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Riddles: Two Warm Lairs

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What are the new childcare features of recent months? Our selection for your baby of love!


Childcare: we equip ourselves! (80 photos)

Baby hygiene range Monoprix

For a gentle and safe baby shower, here is the new Monoprix range of dermatologically tested skincare products without parabens, phthalates or phenoxyethanol. And what a cute design! On sale at Monoprix.

Mini baby carrier BabyBjörn

All mini, new and very snug, the Mini baby carrier will be ideal during the first months of baby, where he is in your arms almost all the time. Designed to allow you to wear your baby for short periods of time, it will allow you to offer him great physical proximity while providing him with excellent support. Several colors to choose: 99,90 €. Where to find it?

Dolce Clock Owl

This first activity clock is a perfect introduction to understand the concept of time passing to his child. Since birth. € 42.50. Where to find it?

Britax Römer Dualfix i-Size Car Seat

A true cocoon of softness and safety, this car seat is used from birth to 4 years (105 cm). Thanks to a 360 ° rotation, it offers optimal comfort and can be used behind the road. We like the lateral rotation side door which facilitates the installation of the child: 800 €. Where to find it?

Yookidoo Gymmotion Mat

From birth, your baby will tame the robots and have fun with them on this mat of awakening original. On the belly or on the back, he will manipulate the little characters to develop his motor skills: € 79.99. Where to find it?

BabyBjörn step board

Specially designed for children who want to grow up, this step is stable and anti-slip. Several colors to choose: 19,90 €. Where to find it?

Cradle of BabyBjörn

Real cocoon soft and comfortable, here is a light cradle easy to move from parents' room to that of baby without waking him. If baby wakes up, his own movements will trigger gentle swings that will reassure and sleep peacefully. Its mesh mesh fabric and its height allow to always have a close eye on baby. Usable from birth up to 6 months (maximum weight 8 kg): 319,90 €. Where to find it?

Bébé Confort AxissFix Air Car Seat

To provide maximum safety for your baby, this is the only car seat with 2 built-in airbags to protect your head and neck in the event of a traffic accident. An invisible, unrestricted safety system for this car seat that complies with the latest i-Size (R129) standard. Swiveling 360 °, it can be installed easily back to the road (from 4 months to about 2 years), then facing the road up to 4 years: 811 €. Several colors to choose from. Where to find it?

Mios stroller from Cybex Koi collection

Lightweight and compact, the new Koi Crystallized Stroller is inspired by Japanese mythology to give you an airy look. With its light weight of 9 kg and these small 50 cm wide, it is the ideal companion for city trips with baby. Koi (seat + chassis): € 749.95. Mios carrycot: 329,95 €. Where to find it?

Tigex musical swing

Allied to the awakening of the baby, this swing allows him to fall asleep easily by cradling him on soft music .... His ark of awakening includes 2 kittens and an elephant who will accompany him in his dreams. 83,90 € Where to find it?

Neckline diaper bag Ecoya Lässig

Awarded for its design, finish and functionality, this diaper bag from the Eco-Labellised Lässig collection is made from recycled Ecoya fibers. Large capacity, outside pockets, diaper compartment, water repellent changing mat, insulated bib holder, detachable small bag cover, wipe holder ... it is very practical ... Also available in denim: 130 €. Where to find it?

Baby Expert Expert Babymoov

A long-range babyphone model (1000 m) ideal in a big house. It proposes a small night light to reassure baby and combines digital performances and a very low emission of waves to protect baby: 79,99 € (Babymoov).

Where to find it?

Baby peace Kurtis

A stroller protection in organic cotton that protects UVA and UVB and ensures baby a little calm. € 39.95.

Where to find it?

Rainbow Bottle Drainer from Belllemont

Which color will you choose? Bellemont declined its new drainer for 6 bottles in colors as chic as greedy. Its original shape allows perfect drying. And its branches adapt to all types of bottles. 29th Belllemont.

Where to find it?

Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier

This all-in-one baby carrier offers all the carrying positions and is used from birth without gearbox. He evolves with baby, from birth to 36 months. 4 colors to choose: 189,90 €. Where to find it?

CityLink ™ III Stroller by Red Castle

This urban stroller and evolutionary trend accompanies the child from birth to 3 years. No need to buy a 1st and 2nd age stroller! Easy to handle, compact, comfortable and reassuring, it makes life easier for parents: € 259.59. In specialized stores and on the site redcastle.fr

Lovenest of Babymoov

Developed by a pediatrician, here is an ergonomic baby headrest that prevents plagiocephaly (flat skull). : 21.90 € (Babymoov). In large and medium areas. usable from birth, it fits all beds, strollers and deckchairs.

Where to find it?

Lucilee Park of Geuther

In solid beech wood, this park has a folding system to open and close at any time without the risk of getting your fingers caught. Convenient to save space! Stable, solid and comfortable with its washable padded bottom, it also has 4 wheels to move it. 142nd approximately.

Information on 04 30 65 07 70 or on www.geuther.de

Britax Holiday Stroller

Folding easy, light (only 5 kg), handy and compact, this new stroller 2 age will follow you everywhere. We love the wide shoulder strap that can be worn on the shoulder when folded. 6 trendy colors to choose from: 169 €. Where to find it?

Veileuse Pixie Soft from Béaba

A night light with an elf and soft body design which, in addition to emitting a soft and continuous light, turns into a luminous blanket to accompany baby in bed. Since it does not heat, you can slide it safely under the sheets. Ideal after a little fear or a big sorrow. € 39.90. Available in coral or blue. Where to find it?

BabyBjörn high chair

This high chair is designed with a curved back that wraps around the child's body and a fold-down shelf that adjusts to the closest for comfort and safety. Impossible for him to escape! Compact in the folded position, it is only 25 cm wide and can be easily stored or transported. Offered in light green or white. From 6 months to 3 years: 244,90 €. Where to find it?

Baby Romance Baby Romance

A baby sleeping sweet (77% velvet) with snap closure for baby to spend serene nights. We love her beautiful soft colors that the stylist describes as "the blue for its protective and soothing side, a green apple that relaxes and the purple that promotes dreams". About 30 €.

Where to find it?

Home Baby: the connected baby monitor

This baby-phone also makes camera, camcorder, night light, lullaby, microphone and analyzes the air that your baby breathes. In addition, it has the camcorder function that allows you to record its babbling to keep them preciously. The lullaby and the night light are synchronized to sleep baby gently. The Home baby works thanks to the Withings Health Mate app for download on smartphone: 199.95 € (Withings).

Where to find it?

Toilet set ELOisBIO

ELOisBIO is an online store of accessories and organic and original clothing for babies and children from 0 to 8 years. You will also find ready-to-use boxes handy (and cute) like this box for baby's toilet with essentials: 69 € (ELOisBIO).

Where to find it?

Tigex 3 in 1 High Chair

Maline, economical and practical, this evolutionary high chair will accompany your baby from 6 months to 6 years. Depending on the baby's age and needs, it can be transformed into a high chair, booster chair or small chair. € 79.90. Where to find it?

Suitcase The Multi of Canailles Dream

In one hand, this smart suitcase turns into a bed, a bath, a changing table, a high chair and a fixed or rocking deckchair. Convenient ! In addition, it is made in France and made from 100% recyclable materials: 599 €. She received at the beginning of May 2017 a prize at the Lépine contest. Where to find her?


Babycook Béaba

Béaba proposes in limited edition, its Babycook® 4 in 1 declined in powdery pink. This culinary robot dedicated to baby meals steamed, mixed, thawed and warmed. Simple with its unique control button and steam cooking in 15 minutes, it allows you to prepare healthy and tasty baby dishes in a jiffy. 149 €. Where to find it? In specialized stores and on beaba.com

Tummy Sleep Bunny by Prince Lionheart

To soothe baby and help him fall asleep, trust this cuddly rabbit. In addition to the unique intra-uterine sound that comforts your baby, this sweet bunny lets you play melodies and has a blank 15-minute track to record your voice! List of points of sale at or in specialized stores.

Evolutionary Pot Bellemont

With its 3 heights, this evolutive pot adapts to the size of your child to help him in his training of cleanliness. Easy to empty with its removable receptacle and integrated handle, it is also convenient for parents: € 24.90. Several colors to choose from.

More informations

Bibs Three Kilos Seven

These 100% cotton muslin bibs have a snap closure adjustable to fit the baby's shape: € 9.90 per pack of 3. Where to find it?

Balance BabyBjörn Soft Balance

Several colors to choose from and long service life guaranteed for this ergonomic lounger that offers good support of the neck and back and can be used in rocking chair: 149,90 €. More infos Babybjörn

Peg Perego Prima Pappa Zero3 Highchair

Peg Perego Prima Pappa Zero3 Highchair

Usable from birth (in reclining chair) up to 3 years, it is easy to carry: € 169.99. More infos PegPerego

Cybex Transat by Marcel Wanders

With its wooden legs and its seat in faux-leather in the shape of a baby carriage, this comfortable oasis of sleep gently cradles baby to fall asleep. He assures his safety with his soft straps and three-point harness. Available in two colors and four patterns. It can be used from birth to 3 years (15 kg). There are two positions, one for use from birth and the other when the baby is bigger: 399.95 €. Where to find it?

PhysioCarrier Baby Carrier

A physiological baby carrier comfortable and respectful of the physiology of baby to wear in front and on the side of the birth (with the booster pack) to 20 kg: 112,50 €. More informations

Bb Angelcare AC 701 Monitor

Compact and intelligent, it combines sound and movement for peace of mind. In addition to the motion sensor placed under the mattress that alerts you as soon as the baby remains still for more than 20 seconds, this monitor offers unique features to reassure you every day. It offers, for example, a night light that you can adjust from the parent unit and an "Eco" function, for low emissions. The parent unit is portable, allowing you to soothe your child from another room with the walkie-talkie function! 179 €. More informations

Car seat Viaggio 123 Via Peg-Pérego

This 1/2/3 group seat meets the latest European standard ECE-R44 / 04. It can also bow when the child grows up and go to group 2/3: 380 €. More informations

Babycook Original More from Béaba

Already appreciated by many parents for its ultra-practical functions (steam cooking, mixing, defrosting, reheating of small pots), the famous Babycook now offers 2 new features: a removable bottle warmer and a sterilizer. A stylish and compact 6 in 1, to use from the birth of baby. € 129 (Béaba).

Where to find it?

Ohlala Chicco Stroller

Ultra-light (3.8 kg) and handy, it also offers maximum comfort: 159 €. More informations

AeroMoov Air Wrapper Cover

Ideal for outings with baby this winter, this wrap-around blanket helps keep baby warm in the stroller or car seat. Thanks to its two superimposed layers, it creates a real cushion of warm air around baby. It has an integrated Air Layer on the back, 3D honeycomb seat that allows the air to circulate permanently so that baby is neither too cold nor too hot. Available in 3 colors 2 sizes: S for a group 0+ car seat and L for a group 1 car seat and stroller: 69,95 € and 89,98 €. Where to find it?

Transat Up & Down 2 Béaba

A lounger that allows baby to participate in the life of the house by being close to you. Tilting, adjustable in height and comfortable, we also like its ergonomic design: 139 €. More informations

Britax Römer Baby-Safe I-Size Seat

This first Britax seat shell meets the new standard ECE R 129 provides comfort and maximum protection from birth to 83 centimeters (15 months-13 kg). 420 €. More informations

DBb Remond pop'up bassinet

Only 1.2 kg for this ultra compact and light bed to go on vacation. It is equipped with a cozy mattress, a mosquito net and an anti-UV roof. In addition, it is very simple to bind and unfold.

From 43,80 € (Remond dBb).

Where to find it?

Cradle lift Tigex

Smart and practical, this cradle-transat 2 in 1 adapts to the needs of baby to accompany it in its phases of awakening and sleep. It offers an innovative system to switch the recliner cradle very simply, without waking baby. To facilitate its transport and its storage, it offers a flat folding space saving: 72,90 € (Tigex).
In large and medium areas.

Arty Baby Bottles by Suavinex

The Spanish brand offers a new collection of baby bottles Arty Baby seem straight out of a comic strip. With quality always. 19,95 € the pack of 2 bottles 1 x 270 ml / 1 x 360 ml. More informations

Hedgehog baby pot dBb Remond

3 colors for this pot sui well hides his game under a funny cover. In BPA-free polypropylene, it has a non-slip base. 20 €. More informations

Belly Armor Beanie

Already a specialist in anti-radiation pregnancy clothing, the Belly Armor brand now protects babies. Here is a hat 100% organic cotton combined with a protective fabric against the risks of daily radiation (wifi, bluetooth, antennas relay ...). Choice of rabbit or mouse model, size 0 to 24 months: 29 € (Belly Armor).

Where to find it?

Comfort Babyphone Light VTech

An audio baby monitor with LCD screen, DECT technology, night light function and rechargeable battery! The sound of excellent quality is without sizzling or interference and the range of 300 m: 43 € (VTech).

Where to find it?

Pima cotton range by Candide Expert

In response to babies with allergies and skin or respiratory problems, here is a brand new range of products made with a natural material that limits the development of these allergies: Pima cotton: € 19.90 (Candide Expert). In specialized stores.

More info and list of points of sale here

Transat Doomoo nest of Babymoov

This deckchair offers baby a unique comfort. It offers perfect support for up to 6 months and then transforms into a pouf to grow with the child. Several reasons to choose: 139,90 €. More informations

The nomadic nest Ludi Range Nature Zen

This extra comfortable "nest" extra bed will make your baby sleep at home everywhere and in all circumstances. His Pop'up system allows him an instant installation. Its small mattress, soft and thick, its mosquito net and its 3 small characters suspended guarantee well-being and comfort to baby. A zen and nature decor designed around the animals of the forest. With its carrying bag, it weighs no more than 1.1 Kg: 44.9 €. Where to find it?

Britax Römer King II LS - Black Series Car Seat

Clean and graphic look for this group 1 car seat (9-18kg / 9 months-4 years). Innovative, it has an indicator with sound and light to attach the harness of the child to the correct tension. With the one-touch harness adjustment and advanced front and side protection, safety rhymes with simplicity. 8 colris with the choice of which a total very elegant black look: 265 €. Where to find it?

Milk tooth cards "I Lost My Tooth!"

This pretty set offers a pocket of 20 cards, to preserve preciously the memory and the history of each of the first teeth of baby. To personalize with the date, the place, the gift brought by the little mouse ... and all the details that make this event a magical step! € 14.95.

List of points of sale

Rocking-bed Galipette Complice collection

This compact and pretty bed can rock baby thanks to its swing function ... to fall asleep smoothly: 399 € (Galipette).

Where to find it?

Babycalin Minnie changing mat

For your mouse, a changing mat (50 x 70 cm) easy to clean: 18,90 € (Babycalin).

Where to find it?

BB Angelcare AC403 Monitor

Elected 2016 Mum Price in the Safety and Comfort Equipment category at Babycool 2016, this baby monitor has many functions for optimal safety: a motion detector under the mattress, a display and a temperature control of the room and a night light on the infant's unit: 149, 90 € (Angelcare). In specialized stores. Infos about angelcarebaby.com

Candide Expert Morpho One Mattress

For babies from birth to 4 months, a unique first age mattress meeting the physiological and pathological needs of toddlers. Its shape is specially studied to limit the risks of regurgitation, respiratory distress and sudden death. 139 € (Candide Expert). In specialized stores.

List of points of sale here

Transat Bliss BabyBjörn

A perfect baby lounger from birth to 2 years old, easy to fold and carry: 164,95 €. More informations.

Buy this deckchair.

Affinity Stroller 2 Britax Römer

For babies from 6 months to 3 years (from birth with the carrycot or seat-shell sold separately), a stroller with reinforced suspensions ideal in the city or in the countryside. Several colors to choose: 560 € and 90 € the pack. Where to find it?

Easy Badabulle changing table

Compact, it is ideal for small spaces. Robust and stable, it will welcome baby up to 11 kg. Open, it offers a comfortable mattress and removable storage baskets. Once closed, it reveals a clever mirror for the whole family: 149,90 €.

Where to find it?

Cybex high chair by Marcel Wanders

What a look! Made of wood, this high chair can be used from 6 months to 3 years (15 kg) is secured thanks to the removable railing. Its carefully designed design offers elegance and comfort with its adjustable footrest. The finely embroidered seat is as durable as it is practical. Available in 2 colors and 4 motifs: 499,95 €. Where to find it?

Car Seat Doona Simple Parenting

Award for innovation at Baby Cool 2016, this group 0+ car seat is transformed into a stroller once the chassis (integrated) unfolded: 379 €. More informations

Yoyo Stroller + BabyZen

Known for its design and unique folding in the cabin luggage format, the Yoyo + stroller makes life easier for all city parents. This year, it has its own car seat, connects with a board for a senior (up to 20 kg) and comes in 2 new trend colors. From 389.95 € and 99 € the board. Where to find it?

Nightlight Célestin Luc et Léa by Pabobo

Luc and Léa, the brand of thirty years of childcare, joined forces with Pabobo to create this pretty nomadic night light, without battery or wire, in the effigy of celestin, the polar star. From 10 months. 27, 90 €. Sales points.

Phoenixfix 3 Kiddy Car Seat

This Group 1 seat (9 months-4 years) is an optimized version of the 2013 model, a great champion of crash-test safety. It meets the latest European standard ECE-R44 / 04: 269 €. More informations

Zen Night Light Humidifier by Tigex

This automatic humidifier effectively and quickly combats the dryness of the ambient air, especially in overheated houses or apartments. To offer the best technology to the baby universe, it nebulizes the water with ultrasonic vibrations thus producing safe cold steam, inducing no risk of burns. This design product with the appearance of a drop of water incorporates a multicolored night light that soothes baby and creates a zen atmosphere thanks to its palette of seven changing colors: 58,90 €. In large and medium areas.

AxissFix Plus Bébé Confort Infant Car Seat

This swivel car seat can be used from birth up to about 4 years of age and meets the latest European standard ECE-R44 / 04 and the highest safety standards, including side impact: € 519. More informations

Tigex night light

This pretty night light in the shape of a half-planet will accompany baby in light and in music at the time of the rest. She reassures by projecting beautiful bright stars on the ceiling that change colors to capture the baby's attention. Depending on the desired mood, it can diffuse a halo of light and add a sweet lullaby according to the baby's needs. To give the baby time to fall asleep peacefully, it automatically shuts off after 45 minutes: € 27.90. In large and medium areas.

Nuk Thermo Express Bottle Warmer

The new Nuk Thermo Express Bottle Warmer allows you to heat baby bottles and jars in just 90 seconds, while preserving nutritional qualities. Ideal for ensuring a homogeneous temperature, it guarantees a custom-made heating of meals at home and in the car thanks to the self-cleaning version with an adapter cable that plugs into the cigarette lighter of the car. In auto mode, baby bottles and jars will be at a good temperature in 6min30. To secure its use, it has a double handle, avoiding the risk of burns and stops automatically after the heating cycle: 38,90 € and 59,90 € the model home. In GSS.

Nuk Baby Robot Menu

Nuk's new "Baby Menu" robot combines steam cooking and a custom mix for the first baby meals. The cooking of vegetables, meat or fish is harmoniously distributed in the double cooking basket, offering a separate cooking of food to preserve the tastes. Very easy to use, it has a large bowl of 1.37 l and a 900 ml cooking basket, and can prepare up to 4 meals. Depending on the baby's age, it offers a double mix of foods to change the texture of purees. For older children, it also allows smoothies: 126,40 €. In GMS.

Pliko Mini Stroller Peg-Pérego

Fruit of the collaboration between Peg-Pérego and the Japanese designer Manri Kishimoto, a stroller too cute and very light for baby from 0 to 36 months. Practical with its swivel wheels at the front and its ultra simple folding. She sneaks everywhere! € 224.99. More informations

Balance BabyBjörn Soft Balance

A real cocoon where baby is swinging with his own movements. Comfort and safety guaranteed for this lounger that offers good support of the neck and back. For children from birth to 2 years old. € 149.90. More informations

Custom pacifier on My-Nuk.com

A personalized pacifier, even like your baby, that's what My-Nuk.com offers. Choose from the site the size and color of one of the brand's bestsellers, the Freestyle lollipop and then choose the color, the pattern or upload a photo, write a message or baby's first name. A unique "work"! 9,99 € the unit except shipping costs. More informations.

Bib'up bibs from Trois Kilos Seven

Innovation Award at the Baby Cool 2017 Show, here is the first bib with a 100% waterproof, flexible and hypoallergenic silicone collar to finish with wet clothes and irritated necks. 16,90 € the set of 2 birth bibs and 19,90 € the set of 2 bibs 1st age. Where to find them?

Highchair Up & Down of Béaba

Adjustable in height with its unique Up & Down system, this highchair made in France adapts to any dining area. Scalable from the first meals of the child with its removable tray, it grows with him up to 15 kg and turns into a real table chair: € 239.90. In specialized stores and on beaba.com

The adaptation of babies to the bilingual nursery school

The adaptation of babies to the bilingual nursery school

September has arrived, it is time to return to the routine. We go back to work and the children have to go back to school and kindergarten. Today we are going to know a series of guidelines that will help us make the child's adaptation as easy as possible and less traumatic for the child. There are many doubts that parents have when the child is going to start in a nursery in which the priority language is English. What if you don't understand the teachers? Will you feel displaced? Will it be worse than if it were a normal nursery? Is it harder?

To begin with, we must differentiate between the ages of the child. It is not the same for the child to start at 4 months than at two years. So we will be treating the adaptation period according to the age group.

- Up to 7 months of age. As in any nursery. It is the period in which the baby needs less time to adapt. In general, children do not yet have the same sense of attachment to their parents. Although they need more affection and more attention. For this reason, in nursery crib classes, only a maximum of 8 babies are allowed. As for English. The same thing happens to him, the baby still doesn't even know Spanish. With what is the best ideal time to start with English. The baby, in a couple of weeks, will have gotten used to the English accent without any problem. In fact, at this age, you will not need any support in Spanish.

- Period of adaptation to the nursery from 7 to 14 months. It is usually the hardest. Although, as always, it depends a lot on the character of the child and the feeling of attachment he has towards the parents. When they start in kindergarten, the educators must pay close attention and above all observe at all times, to be able to know the child's way of being and discover their needs. Until the child begins to speak, the introduction of English is done in a very natural way. And your brain will prepare to listen and understand English whenever you are in kindergarten. If the child has a hard time adjusting, we can lean a little on Spanish, when he is most nervous. Always with words of support.

- Between 15 and 30 months of age. At this age, children are already beginning to reason and understand us. They are aware of where they are going and one of the child's weapons is blackmail. You know the effect of crying and distress on parents. What can make the entry into the nursery tougher. At this age, it is very convenient that we explain to the child before starting where he is going to go and what he is going to do. Even so, the first days are usually hard when it is time to leave it in the nursery.

The best advice is to do it quickly, say goodbye to the boy from the road, and explain to him that as soon as he arrives he has to stay and dad has to go to work. If we lengthen the goodbye, what we do is make it cost the child more by increasing his hope that Dad will eventually decide to take him home. With what the cry and crying will increase the longer we stay with him.

For English, it is convenient that the educator also controls Spanish. Since the child may have some need and we must understand him. In addition, until a month passes, the child will be adapting and getting used to his new habitat and his companions. Once the child is comfortable and enjoys in the nursery. We must start with English in a natural and constant way. Although we do not forget that children are beginning to understand explanations better and better. With what an explanation in Spanish and English, before starting a topic, can greatly advance the development of English.

You can read more articles similar to The adaptation of babies to the bilingual nursery school, in the School / College category on site.

Guess riddle

The sailboat

Neither day nor night
can my candle light,
but when the wind blows
I usually sail very well.

Guess, guess ... Riddles for kids are a great way to stimulate intelligence, logic and creativity in your little ones. Also, this children's game provides a wonderful opportunity to spend time with the family.

For this reason, in GuiaInfantil we have created a fun application to play riddles as a family, with thousands of riddles to stimulate children in their learning and help them learn vocabulary with a fun game.

You can search children's riddles from different categories, pick a random puzzle, get clues, and enjoy an afternoon of family leisure, in the company of our mascot Ragged. Go ahead and try your luck!

A message on your phone telling you that your toddler has a fever, does that tell you? It is now possible thanks to a bluetooth pacifier that warns you in real time if baby has temperature. (News of 04/04/14)

  • Parents of the future may not be able to do without new technologies to take care of their baby! The latest example is the high-tech baby pacifier from the British brand Blue Maestro, which not only allows you to take the child's temperature, but also sends you a message on your tablet or smartphone to warn you when he has a fever.
  • For this to be possible, a temperature sensor is integrated into the silicone nipple. As soon as the child has a fever, and if you activate the bluetooth function, this data is transmitted to the application. This nipple works with a very low energy, it is safe for the baby, according to the manufacturer. Second advantage of this pacifier: you can keep the various temperature readings in memory, on the application, to share this information with your doctor, or the nursery.
  • 30
  • Info: www.bluemaestro.com

Stéphanie Letellier

Osgood-Schlatter disease

Osgood-Schlatter disease is an inflammation of the knee, caused by intense physical exertion, which occurs in children and adolescents. Considered a long time a condition for which boys are prone, Osgood-Schlatter's disease has been more and more common in girls in recent years, with the increasing number of girls interested in sports.
The condition bears the name of the two doctors who defined it in 1903, Robert Osgood and Carl Schlatter, and begins between the ages of 8 and 15, during the period of faster bone growth. It affects the anterior tibial apophysis, also bearing the anterior tibial apophysitis growth.


Inflammation of the tibia, cartilage and tendon below the knee usually affects only one knee and is caused by the physical exertion sustained at the beginning of the growth period. In girls, it can start between 8 and 13 years, while boys are most often affected between 10 and 15 years.
The risk of Osgood-Schlatter is increased in the case of children and adolescents who practice sports that involve running and jumping, such as football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, ice skating and gymnastics.
Osgood-Schlatter disease occurs when the growth of children is rapid, and the bones, muscles and tendons do not have the same rate of growth.

Photo: bestpractice.bmj.com


Pain is the most important symptom of Osgood-Schlatter disease and is felt initially only during physical activity. Other symptoms include:

  • worsening of pain during physical activity;
  • pain relief during rest periods;
  • swelling of the area below the knee;
  • problems with walking after intense physical activity;
  • tension in the muscles around the knee.

Pain affects both knees in only 25% of cases, but most children suffering from Osgood-Schlatter's disease also have a history of muscle or bone trauma.
The disease is classified according to symptoms in three degrees of severity:

  • Grade 1 - pain occurs after physical activity and disappears in maximum one day;
  • Grade 2 - pain occurs during physical activity, continues after and disappears in maximum one day;
  • Grade 3 - the pain is continuous and limits the physical activity of the child.


In most cases, the symptoms disappear spontaneously after a year or two, but the pain and discomfort can return until the closure of the tibial growth plate, with the complete development of the bones. Applying ice in the affected area, before and after the moments of physical activity, helps to relieve the symptoms.
Doctors recommend resting until the pain disappears, but the child can continue physical activity as long as the pain remains moderate. At the aggravation of symptoms, a period without sports activities can hasten the improvement of inflammation. If the child continues to complain of pain, the knee may be immobilized with a plaster for a month or two.
Most adults do not have the sequelae of this disease, but some of them may remain with the swollen area below the knee and more than half of them may experience occasional pain when they kneel.

The risks associated with the sports activity

Osgood-Schlatter disease cannot be prevented, but the way it affects children can be reduced by protective measures that mitigate the risks associated with sports.
To reduce the risk of complications, it is very important that parents, physical education teachers and coaches teach children and adolescents how to protect their body as they develop new physical skills.
The heating, 15-30 minutes before any intense activity, should never be forgotten. In order to reduce the risk of accidents, light exercises and stretches can be performed after the main activity, which most requires the child.
Injured children should never be encouraged to ignore pain and to continue intense physical activity. The onset of pain is an alarm signal of the body, and accidents can happen more often when the child focuses on the pain and ignores the environment.

Pregnancy and cold Question:

- I am pregnant in the first month of pregnancy and I got a cold with a stuffy nose and sore throat; I mention that my tonsils have been removed and since then I have frequent laryngitis What treatment can I use? Are homeopathic products indicated?


The presence of pregnancy requires caution in choosing the medication for your condition. However, a visit to an O.R.L. it is necessary, a place where you can perform a specialized consultation with the collection of a pharyngeal exudate with an antibiogram.
Don't forget to specify that you are pregnant. With the result of this consultation and of the antibiogram you can present yourself to the obstetrician doctor who will follow your good pregnancy development and who will choose a medication corresponding to the sensitivity of the identified germs but also to the presence of pregnancy and gestational age.
Regarding the use of homeopathic products, studies of their influence on pregnancy are quite limited, so it is not advisable to use any product whose effects on pregnancy are not known. In any case, it is good to ask the obstetrician for their use.
Dr. Ciprian Pop-Began
- Obstetrics and Gynecology - Clinical Hospital of Obstetrics-Gynecology Prof. Dr. Panait Sarbu

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Children at the wedding - yes or no? Whether to take a child to a wedding - this is a question that many parents ask themselves before having a wedding invitation. Fiancees have similar dilemmas - how to invite guests - what should you write on the invitation, can you reserve that guests come without children, and if so, should you worry about caring for the youngest? Think of a babysitter, animator, attractions for children, a special menu dedicated to the youngest? Bet on a family, spontaneous wedding with the youngest, or rather a "staged" ball, in which running a few-year-old with balloons between tables will be out of place? This is what this article is about.

Parents would like to have a choice

You can't compare two families to each other. Just as there are no two children the same, mothers and dads can have different opinions on this subject.

There are people who can not imagine a wedding with children. There are also moms who during the first months of life do not move anywhere without children - they work with babies hugged to their breasts, wear them in a sling, play and rest with the child by their side.

Some perceive the wedding as a family holiday in which several years can easily participate. Others cannot imagine even three hours with a child at a wedding. They do not want to make a problem and use every opportunity to go out alone, "relax from children, have fun."

Attitudes and needs are different. Just as different are weddings that can take place on important holidays, which often as parents want to spend with children, for example, Easter or Christmas. In addition, the wedding may be the only opportunity for the youngest to meet the long-unseen cousins ​​or beloved aunt living abroad. It is also impossible to compare the child's behavior over the years, temperaments, upbringing - one child at the wedding will be almost imperceptible, will have fun and simply "take care of themselves", the other will require constant care, which can be tiresome for parents.

In addition, there is also the issue of leaving the child in custody when parents are going to the wedding. There are situations when grandparents (from both sides) and other potential guardians are also attending the wedding. Weddings are also often organized on New Year's Eve, Holidays, which significantly hampers (and increases the cost of) babysitting. All this means that sometimes parents simply having no other choice, would like to come to the wedding with the child.

Therefore, from the parent's perspective, it seems most convenient to receive an invitation to marry with a child / children.

It is best if the parent can decide whether to come with the youngest family members or without them. If he receives an invitation to include children, he is not put in an embarrassing situation and does not have to ask if the child can take (if he so chooses). He also receives a nice signal that children are welcome that they are not an "embarrassing guest" and young people just remember them.

"When I was in my second pregnancy, the eighth month, my husband and I received an invitation saying that young people reserve a room for us next to the wedding hall, in which we can put my son and which I can use when I feel worse. We did not use the room. We left our son with grandparents, and when I felt tired, we went to my parents. Although we did not use the Young option, the good impression remained. I remember that to this day. I admit that it was very nice that the bride and groom noticed our situation, thought about what to do to make it easier for us to come to the wedding and feel good at it. "- recalls Marta.

The young decide - a wedding without children

Of course, the Young Couple has the right to decide that the most important day in their life is to take place exactly as they dreamed of. Therefore, more and more often children are not included in the invitations. Their presence is treated as an obstacle, which unfortunately is not met with the acceptance of some parents, especially if the annotation "without children" is added on the invitation - which is perceived as lack of tact and crossing certain limits. In addition, weddings without children are considered less pleasant for some. Others, in turn, value them for their lack of clutter and harmony.

"A wedding reception is planned for Christmas ... I must admit that we did not like this date right away. I was sure we would get an invitation with children. After a few hours, the little ones would go to sleep with their grandmothers. Unfortunately, the invitation came only for us. I admit that we didn't like it. After talking to the future Bride, I found out that this is an adult party. And we gave up. It was a signal for us. We didn't go to the wedding, ”recalls Kinga.

What do children say about this?

Many little girls dream of going to the wedding and the reception to see the bride - or "princess", dance with the groom, bring wedding rings, sprinkle flowers. Many kids treat such an exit as an important event and want to take part in it, even a small percentage - by participating in the festivities until they go to sleep.

Therefore, it seems that it would be a good habit to invite whole families to the wedding (it is worth asking guests if they want to come with children so that they do not have to deal with such topics themselves). If young people have such an opportunity, it would be good to provide children with attractions - e.g. an animator or childcare on a given day - for example, a hotel room. However, if future spouses do not want children at the wedding, they have the right to do so. However, they must also take into account the refusal from those parents who consider that leaving their children on the guest list is not a tact for them.

And what do you think about it?

How should parents be invited to the wedding / reception - with children, without them? If without children, how to invite them to avoid offending guests and not to discourage them from coming to the ceremony? Or maybe not inviting older children is dictated by cutting wedding costs (younger children usually do not pay or the rate is symbolic)? Does this fact justify or change something?

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