What Youre Really Eating! 6 Worst Food Chemicals: Health, Safety, Nutrition, Detox Tips

What Youre Really Eating! 6 Worst Food Chemicals: Health, Safety, Nutrition, Detox Tips

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7 medical news for mother and baby in 2014

7 medical news for mother and baby in 2014

Name Ivain - Meaning of the Name

Name Ivain - Meaning of the Name
Angel Face. Christmas makeup for kids

Angel makeup for children. Make up your kids for the Christmas party with this angel face makeup tutorial. It will be a precious detail for you to enjoy these Christmas holidays with your friends.

Guiainfantil.com has developed a series of makeup for children, with a Christmas theme. You can learn how to do it, step by step, in this video. This angel makeup has been made for Guiainfantil.com, by Children's Animations Let's Have Fun! If you want to see this makeup step by step and with photos, CLICK HERE.

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Stuffed eggs shaped like a snowman. Christmas recipes

Stuffed eggs shaped like a snowman. Christmas recipes

Stuffed eggs are a classic recipe that both children and adults usually like. From our site, we suggest you give a creative touch to this traditional Christmas recipe, and turn some simple stuffed eggs into cute snowmen.

In addition, your children can help you prepare them, and they will enjoy giving free rein to their imaginations in the kitchen. It will become one of the favorite dishes in your house this Christmas.


  • Eggs
  • Tuna
  • Crushed tomato
  • Mahonesa
  • Carrot
  • Parsley
  • Cloves

1. In a pot, cook as many eggs as necessary for 12 minutes. (We can calculate two eggs per person). Meanwhile, we peel the carrots. (One for each egg) We grate half into strips, and the rest we cut into slices of approximately half a centimeter. We booked.

2. Let the eggs cool, remove the shells and cut each one in half. We extract the yolks and grate or crush them until they look like sand. We booked. In a container we mix the tuna with the tomato; and fill the cooked eggs to the brim.

3. We cover each of them with a layer of mayonnaise and a layer of grated egg yolk. Now we are going to start assembling our snowmen.

4. The first step is to carefully place them upside down on a platter or plate; we will use some as the body and others as the doll's head.

5. Next, we will place the grated carrot as a scarf, and we will use the cloves to shape the eyes and buttons. Then we have to place some sprigs of parsley as if they were the arms and the carrot slices will act as a hat. To finish, let's imagine that the grated yolks are snow! We are going to pour it at the bottom, below the dolls. The last step is to serve and savor. Enjoy them!


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DIY egg snowmen

Essential Vitamins and Minerals in Pregnancy

The Consequence of Missing Pregnancy Nutrition -

Riddle: I live in the sea without being a fish

Riddle: I live in the sea without being a fish

kid pulls out his eyes.

Name Ido - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

In the Hebrew language, the name Ido means "his witness".


Ido is the name of Zechariah's grandfather in the Old Testament.
Ido Sweet, known as the Ido Carols scene, is a Turkish singer and DJ.
Ido Rosenblum is a writer of Israeli origin and an actor.
Ido Ostrowsky is a producer of American films.

His character :

Ido is energetic and full of vitality boy. He loves change and everything that goes fast. Hating the routine, he constantly seeks innovation. Curious by nature, he likes to learn about all the existing fields. However, by dispersing, he becomes unable to carry out or deepen all projects started. Bursting with energy, Ido is present on all fronts. Dynamic and jovial, he brings good humor and relaxation to those around him. In the professional environment, he is praised for his participation in all ongoing projects and for his ability to quickly complete the tasks entrusted to him. Honest, straight and scrupulous, he brings an almost maniacal care to his work. However, by dedicating himself solely to his work, he ends up forgetting the others. If his colleagues do not show the same dynamism as him, he can be intolerant and become mean, even brutal. Authoritarian and charismatic, Ido can easily take the lead over others. Voluntary and loving to shine, he often proposes for positions of responsibility. Intelligent, logical and organized, he fills the role of leader.


There is no derivative with the name Ido.

His party :

There is no holiday for people with the name Ido.

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Crafts to congratulate on Mother's Day

22 CREATIVE POP UP GREETING CARDS. 5-Minute Amazing Flying Paper Crafts!

Bear with balloons. Balloon twisting craft

One of the activities that most amuse children is making figures with balloons. Balloon twisting crafts are ideal for children, especially for cheer up birthday parties or any other type of event.

By folding the balloons you can transform them and give them any shape. Learn to create your own balloon bear following these simple steps.

  • 16 purple balloons
  • 5 black balloons
  • 1 white balloon

Advice: You can use the color you prefer, but try to make all 16 balloons the same color.

1. To make the bear's face, blow up the balloons marked A to 8 inches and those marked B to 10 inches.

2. Blow up a white balloon to about 7 inches and a black one to about 3 inches.

3. Twist the ends of the balloons together to form the ears.

4. This is how the back of the bear's head should look.

5. Blow up two black balloons to 2 inches and tie it through the back of the head to hide the details.

6. Make a cluster of 4 balloons inflated to 10 inches.

7. Join the ends of the bunch and form a square.

8. Blow up a 10-inch white balloon and place it across the seams.

9. Make a cluster of four balloons and blow up the balloons marked C at 8 inches and those marked D at 10 inches.

10. Join the ends of the cluster made in photo 9 with the balloons in photo 8 at points X and Y.

11. And so would be the back of the bear with the head and body attached.

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