Turn your child's home outings into good fun!

Turn your child's home outings into good fun!

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Arteritis thrombophlebitis
The first step to take is the immediate switch to a diet based diet especially on vegetables and especially on the consumption of many onions, fresh fruits and occasionally dairy products.
Treatment methods : drink three cups of tea per day from the following tea: wild chestnut bark 15 gr, willow bark 15 gr, mouse tail 15 gr, knit 15 gr. Mix the plants well and then make an infusion of three teaspoons mixed with ½ liters of water. In the spring it is advisable to use fresh plants.
Thyme tea(ruscus aculestus): Place two teaspoons of herbs in a cup of water and boil for 1 minute. Drink two dogs a day, sweetened with honey bees.
General massage of the whole body, to put the blood in motion and massage of the sick foot, with yellowing or gasping.
The Maria Treben method : drink in the morning, before the meal with half an hour, a cup of tea horsetail, as well as in the evening half an hour before bedtime (one teaspoon of the plant is rinsed with a cup of water and left to infuse for 30 seconds). Every day, 4 cups of tea are drunk nettle, (preferably fresh), slightly infused, a teaspoon of tea is also placed Swedish bitter. Externally, compression with Swedish bitter is also applied.

Do I have to eat two if I'm pregnant?

Do I have to eat two if I'm pregnant?

Is the consequence of a dietary disorder just that they are afraid of being pregnant? Or is it true that you have to eat instead of two now?

If we weigh it in our early life, it's clear what a baby is supposed to do: eat, eat and eat as long as you have what. Because the good times are coming when fat content will be the end of the fat. The advanced continuous jellemzх orszбgokra tбplбlйktъlkнnбlatban jуl do, however, if the tъllйpsz хsi reflex, but you have already azйrt, because almost нgy йszrevйtlenьl many veszйlyes the egйszsйget hosszъ tбvon alббsу йtelt fogyaszthatsz.Jelenleg ъgy tartjбk that mбsбllapot up to 300 daily kalуria tцbbletet igйnyel , it is only the second trimester of pregnancy, and of course only those who do not eat much more in advance. Obviously, for example, a person who has eaten a meal on a daily basis should reduce the dose rather than increase by another 300 calories.

You don't have to eat two instead

How much can I get?

First of all calculate your pre-pregnancy BMI (Body Mass Index) with the help of an online calculator. Those expecting twins have a higher sense of normalcy. Start with most of this data, but keep in mind: more than half of the little ones bring less or more here, so individual differences can be very important. In case of doubt, consult a dietitian, and more research has been done in recent years, and has yielded remarkable results. One is that fetuses that have a significant risk of becoming pregnant have a greater chance of developing diabetes and diabetes; During pregnancy, a child of a mother who is pregnant will be more prone to conception, as she develops signs throughout her development that "teach" her body the importance of storage.

Why is it wrong to get more than what I need?

For the reasons listed above, you may also expect that a baby will be born with more than average weight, and in some cases due to the risk of overweight. It is also true that an overweight baby is more likely to have gestational diabetes and gestational hypertension.This problem is overwhelming Excessively high levels of carbohydrate in the diet It is also responsible that the useful nutrient content (such as vitamins, trace elements, minerals, valuable fats) in the average diet is certainly well below ideal. This should not be counteracted by taking vitamins during pregnancy, but by eating a healthy diet and eating.

Simple but effective changes

Here are a few tips to help you lose weight, but to make your transition a lot healthier!
  • Limit your consumption of bread, croutons, potatoes, pasta, rice. Instead, a lot of raw salads, fruits. Don't use sugar, honey at all.

  • Avoid foods that are low in vitamin C for high calorie content. Eat something that your body really needs! For example: freshly pressed fruit or greens instead of grilled meat, grilled meat instead of grilled meat, cold oiled vegetable oils instead of heat, no heat treatment.

  • Increase the fiber content of your diet to keep your digestion working well, not to fluctuate your blood sugar levels, or to starve you too soon. For example: oat bran with raw fruits and yoghurt, green salad in large portions, whole wheat flour bread.

  • One to five times a day, each time in small quantities, at rest, without rush.
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  • Spaghetti frutti di mare. Seafood pasta recipe

    Pasta is without a doubt among the favorite dishes of any child, so it is the perfect way to encourage them to try new flavors such as seafood. These spaghetti frutti di mare They are a classic of Italian cuisine that cannot be faulted.

    In Italy this recipe is typical of Christmas, but we can eat it on any occasion, since it is very complete and includes all kinds of seafood. If your children have never dared to eat fish, we recommend that you try this recipe that he offers us Guiainfantil.com.


    • 400 gr of spaghetti
    • 12 mussels
    • 100 gr of clams
    • 100 gr of prawns
    • 125 gr of squid rings
    • 3 tomatoes
    • 2 cloves of garlic
    • Virgin olive oil
    • Chopped parsley
    • Salt

    1. Peel the prawns and remove the head. Reserve them.

    2. Thinly fillet the garlic, and wash and chop the tomatoes.

    3. Put a splash of oil to heat over medium heat in a pan and sauté the prawns and remove them. Repeat the operation with the squid rings, removing them later, and the same frying pan finally sauté the mussels until they are completely open. Reserve them too.

    4. Sauté the garlic again in the same oil until it turns golden, add the chopped tomato and cook for a few minutes until a sauce is obtained. Add all the shellfish and mix everything until the tomato reduces.

    5. Put the pasta to cook in plenty of boiling water with a little salt. When it is al dente, according to the manufacturer's instructions, take it out and drain it.

    6. Mix the seafood sauce with the pasta. Add the chopped parsley and serve right away. Enjoy your meal!

    The Children's Guide trick: Add some basil leaves together with the parsley, it will give it a very special aroma.

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    Family-friendly births are created

    Family-friendly births are created

    The government has begun to produce family-friendly births in the wake of the increase in birth rates, said the Hungarian Pediatric Secretary, the Family Secretary of the Ministry of Human Resources.

    Family-friendly births are created

    Katalin Novák he insisted that not new births are created, but that each birth class will have a minimum standard, a requirement that must be met. The government has provided resources for development. The goal is to have a positive parenthood for all parents, to dare to have a child again - he added. As a result, the child's emergency response capacity will increase, and access will be improved - he called attention. Katalin Novбk emphasized that they should help families whose children are in a difficult situation. Beszйlt arrуl is that kormбny introduced the nйpegйszsйgьgyi termйkadуt the egйszsйges йletmуd йrdekйben, alakнtotta ezйrt the oktatбsban the egйszsйges bьfйt йs coined the kцzйtkeztetйsi rendeletet.Beszбmolt arrуl also said that the ьlйsйn Egйszsйgьgyi Vilбgszervezet (WHO) eurуpai regionбlis bizottsбgбnak Budapest: Hungary is on the move with children. About 500 pediatricians take part in the congress last Saturday, with a dozen or so coming from across the border to Győr. The second year of Carpathian Basin Hungarian pediatricians attends the congress.Peter SzilabyThe Miniszterelnцksйg nemzetpolitikбйrt highlighted felelхs Deputy бllamtitkбra, tъli the hatбron magyarsбg megхrzйse йs gyarapodбsa йrdekйben the kormбnynak tъli the hatбron Hungarian pediatricians are important because hozzбjбrulnak the kцzцssйgek by megmaradбsбhoz.Kцzlйse the szьlхkцn йs the native oktatбs rйszvevхin tъl Hungarian paediatricians also szeretnй megszуlнtani the kormбny Strengthening of the Hungarians living abroad in order to play a role in the life of Hungarian families in the future. That's why the State Secretariat supports the attendance of Hungarian Pediatricians in Köln at the congress, he said. He also talked about wanting to develop a Carpathian Basin and a network of nurses.
    - Come on, how are you?
    - We need to make the change!
    - Getting Ready for Birth: The Tips for Birthing

    2. From birth, to kindergarten ... What age do you think can be passed on to a child?

    In your opinion, from what age can we pass on values ​​to a child?

    From birth and throughout his life Not before the beginning of his life in community (nursery, maternal assistant) From 3-4 years old, when he comes back to school



    8 things not to worry about the newborn

    8 things not to worry about the newborn

    Lord of the Flies 1011 Movie CLIP - Piggy is Killed 1990 HD

    Benefits of the hula hoop game for children

    Who hasn't grabbed a hula hoop or a hoop, have you put it on your waist and counted how many laps you made before hitting the ground? The hula hoop is a game as old as it is used constantly in the children's activities.

    The fact that children exercise while having fun and They practice sport at home or outdoors gives it a positive point. Therefore, it is necessary that we know what more advantages this activity has that can be practiced at any time and place.

    To begin with, we must know that to practice the game of the hula hoop or hula hula you only need a hoop that is plastic, and that you have to give the maximum possible laps around the body. As a general rule, children wear it at waist height, but you can also try turning with one arm or one leg. But what are your advantage most significant of this game for children? We tell you:

    - They stay in shape
    Dancing with a hula hoop requires effort, since it is not easy to move the hips and waist so that the hoop touches the body and does not fall. This helps children to exercise while enjoying a game.

    - They improve psychomotor skills
    Children will learn to control the body, since they will have to move while doing circles either with their waist, with their ankles, or with their wrists and arms.

    - They will enjoy the outdoors
    In a society controlled by technology, where there is nothing beyond video games, an activity like the hula hoop will remind our children of the importance of playing away from a screen and outside four walls. You can play hula hula in the garden or on a terrace.

    - Partnerbility with other children
    Hula hoop is more fun when enjoyed in a group. Being able to establish small competitions will make the children enjoy the game much more.

    Using a hula hoop is easy, but it can end up looking boring after a few minutes. For children to continue playing with it without wanting to change, the important thing is to establish different activities with one or more plastic rings that are not excessively large.

    1 - The Juggler
    A hula hoop on each arm, and let's move! Children are always eager to show their skills, and the juggler game with the hula hoop was not going to be less. It consists of putting on a hoop medium or small on each arm and move so that it does not fall. They will test their motor skills by moving their arms in circles at the same time.

    2 - The tightrope walker
    A ring on the wrist and another on the ankle, who will hold it longer without dropping it?

    3 - The mad worm
    With a large hula hoop, the mad worm is one that moves quickly in circles. The first thing to do is to place the hoop as high as possible, under the armpits - on the neck would be dangerous - and move fast so that the hoop goes down as fast as possible by turning.

    4 - The Jumper
    Another game that can be made with a small hula hoop when the children are a little older is the one that consists of putting a ring on the ankle and turning it while jumping. The concentration In order not to lose the rhythm of the circles at the same time as the jumps, it will amuse the little ones.

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    What toys hide in your child's bathtub

    I can't imagine my daughters in the bathtub without that uncontrolled brood ofrubber ducks, smiling starfish and rainbow colored octopuses everywhere. Kids are true lovers of bathtub toys, and sometimes it's the only way to persuade them that soaking in a soapy solution can still be fun.

    However, a recent study has shown that these long-suffering infant bathtub toys are a authentic mushroom bomb and bacteria for your child.

    What toys hide in your child's bathtub can be dangerous for them.

    Some experts have been warning about it for a long time: plastic children's toys that our children use in the bathtub are contaminated with bacteria; but now it is scientific evidence.

    It has been the Swiss Federal Institute of Science and Technology together with the University of Illinois that has put the cards on the table to the chagrin of many children and toy industries.

    In the sample, made during 11 weeks, it was observed that 70% of the toys werecolonized by a multitude of fungi and bacteria, despite the fact that the water that was used was clean tap water.

    The problem is not the water, which by itself does not generate bacteria, but the mixture of hot water with soapy solutions, plus human secretions such as sweat or urine, in addition to its own low quality plastic, whose mixture serves as food for these bacteria that proliferate inside toys, especially those soft ones that have a hole at the bottom where water penetrates.

    Eastbreeding ground encourages a bacterial film to build up on the inside walls of toys, which is shed when the child presses on the toy to remove water from inside.

    These bacteria for the most part are not too harmful, and could even help strengthen the child's immune system, if not because some more dangerous ones have also been detected, such as legionella. Do not forget that this type of bacteria can causeeye, ear and stomach infections.

    But how do we separate our children from their beloved aquatic friends? There would be no bathroom worth its salt if it were not for them, so what is the solution?... Clean toys once a month.

    In order not to endanger the health of our children without sacrificing their plastic friends, it is best to buy them fromhard plastic without holes of any kind, so that the water does not penetrate, although these types of ducks are the least accepted.

    Wash them in very hot water, dry them with a towel, and open the bathroom to let the moisture out. If they have mold, you can scratch it with a brush, if your child refuses tothrow it away.

    If you are one of those who have soft rubber ducks, then it is best to clean them at least once a month, with vinegar, hot water, and dish soapTrying to absorb this solution through the hole in the doll and letting it act overnight, before rinsing it off very well.

    So, remember that if your child bathes with a whole battalion of plastic marine animals, he will not be the only living being that is inside that bathtub, but it will be more crowded than a public swimming pool in the summer months.

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