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Find out what the voices in your mind are saying in the latest Disney movie - Pixar

Will you ever look at someone and ask them what's going on in their head? From the adventure of a trip with the balloon through the clouds to a metropolis full of monsters, the Oscar-winning director Pete Docter ("Monsters, Inc.", "Up") has taken viewers through countless unique and fanciful places. But in the original Disney-Pixar movie "Turning Back", he takes us to the most wonderful of them - inside the mind.

The movie "Inside Out / Reverse on the back"Is distributed by Forum Film Romania and will premiere on June 19, 2015, being designed in 3D format, in both the subtitled and the duplicated version.

A story full of emotion and emotions

"These emotions are like voices in our mind. When we started working on the film, we looked around - at children, friends, colleagues - and we realized that each one has its own temperament. We all have periods when we are happy or sad, but some people are just happy or nervous or otherwise. Riley is one of those happy kids. So Joy had to be the first Emotion to appear, and she has a special relationship with Riley, ”says director Pete Docter. "Joy has a wonderful 33 seconds where she's just there," adds actress Amy Poehler, who lends her voice to this emotion. "Then Riley starts crying and Sadness appears. Then Joy realizes she has to share Riley with other feelings and emotions. "

Full of Pixar's signature charm, "Return of Two" presents a mind full of memorable characters, intense moments and humor. "Our goal, from the beginning, was to make it fun. My kids saw him and they were just talking about Fury, they found it extremely fun. And the journey of Joy and Sorrow is an extraordinary adventure ”, says the producer Jonas Rivera. "I think adults - parents - will look at it in a completely different way. It will be cheerful, but there is something deeper in the film for them. It's something Walt Disney has always wanted to do, ”he continued. "It's like a world you perceive as very familiar and magical at the same time," Poehler added.

Pixar recipe

Pixar filmmakers are recognized for their research work on any film - whether it's to become an expert in car design for "Cars / Cars" or explore Scotland to discover the landscapes for "Brave / Undressed". The artists and storytellers behind the film "Turned Back" wanted to immerse themselves in the science of the mind, studying memories, human emotions and how they evolve during adolescence. They worked with scientists, neurologists, psychologists and other experts to better understand how the mind works.

Dr. Dacher Keltner - co-director of the Greater Good Science Center and professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley - helped the producers choose the five emotions present in the film. "The researchers have different ideas about how many emotions we have - they are between 4 and 27, depending on the one asked," says the expert. Dr. Keltner's work includes 21, including boredom, contempt, and embarrassment. Finally, five Emotions were chosen, which can be found on the lists of most researchers.

Then, the filmmakers had to define each emotion and its role in Riley's mind, and go through the difficult process of finding the right look for each one. "The look and design of the Emotions had to remind people that they are personifications of feelings," says Docter. "They are not small people. There are emotions. They are made of energy, of thousands of particles. I wanted to represent how emotions are - their shapes, colors, and personalities. ”

"We liked the idea of ​​them coming to work every day. They have a job to do there and they do their best, because I love Riley. The key is, of course, that each has a different task - and each task is just as important, ”says Rivera. "One of my favorite aspects of animation is how expressive it is," says Docter. "You can make a character move in physically impossible ways, but show how you feel. We managed to get a type of movement in this film that we haven't had in others. "

When it came to creating the design of the five Emotions, the production team was determined to achieve the desired result, involving resources, technology, imagination and research. "The whole movie is built around these Emotions - they lead. We can control how we act, but we cannot choose how we feel, ”explains Docter.


Maturation can be a hopeful journey, and this is no exception for little Riley, 11, especially when she is uprooted from her Midwest life, once her dad starts a new job in San Francisco.

Like us all, Riley is guided by five Emotions - Joy (Amy Poehler), Fear (Bill Hader), Fury (Lewis Black), Disgust (Mindy Kaling) and Sadness (Phyllis Smith). Emotions live in Headquarters, the control center inside Riley's mind, where she helps and mentors her daily. As Riley and her emotions struggle to adapt to the new life in San Francisco, the disorder erupts. And when Joy and Sadness are accidentally absorbed into the depths of Riley's mind - taking with them some fundamental memories - Fear, Anger and Disgust need to take over. And Joy and Sorrow must venture through unknown places - Long-Term Memory, the Land of Imagination, Abstract Thoughts and Dream Production - in a desperate attempt to return to Headquarters and Riley.

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It always hurts somewhere

Today, he has a headache, yesterday was the belly, and tomorrow he will surely have a boo to show you after school ... One thing is certain, your child needs all your attention.

He whines, says he is in pain and you never really know if it's comedy. By talking with him, watching him live with others, you will better understand what is wrong and help him to express it.

Comedy or reality?

He is grumpy, always in bad shape and the pediatrician finds him in good physical shape. Without neglecting a real health problem, try to identify under which conditions he complains.

  • When does it say to have "bad"? If he whines every night at bedtime, it may be the only way for him to show his difficulty separating from you during the night. He is afraid of being alone, of having nightmares. In the same way, he still has sore legs before going to school or going to spend the weekend at Papie-mamy? His uneasiness is related to these situations that he may not live very well.
  • Is anything likely to upset him in the family now? A death, an argument at home, a move or the arrival of a little brother, are situations that momentarily disturb him. It catches your attention by complaining of imaginary pain or anxiety.
  • Every time his dad goes on the move, he has an ear infection? His illness is the result of this change and the distance from his father weakens him. It is essential to treat otitis, but also to ask about the repetition of the situation.

Install the dialogue

  • Take his complaint seriously. Ask him where he is hurting, check his temperature and make an appointment with your pediatrician. Once the medical problem is identified and treated, find out what's wrong with talking to him.
  • Stay tuned. That's the only way he can tell you that something is worrying him, that he's sad or scared. Do not neglect his complaint under the pretext that "it's still cinema". Encourage him to talk to you.

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    Herbal whites may be protected from early menopause
    "At the very beginning I will point out that I am a mother of two children. Despite this, I don't understand my colleagues' approach to motherhood. The scale of the problem is so huge that I decided to write to you.

    Do you notice how many women lose themselves in parenthood not for a few months (which would be understandable), but for years, forgetting about the whole world? In the place of the brain, they grow a mush, reminiscent of the one that their children feed. No expression, bland and still the same. It is impossible to talk about anything but diaper changes, night feeding, crawling attempts. However, this is not the worst part, but an attempt to persuade the world by a fortified mother about how tired, poor and desperate I am because I don't have time to meet. I think it's some kind symptoms of diaper dermatitis?

    Such an unrecognized young mother completely forgets that You on the other side of the phone also have children, but in addition you have a full-time job and somehow you manage. It's hard, but damn it, who is light now? Today? And then these mothers complain that no one remembers them, that friends do not speak. And I ask, how many times you can call, propose a meeting? How many times do you hear stories about little cute children and never hear how you are doing. In such a way that you feel that someone is really interested in the answer. You tell something to a young mother and you see that it doesn't interest her, that she doesn't listen ...

    I understand the love for a child. I understand devotion. I do not understand, however, the full fixation and forgetting that in addition to moms we are also wives, friends, we have more needs? Why are we hiding them?

    I want to howl, as I see a good friend ruin her marriage, put the guy on the sidelines. He sleeps in a separate room, because the bed has been occupying their child for two years, he returns from work with a sour expression, he increasingly locks himself in his own world, and she says that everything is fine, although they are a bit distant from each other, but this normal because they have a small child. I do not know the statistics, but it can be seen in the media and just in life that a lot of relationships break up when children are small. Mostly men are blamed for going to another one because he shouldn't, he saw that his wife was tired, that children, etc.

    Ok that's true.

    But did anyone look at it from the other side? What did a young mother do with herself and her life? How effectively did she reject everyone, starting from her husband and ending with friends? Do we really have to be this? Does a child have to change us so much, so badly? " Best regards, Ola

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