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Where to take a child for Children's Day?

5 tricks to get a flat stomach after childbirth

After a pregnancy, the part of the body that is most affected is the abdomen area. Due to the distention produced by the growth of the baby, it is normal for the belly to be bulky and cost more to return to its previous shape.

Although it is necessary to carry out a healthy and balanced diet, and exercise regularly, there are tricks to accompany the new life after being a mother, and incidentally return to the same size. In We found a way to carry out five fundamental tricks to regain a flat abdomen after giving birth.

1. Fight fluid retention by drinking more. One of the fundamental problems of pregnancy is the dreaded fluid retention, which causes a greater weight gain, and which can concentrate in addition to the belly, in thelegs or waist. In order to have a flat stomach again after having been a mother, it is necessary to combat it precisely with what a priori may seem incongruous:with more liquid. Drinking water positively combats the retention that occurs in the body, achieving that the abdomen does not swell and regain your prepartum shape by activating circulation

2. Reducing belts. It is not recommended to use them right after giving birth, since gynecologists recommend allowing several weeks for the abdominal muscles to regain their place naturally. However, it is true that it is a trick beyond conventional exercise or a healthy diet that must be carried out after pregnancy. Wear reducing belts for a few minutes a day causes compression to restore firmness to the abdomen.

3. Activate the abdomen with breathing. In disciplines like yoga or Pilates, one of the most important peculiarities is learning to breathe, activating the belly and pelvic floor for greater resistance. This exercise of tuck in the belly It does not have to be done only on a mat to learn to breathe, but it can be perfectly a habit that can be carried out in daily life, to walk stiffening the belly or to sit down enhancing the belly, which helps the abs to get used to the firmer shape and the area to shrink.

4. To run. Really, to lose weight and have a perfect belly after pregnancy, the habit of running is the most recommended. It is proven that it is the exercise that burns more fat in less time, and also achieves enhance the abdomen, hardening it as you exercise more. Just twenty minutes a day are enough so that, in a few weeks, we can see how the belly returns to its usual state and incidentally be firmer.

5. Hipopressive abs: Within the range of possibilities of postpartum exercise, hypopressive abdominals are gaining strength. They are perfect for after pregnancy because they do not damage the pelvic floor and allow the figure to return to that of before delivery. With this type of abdominal a considerable abdominal reduction is achieved, since they are exercises specially designed for recent moms. Learning to breathe by releasing the air from the lungs without allowing it to come in completely, helps the abdomen to harden, and the abdominal exercise can be done in different postures, either standing or lying on the back.

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L'enfant au drum. Christmas carols in French for children

L'enfant au drum. Christmas carols in French for children

Carol L'enfant au drum He is known in Spanish as El Tamborilero and in English as Little drummer. On our site we offer you this popular Christmas song in French.

L'enfant au tambour is a French Christmas song to sing as a family during family celebrations. We present you the lyrics of this Christmas carol in French so that your children become familiar with the language and can learn more vocabulary.

Sur la route pa rum pum pum pum

Petit tambour s'en va pa rum pum pum pum

Il sent son cœur qui bat pa rum pum pum pum

Au rythme de ses pas pa rum pum pum pum

Pa rum pum pum pum pa rum pum pum pum

Oh petit enfant pa rum pum pum pum

Où you go

Pa rum pum pum pum pa rum pum pum pum

Hier mon père pa rum pum pum pum

A suivi le tambour pa rum pum pum pum

Le tambour des soldats pa rum pum pum pum

Et je m'en vais au ciel pa rum pum pum pum

Pa rum pum pum pum pa rum pum pum pum

La je veux donner pour son retour

Mon tambour

Pa rum pum pum pum pa rum pum pum pum

Tous les anges pa rum pum pum pum

Ont pris leur beau tambour pa rum pum pum pum

Et ont dit à l'enfant pa rum pum pum pum

Ton père est de retour pa rum pum pum pum

Pa rum pum pum pum pa rum pum pum pum

Et l'enfant s'éveille pa rum pum pum pum

South are tambour

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Lenfant au tambour. Corul Preludiu dirijor Voicu Enachescu solist percutie Marian Micu

12 weeks pregnant

In week 12 of pregnancy, your baby is already moving inside you, is able to stretch and give small kicks. If it's you first pregnancy It is still too early for you to notice this tingling sensation that the baby produces at first, but there are women who in their second pregnancy notice from the end of the first trimester of pregnancy, around 12 weeks of pregnancy, the movements of the fetus, since they have experience in this regard and acknowledge the feeling.

During the first weeks of pregnancy it is normal for the pregnant woman to feel tired and sleepy during the day, try to rest when you feel fatigued and do not make great efforts. Your body is working at full capacity to help the baby grow.

You could have a blocked nose and feel congested, this feeling is normal during pregnancy, also the small nosebleeds. It is due to the increase in progesterone, this hormone causes a greater flow of blood in the skin and mucous membranes. There are saline solutions that you can apply through your nose that will help with this problem, but avoid decongestant medications if they have not been prescribed by your doctor.

Your breasts have increased in size since early pregnancy. Progesterone also intervenes in this case since it intervenes in the preparation that the breasts are undergoing to be able to feed the baby. You will notice that the areolas have darkened and you will have more tenderness in the chest. It will help you to change your bra, choose one that does not have underwires, preferably cotton and adapted to your new size.

It is not very normal that at this stage of pregnancy, and already in the twelfth week of pregnancy, you continue to have nausea and dizziness. Consult with your doctor so that he can prescribe some medication against vomiting and assess you in case you continue to lose weight.

Your baby is 10 weeks old, measures around 6.5 centimeters at the end of week 12 of pregnancy and weighs 18 grams. His face is practically formed and his appearance is almost that of a baby. He already has a nose, upper lip, eyelids, and ears. His hands and feet already have a hint of nails and the vocal cords have already developed. Its body begins to be covered with a very fine hair called lanugo.

It can open and close its mouth and in doing so swallows amniotic fluid which it then excretes through urine. The fetus may hiccupIt is still too early for you to notice it, but within a few weeks you could perceive those rhythmic movements that cause the baby's hiccups.

Your baby feeds through the placenta, through it it receives nutrients and oxygen. All the important organs have formed and are working, now they just have to grow. The brain continues its development.

They will do the ultrasound at week twelve of gestation, of great importance. The gynecologist will see through it the viability of the fetus, will listen to the heartbeat and will make the different measurements of the baby's body: head, abdomen and femur. This will allow you to know the approximate date of delivery. This ultrasound is essential because it determines the nuchal fold, which allows to determine if the baby could have Down syndrome.

This week they will also perform the triple screening test or genetic screening, it is a blood analysis that allows to detect defects in the fetus. This test is not conclusive, that is, its reliability is around 60%. Triple screening helps determine if an amniocentesis is necessary, which is the only way that exists today to have 100% confirmation of the baby's status. However, amniocentesis has certain risks of causing an abortion and it is the parents who ultimately decide whether to perform it or not.

Many pregnant women often have strange dreams or nightmares. Pregnancy causes some anxiety related to the well-being of the baby and this causes sleep disorders. It will help you eliminate tension by sharing your fears with family and friends.

You will wonder in week 12 of pregnancy, how many meals you have to eat per day. A good measure would be to take 5 small meals a day. As for the foods that you have to introduce into your diet daily:

- Carbohydrates: rice, pasta and cereals, better if they are whole

- Meat and fish, always cooked

- Fruit: between 2 and 4 pieces a day

- Vegetables and vegetables: always accompany your dishes with a salad

As for drinks, a daily habit in your diet should be to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. You can also drink fruit juices since the vitamins that they will provide will be beneficial for the development of the baby. Don't forget to add smoothies and milk to your diet.

In the drinks section you have to completely eliminate alcohol from your dietYou should know that everything you eat or drink passes to the fetus and alcoholic beverages can cause malformations in your baby. Also try to cut down on caffeinated drinks and avoid very carbonated sodas.

Your spine will undergo modifications throughout your pregnancy. The back moves forward and the pelvis is slightly dilated. Your body will bear an extra weight, each time heavier as your pregnancy progresses. To avoid back pain:

- Try to change your posture frequently

- If you have to pick up objects from the ground, do it with your back straight and bending your knees

- Do not transport objects that are heavy

- Exercise to strengthen the lumbar and back muscles.

Swimming is a great sport throughout pregnancy, it will help you stay in shape and release accumulated stress. In the water you will feel light and you can practice it until the last day as long as you have not expelled the mucous plug.

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How to make a witch hat for your daughter's costume

How to make a witch hat for your daughter's costume

Do your kids dress up on Halloween? If your daughter likes a witch costume, this video tutorial will come in handy. It is a very simple craft to get a fantastic witch hat. You need black eva rubber, felt, tulle fabric, silicone gun, ruler, compass and scissors. You have it all? Well pay attention to this video!

And if you prefer, here is the step by step of this craft, with photos and templates.

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Uterus: a busy life

Uterus: a busy life

Small but so accommodating, this muscle is the Uterus is a flexibility and energy unusual to accommodate your baby and also help to be born on the day J. Zoom on this muscle at the crossroads of life .

Before pregnancy: it is "rule"

  • Every month since puberty, the uterus is preparing for the possibility of pregnancy. In the middle of the cycle, after ovulation, estrogen and progesterone activate the development of the lining membrane: the endometrium. the blood vessels multiply ... This membrane is ready to welcome and "feed" a potential host. But if all these preparations were useless, on the 28th day, the mucosa comes off and is expelled ... these are the rules.

During pregnancy: he is one with his host

1st trimester :

  • 7 days after fertilization, the egg is implanted in the uterine lining. A sticky substance, the cervical mucus, is formed in the cervix, a kind of small hermetic cap to eliminate any risk of infection (it will remain in place until delivery). Unlike the cervix, the body of the uterus will undergo many changes: changing shape (triangular, it becomes oval), but also consistency (it softens) and especially volume!

2nd quarter

  • Out of pregnancy, the uterus weighs at most 50 g and is approximately 5 x 6 (at 8) cm. Thanks to progesterone, which increases the elasticity and tone of its fibers, it increases its measurements as it "grows" with your baby. It is the second quarter that its growth rate is maximum. from 10x13 cm at the end of the 3rd month, it goes to 15x25 cm at the end of the 6th. In the long run, it will measure approximately 22x33 cm. As for his weight, he has reached a good kilo.

3rd quarter

  • By increasing volume and progressively rising in the abdomen, the uterus encroaches on its neighbors (lungs, intestines, bladder ...). Hence problems of shortness of breath, constipation and frequent urges to urinate. Sometimes it contracts a few seconds and relaxes. These contractions, normal, gradually bring your baby to rock (95% of cases) head down during the 8th month. A position that allows him to install his limbs in the upper part of the uterus, where he still has a small place to move.

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Striped or united? How are you going to knit this model of bra for your baby of love ... unless you realize both versions to garnish its keychain. She knits from the prema waist to 6 months in jersey place.

Sizes: a): préma, b): birth, c): 3 months, d): 6 months


Lambswool Quality of Phildar (51% Lamb Wool - 49% Acrylic):

Striped pattern

a): 1 / b): 1 / c): 2 / d): 2 balls color White

a): 1 / b): 1 / c): 1 / d): 1 ball Flannel color

Order on the Phildar website

United model

a): 1 / b): 1 / c): 1 / d): 1 ball color White

a): 2 / b): 2 / c): 3 / d): 3 flannel colored balls

Order on the Phildar website

Aig. n ° 3 - a hook n ° 2,5



Striped jersey: * 2 rows col. Flannel, 4 rows col. White *, always repeat from * to * be these 6 rows

M. casting: stitch the hook in 1 st, bring back 1 loop and pass it immediately through the loop on the hook.

M. tight: stitch the hook in 1 st, bring back 1 loop, 1 throw, pull the thread through the 2 loops on the hook.


10 cm stockinette or striped jersey, aig. n ° 3 = 26 m. and 35 rgs

Download the boss



Go up a) 60 m. - b) 62 m. - c) 64 m. - d) 70 m., col. Flannel, aig. n ° 3, tric. in jersey (plain model) or in striped jersey (striped model).

A) 8 cm (28 rgs) - b) 10 cm (36 rgs) - c) 12 cm (42 rgs) - d) 14 cm (50 rgs) high. tot., we tric. a) 2 columns col. White - b) c) 4 rgs col. White - d) 2 rows col. Flannel (for the model n ° 6), form the raglan in rab. of ch. side: 1 x 2 m. then all 2 rows:

a) 1 x 1 m., * 1 x 2 m. and 2 x 1 m. * repeat from * to * 4 fs in total. then 2 x 1 m.

b) 2 x 1 m., * 1 x 2 m. and 3 x 1 m. * repeat from * to * 3 fs in total. then 2 x 1 m.

c) 1 x 2 m. and 17 x 1 m.

d) 1 x 2 m. and 18 x 1 m.

A a) 17 cm (60 rgs) - b) 20 cm (70 rgs) - c) 23 cm (80 rgs) - d) 26 cm (90 rgs) high. tot., rab. the a) 18 m. - b) 20 m. - c) 22 m. - d) 26 m. remaining.

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The importance of detecting breast cancer early

The importance of detecting breast cancer early

The 4-month well-baby checkup

Is juice good for kids?

Is juice good for kids?

Not really. Juice has less fiber and is less nutritious than whole fruit. It also tends to be much higher in sugar.

For example, 1/2 cup of apple juice has no fiber and 13 grams of sugar. Compare that to 1/2 cup of apple slices, which has 1 1/2 grams of fiber and 5 1/2 grams of sugar.

So it's healthier for your child to eat fresh fruit and drink water instead. She'll get more nutrients and fiber – and a lot less sugar.

Too much juice can also cause diarrhea and tooth decay, and even contribute to obesity if kids fill up on juice instead of healthier foods.

But juice isn't all bad: A small glass can be a way to get in one of the four or five daily servings of fruit and veggies recommended for children. Just be sure to choose pasteurized products that are 100 percent juice, and avoid "juice drinks," which can have as little as 10 percent real juice. (The rest is added sweeteners and flavorings.)

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends serving sizes of juice based on age:

  • Younger than 12 months: No juice
  • Ages 1 to 3: No more than 4 ounces (1/2 cup) a day
  • Ages 4 to 6: No more than 6 ounces (1/2 to 3/4 cup) a day
  • Age 7 or older: No more than 8 ounces (1 cup) a day

If you want to cut back on how much juice your child drinks, here are some ways to limit the amount he gets:

Serve it in a regular cup, rather than in a bottle, juice box, or sippy cup he can carry around with him. That way, your child won't get in the habit of sipping juice all day.

Dilute your child's juice with water. Start with half juice and half water (or sparkling water), and gradually reduce the amount of juice over time.

Editor's note: Researchers at Consumer Reports have found that some juice products contain potentially harmful levels of heavy metals such as lead, inorganic arsenic, and cadmium. Read the Consumer Reports article for a list of these products as well as suggestions for better alternatives.

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