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Riddle: It does not fly and has a wing

Riddle: It does not fly and has a wing
Basque names: Patxi

Basque names: Patxi

Basque form of the first name François, of the german franck which means brave, Patxi is pronounced Patchi. François is, at the base, the equivalent of "French", that is to say the inhabitant of France. His feast: October 4 for St. Francis of Assisi or January 24 for St. Francis de Sales.

Why you should NOT avoid children when you are naked

Nudity is a taboo subject for many parents. This is because many people associate it with sexuality because of prejudices transmitted from generation to generation. It is the choice of each parent whether or not they want to be stripped naked in front of young children and no one should judge anyone's choice.

When you have an open mind, you can understand why some boys' mothers do not shy away from showing their noses or cesarean section. here's why It is NOT wrong for the little ones to see you naked!

You have the right to give up formalities in your own home

You do not have to go out of the bathroom in a silk dress as you go to the closet on the hall and take your spare clothes. You're in your own house, not on the street. The formalities have no meaning in front of a child of 3 years. The little ones feel so good in their own skin that they do not even go through the head to associate nudity with sex. It must take many years to understand the concept and make a difference!

There is nonsexual nudity

Many people think it is inappropriate to appear in front of the child in their underwear. But when your little one wakes up crying in the middle of the night because he has a fever or has dreamed of being ugly, the last thing that comes to your mind is to shoot your nappies. Your main concern is to get to the child's room faster, take him in his arms and calm him down. In your breast, the child has always felt safe. From your breasts nourished and grew big and beautiful.

There is nothing shameful in the human body

Not everyone looks like the photos worked in Photoshop on social networks. Even less the mothers who breastfeed and were chosen with stretch marks after pregnancy. A woman who always strives to look as if she is taken out of the box can send wrong messages about the human body to children. One is to take care of your body by moving and eating healthy and the other is to be ashamed of appearing in underwear in front of children, because you have cellulite and coleslaw on the abdomen.

The human body is imperfect. This is the reality that everyone must understand and accept. Children accustomed to the image of a normal body will become realistic adults, will not have fake models nor will they make tons of selfies, trying to find the angle from which they look best.

You have to feel comfortable in your own skin

Scrolling underwear through the house, passing all mirrors, can be a form of therapy, an exercise in tolerance. The children who see their mothers feeling at home in their own skin take on this attitude and will, in turn, feel comfortable and satisfied with the way they look.

Nudity is not an oddity

Children love to stay naked. If he were after them, he would go out into the empty ass to open the boy's pizza door. Of course, it is your job as a parent to set certain limits. You can't show yourself naked in front of anyone, that's clear. What you need to explain to them is that they should not be ashamed of their body in intimacy.

Nudity in front of children has natural limits

Accepting the idea of ​​nudity does not mean that everyone walks around the house, at any time, or that parents take a bath with their children. No way! There are, however, certain contexts in which nudity can be accepted. For example, when you enter or exit the shower or change clothes without closing the door to the room. Or when you wake up in the middle of the night in the baby's cribs and run to him in his underwear.

Young children have no notion of sex

Nudity for children is just nudity. They do not see anything sexual in an empty body. In a way, parents feel liberated, because no one yells at anyone "I get out of the bathroom, I need intimacy." If you feel strange when they come over you and see you almost naked, try not to convey this feeling of embarrassment. You can explain to them that some people do not feel comfortable changing in front of others because they want to do this on their own.

Young children do not know that they must respect the privacy of their parents

Children don't care if you have shampoo on your head or need a few minutes alone in the toilet. When they are 2-3 years old, they tend to follow you everywhere. Since they let you change their diaper and bath them, why would you stay away from them in the shower?

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Grilled chicken meat

Grilled chicken meatballs are delicious, light food, perfect for both lunch and dinner. They are prepared very easily and quickly and are definitely to the liking of all the members of your family.

Preparation time

30 min




1 kg of chicken meat

1-2 cloves of garlic

salt and pepper


1 lemon

Method of preparation

Wash chicken breasts well, grind them slightly, oil them. Season them with salt, pepper and chilli pepper to taste and leave them to macerate for at least two hours.

Heat the grill and fry the octopus on both sides, about 15 minutes. When they are almost ready sprinkle with a little lemon juice.

Prepare a garlic clove and serve the chicken grill with hot grill, with green salad and garnish with natural or mashed potatoes.

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Lactose intolerance, foods to replace the lack of calcium

What is lactose intolerance and how does it affect the diet of children? Lucia Bultó, Specialist in Child Nutrition, explains which are the foods that can replace dairy products due to their calcium content for the growth of children.

You can read more articles similar to Lactose intolerance, foods to replace the lack of calcium, in the category of Allergies and intolerances on site.

Shopping and prizes of 15,000 euros at the Baby Boom Show

One week before the Easter holidays, children and future moms have the opportunity to enjoy an efficient shopping and win prizes of 15,000 euros.

Between April 14 and 17, at Romaero Baneasa (Bd. Ficusului 44, Bucharest), the Baby Boom Show takes place, the first international fair in Romania dedicated to children aged 0-5 and future mothers, from where you can choose from thousands of exposed products. from over 120 companies from Romania and abroad.

Future parents will find all the necessary equipment for the baby's room, clothes, strollers, car seats, swings and accessories.

Pregnant women will be able to choose from the offers in terms of clothing, nutrition, but also services specific to the period they are going through.

The children will be the most spoiled because, one week before Easter, they can receive in advance sweets, clothes, books or toys.

During the 4 days of fair, there will be raffles with prizes of over 15,000 euros.

Parking is free throughout the fair. More details about the First International Fair for children aged 0-5 and future mothers can be found on

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