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So take time to move around with your child

Whoever says he has no time to move around with a child is not telling the truth. Now we prove you just want to!

So take time to move around with your child

Okay, not the baby after the birth of the baby, we think about six weeks after the baby's birth, and that's all right. However, after the doctor told me you can start slowly At first it is also great if you push the stroller or carry a big stroll around your carriage. Standing in the middle of a park, you can also do some excursion or target a fitness park, where you can enjoy your repertoire to the fullest. However, as the baby grows and becomes more agile, the introduction of sports becomes increasingly difficult. Not to mention when the kid goes to the chick / ovi and you're back at the table. How can you get yourself a little coaching time then?

1. Early morning, early evening

Are you a night owl or morning lark? If this is the case, wake up one hour early and exercise in the living room or go running. However, if you are in the evening or in better shape then do so after you have put your child to sleep and the house has calmed down. You know yourself, nobody makes you wake up at dawn, but in that case, don't make excuses in the evening!

2. Alvids

Even though you can't take advantage of your child's sleeping sleeping during the week (because you work), you can always do it on the weekends. During this time, you can catch your weight or have your baby sleep on your parade and you can run to the gym.

3. Plan it

Set a reminder on your phone or set up a calendar for the refrigerator where you will be guided when you will include some kind of exercise in your day. And, at the end of the day, record whether you succeeded in the plan. If it wasn't up to you that you missed the coach or that you only had 15 minutes instead of 30 minutes, don't worry that this won't work for you. Unfortunately, motherhood does not always work out the way it was designed, but the point is that it was intended, and then you get burned tomorrow. However, when you look at your calendar and see that you have been able to work out your daily exercise dose three times a week, it will make you feel very good!

4. Every minute counts

When you have a child, the concept of time becomes more and more important. You need to learn how to position your 24 hrs a lot better than when you were only two with your priest. However, don't think that you still need to sweat 1.5 um in the gym to tell me that I was still exercising today. Perhaps this will come together occasionally, but it's smarter to change your expectations, adjust to your options, and take advantage of smaller bills for a small amount of exercise. While your baby / toddler is working in the bathtub, the bath mat is the perfect surface for performing lightweight or reclining. Remember: many little ones go a long way!

5. Get the gym mat in front

If space is available, keep your exercise rug extended at some point in your home. The best is the living room, as you will always be reminded that maybe not practicing gymnastics or Facebook. You can take advantage of it any time during the day, when you have a few minutes, without hesitation, and you can do a couple of exercises or exercises.

6. Include five!

Generally, it's okay if your kid is there when you exercise. If you can't believe it and you don't have a stronghold, then move along with it! If you are so tiny that you always think about you but don't understand what you are doing, check out the Youtube Mom-Baby Gym Video to explain how to do exercises with your baby. If you are a big cat, you can move around the apartment. Or put on a fitness elastic band and you will have 10 minutes for yourself in March. Maybe ask him to sit on your back and do some push ups with him - he'll love the job, and you can do the exercise with 12 pounds of weight. Not to mention that and your workout is not at the expense of the middle-aged, in fact.

7. Before showering

It can also be a great place to have a morning or evening shower, which can set you up for a 10 to 15 minute block of cardio. This can easily get in the way of your morning or evening routine, so over time, it becomes very common. You'll feel good about it, and you'll be able to take a shower right away.

+1 Get, apps, internet

Motivate yourself! No one will do it for you, only you are able to hold on to something you decide. If that's it at least twice a week incorporating an eagle movement into your life, the point is to stick to this plan for the long haul. Have a motivational quote on your phone's backdrop, follow your fitness gurus on Instagram, subscribe to their Youtube channel, download workout apps on your mobile or request an activity watch for every day - find some inspirationthat will carry you through the night!
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Pregnancy: not always nice signs

Pregnancy: not always nice signs

We often speak of "sympathetic" symptoms for signs that announce or sign the beginning of pregnancy. Yet not everyone is so friendly ... so much know and know the solutions to fix it.

Nausea, constipation, fatigue ... not always good hormones!

  • Hormones kick off by relaxing. Why such an upheaval at the beginning of pregnancy? Perhaps to better materialize a state still invisible and, of course, to live an unprecedented revolution. It is the hormones, more precisely progesterone, that kick off and trigger the most diverse manifestations to allow nesting.

How to relieve nausea?

  • "Hormones play on the loosening of the uterine muscles, which indirectly results in that of all the smooth muscle fibers of your body," says Dr. Marie-Françoise Lubeth, obstetrician surgeon. You've probably seen it in the esophagus, for example. The sphincters are more relaxed, which increases the rise of gastric juices and therefore the risk of vomiting.
  • Without waiting, you will try to calm by all the means these famous nauseas: pressed lemon juice, splitting of the meals, breakfast in bed before putting a foot on the ground, homeopathy ... "When the symptom does not allow any more to feed Normally, advises Edwige Dautzenberg, it is good to consult your doctor or a midwife.A moment of listening, advice, a reassuring word also allow the future mother to better accept her discomfort and take her "pretty evil" in patience. "

How to relieve constipation?

  • Same hormonal phenomenon to explain the constipation: the muscles are more lazy and the transit is slowed down. You do not necessarily pay attention to the early pregnancy, but as soon as the sign is there, you have better respond.
  • Adapt your diet, eat more fiber, reduce sugar, drink enough and give yourself half an hour of walking every day.

How to fight against the blow of fatigue?

  • More visible and participant of the same relaxation of smooth muscle fibers: general decrease of tone and fatigue. She is very sensitive for sportswomen. You end a stunned lap instead of the usual five, and you feel like you're out of legs.
  • There, there is not much to do except to spare your efforts.

How to endure the frequent urge to "pee"?

  • Hormonal impregnation can also trigger frequent urges to urinate, another sign of early pregnancy. At night, you get up three times to go to the bathroom while the baby does not weigh three grams and therefore does not rest on the bladder. Only hormones explain this sudden change.
  • What to do ? Nothing, of course, and especially not reduce water consumption for less peeing as this would increase the risk of urinary tract infection already increased by the sphincter change of the urethra.

How to avoid fungal infections?

  • Pregnant, beware of fungal infections! Still in the same area and also uncomfortable, the change in vulvovaginal acidity. Result, more fungal infections are to be feared from the first month of pregnancy.
  • It is therefore better to prefer the shower to the bath and the underwear in cotton rather than synthetic.

Sophie Viguier-Vinson with Dr. Marie-Françoise Lubeth, obstetrician surgeon at the Tourcoing hospital, and Edwige Dautzenberg, midwife at the Versailles hospital.

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All babies' mothers revolve around feeding during the first infant period. Is the quality of my breast milk good? Does the little one eat enough? How does my baby influence the development if we need to use formula?

If your baby and mom are both healthy and well, professionals will definitely szoptatбst javasoljбk. Breast milk protects the baby from infections and its composition can be changed according to your tiny needs, as opposed to diet. Breastfeeding also creates a closer relationship with the baby and reduces the risk of ovarian breast cancer.
However, there are countless cases where nutritional supplements have to be applied. For example, if the milk production is inadequate, the mother is ill or is taking medication. It is mostly in premature babies that the baby does not have adequate breast reflexes, far too much from the newborn mother, szoptatбs is the best way to feed baby because the mother's immune system also protects the baby. If this is not possible, combined breastfeeding and diet may be considered. Today's, application of modern formulas however, infant nutrition can be as good a solution as breast milk. It contains vitamins and minerals that are not present in breast milk and must be given separately to breast milk (eg vitamin D).

What diet should we choose?

Whatever your reason for dietary nutrition, there is a wide variety of products at your disposal. Based on most cow's milk or sour milk. There are so-called hypoallergenic formulas babies who may be allergic to any of the ingredients of the normal formula are premature or low birth weight. All formulas contain iron to prevent anemia. If you are unable to decide which one to choose, consult your doctor.

Breast milk or formula? Do you have any?

First steps

We can start baby in the nursery right now breastfeeding nutrition. For the first time, our body produces very little, but more special, milk, which after its Latin name is called colostrum. Colostrum, also known as colostrum, contains a large amount of immune substances that protect the baby from infections. Her newborn stomach is still very small, so for the first time she was fed this little portion that she could take with her. As the baby grows, so does the amount of milk produced.
Initial dietary administration should be discussed with your pediatrician. Each nutritional box and instruction manual contains a detailed dosing table, complete with a dosing table. Diet-fed babies evolve more evenly and, like their milk-producing counterparts, change from day to day and from month to month.


If the nurse or pediatrician believes that the baby is not developing properly when breastfeeding, she may recommend nutritional supplementation. Because the body of the breast and the breast of the baby are not the same, and infants remember the smell of mother and breast milk, they may reject the wrong source of diet.
We may be surprised that the first nutritional doses are not given to the baby but by another member of the family. Some people choose to give infant formula besides breast milk, because it is possible - especially at night - to relax and partners can easily solve the problem of feeding the baby.

The child's development

Whether you are breastfeeding or nutritionally babies, the medically competent pediatrician and nurse will often follow up with baby tests and tests. Babies are clearly seen if they are given the right amount of food. They can be taken as a positive sign that the birth weight is quickly restored after grams delivered to the hospital and that it continues to rise steadily in the first year. Well-fed babies are relaxed and fed after eating, using an average of five to one disposable diapers a day.
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  • Yogurt pie is served cold, powdered with sugar and is the right dessert for little ones.

    Preparation time

    50 minutes




    1/2 pack was pie

    500 ml of yogurt

    300 g sweet cheese

    100 g old powder

    lemon peel

    1 sachet of vanilla sugar

    3-4 eggs

    50 g raisins

    Method of preparation

    Divide the pie dough in half. Grease the pies with a little oil between them.

    Prepare the yogurt filling, mixing cheese, eggs, yogurt, sugar, lemon peel, vanilla sugar and raisins. You have to get a liquid cream.

    Place half of the pie sheets in a tray lined with baking paper, cover everything with yogurt filling, then place the other half of the pie sheets.

    Put the pie in the oven, in the preheated oven, over low heat, about 40 minutes.

    After the pie has baked, leave it to cool, then sprinkle with sugar.


    Keep the pie in the fridge and dust it with sugar only when serving.

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    Over baked tomatoes

    Over baked tomatoes

    At least once a week it is recommended to eat fish. We offer you a seasonal recipe, with baked tomatoes and garlic, very tasty and simple.

    Preparation time

    60 minutes




    1 kg fillets over

    1 tablespoon oil

    4-5 small tomatoes

    3 cloves of garlic



    fresh basil

    Method of preparation

    Put the fried fish in a pan with hot oil, then allow it to brown for a few minutes on each side.

    Separately, put sliced ​​tomatoes on a grill and let them bake.

    Peel the garlic and add it over the fish, put the basil in the pan, then taste with salt and pepper.

    Serve the fish with the leftover sauce, along with the cooked tomatoes.


    You can serve the fish simply or with a garnish of natural potatoes or fried pumpkin.

    The type of kitchen


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