Toupie rhymes: On the white ice floe

Toupie rhymes: On the white ice floe

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How do you choose the ideal foundation?

How do you choose the ideal foundation?

The skin should be taken care of regardless of the season and more so the skin that is exposed daily to differences in temperature, sister rays, dust. If you want to apply a foundation, then it is advisable to be one of the best quality and can be used safely.

Pharmaceris F skin funds are intended especially for sensitive skin, and because of the innovative new generation correction system, they do not unnecessarily load the skin and do not create the unpleasant effect of the mask. At the same time, the foundation lasts up to 10 hours after application. The product formula does not contain parabens, preservatives or scented substances.

Pharmaceris F nicely camouflages skin imperfections (pigmented patches, dilated capillaries, post-acne scars, dark circles, acne rosacea) and gives the skin a natural, even color, confirmed by 94% of women with sensitive skin and severe forms of disease. skin.

The guarantee of the safety in the use of the Pharmaceris products is the approval of the Scientific Research Center Dr. Irena Eris, as well as the involvement of several dermatologists in their development. The safety of the use of the product has been confirmed by complex tests, including in vitro, on the epidermal EpiDermTM model and by epidermal tests. The UVA / UVB SPF 20 filter provides increased protection against the effects of solar radiation.

The product is available in 3 shades: ivory, sand and bronze.

The use of Pharmaceris F foundation guarantees a smooth, fresh and soft skin, with a uniform and natural color, without the unpleasant effect of the mask!

Recommended price: 54 RON

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Pictures to make the baby on the first day after birth

You will never forget the day when you gave birth to your baby and held it for the first time in your arms. It is such an overwhelming moment and it creates an immense state of joy that you would never want to end. You can make that day always last in your drawer of memories and remember it at any time, with the help of beautiful and drastic pictures, which every time you look at them will make your heart beat and smile. it defends you on the face. Here are some ideas of pictures to take for both the newborn, and other suggestions of photography hypostases on the most beautiful day of your life!

First photo with mom

The moment you first hold the baby in your arms is one that deserves immortalization. Even if you are exhausted or not looking very good, after a long and distressing birth, try to find a favorable angle, so that you can make a picture, which will become a fond memory of that moment.

Photo with identification bracelet from the hospital

Another interesting and memorable picture that you can make to the newborn, on the first day, is the one you take when photographing the newborn's salon and has the identification bracelet on hand, with the name and date of birth. Focus on the bracelet, and put the baby in the background, for the picture to come out even more interesting.

Family photo - with mom and dad

In his first day after birth, the little boy meets not only his mother, whom he knew only from the tummy, but also with his father. With the birth of your baby, your family has grown bigger and more beautiful. It is worth taking a family picture, in which all three are together and in which you express your joy and happiness for the new miracle of your life.

Picture with the imprint of the sleeve or foot

On the first day after birth, your baby is a small waistline of only a few tens of centimeters and with extremely curled and curled skin. An interesting idea to keep the image of the child only a few hours after birth is to place the fingerprint of the foot or the sleeve. It will be a pleasant memory, which you will fully enjoy with your child as he grows older.

Sweet sleep of the newborn

Surely your little one will provide you with the most work material for photos during sleep. Most of the time, the newborn sleeps, so stay awake and catch the baby's most drastic hypostasis during sleep - when he has his finger in his mouth, when he smiles, when he keeps his hands on his face, etc.

Picture with the brothers

Not only moms and dads are "required" in the baby picture. Surely, the little star of the family wants to meet the siblings too, and the little ones are eager to see the little one who has been hiding in your tummy for so long. So, in the photo shoot from the first day of the baby's birth, he also organizes family photos to be with babies, dads and siblings, one in which only you and the other baby are born, and if his siblings are sufficiently married. , you can let them take pictures of themselves with babies.

Funny hypostases of the baby

You can make an entire album with the pictures you make of your baby in funny situations. There are a lot of gestures and mimics that are funny and funny, ready to be captured in photos. So, whenever the child's headset, crouching, purses, smiles or stands in a funny position, be prepared with the camera to quickly picture it.

Baby's first crying

The baby will cry for the first time a few seconds after birth, when the doctors will determine the Apgar score and the child's health. But then, when you are surprised that he is going to make a sad joke and that he is preparing for a concert of crying, make a quick picture. They are memorable and will be fully enjoyed over the years!

What pictures did you take of your baby on his first birthday? What fond memories do you have of him? Relive that wonderful moment in your life and share your suggestions in the comment section below!

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Training for children's memory

Training for children's memory

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Pink lace Baccarat top: 166 € (Andrea Sarda) and boxer microfibre field bottom: 11 € (Sun).

Pink lace Baccarat top: 166 € (Andrea Sarda) and boxer microfibre field bottom: 11 € (Sun).

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