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A campaign was launched for premature babies and patients with heart disease

A campaign was launched to help sick children: the Pécs campaign went to heart disease and premature babies.

The Foundation for the Development of Pediatric Pediatrics has been working at the Pediatric Clinic in Pecs for more than 20 years, primarily developing pediatric cardiac care. Since 2004, in the South Transdanubian Region, the Foundation exclusively provides ambulance care for premature babies and sick newborns, with 21 staff members 24 hours a day. In the spring of 2016, they launched their nationwide Babament program, which includes free baby re-education courses for parents.A campaign was launched for premature babies and patients with heart disease
"New Account #adjeselytnekik kampбnyunkkal to szeretnйnk felhнvni attention to the koraszьlцtt or szнvbeteg kisbabбkbуl also be egйszsйges felnхttek who tцbbi йlhetnek embertбrsukhoz hasonlуan. Йrtйkы introduce full йletet Szeretnйnk that all koraszьlцtt йs all szнvbeteg megvalуsнthatja бlmбt children felnхtt korбra! Bнzunk confident that lehetхsйgьnk there will also be some success stories, giving power to every family where a child is born prematurely or has a heart disease, "said the newsletter.
The foundation now collects support for maintaining ambulances, specialist training, medical equipment, and funding for the Babament program.
Their Facebook page: //
Their Instagram page: //
Websites of the Foundation:
  • Touching stimulates the brain development of premature infants
  • Vaccination of premature babies can be lifesaving - hardly divisive beliefs
  • If the baby comes early

Parenting: Take Control!

There are those who let things go their way and the momentum of the outside that captivates them because it relies on their eagerness. And he prepares everything in advance, he doesn't like surprises. All of them can lead to a wonderful birth. We are now addressing the latter.

Intimate gymnastics

What is this? Intimate gymnastics, specifically the "wakefulness technique", exercises the gothic muscles. You can learn how to relax during periods of softening, and by mastering certain musculoskeletal exercises, you can warm up to this relaxed area.
What are you doing? With its application, the pelvic muscles move more easily in the midwifery, thus avoiding pain in the stomach, with a slight reduction in pain. Last but not least, you will return to the pre-pregnancy state of the barrier, and you and your husband will be very much affected.
Where can you study? If you want to read rуla: Kriston Andrea - Péter Ruzsonyi: Kriston intimtorna (Sanoma Kiadó)
You can apply for a course here: apply here.


What is this? Psychosis is not a sleep, but an altered state of consciousness. It begins with a pleasant relaxation, and after you have created the hypnotic state, you can achieve a more pleasant state with different instincts. By eliminating external disturbances, you are watching inward, living with the contractions.
What are you doing? In hypnosis, nervous system changes that are not in the conscious state can be created. With the help of mind anxiety can be completely painless without the need for a parenting intervention.
Where can you study? If You Want To Read About roulla: Marie F. Mongan: The Syllabus Where I Controlled The Syllabus Where I Controlled (Sanoma Publishing)
You can also find courses, trainers online, search here!

Autogén tréning

What is this? Autogenous training is one of the most researched relaxation methods that strengthens the body's losing mechanisms. Helping you consciously relax your nervous system, relieve tension and anxiety.
What are you doing? According to some researches, in the case of small mothers who regularly use autogenous training, the time of distress is about 30 percent shorter than that of those who did not use the method. The feeling of distress was less painful and not so distressing, in fact, the withdrawal phase was relieved.
If you use it after childbirth, you will grow up faster, get used to the baby more easily, and reduce the risk of postnatal depression.
Where can you study? We recommend an audiobook: Gabriella Nagy: 30 minutes of stress-free relaxation (Geopen Edition)
You can find courses here.


What is this? Siacu is a traditional Japanese acupressure method. It relieves pain with a fingertip or a small, hard ball of pressure on certain points on the body, and by massaging it. What are you doing? Your partner can be an active part of the process, help you feel safe, increase your sense of security, relieve your fears and pain.
Siacu can be effective in supporting relaxation and energy storage during periods of rest, but also in accelerating the birth process. Where can you study? If you want to read rуla: Cathi Meeus: Secrets nйlkьl - Shiatsu (Scolar Ltd.)
You can apply for courses here.

Alexander Technique

What is this? It teaches you the ideal posture for breathing during childbirth, and the right muscle tone. At the spiritual level, it conveys a sense of calm to the reactions that makes it possible to think calmly even in crisis situations.
What are you doing? It teaches you how to breathe, sit and squat comfortably, and how to consciously let go and relax your pelvic floor muscles during the training phase. Technique helps you to bear the pain rather than trying to get rid of it.
Where can you study? Robert MacDonald - Caro Ness: No Secrets - Alexander Technique (Scolar Ltd.)
Courses here and here


What is this? Athletes are well aware that with good breathing techniques, they are much more advanced in the use of chemistry. Childbirth is a serious physical work, with the help of the proper level and rhythm of breathing to help your body.
What are you doing? Correct breathing techniques make the pain more bearable, less fatigue, and more power for the stretch. If you struggle to breathe and not get enough oxygen, you may panic.
Where can you study? Most of the gymnastics courses are part of the "curriculum".
You get a guide here!

With the right breathing, we can help a lot during our birth


The power of imagination

Visualization is important during birth. Think of a lunatic flower in the butter, just like the lips, your body gives way to the baby. As you breathe in, imagine the air caressing your baby's body like a fine stream. You love him, love him in this difficult phase. And when you sparkle, train yourself to cook a smooth, clear water surface, and pain, like fine waves, will fall far from you.

+ 1 good parenting tip

Do not panic and be angry if the methods are to live up to their hopes! If, for example, they are not as effective as you originally thought. Feel in your ust! If you previously learned hustle or technique as uncomfortable, unfamiliar with feel, dare to change, don't stick to "textbook".

Disney Junior prepares special programs for preschoolers

If you notice this, don't kill yourself!

If you notice this, don't kill yourself!

My 6 month old baby wakes up every night

My 6 month old baby wakes up every night

"My 6-month-old daughter wakes up every night, what to do?" Our specialist, Dr. Béatrice Di Mascio, a pediatrician in Paris, answers Maeva's question.

The answer of Dr. Béatrice Di Mascio, pediatrician in Paris *

  • Essential for the good physical and psychic development of the baby, sleep is a big concern for young parents. Especially since this subtle process takes a certain amount of time, depending on each child, to adjust perfectly.
  • When a baby is not yet at 6 months, it is important to know why without worrying. It all depends on whether it is a phenomenon that has always lasted - which could mean that the child has not yet fully adjusted his sleep pattern - or if it is a new phenomenon.
  • Waking up in the middle of the night may indicate, if accompanied by a fever, that the child is smoldering or preparing a dental flare. They may be caused by cow's milk intolerance or gastroesophageal reflux that may not have been detected.
  • These awakenings can also mean that the child is still hungry. This phenomenon is quite common in 6-month-olds who are undergoing a period of rapid growth and who quickly go back to sleep after the night-time bottle has been swallowed up! They can still mean that the child is disturbed, even anxious (in case of change of care, moving, nightmare ...) and he needs a hug!
  • Depending on the causes of these awakenings, it is advisable to give paracetamol in case of fever, or increase the evening doses to better stall the baby's stomach but especially, if it lasts, to talk with the pediatrician of the child who will think of possible ways to find a solution.

* Author of My child from birth to kindergarten (Albin Michel)

Interview by Frédérique Odasso

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Name Ernesto - Meaning of origin

Name Ernesto - Meaning of origin

Name Viola - Meaning and origin

Name Viola - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Derived from Violet, from the Latin viola, "violet". His birthday: October 5th with Fleur.

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