idea

When Ekby brackets make it easy to store trousers ...


Trendy makeover

An Expedit shelf that you find too classic or whose top is damaged? Pallet wood, screws, varnish and voila!

See the tutorial on Pinterest

Wood spirit

By stocking a shelf with oak or cherry plywood boards, you get a classy and practical changing table with all the storage space.

See the tutorial on Pinterest

Design stools

An idea to follow and decline according to the tastes of your children, these Bekvam stools were painted and covered with falling wallpaper. You can also use pages of magazines or comics and cover with glue varnish.


My hut to me

For two little wolves, a Kura bed (therefore flexible) transformed into a cabin. And if you only have one child, make the bottom space a place for games or storage.

See the tutorial on Pinterest

We play ?

The Lack table (or rather four) can turn into a great play space!

See the tutorial on Pinterest

Artist's gallery

Simple rods ... to pin the works of art of your aspiring artist!


Optical illusion

With a magic wand, turn a simple library into a dollhouse!

See the tutorial on Pinterest

Idea to stitch

A spice rack can be used in many ways ... to hang baby clothes, for example!


Gentle Spirit

Here, the Bekvam spice rack accommodates soft objects. You can also put books on it.


An idea that rolls!

Here Trofast furniture has been transformed into a Lego space! A glued hard top allows you to play quietly, bins have been added for storage and casters for convenience. Child's play…

See the tutorial on Pinterest

50s look

Vintage? Not at all ! This 50s look is made with a Kallax shelf, Kallax doors, plywood and reclaimed feet. Classroom !

See the tutorial on Pinterest

By the Romanian law, the "surrogate" mothers lose their parental rights

By the Romanian law, the "surrogate" mothers lose their parental rights
The Law on Assisted Human Reproduction encouraged trafficking in "surrogate" women, willing to become pregnant on demand for money, abortions in the last phase and trade in artificial embryos, say representatives of NGOs and the Romanian Medical College (CMR).
Pregnancy carriers cannot decide on abortion
Even if it was not publicly debated, as in Italy, Law no. 217/2004 has aroused numerous controversies since its adoption. The NGOs and the CMR considered that some provisions are unconstitutional. If the law is not amended, physicians who practice artificial insemination will not be punished when they do not make the psychological evaluation of couples and mothers "surrogate", when they do not respect the maximum biological age up to which a woman can be inseminated (in abroad, this is set at 35 years) or when they will cause late abortions due to the pressures that can be exercised, through a contract without clauses, the couple who orders the child.
Poor women are tempted to rent the bodies of infertile couples, without considering the consequences. "Once she has accepted to become a 'surrogate' mother, the woman can no longer decide on her body. Even if medical problems arise, those who decide whether or not the woman can abort are the doctor and the couple who "order" the child, "Iustina Ionescu, from the Legal Resource Center, told us.
Abroad, the law allows artificially inseminated women to think after birth, whether or not they give up the baby, Iustina Ionescu said.
In its current form, "the law rather benefits physicians who practice artificial insemination and those willing to practice trafficking in eggs and embryos, because the penalties provided for are very small - between 10 and 30 million lei," Vasile Astarastoae told us, head of the Bioethics Commission of the CMR. In Italy, the law is more restrictive: it benefits from assisted human reproduction only those who were born infertile, not those who became so after the abortions.
The law will be debated again on June 29 at the Constitutional Court, following the notifications made by the Presidential Administration last days.
Sperm and cloned, fertile eggs
Infertility problems that cause so much headaches for couples will soon be solved by using artificial reproductive cells. Harvard researchers and then other specialists from around the world have managed to clone sperm and egg cells. This is possible by taking the skin cells, cloning them and producing embryonic stem cells with the same genetic load as the person from whom the skin cells were taken.
Mihaela Naftanaila, Evenimentul Zilei

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