Simple Home Remedy for Head Lice. Essential Oils for Preventing Lice

Simple Home Remedy for Head Lice. Essential Oils for Preventing Lice

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Is it safe to bleach my teeth during pregnancy?

Endo and Pregnant: Mouth Hygiene while Pregnant w. Coconut Oil Mouthwash

Postpartum menstruation

13 short dictations with homophones to practice with children

Dictation exercises are excellent for working on reading and writing, memory, concentration and also to know the correct use of grammar and spelling rules. In this case we are going to focus on these short dictations with homophone words with which children will know what they are, what their meaning is and how these words are used. Let's go there!

To begin with, let's get a good understanding of what homophones are and why they pose a challenge to children (even many adults). As you already know, they are included in the list of the most complex, so they should be worked well in class and at home so that the little ones know them, know what they are and learn to differentiate one from the other.

Homophone words are those that are spelled differently and have a different meaning from each other but sound exactly the same, this being the complexity they present. As soon as we see some examples, you will surely understand what kind of words we mean and why they are complicated.

To work on them we propose some short dictations of just two or three lines with the main groups of homophone words, once they have become familiar with them, longer exercises can be done in which several of these words are mixed. With these exercises, you will see that little by little they stop being so difficult to understand.

Next, we move on to practice! Here are some examples of exercises to practice with your students or children.

1. Abría (from the verb open), would have (to have, to have)
Paco opened the door while his companions entered one after another.

"You'd have to put a hook to hold it," said one of them.

How right you are!

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2. Hello (greeting), wave (movement of the sea)
Marcos greeted his father with a somewhat distracted 'hello', because he could not stop contemplating the wave of the sea that grew and grew incessantly.

3. Rod (mast), up to (preposition)
So far we have come, the flagpole of the ship overturned in the middle of the road prevents us from reaching the goal we had set for ourselves.

4. Speaking (gerund verb to speak), ablando (action of softening something)
Pedro and Carlos were talking animatedly about the movie yesterday. When they got home they saw their father and said to him:

- What are you doing?

- Well, softening the dough to make a cake.

- A cake, how delicious!

5. Baca (device that goes on top of a cache), cow (animal)
Everything was ready, the suitcases in the trunk and the bike on the roof of the car. What was their surprise that when they were going cross country they came across an intrepid cow that had moved away from the pasture.

6. Baron (title of nobility), male (male)
The baron, a man who has a very important title, had just had a baby. It's a boy! It was heard from the room. The baron couldn't have been more pleased to hear those words.

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7. Berry (fleshy fruit), fence (close or fenced), go (from the verb to go)
Jorge was eating a berry that he had found in the forest near the high blue fence. I'd better be going, he thought after a while. And it is that his parents would not take long to wonder where he had been.

8. Bounce (act of jumping), vote (electoral vote)
Going to vote for the president was something that Matías did not like. As a child, he preferred to bounce and jump with his new ball.

9. Hay (from the verb have), there (adverb of place)
There is the treasure, there was no doubt. Of course not! There is a very clear sign in red that indicates this. We have found it!

10. Echo (from the verb to throw), made (from the verb to do)
He poured the syrup into the bottle, so it would be much easier to carry. "I have done all the things. I can now take the boat and go out to play."

11. Bello (adjective), hair (body hair)
I think that monster is very beautiful even though it has a lot of hair all over its body. The others looked at her without quite understanding what she was referring to, but preferred not to argue.

12. Grabe (verb to record), grave (adjective)
The foul was so serious that the referee decided not to engrave the team's names on the trophy. Next time they were going to have to be more careful.

13. Why (conjunction), why (question particle), why (noun)
I stay home because I am very tired, I have worked all day! Why don't we go for even a walk? I'll tell you why, tomorrow I also get up early and I need to rest and eat something. I don't understand why we can't even walk for a bit, but it's okay, let's eat something at home.

In order for boys and girls to be able to do the dictations with homophone words, first of all, you must choose a group of these words, explain the meaning of each one and give them an example. Once they have understood it, we will tell them to do a little dictation as a reinforcement.

The next step is correct dictation with them in front and, in the event that you have not fully understood it, we will return to the explanation.

As we said before, they are word games that at first have some difficulty, so it is advisable that you do this type of dictation with your students at least once a week.

Dictation exercises with homophones will no longer be a mystery! Mission accomplished!

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Recipes for babies 6 to 12 months

From 6 months, babies begin to experience new flavors and different textures. Little by little, you can introduce fruit, vegetable and meat flavors into your diet. Little ones have a whole world of flavors to discover, especially at this stage where their teeth start to come out and therefore they can try new foods.

In order to provide adequate nutrition for your little one, we will tell you what are the foods that you should provide, according to their age. Take a look at these recipes that we share with you, through which you will be able to know what a good recipes for children 6 to 12 months.

Banana, pear and orange baby porridge

At 6 months, children begin to try fruit foods rich in vitamins little by little, ideal to further develop their sense of taste. Try giving this banana, pear and orange porridge, a very complete food for your baby.

Apple and pear baby food

To complement the feeding of babies, apart from milk you can prepare delicious baby food recipes like this one. The main ingredients are delicious fruits that will provide vitamins and minerals for the little ones.

Multifruit baby food

Apple, pear, banana and orange are the fruits that make up this rich baby food. A varied and healthy recipe to help the correct growth and development of your child. Do you dare to prepare it for your little one?

Mandarin, banana and pear baby food

Did you know that mandarin has multiple benefits in children, such as preventing them from suffering from cardiovascular diseases? Prepare this rich tangerine porridge, which also contains banana and pear; very rich and nutritious fruits for the little ones.

Grape, pear and apple baby food

Promote your child's growth by providing him with a balanced diet. Especially after 6 months it is essential to start showing them new foods that they can enjoy in their day to day life.

Banana, apple and tangerine baby food

As soon as your child's pediatrician indicates it, you can prepare nutritious porridges for your little one either for breakfast or for a snack. This recipe for banana, apple and tangerine porridge is especially nutritious and very complete for the baby.

Cherry, pear and banana baby porridge

To vary the diet of your baby, we show you a very original idea that consists of a cherry, pear and banana porridge. On this occasion, one of the ingredients that attracts the most attention in this recipe is the cherry, a food rich in fiber and with a high content of vitamin A and C.

Carrot puree for babies

A rich tasting porridge for children. This recipe is very attractive to them because of its colorful and smooth texture. Try preparing this recipe for your baby whose star ingredient is carrot, a vegetable full of vitamins and really delicious.

Pumpkin, carrot and potato puree for babies

An easy and quick recipe to prepare for children. It is especially good for preventing constipation thanks to its high fiber content. Do not miss the opportunity to prepare this delicious recipe for your little one, ideal for when he turns 6 months old.

Sweet potato and zucchini puree for babies

This is a different recipe to vary the diet of your little one. One of the ingredients that gives it an exquisite flavor is sweet potato, one of the softest vegetables for babies, which contains numerous antioxidants and beneficial properties to improve the memory of children.

Baby chicken and vegetable puree

During the first months of baby's life, purees are an excellent option to give them new flavors to try. In addition to being very nutritious, they are very easy to prepare and transport if we have the need to leave home. Prepare for your child this rich recipe for pureed vegetables and chicken, rich in vitamins and proteins!

Zucchini puree for babies

To introduce the little ones to the world of vegetables, we present a recipe for zucchini puree that we are sure they will enjoy very much. In addition to having a very good flavor, you can prepare this puree for your baby in just a few steps. You dare?

Broccoli puree for babies

Broccoli has properties that help children avoid constipation, strengthens bones and is very good for the heart. Prepare this nutritious puree for children so that they can enjoy all its benefits.

Green bean puree for babies

A green bean puree, accompanied by potatoes, leeks and carrots. To make this recipe you simply have to cook all the ingredients and blend them with a blender or food processor. It couldn't be easier!

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Developmental Retardation in Infants

Developmental Retardation in Infants

What is developmental delay?

Intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR), mostly delivery
weight of the baby during pregnancy is at least 10%
It is not. This means that the baby's weight is less than 2500 grams. pregnancies
approximately 3 to 7% of this situation is encountered. Developmental decline
baby, the development and weight gain should be in the mother's womb at the required rate
Not realized. As a result, the baby's life and development seriously risk
will be entered under.

* How many kinds of development
retardation is seen?

Symmetrical growth retardation: Baby being evaluated on ultrasound
height measurements are slightly behind the baby's week. Pregnancy
In the early period, these developmental retardations are more pronounced. This development
chromosomal abnormalities on the basis of retardation, infection during pregnancy
diseases, anatomical problems, feeding problems in the mother
The habit of smoking is effective.

Asymmetric growth retardation: This type of developmental delay,
later than the symmetrical growth retardation. Most encountered
This is the type of growth retardation. The size of the baby's abdominal circumference, legs and head
asymmetrical growth retardation.
The cause of asymmetric growth retardation is that the blood flow from the mother to the baby
It is decreased. Development of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure

* Development in the baby
How is it diagnosed at birth?

If the baby is born lighter than 2500 grams at birth,
retardation. But this is considered a definite determination
can not. Genetically, babies can be born in a petite structure. With baby
definitive diagnosis can be made after the relevant examination.

* Development of the baby
What are the reasons for having retardation?

Approximately 75% of infants' developmental delays are experienced.
structural growth retardation. Other development
retardation caused by decreased blood flow and symmetrical growth retardation.
causes. Developmental disability from mother, baby or

Developmental disabilities
What are the factors caused by the mother?

- Smoking habit

-Poor feeding

-More spiritual
or engage in physical activity

diseases starting with or after pregnancy

- Structured mother
candidate is petite and does not gain enough weight

Causes of the baby

Infections cause the developmental delay of the baby.

Chromosome and heart diseases.

Use of alcohol, cigarettes and harmful chemicals.


What causes placenta?

Placenta helps to transfer nutrients from the mother's side to the baby
It acts as. It also regulates the passage of blood from the mother. This
If there are any problems in the structure, too much development in the baby
retardation may occur.

Diagnosis of developmental delay
How to put?

In order to be able to make a definite diagnosis of the developmental
It should be known in which week of pregnancy. Therefore
ultrasound examinations during the first months of pregnancy are very important. The expectant mother
If there is developmental delay in the baby in the previous pregnancy, the mother
diseases are evaluated. In the ultrasound examination, sne
such growth retardation. Then the baby's organs and
measurements are taken under ultrasound evaluation. However, color doppler
It applied. Necessary treatments are determined as a result of the evaluations.

How is the treatment performed?

If the baby is diagnosed with developmental delay, more follow-up of the mother
must. Ultrasound during pregnancy, color doppler and NST, biophysical profile
tests show that the baby's life is at risk,
Is performed. Infants with developmental delay are born with normal birth
Although they can come, cesarean section is more than normal pregnancy
It takes place.

Baby things you can buy for good

Anybody says anything, a baby really costs a lot. Fortunately, there are a few things you can get for good! But we'll also tell you what's more worth buying.

There is a whole industry from baby to baby, and almost all of our wallets limit how much we spend on baby bedding: from baby strollers to baby clothes, and little to nothing. But not everyone raises money, and we shouldn't forget that in the first years, one of the parents' earnings may be lost, so many moms are looking for opportunities to spend a little money. There are those who also who would like to receive a part of the baby cushion. For others, it can be a great help to buy, because the original purchase price can save up to 50-70 percent. We have a lot of options for buying baby stuff: it is worth browsing the auction sites, joining facebook groups or visiting the local baby shops.We can also use toys and clothes for the child

What is it worth to buy?

In the first few months of their lives, babies grow a lot, and it is easy to put on adorable little baby clothes only once. There is no time to "carry", utilize them, so we can find almost new, flawless things in our pennies! jбtйkokat they can quickly "outgrow" the little ones, since they are more interested in a baby learning to play than a toddler. It is also not possible to know in advance which games the baby will love to play and which will be the ones that are just dusty. Babies are generally not interested in whether another child has played with their toys, and baby bullets are not so useful as to be able to pass them on. kisbabбk. These are among the examples of pihenхszйkek, baby swings, bicycles, play rugs, travel trunks, and even baby bibs. pram Usually one of the most expensive items in baby booties, but if you miss it, you can save hundreds of thousands of forints! We definitely look at the stroller personally before buying it, and it does not matter if we still have any missing or faulty parts to replace, even before buying.

Which would you rather buy a new one

It is better to buy a new one (or at least a very trustworthy acquaintance) to get things that are particularly important for hygiene, sterility. These include, among other things, the breast, which needs to be cleaned very carefully to prevent the proliferation of pathogens, which can cause serious illnesses. Of course, we only need new stuff from pacifiers and pacifiers! Be careful with autistic babies, of course, older models may not be as secure or meet the latest requirements; thank you, the safety of autistic people is diminished by all the murders, and we cannot determine this with the naked eye!Also worth reading:
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  • 5 + 1 Tips for Starting Old Games!

During pregnancy, many people make false decisions about dental treatments with unfounded information about oral and dental health. Dentist Çağdaş Kışlaoğlu evaluates the wrong and correct information of the mothers during this period…

Lose One Teeth Every Pregnancy: FALSE

The public does not reflect a scientific fact that the calcium that is necessary for the baby during pregnancy is taken from the mother's teeth, causing the mother's teeth to decay quickly, which is why the mothers are losing their teeth.

No Calcium Dissolution in Teeth During Pregnancy: TRUE

During pregnancy, the mother and the mother's bones to be healthy bones of the mother, 1200 to 1500 mg of calcium daily needs to take. If the mother cannot meet the calcium requirement from food, the calcium necessary for the development of the baby is met from the bones of the mother. However, if the expectant mother feeds well during pregnancy and provides adequate oral-dental care, this period does not encounter a different dental problem than the normal period.

Teeth Less Brushed While Pregnant: FALSE

With the effect of pregnancy hormones, the mother gently bleeds gums and avoids brushing her teeth. However, expectant mothers should pay more attention to dental health during pregnancy. Teeth should be brushed carefully after breakfast and before bedtime.

Tooth Decay Should Be Treated Before Pregnancy: RIGHT

If there is caries in the teeth, it should be treated before pregnancy. Decayed teeth during pregnancy can lead to premature birth and low birth weight of the baby.

Brushing Teeth Immediately After Vomiting: FALSE

Tooth brush should not be brushed immediately after vomiting, mouth should be rinsed with plenty of water. Otherwise, tooth brushing combined with gastric acid causes erosion of the teeth.

If Eating Sweet Foods While Pregnant, The Child Will Be A Girl, If Eaten Sour

Nutrition during pregnancy is very important for both mother's and baby's general health and oral-dental health. However, food consumed has no effect on determining the baby's sex. Conversely, expectant mothers should avoid sugar as much as possible, especially between meals. Sticky sugary foods such as dried fruit and caramel should be avoided.

Tooth Stone Cleaning While Pregnant: FALSE

Pregnant mothers should pay more attention to oral and dental health during pregnancy than normal. The increase in hormones during pregnancy makes the oral mucosa more sensitive to external agents, especially bacterial plaques. For this reason, during the period of three to four months during the period of dental calculus cleaning, is an ideal way to maintain difficult oral hygiene.

Avoiding Dental Treatment During Pregnancy: TRUE

Effective dental treatment should be avoided in the first 3 months of pregnancy, which is the organ development stage of the baby.

Should Avoid Treatment Even in Emergency Situations: FALSE

In emergencies such as dental or gingivitis, the idea that existing infection may affect the development of the baby more than the negativity of dental treatment should be taken into consideration and dental treatment should be performed according to the recommendations of a gynecologist.

No Oral Mouthwash in Pregnancy: FALSE

During pregnancy, mouthwashes or warm salt water should be gargled with. Especially warm salt water relaxes the gums and reduces gum sensitivity.

Pregnancy benefits women over 35 Brainstorming
We have already written on the page about how to get a high maternity allowance. You can learn more by clicking the link.

In short: the possibility of obtaining high maternity or high sickness benefit during pregnancy (about PLN 6,500 per month), which the legislator gave, has been used so far by women who do not work full-time (without the right to maternity leave) and who wanted to get money for the first months of child care. Any assessment basis and thus the amount of the allowance (up to a maximum value of 250% of the assessment basis) could have been reported by entrepreneurs without any major problems, who have been running their business activity for months or years, not necessarily only assuming it in order to obtain the benefit. Now, however, the situation is about to change.

Who used?

ZUS data shows that in the fourth quarter of 2012, due to voluntary sickness insurance, in the case of insurance lasting from 31 to 60 days, sickness benefit calculated from the premium base higher than PLN 6,000 in 250 cases (out of 308 cases) for the medium term payments l 07 days and maternity allowance in 444 cases (out of 513) for a period of 138 days. Generally, about 6,000 people a year use the provision for obtaining high maternity or sickness (pregnancy-related) allowance.

In addition, assuming that only 10,000 would benefit from maternity benefit from a high base paid for a year. women (388,000 children were born in Poland last year) the loss of the budget would amount to PLN 0.6 billion.

Is that a lot We leave it to you.

Annual maternity allowance

Using this option, an enterprising mother can receive from ZUS PLN 59.200 during the year (hoping that the allowance will amount to 80% of the full contribution).

Amendment of the Act

Ministry of Labor and the announcement of the introduction of one-year maternity leave started work on closing the loophole in the law enabling high maternity allowance. The first reading was to take place yesterday at 16.00however, the project applicant did not come forward and it was canceled.

The draft amendment assumes that she will be able to apply for the payment of maternity allowance a person conducting business activity for at least a year and during this period paying a premium for voluntary sickness insurance. All this in order to reduce the profitability of raising premiums and base the operation of the system on the principle: "you'll pay, we'll give you back: but of course not everything."

The allowance would increase proportionally to the period of paying contributions. The full allowance (or PLN 6,500) could be obtained only after one year of paying the highest contributions. This means that the entire process to date would become unprofitable: you would have to pay more to ZUS than you could get.

As is apparent from the draft changes are planned 3-month vacatio legis. This means that the changes are to come into force three months after the act is published in the Journal of Laws. Therefore, if the project is approved at the beginning of June (and concrete steps have already been taken to this end), the amended act will start effective from autumn.

The question also remains: will the Members agree to the amendment? Disputes on this topic have been ongoing for a long time. Entrepreneurs talk loudly about injustice. The Act is intended to apply only to persons conducting business activity. People employed under a contract of employment will still be able to take advantage of employment opportunities in the first months of pregnancy when obtaining a high salary (e.g. from a friend who runs a business), then switch to sickness and maternity allowance and receive high benefits in this respect. Unless there is also a point added to the draft amendment covering the new provision, we have full-time employees (as the Minister of Finance wants).

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