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What should you do if you cannot get pregnant again?

Having a baby doubles or the name of the infertility problem encountered as a surprising situation for women who have had previous pregnancy; secondary infertility! In other words, the inability to have a second baby is the same as the infertility problem faced by couples who have no babies! Moreover, the number of couples who encounter this problem is not too underestimated!

Reminding that there is infertility if couples cannot have children despite wanting for at least one year, Bahçeci said, “If you want a second child and you want to if you can't get pregnant you must consult a specialist.

Having a baby before doesn't prevent you from facing infertility right now. But with reproductive techniques to be applied according to your problem again baby owner.

If you are over 35, you should consult a specialist without waiting for one year. If you are over 30 treatment It reduces your chances of being delayed for ”.

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Don't be late if you think about the second baby!

En Previously pregnancy Pregnancy problems such as endometriosis, cystic diseases, infection and adhesions that may develop after pregnancy may be encountered. In addition, fertility decreased with the changes in the reproductive system over the years.

Hormonal disorders, decreased egg reserve, sperm count, changes in motility and morphology, problems that prevent sperm and egg from meeting at the right place and at the right time are common. Exercise, tight clothing and trauma can also change sperm conditions.

Reduction in the frequency of sexual intercourse ovulation irregularities may also contribute to this problem. Traumas, surgical interventions, chronic diseases and undiagnosed special problems may also play a role in secondary infertility. ”

Bahçeci emphasized that infertility problem is not a deficiency or a weakness but a curable health problem. “Whether you want your first baby or your second baby; the important thing is to understand your problem correctly and to apply the appropriate method.

In secondary infertility, ovulation problems, tubal causes (adhesion, congestion), sperm-related problems, some diseases or drugs may be caused, but sometimes no cause can be found. After the necessary examinations, double information is given about the appropriate treatment option.

Vaccination, test tube, The treatment plans using microinjection and ovarian stimulating drugs are different for each pair. For this reason, it is most accurate that patients do not compare the drugs or tests administered to them with other patients. Konuşuy

"I feel in my viscera that I became a father"

"I feel in my viscera that I became a father"

Forty-four-year-old father Csaba Tihanyi Tуth, who turned fifteen years into Laci Novák's figure in the most popular domestic series. In the midst of her three-decade anniversary of birth, Csaba feels her baby son's birth has become a more credible father in the year.

"Nimrod is getting the marshmallows right now. My golden heart is always grimacing, but then Rita has begun to ask for the next." "Nimrod plays: speaks his own language to his games, he takes it easy. And when he's all alone, he just starts to cry, indicating he's hungry," the son of the sons recounts in his blog.
- The kid has come a long way ...
- The reason is very simple: we wanted to live. To have fun, to travel with the Tihany Bench - of which my wife is also a columnist - to perform operetta performances without hesitation. After nine years of living together, we decided to have a baby. Fate wanted it, because it was conceived in the first month. Nimrod was nine months yesterday, spending exactly one day more than ever before in his mother's belly.
- Was there a lot of pressure on the environment?
- Friends, acquaintances, Newspapers bombarded this topic every day. Our parents talked to each other about what it would be like to have grandparents, but fortunately they didn't bother us. We told everyone honestly what we had been waiting for for nine years.
"Now that you know what a father to be, do you think the schedule is good?"
- It was so good, I didn't regret it for a minute. Many of my colleagues in my age are now living with youth because their children are already big, tens and seventy years old, we just retired from the nightlife, the fun, the big trips. That's right, every minute of it was spent.
- Remember what your first thought was when you knew you were going to be a dad?
- With the horror of it, I felt the enormous weight of responsibility that everything would change from here.
- Do you fight for books, are you prepared for education?
- My wife and I are raising our child, we listen to all the advice, of course, but we still know what's best for our little boy.
- Were your parents inside?
- No, Rita was born with a cup because the baby didn't turn around. At nine, I pushed my wife, and twenty minutes later I held Nimrod in my hand.
- How can you reconcile work with fatherhood?
- Easy. Man has twenty-one urbas, he must divide it. If I have to shoot, I shoot, if I have to act, I get up, then I go home, and then I'm a father. It's that simple. We spend the summer at Lake Balaton, and then Nimrud and Rita are in the vicinity, they come with me to places close to Budapest, but of course we do not go a long way with the little ones. During my childhood, I would like to visit Rita, but we went up together a few times, and my mother took care of Nimrud in the dresser. We did notice that the baby's cry was heard on stage, but since we are doing a entertaining show - operettas and Hungarian nudes - it was not a bloodthirsty, smooth-in. Most shockingly, the public always knows the name of my little boy, which I am proud of, because I still know Lacikin Novak today.
- You've written in the blog that since Nimrod was born, you have taken a more credible role in the role of dad on the stage.
- There is a saying that Julia cannot be played virtually (although Julia was a virgin), most geniuses are played by actresses over thirty. Ruttkaai was forty years old when she played the role of Julia. I became a dad, I feel this in my viscera, my blood, my spirit, my sweat. It's an experience I could only imagine before. Recently, I suggested I had a granddaughter in the series for months. I caught the baby routinely on a fresh nap.
- Is something in your life missing from your life?
- Nothing in the molten world, I got everything. Someone who has missed something in the past has a problem. I was thrilled with a jacket and my life with our little boy, now he is the most important. Nimrуdka is the crown of our lives.
- Are you accustomed to gambling?
- We're not up to the game yet. Nimrud has been in two feet for two months now, but he still has to hold on, so he rushes in and out of his bike all day. Yeah, well, you could rock it for a while, but we're gonna save you some good time. We used to walk. We love Vřrosliget, Margaret Island, Normafá.
- Do you anesthetize?
- My wife, Rita, used to animate Nimrod. The baby rolls the nap at nine and sleeps until eight in the morning. Sometimes I wake up at six, then I pick it up and say that Nimrudka, while still being an Irish lady, Mama is asleep. There is no wake-up call, no complaints, and the first night is good for the night.
- We are insatiable, we have the first one, but we are asking: little brother?
- We don't know yet, let's enjoy Nimrod for now.
- There was the patience and the craziness in the way you talk about the baby. Usually he found tired and irritated parents.
- My dad never got into our business, but he warned me once, that the sooner a kid comes, the more impatient Dad I will be. I keep your words down and try to stay patient. This is my job. The baby can't help but think I was 40 when I arrived.

My mom knows that balanced nutrition starts with breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is one of the most important moments of the mother along with her baby. In addition to a lot of love, the fresh mother must know that she provides the baby with all the nutrients necessary for healthy growth and that breast milk influences the health of the child in the long term, long after the baby period.

Between 1st and 7th of August, World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated. On this occasion, Milupa invites you to be one of the moms who know that balanced nutrition starts with breastfeeding and supports this natural process in the harmonious development of their child.

We know that you will always be his beloved mom, but with a little effort to inform you correctly, you will become the perfect mom for your baby to grow up healthy and happy.

Is it okay for mom to breastfeed?

Studies conducted by the IOMC (Institute for the Protection of the Mother and Child) show that, at the national level, a very small percentage, of only 16% of the children between the ages of 1 and 6 months, benefit exclusively from breast milk. The average breastfeeding period is 3.9 months, when specialists recommend a minimum of 6 months of breastfeeding.

The first step in ensuring a balanced nutrition for your baby is a correct information on the benefits of the most healthy baby food - breast milk.

Breast feeding is the ideal option for newborns. It is very important for mothers to be aware that breast milk is perfectly adapted to the nutritional needs of the baby and protects the baby from microbial or viral infections.", Stated Prof. Dr. Marin Burlea, President of the Romanian Pediatric Society.

I'm a happy baby because I'm healthy

... so would your little one, if he could say in a few words what benefits his mother's milk offers.

An informed mother knows that breast milk is perfectly balanced to ensure the nutritional and growth needs of the baby. In a period when the baby needs 3-4 times more energy than a mature man (per kilogram), breast milk responds perfectly to this need, ensuring a healthy growth, through the content in balanced amounts of fats, carbohydrates, proteins or growth hormones.

Also, breast-fed babies are much more protected from microbial and virotic infections (gastrointestinal, urinary infections, etc.) and some diseases (respiratory and digestive). Thus, through the antibodies, hormones and enzymes in breast milk, the baby develops a strong immune system.

Another very important aspect is that breast milk contains nutrients called prebiotic oligosaccharides, which nourish the good bacteria in your baby's stomach, thus fighting potential infections.

My mom is getting informed

"I know that the first days after birth are exhausting for my mother, and breastfeeding can be quite difficult." but every child wants his mother to be aware that breastfeeding is a skill that needs to be learned. There are certain techniques that must be applied, and the most valuable advice is that you should not give up from the first moment. Breast feeding also benefits the mother, some of which are reducing the risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

In order for you to be properly informed about breastfeeding and its benefits, Milupa created The breastfeeding guide available for free at

Be one of the moms who enjoy healthy and happy children and support breastfeeding!

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Aquatic gym: ideal during pregnancy

Aquatic gym: ideal during pregnancy

During these nine months, it is important to take care of yourself and to have a moderate physical activity. The aquatic gym is ideal because it combines the benefits of water with no risk. And what a relaxation!

Aquatic gym, what is it?

  • From the gym to a pool, as its name suggests! Thanks to the water, you can move freely without risk of shock or trauma for your future baby. Muscular exercises, relaxation ... water aerobics keeps you active during pregnancy.

What are the benefits of the pregnant aquatic gym?

  • First, and not least, the activity in the water provides a feeling of well-being and relaxation beneficial during these nine months. The opportunity to empty your head and promote your sleep because it is a "good tiredness".
  • It will also allow you to maintain a good flexibility of your joints, to strengthen you gently, to prevent back pain and to control your weight gain during these nine months.
  • If you suffer from circulation problems, it is also beneficial because it promotes blood circulation and avoids the feeling of heavy legs.
  • Other benefits, it reduces blood pressure, facilitates digestion and allows to work breathing.

Are there contraindications?

  • The aquatic gym is a soft gym par excellence. There is no risk, provided of course not to be extravagant.
  • Before registering, ask your doctor or gynecologist for advice because you will need to provide a medical certificate of no contraindication, as is the case for each sport.
  • Even if you have never played any sport, you can put yourself in during your pregnancy and enroll in specific prenatal water aerobics classes. These sessions last about 40 minutes and take place in the municipal pool or sometimes in the maternity ward if it is equipped with a swimming pool.
  • Good to know : if the sessions are led by a health professional (midwife), you can receive a refund by Social Security.

Karine Ancelet

What sports pregnant? Our quiz

Fun drawings of animal masks and characters to color with children. You can print, color and cut out the mask and use it to complete an ideal costume for a Carnival or Halloween party.

Follow the steps to learn how to draw this witch mask that you can later color with your children. You can too Print this mask for free as a coloring page with children. Click

1. On a white card, draw the shape of the mask with the nose, a wart, the eyebrows, and the eye hole.

2. Add the shape of the witch's hair and the mouth with a tooth on the chin.

3. Draw the holes where the mask rubber should be placed.

4. Fill the mask with various colors.

Gymnastics for pregnancy, exercise the spine

The major changes that occur in a pregnant woman's body during pregnancy can affect her spine and cause Back pain. Elena Neila, a physiotherapist at Valle36, teaches us to perform an appropriate exercise table that prevents and alleviates these discomforts.

You can read more articles similar to Gymnastics for pregnancy, exercise the spine, in the category of Care - beauty on site.

Alternative therapies for fertility treatment

Many women find themselves in the situation of having to resort to fertility treatments after a first pregnancy or if they decide to give birth to an older child.

Doctors prescribe hormonal treatments according to the needs of each of them, but most are not limited to them.

The most anxious of them wish to have as much control over the results, which is why complementary therapies have become very popular among women eager to procreate. Their results did not necessarily have a scientifically proven basis, but this is not an impediment to the huge masses that appeal to them.

Here are the most sought after alternative therapies for fertilization and based on which principles work:

Self-control programs on the mind and body

It is known that stress is one of the main causes of infertility. Therefore, psychology specialists have developed programs to reduce it by instructing participants to regain control over their own emotions and, implicitly, on their body.

They can last up to 6 months and are divided into several stages. The most important of these are the acquisition breathing techniques and those of meditation, but self-knowledge she is the one who really does wonders for learning how to master emotions and manage stress.

Yoga therapy

Physical exercises generally increase the level of endorphins, stimulate the immune system and regulate cardiac activity. Yoga balances the amount of hormones in the body and helps stabilize metabolism, thus becoming an activity directly responsible for combating chronic stress.

When practiced under the guidance of an instructor, yoga can have only benefits. Unfortunately, when some techniques are performed incorrectly or at inappropriate times such as during menstruation, the effects may be negative. Therefore, DVDs with such exercises should not be used by beginners.

Naturist medicine

Many women try to stimulate their reproductive system with the help of plants. These can be found in natural pharmacies in the form of pills, syrups or teas and contain either estrogen or progesterone. For this reason, they can also act as contraceptive pills when consumed without the guidance of a specialist.

Moreover, some of them, usually those of obscure origin, may contain harmful substances to the body, such as mercury. Therefore, doctors' indications are very important regarding the administration of such nutritional supplements that can sometimes do more harm than good.

Guided imagination

Most patients in fertilization clinics experience negative fantasies. They are recommended guided imagery programs, which can be compared to hypnosis techniques and teach women who want to become mothers to think and imagine things that are pleasing and help them escape stress.


An integral part of traditional Asian medicine, acupuncture guides energy flows and stimulates the activation of certain areas of the body. Those who practice it claim that it can improve the blood circulation in the ovaries and that it also has the role of keeping as many healthy and fertile eggs as possible.

Although clinical studies to date do not show any link between increased fertility and acupuncture, physicians believe it is beneficial if it has the effect of relaxing patients and giving them added safety.


Wearing accessories whose color changes depending on your mood can help you better understand when you are stressed or, on the contrary, relaxed. Once you become aware of this aspect, you can proceed to self-induce a state of well-being, through techniques such as writing about things that make you happy or incursions in your own imagination.

The more a woman thinks about what she likes, the more relaxed she becomes and at least theoretically ready to become a mother.

Have you used alternative therapies to help you get pregnant? What do you think of these therapies? We look forward to your comments in the box below!

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