Papaya regulates blood sugar

Papaya regulates blood sugar

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Can you determine the sex of your baby?

The phrase “it doesn't matter whether it's healthy or not! Ir is a sentence we often hear from parents. However, sometimes it is possible to have a heartfelt gender, although it is desirable that it is healthy.

You may be seeing a girl or a boy when you are planning to become pregnant and dream of your baby. In this case the mind immediately becomes pregnant gender determination possible manager question comes from. Then stay tight and continue reading our article!

How is the baby's sex determined?

From a time when you are not yet together, you may have imagined yourself as a boy or girl when you look into the future.

You can always ask whether it is an easy way to make your dream come true, especially if you don't think about the second child.

In such a case what to do to have a boy You can start a little research. Same situation to have a baby girl may also apply.

The formation of a baby, the embryo, is the result of the merger of the sperm cell from the man and the mother's egg cell.

A normal person 46 chromosomes It occurs. Of this, 23 come from the mother and 23 from the father. The mother's egg cell always contains the X chromosome; however, the chromosome from the father may be X or Y. In this case, we can say that the baby is a girl with XX chromosomes or a male with XY chromosomes depends on the chromosomes from the father.

What are the Gender Determination Methods that Parents Can Perform?

Although there is no 100% guarantee, it is possible to determine the sex of the baby by a number of methods. "What are the ways to make a boy”Or“What to do if you want a girlLer We would like to briefly mention these methods for those who think.

Shettles Method

Dr. Landrom Shettles and Dr. It is a method developed by David Rorvik and 75% effective it is said. The basis of this method is based on the fact that the X chromosome lives longer than the Y chromosome.

In the light of this information girl to have a child you can calculate your day of ovulation, enter the relationship 2-4 days before the specified day of ovulation and sexual abstinence can be found the next day.

Thus, the Y chromosomes from the father are relatively short-lived and will not survive until the day the egg is formed, so the chance of the X chromosomes from the father to fertilize the egg will increase.

To have a boy faster than the Y chromosome. In this case, the closer you enter the spawning time, the higher the chances that your baby will become a man.

Sexual Intercourse

Sperm cells have a more sensitive structure. The vagina of the woman has an acidic environment near the cervix and an alkaline environment in the deeper region. So what to do to have a baby boy A couple who are wondering what they are, may be offered sexual intercourse positions that can provide deeper penetration.

With deep penetration, male sperm will enter a more alkaline environment, so that the chance of survival on the journey to the egg will be higher.

Same way methods for having a baby girl sexual intercourse with a more superficial penetration may be recommended. Thus, the Y chromosome cells in the sperm will die without being able to withstand the urine environment and the chances of the slow but more resistant X chromosomes will increase.

However, this method does not have much reliability. Because the life span of male and female sperm is thought to differ on a daily basis, not minutes.

Sexual Abstinence

After interrupting sexual intercourse for a few days, for having a baby boy it is said to increase the chance. Because male sexual abstinence increases sperm volume, so more sperm must be found.

Male sperm in the sperm is thought to increase the chance of fertilizing the egg. Some scientists argue that high volumes of sperm make it easier to get pregnant, but they are not very effective in determining sex.

Although the success rate is not very high what to do to make a boy is an easy method to try for couples who think.

Nutrition Rich in Potassium or Magnesium

According to research done methods for having a baby boy among the mother 's nutrition is rich in potassium before pregnancy.

Because potassium improves the conditions of male sperm cells. Red meat, banana, red beans and avocado Foods such as potassium is one of the richest foods.

It is said that the mother's magnesium-rich diet is effective for being a girl, that is, for improving the conditions of the female sperm cells.

Green leafy vegetables, cereals and nuts are foods rich in magnesium. Although some studies suggest that nutrition may have an impact on gender, there is no clear evidence that the diet of the mother affects gender.

Order of Orgasm

If the woman has an orgasm before her partner, a more alkaline environment occurs in the vagina. In this case to have a boy means a better environment.

Since the structure of the vagina will be acidic before orgasm, what it takes to be a girl can be said that the man should have an orgasm before.

However, considering that foreplay can also be effective in making the vagina alkaline, it will be more clear why this method is not a preferred method of sex determination.

Excess method

This method is a method of gender determination by centrifugation of X and Y chromosomes in a laboratory. Separate these chromosomes Although not 100% possible with this method, Y chromosome is expected to rise, X chromosome is expected to collapse to the bottom.

Although this method is not thought to be ethical in gender determination, it may be possible to use it to prevent the transmission of some sex-related hereditary diseases to the baby.

There are, of course, methods in the medical world that can highly determine the sex of the baby. However, it is a matter of great controversy when it comes to ethics.

Sometimes, for the purpose of family planning, those who have a girl can have requests such as boys, and those who have a boy can ask for a girl. But PGD ​​(Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) chromosome selection methods before the embryo is placed in the mother's womb are not considered ethical by a certain segment with the idea that the embryos of the opposite sex are deliberately discarded.

As can be seen many gender determination method available. However, none of them gives a 100% guarantee. Some methods are not considered ethical unless they have a reasonable reason. Ultimately, the most important for you, whether it is a baby girl or a baby boy, is to be able to hold it with health.

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Homeopathy as an alternative to allopathic treatments

Homeopathy is an alternative therapeutic method to allopathic treatments that use drugs based on chemicals. It uses natural substances from the 3 existing kingdoms to cure various diseases. It is a scientifically proven therapeutic method and has essential rules to follow.

Why choose homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a treatment method that is based on natural substances from the kingdoms:

  • animal;

  • vegetable;

  • mineral.

Unlike allopathic therapeutic methods, homeopathy is based on the natural power of the body and on stimulating its own self-defense and regeneration mechanisms in the healing process. It has the role of identifying the causes of the disease and treating them from within.

Also, homeopathic remedies are non-toxic and have no side effects, like allopathic treatments. They are very safe and are recommended even for babies or pregnant women.

The symptoms of the diseases are seen by homeopaths as indications that guide them in choosing the right natural substance to treat the condition. It is essential to choose the right remedy for it to bear fruit. Therefore, it is advisable to go to a specialist in homeopathy to give you the best treatment.

This method is very efficient and offers fast results. When a correct remedy is administered, the disease will heal quickly, completely and permanently.

The remedies do not interact with other drugs or treatments that the individual takes. Therefore, they can be used safely and without adverse effects. They also do not exclude allopathic treatments, but can be used as adjuncts to them.

Unlike other drug treatments, homeopathic ones do not cause addiction.

Homeopathy is based on holistic principles. He treats man as a whole and heals from the inside to the outside.

What happens when you go to the homeopath?

When you make your homeopathic appointment, go through certain steps before you get the remedy you want:

  • you get a psychological picture;

  • ask you about the exact symptoms you are experiencing;

  • it analyzes your medical history;

  • asks you for details about the disease that you want to be treated with the help of homeopathy;

  • asks you about your eating habits, habits and habits you have (sports, smoking, alcohol, etc.);

  • asks you about thermal and meteorological preferences;

  • you are required to have a detailed characterization of how you are, behave in certain situations, think, etc .;

  • the duration of the first consultation is quite long (between 1-2 hours).

Common conditions treated with the help of homeopathy

  • acute diseases of children (infections, rashes, etc.);

  • behavioral disorders in children;

  • learning deficiencies in children;

  • enuresis in children;

  • various gynecological disorders (sterility, uterine fibroids, etc.);

  • endocrine disorders (eg thyroid gland);

  • skin diseases (eczema, mycosis, infections, psoriasis);

  • digestive disorders (hepatitis, colitis, constipation, gastroduodenal ulcer, etc.).

What do you need to know before you call for homeopathic remedies?

There is no standard homeopathic remedy for a particular problem. For example, if more people are suffering from headaches, they cannot take the same dose and the same type of homeopathic treatment. Prescription of a remedy takes some time, more investigations. There are unique treatments (such as type, combination or dose) for each person depending on the causes that led to their appearance, their health and other associated symptoms or diseases.

When taking treatments it is important to have a clean mouth. You should not find aromas of alcohol, tobacco, coffee and even mint (from toothpaste, gum etc.) because they act against the remedy.

All remedies are given approximately 20 minutes before the meal or at least one hour afterwards.

The specialist, Dr. Mihaela Hanganu is the primary medical doctor of internal diseases from the Buzau Military Clinic, he believes that:

The homeopathic method has exceptional advantages: it is not toxic (the remedy is prepared by diluting the basic substance); it is easy to administer (the globules suck after shaking the vial), and especially healing.

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Mushroom tartlets

Want flavors? Quickly, make these delicious tartlets with mushrooms, mozzarella and arugula. A delight!


  • 500 g of Paris mushrooms
  • 1 shallot
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 30 g of butter
  • 1 C. flour
  • 4 rounds of short pastry
  • 1 mozzarella di buffala
  • 2 dl of cream
  • 3 egg yolks
  • 125 g rocket
  • 1 C. tablespoon of olive oil
  • 1 cl of balsamic vinegar


Preheat the oven to 175 ° C.
Clean the mushrooms and rinse briefly with cold water. Peel and chop the shallot and garlic and fry in 20 g butter. Add the mushrooms and sauté slightly. Add salt and pepper.
Butter individual ceramic clafoutis molds and sprinkle with flour. Spread the dough and poke small holes. Arrange the mushroom mixture in the mussels and crumble the mozzarella over it.
Beat the cream with the egg yolks, salt and pepper. Pour this mixture on the mozzarella.
Bake 10 minutes.
Meanwhile, wash and dry the salad and mix it with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper.
Take the clafoutis out of the oven and serve with the salad.

Le Creuset - Borgerhoff & Lamberigts

Moms' health care after pregnancy is just as important as babies'

In newly released recommendations, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (SMFM) emphasize that all women of reproductive age who have been pregnant (even if you lost your baby to miscarriage or had an abortion) need "interpregnancy" care.

What's interpregnancy care? It's care that will help you stay mentally and physically healthy over the long term and increase your chances of a successful pregnancy if you decide to have another child.

That may sound obvious, but it reflects a new approach by the medical community, which is trying to reduce the United States' dismal maternal mortality rate and ensure that women's well-being is treated as equally important to that of their babies.

Interpregnancy care can include breastfeeding support (breastfeeding is good for you as well as your child), reproductive planning, and depression screening. It can help with weight loss, and even provide assistance with getting out of an abusive relationship or securing adequate food or housing. It also includes regular screening for certain chronic diseases, especially if you've had a high-risk pregnancy.

If you have or had preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, or high blood pressure during your pregnancy, ACOG recommends annual visits to both a gynecologist and a primary care physician for chronic disease screening. That's because, even though these conditions often resolve themselves once your baby is born, they increase your risk for future health problems such as heart disease, Type II diabetes, and chronic high blood pressure.

Ideally, your doctor will work with you to develop a postpartum care plan while you are still pregnant.

"We are looking at pregnancy as a window to the womans future health," said Dr. Judette Louis, a coauthor of the document. "The interpregnancy period is an opportunity for women's health care providers to address complications and medical issues that develop during pregnancy, assess a woman's mental and physical well-being, and optimize her health along her life course."

It's all too easy to only focus on the health of your baby, but it makes sense, and it's essential, for moms to focus on their own care with the same kind of vigilance.

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Top 6 good manners for children. How do you help them learn?

Top 6 good manners for children. How do you help them learn?

A caring child is the pride of any parent. But parents are the ones who have the responsibility and role to educate their children in a polite and sociable spirit.

Sometimes the attempts are true, but the results are always meritorious. Start learning the good manners since the child is very young!

We do not interrupt a person while talking to someone else!

It is not nice for the little boy to intervene in a discussion you have with someone else. And it's good for him to know that. This is why it is important to teach him that you have to wait for someone to finish a discussion in order to intervene. Otherwise, nobody understands anything and he won't get the attention he asks for anyway.

We do not put labels / nicknames on other people!

Children do not realize that when they give nicknames to other children it is actually a form of offense and disrespect. They do it because it's fun! But these nominations hurt the other children. It is good to explain this and encourage the child to talk about what is bothering the child, rather than nickname him.

We say hello!

Children should be taught from an early age to say "hello" or "hello" when meeting someone. Teach him the formalities too, namely that big people should be officially greeted with "good morning", while children of his age or near age can be greeted with more familiar formulas such as "good", "hello", etc. Teach him to shake hands when meeting someone. And "goodbye" must make the vocabulary of a well-grown child.

Repetition is the mother of learning, so you have to be patient and help it strengthen these ways by explaining it every time it is needed.

We say the magic words "please" and "thank you"!

Two of the most important forms of politeness that a child should use since he or she begins to speak and understand what you are saying. In the first phase, explain that when asking someone something they must use this addressing formula. Whenever you do not do it, tell him that you do not hear what he is asking you because he did not use the magic words. In time, with a lot of exercise, he will reflect on them, and when he is older he will be able to estimate their value.

We are ordered!

Whether it is the things in the house or the service of the table, teach him to gather things after he uses them and make orders. Encourage him to squeeze his meal after he has eaten, eventually to wash it and the dishes (if he is old enough) to gather his things in the room or even to clean them.

For everything to be easier and learn faster, make sure he has everything around him to make orders (basket for toys, a trash can, a sink for easy access, etc.) otherwise he will give up quickly, because it will be too difficult or because you do not know what to do with them.

The first time you learn it, explain to them what are the steps to be followed and how to do each activity separately.

We know the rule of entry / exit from a location!

It is not very complicated, but your little one must learn that there is a simple rule to follow when entering a crowded space or elevator. Explain to him that he must first wait for the world to come from the opposite side, and then only enter it. If he is a boy, teach him to give priority to the ladies.

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The most beautiful outfits for Holidays for pregnant women

The holidays are coming! As the song says, it is approaching with fast steps and snow the most beautiful time of the year, in which we must also be beautiful, with or without a tummy.

The fact that this year we have snow on holidays, should be a reason for joy and not worry that we have nothing to wear, especially if we are pregnant. Fortunately, MamaBoutique has also prepared gorgeous outfits for your growing belly, a variety of colors and textures suitable for each of you.

You can choose a dress suitable for any kind you will celebrate Christmas or New Year ...

In the Bijou dress, you will be exactly like a jewel near the gift tree from Mosu ', and for lunch you can choose quietly an electrifying dress like Dacja Ultramarine or Mirabella Corai.

Of course, we can not forget the most important night of the year, where we recommend the sexiest dresses for pregnant women: Giselle, Tessa or Orina.

It is the most appropriate time to show yourself with pride. Santa Claus will surely like you this year and you will be spoiled.

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Minions pencil holder. Recycling crafts for kids

Children's pencils, markers, and crayons are often loose or lost around the house. A great way to keep all this stuff in order is to have a desk organizer.

In We show you how to make one with the Minions. It is about making with recycled material, in this case, rolls of toilet paper, several pencil holders with the figure of these funny animated characters.

  • Glue gun
  • Rolls of toilet paper
  • Pair of scissors
  • Cutter
  • Paperboard
  • Black marker
  • Eva rubber of different colors

1- Cut the toilet paper roll to the size you want, leaving a longer tip and line it with yellow eva rubber.

2- Draw on a blue piece of eva rubber the Minion's monkey, cut it out and stick it on the roll.

3- Cut out a circle of gray eva rubber and glue it on the head. Then with a black marker, draw the eye and the mouth. Repeat this entire process several times and make Minions of various sizes.

4- To make the base of the desk organizer, cut out a piece of cardboard and stick yellow eva rubber on it. Next, glue the Minions onto the base and ... voila! You can now have all your pencils sorted.

Minion Pencil holder

3 magic tricks for kids

If your child dreams of being a great magician, or you just want to liven up his birthday party, these tricks will be very useful. Learn to do magic with these three tricks that we propose. They are so simple, that even the little ones can make them. Here you will find a trick with a magic wand or a pen, another trick with coins and a last trick that has to do ... with science.

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LITTLE MAGICIANS. These Kids Know A Trick Or Two! Kid Magic On Got Talent

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