Do you really need a baby ID card?

Do you really need a baby ID card?

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Cystic fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis

Hereditary disease affecting the bronchi, pancreas and sweat glands.
The treatment combines respiratory physiotherapy, antibiotics and a suitable diet.
Screening at birth is now routine in France, which allows early treatment.

More info on cystic fibrosis.

Homemade peanut butter. Easy recipe for children's snacks

Homemade peanut butter. Easy recipe for children's snacks

3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies. Healthy Snack Ideas

Fetal hypotrophy (low weight of the child) - what does this mean and what does it involve?

Fetal hypotrophy (low weight of the child) - what does this mean and what does it involve? Fetal hypotrophy is a problem that applies, according to various estimates, from 3-10% of pregnancies. It consists in intrauterine growth retardation. When a hypotropic is born, it seems unnaturally small. The low birth weight of a child immediately draws the attention of medical staff and motivates to look for the cause. However, does this always mean problems?

What does fetal hypotrophy mean?

Fetal hypotrophy is a medical term that means that a smaller child is born than the age indicates. Otherwise, it is intrauterine growth retardation.

How can this irregularity be found? The child's height is assessed on the basis of percentiles, a grid similar to percentiles. Children who are too small are those in the first 10 percentiles.

Low birth weight is found when a newborn baby is born on time, but weighs less than 2500 grams.

Stands out:

  • symmetrical hypotrophy - it is diagnosed before 20 weeks of pregnancy, the size of the child is proportionally smaller than the age of pregnancy
  • asymmetric hypotrophy - it is diagnosed after 20 weeks of pregnancy, only the development of the trunk is inhibited, all other parts of the body develop properly up to the age of pregnancy. Asymmetric hypotrophy is more common than symmetrical.

Is it really fetal hypotrophy?

Whether a child was born "too small" can only be determined if if we know the real age of pregnancy. Unfortunately, very often, despite access to many modern apparatus, it is difficult in practice. As a consequence, a child is not so rarely assessed as exaggerated hypotrophy. This happens when doctors are convinced that pregnancy is older than it really is. Meanwhile, an infant can be born ahead of time and be assessed on the basis of standards for older children, because doctors believe that the baby was born on time. Then the diagnosis "hypotrophy" is obviously incorrect.

That is why it is so important to Assess pregnancy age based on CRL (parieto-sedental length) in the first trimester. If the pregnancy age calculated in this way differs by more than 5 days from the age calculated on the basis of the last menstrual period, then the correct pregnancy age calculated during the ultrasound examination should be taken.

Is fetal hypotrophy treated?

Management depends on the age of pregnancy and the causes of the problem. In some cases, it becomes necessary to administer medications that improve umbilical cord blood flow and help the baby get important nutrients. In other cases, it is recommended to observe and change the lifestyle of the future mother - taking care of the optimal diet, frequent rest. In extreme cases, premature pregnancy by caesarean section is necessary.

What could be the reasons?

Fetal hypotrophy can have many causes:

  • the child may simply be smaller, because mom or dad are shorter, because they inherited this trait from some ancestor,
  • the child is sick, a genetic defect has appeared,
  • there was a serious infection in the mother, e.g. toxoplasmosis,
  • hypotrophy may develop as a result of taking pregnant antibiotics during pregnancy,
  • use of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs during pregnancy,
  • mother's disease - hypertension, heart defects, kidney disease,
  • the placenta is malfunctioning and the child is not getting enough nutrients.

Fetal hypotrophy and what next?

Fetal hypotrophy is usually associated with a prolonged stay of the mother with the child after the birth in hospital. This is mainly due to the greater risk of increased weight loss after childbirth. Hypotrophy usually has a smaller appetite, sucks the breast worse, can lose weight faster after birth.

The problem is also heat retention, glucose disorders and calcium deficiency. It also often occurs prolonged jaundice, which also requires urgent observation.

In addition, usually a child with a low birth weight is subjected to more numerous tests to assess his health.

Parents who give birth to a small child often worry about how it will develop in the future. The good news is that in most cases it runs correctly. Sometimes the child stays smaller than their peers, other times they catch up quickly. It is very important to observe and systematically monitor your baby's height and weight by comparing the indications on percentile grids.

Children hitting their heads on the ground in a tantrum

Children hitting their heads on the ground in a tantrum

Why do some children hit their head on the floor or wall when they have a tantrum? It is normal? Should we be concerned if this happens to our child? How should we react when the child hits his head? Are you doing it to get our attention?

On our site we want to answer all these questions that many parents ask themselves when they observe that their child hits his head when he has a tantrum that is difficult to control.

This type of behavior worries parents who tend to feel distressed because they do not understand why their child performs this type of behavior.

It is normal that you are worried but it must be taken into account that this behavior occurs quite frequently in children under 24 months. After two years of age, this type of behavior tends to decrease until it disappears. In turn, it is necessary to know that this behavior by itself does not have to be an indicator that something serious is happening to the child.

In most occasions does not respond to a serious problem but it is important that we look closely this type of self-injury to determine the possible causes that have triggered the child to end up hitting himself / herself.

We should not be alarmed if the head-banging behavior occurs when our child is frustrated, angry, or nervous. You probably do this to calm yourself or to express your anger. In short, yesthey hit on the head to release tension, to vent. But, as parents, it is important that we try to find out why the child feels this anger or frustration so intensely so that we can help him.

In turn, it is possible that the little one has realized that when he does this type of behavior he captures the attention of his parents. And, it may be that one day he hit his head and observing the repercussion that this behavior has on his environment, he now uses it for manipulative purposes, that is, to keep his parents aware of him or her.

But, Whatever the reason, it is important that we ensure that the child does not harm himself. You can hit yourself hard and end up injuring yourself. Therefore, we must use restraint techniques that prevent him from continuing to carry out this behavior (eg giving him a hug to provide him with affection and at the same time prevent him from continuing to harm himself).

On more than one occasion you have heard it said that when a child has a tantrum the best thing to do is ignore him. And so it is. However, when the child is self-injuring, we cannot ignore it. The ideal is that let's try to divert their attention with some kind of stimulation (sing a song, play, put on music, dance, etc.) to stop such behavior as it can become dangerous.

If the child is over 24 months and continues to hit his head frequently, it is advisable to contact a professional such as your pediatrician so that he can assess what is happening and rule out any physical or mental health problems.

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Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Mamiliana.

It owes its diffusion to Saint Mamiliano, a Roman martyr during the persecution of Diocletian.

It comes from the Latin mammilianus, patrimonic of Mamilio "mama, breast, udder".

March 12.


  • Malika Ayane, Italian singer (1984-); Malika Ménard, Miss France 2010 (1987-); Malika Oufkir, Moroccan writer (1953-).

Drawings of the name Mamiliana coloring page printable game

Mamiliana: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Drawing of the name Mamiliana coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Mamiliana coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Mamiliana name to paint, color and print

Health Week in Bucharest (October 15-20, 2012)

Pikaso Events invites you on October 15-20 in the University Passage to celebrate together the 5th edition of Health Week, an event that aims to provide the public with the most useful information about beauty, nutrition, sports and a style of healthier life. This event is occasioned by 2 international days: the International Day of the Doctor and the International Day of the Elderly.

The week will be divided into two sections: "Health and Medical Services", respectively "Health, Nutrition and Sport". There will be medical clinics, pharmaceutical companies, relaxation and beauty centers, ophthalmological and dental centers, nutritionists, gyms, who will compete to provide you with the most advantageous offers available that will help you to improve yourself. or maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Between 15 and 17 October 2012, within the event "Health and Medical Services", exhibitors will focus on the idea of ​​good health throughout their lives. Early detection of diseases, as well as prevention and care are just some of the topics covered in this event.

In the second part of the week, between October 18-20, the event "Health, Nutrition and Sport" will take place, where you can find information on the best methods of weight control, natural beauty methods for a harmonious development of the body and the soul.

Come to the University Passage between October 15-20, between 11:00 and 19:00, to find out how you can enjoy a long and healthy life!

General secondary schools are a thing of the past!

Stimulation in children with Asperger's Syndrome

Stimulation in children with Asperger's Syndrome

Each child is different, even if they are twins, each one creates their own personality as they grow. What it does who need personalized stimulation, since they are not motivated by the same things.

These differences can be exacerbated when children have Asperger syndrome. We know that these children have characteristic features such as: difficulties with social skills, problems in the use of language for communication purposes, behavioral characteristics related to repetitive traits in the face of excessive sensory stimulation, a limited range of interests ...

But at the same time, children with Asperger's Syndrome have differential abilities and habits, which can serve as a tool to capture their attention when stimulated. Focusing it precisely on those aspects in which they present difficulties. That is to say, habits such as order, methodical and logic, along with skills, some of them frequent in these children such as: mathematics, puzzles or constructions can become a way of approach and socialization.

One more time, play can become the most effective source of stimulation For children, but especially in the case of Asperger's Syndrome, it can be the gateway to introversion for these children. Children with peculiarities in communication and social relationships, which, although it makes it difficult for them to socialize, does not prevent them from having extraordinary qualities like any child.

These qualities are what we have to enhance through stimulation, which in this case is facilitated through play. Appropriate means of approach to emphasize with these children and that where the interaction ends up becoming reciprocal.

Perhaps sometimes it costs a participation of the child in the park or in school, since as we said at the beginning, excess sensory stimulation tends to cause discomfort and saturation, facts that they reduce through repetitive movements and internalization of themselves, behavior that we should not find strange since it is their defense mechanism against external sensory hypersensitivity. That is why it is appropriate to carry out progressive stimulation, starting from the activity that you like to do and continuing to expand the field of active participation with other children.

It is important to respect their space as well as the rhythm of participation, this will facilitate an evolution in social and communication skills. The well-being and comfort of children It facilitates the learning process and the accommodation of new habits, which in this case, would emphasize in the social sphere, but without neglecting personal and educational enrichment.

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