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Why Delay? 10 Reasons

Between puberty and menopause, women have regular menstruation (menstruation, menstruation) every month. Repeated ovulation and bleeding in a reproductive age woman on average 28 days menstrual cycle It called.

Although this cycle varies from person to person, Recurrence every 27-35 days must. A few days delays are considered normal. However, if it lasts more than a week, it may be indicative of different ailments.

Late bleeding is a term used for women who have menstrual period of 35 days or more. The first reason to come to mind in delays It is pregnancy. If pregnancy is not detected after the necessary tests, the causes should be investigated with different tests.

Irregularity may be due to very simple reasons and may be caused by important and therapeutic reasons.

Menstrual Delay?

Hormonal Disorders

  • In the normal menstruation cycle, there is a delicate balance between the brain, uterus and ovaries. The insufficient levels of FSH and LH hormones secreted from the brain may cause this problem.
  • If the adrenal glands are deficient or overworked, it triggers the problem.
  • The prolactin hormone provides milk production during the postpartum period. The secretion of this hormone outside the breastfeeding period causes menstrual irregularities.
  • Progesterone is secreted from the brain and is a very important hormone for women. Deficiency ovulation problems occur, and this situation oligomenorrhea (menstrual delay) is experienced.

Irregular Operation of Thyroid Glands

Researches pituitary, thyroid and ovaries It has shown that there is a relationship between. Over or under-functioning of the thyroid gland may disrupt this relationship and cause menstrual delays.

Thyroid gland disorders are usually goiter seen together. Goiter is not noticed in some women because it does not grow much. For this reason, thyroid glands should be examined together with sex hormones in menstrual irregularities.

Cystic structures in ovaries (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

Polycystic non-cancerous cells containing numerous small cysts ovarian It means. Polycystic ovary syndrome occurs when the vesicles in the ovaries do not crack and accumulate as cysts each time.

Progesterone secreted during the second period of ovulation It is the hormone that causes menstruation. Cystic structures lead to delays by lowering this hormone. After delays caused by syndrome, intense and prolonged bleeding may occur.

Chronic Diseases and Drug Use

Menstruation periods can be adversely affected by both chronic diseases and simple infections such as influenza.

celiac; formed in the small intestine against gluten protein in cereals allergic disorder. Menstrual irregularities are one of the symptoms of celiac disease.

Many drugs used may show side effects such as bleeding disorder. Starting a new drug, changing the dose of the drug may delay menstruation. Especially birth control pills, antidepressants, chemotherapy drugs trigger this problem.

Low Body Weight or Obesity

Sudden changes in body weight negatively affect menstrual periods. Lose weight or gain weight due to diet, illness etc. causes obesity, hormonal changes and causes oligomenorrhea.

If your body mass index is above 35%, adipose tissue and estrogen hormone will increase. In this case, menstrual periods are formed. Anorexia, which cannot eat, disrupts the spawning order because it causes rapid weight loss.

To maintain your health and prevent menstrual irregularities, you should maintain your ideal weight and mass index at normal intervals (18-24).

With the right diet you can take your weight to normal levels.


Stress hormone cortisol from the adrenal glands activates the defense mechanism in case of danger. This hormone also maintains the balance of the body when experiencing a sad event.

Cortisol hormone should be at certain levels during the day. When negative emotion changes in our lives become constant stress hormones disrupts the working order of our organs. This triggers many diseases and also negatively affects the menstruation cycle of women.

Early Menopause

Menopause occurs between the ages of 45 and 55, meaning that the menstrual period of women is completely over. Although three out of every hundred women enter menopause at an earlier age, this process may vary from person to person.

If bleeding is stopped before the age of 40 early menopause It called. One of the most important symptoms is menstrual irregularities and delays.


There are many answers to the question why menstrual is delayed. Breastfeeding mothers have normal menstrual delays. Especially mothers who regularly breastfeed their babies may experience this problem for up to a year.

Providing milk production during the postpartum period prolactin It is secreted. Increasing the amount of this secretion may reduce the egg cells and delay the period. At the end of about a year, this problem automatically disappears. Another point to be noted is that not every delay in this period is caused by breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding period and menstruation can watch our video.

Changes in Daily Life

Many women have certain working hours and sleep patterns. In our daily life, sometimes there may be changes that disrupt the routine. Cases such as moving to another city or country, going on holiday, changing working hours may affect the uterus and ovaries. menstrual period.

Each structure reacts differently to the changes encountered. This problem, which is usually non-permanent, will automatically disappear when the body adapts.

Intensive Sports and Exercise

Studies have shown that mild sports and exercises do not have a negative effect on the menstrual cycle. Experts say that the duration of menstruation may be prolonged according to the type and duration of the sport.

Women who have endurance and strength training experience this problem more often. Especially heavy athlete diets increase the likelihood of irregularities.

When Should I Worry?

Menstrual delay can be a symptom of serious health problems. Therefore, it is an issue to be considered. Although the symptoms vary from person to person, every woman may experience this problem from time to time.

If you have one or more of the following symptoms, you should consult a gynecologist and have the necessary tests done.

  • Frequent menstrual delay,
  • Timeless bleeding,
  • Bleeding is very clot-shaped,
  • Very long period of menstrual period,
  • Pain, cramping, nausea and vomiting during menstruation
  • Excessive fat and hair growth in the body,

Most of the time, spontaneous remedies may sometimes require surgical intervention or medication. Using herbs or medicines with ear-filled information can lead to serious problems without treatment.

Therefore menstrual reason is delayed should be informed about the answer to the question and necessarily seek help from specialist health institutions and doctors. Routine gynecological controls after a certain age should not be neglected.

Meaning of the name Elián. Name for boys

Among all the names for boys we highlight Elian. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

It owes its diffusion to Saint Eliana. In Hispanic documents from the 9th century it is documented as a masculine and feminine name.

Roman cognomen, derived from the nomen Aelius with the patronymic suffix -ianus.


  • Elián González (born December 6, 1993) is a Cuban who starred in an incident of significant relevance in the media in 2000, as a result of his arrival in the United States and the subsequent return to the custody of his father in Cuba.

Drawings of the name Elián coloring page printable game

Elián: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Elián name coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Elián coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Elián name to color and print

Both work and children

It is normal that during pregnancy doubts arise related to the well-being of the baby, the development of the gestation or the habits of life. So that you can solve all the questions you are asking yourself, in we have developed a dictionary of terms related to pregnancy. Here you can find an answer to all the words that begin with the letter V.

Varicose veins

Varicose veins appear on the legs as small blue or purple spiders. They usually appear in pregnancy in women who have never had or appear larger in those who already had. Women with a family history are more likely to have them. To prevent them, it is advisable to walk regularly and rest with your legs up.

Vernix caseosa

It is a white substance that covers the baby's skin at birth. It is also called sebaceous daub. It is composed mainly of water, although it also has fat and protein. It begins to form in the 20th week of pregnancy and its function is to protect the delicate and fine skin of the baby.


Changes in hormone levels can cause vomiting and nausea in pregnant women. It is very common for these episodes to be more frequent in the first trimester. Despite the annoyance it entails, they are not serious and can be combated by eating a small amount of food quite frequently.

You can read more articles similar to Dictionary of doubts for pregnant women. Letter V, in the category of Getting pregnant on site.

Fourth month of pregnancy. Pregnancy stages

Fourth month of pregnancy. Pregnancy stages

Baby bathing, play time

Baby bathing, play time

Baby bathing can be a good opportunity to play. The game is also very important for the baby, because this way he develops a lot of new skills. His handcuffs will be the first part of the body that your baby will want to explore, but they will also be the method by which he will explore water, toys, and the harness.

Your baby has now come to use his hands properly, and they are now everywhere. He grabs and puts his hands on everything he catches because only then can he "see" them and learn better. His dumbbells will learn what the brain is teaching them to learn. The skills he develops through games during bathing are: hand-eye coordination and new knowledge about body parts.

Toys for bath in the tub

There are a lot of toys for the baby's shop in the trade, but choosing them can be quite difficult, especially when you think that babies can't really express their preferences. With a little research before going to the shops you can make the right choice to make the baby's bath a fun experience but also without the risk of accidents.

Tips for choosing toys for baby's bath

Keep in mind that newborns tend to see in black and white for the first few months of life. Beautifully colored objects may not attract your attention as much as you would expect. Choose toys with the mind and personality of your baby because some will respond better to colors than to sounds or better to texture than to color, etc.

Any toy that comes into contact with your little one must be chosen with the specification "No PVC" (PVC is carcinogenic and some toy companies specify on the packaging if they do not contain this agent).

Take the baby with you when you buy the toys, because he can indicate your individual preferences by facial, gestures or onomatopoeia. What do you think the boy might like, he might find it totally uninteresting.

Buy simple toys. The baby is already overloaded by things and people around him and does not require complicated toys, such as those for children over one year old. Often too loud sounds can scare them.

If your baby is between 6-9 months old, you can choose a few simple toys to teach him about the texture and properties of the water. "Classic" toys like floating ratsticks or water-filled canoes can teach him more things than other more complex toys. For more toy ideas for your child, discover our Kids Toys category.

Whatever toy you choose, take into account the following safety instructions

  • Painted toys should be covered with a non-lead paint.
  • Make sure the toys are not small enough to fit in the child's mouth (or their component parts).
  • Avoid toys with long cords or strings, which may cause choking.
  • Some toys, with built-in "noises", are too fussy for children - they bring them to their ear, and the loud sound can affect their hearing.
  • Buy age-appropriate toys.

Games for baby's bath

There are plenty of baby bath games that you can try. To play with your baby in a hurry and to develop their specific skills you only need a special foam bath for babies and a playground, both you and the baby.

Put the baby in the crib stand (do not let him get up, although he may want this very much). Put the sparkling bath in a vial and start making balloons. Then it only remains to lightly blow a few towards the babies, leaving the baby to touch them and break them. Just be careful not to put soap in his eyes.

After getting used to the balloons, it is possible to be prepared to play the discovery of body parts. One of the somewhat strange properties of soap balloons is that they can attach to damp skin without breaking, so you can deliberately send soap balloons to your feet, hands, palms, tummy, encouraging it to burst into balloons. and at the same time to name the respective body segment. "I have a balloon on my tummy! I have a balloon on my sleeves!"

Another interactive game you can enjoy with the baby is the surprise balloon. The surprise "now you see it, now you don't see it" is especially fun with the soap bubbles shining.

Your baby will love the discovery and will be happy to stay in the bath longer, during which time you can wash it quietly. The skills developed through this game are: permanent understanding of an object and hand-eye coordination.

This game will also take place in the tub, where the baby will be in the sitting position. Hide for a moment and lightly blow a balloon, letting them fall on its feet or on the walls of the bathroom if they are within reach. Each balloon rain will be a surprise for the baby and at the same time a cause of grunts and smiles.

Because he can't see you, and the balloons appear alone, this is a fun one for babies. If it catches you, try to move your position, so the balloon rain will suddenly come from another direction, a guarantee for a new baby smile.

Remember that each baby develops differently, so if your baby is not yet ready for these activities, do not worry, give him time and try again in a few weeks.

Tags Baby bath Educational activities as well

Name Darlène - Meaning of thumbs

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The first name Darlène comes from the English word dear resulting in "expensive". It is the expression of a feeling like Désiré or Aimé in France.


American actress Darlene Conley, best known for her role as Sally Spectra in "The Bold and the Beautiful" series, American singer and actress Darlene Love ("L'arme fatale"), Australian gospel artist Darlène Joyce Zschech, several times gold record, American actress Darlene Vogel ("Pacific Blue") ... A future actress your little one?

His character :

Darlene is a person full of energy, dynamism and liveliness. She is also optimistic and communicative. With a strong personality and natural authority, she is a leading woman and a born leader. Often having the chance on her side, she lives life to the fullest and takes full advantage of all that life gives her. A real ray of sunshine that will cross your life!


Darlene, Darleen.

His party :

There is no party for the name Darlene.

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Meaning of the name Alcinoo. Name for boys

Among all the names for boys we highlight Alcinoo. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

In Greek mythology Alcinoo was a king of Phenicia, father of Nausicaa. He welcomed Ulysses when he was shipwrecked on the shores of his island.

Strength, vigor, intelligence, spirit.


  • Alberto Cortez, Argentine singer (1941-). Alberto Alcocer y Ribacoba, mayor of Madrid (1886-1957); Albrecht Dürer, German Renaissance painter (1471-1528); Albert Einstein, German physicist and mathematician (1879-1955); Albert Boadella, Catalan actor and playwright (1943-).

Drawing of the name Alcinoo coloring page printable game

Alcinoo: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Drawing of the name Alcinoo coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Alcinoo coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Alcinoo name to color and print

30 Unique Biblical Names for Boys with meaning

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