Diabetes in children

Diabetes in children

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An application to practice memorizing the tables from 1 to 10. Immersed in the world of Prehistory, your child will play with three little jokers: he will have to find the solutions of the operations to help them escape the clutches of the cave lion or extinguish the fire of the huts ... How old? 7 to 13 years old. Its price: € 1.79. Where to find it?

An application to practice memorizing the tables from 1 to 10. Immersed in the world of Prehistory, your child will play with three little jokers: he will have to find the solutions of the operations to help them escape the clutches of the cave lion or extinguish the fire of the huts ...

How old ? 7 to 13 years old.

His price : 1,79 €.

Where to find it?

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10 gift ideas for grandparents

Grandparents have a very special place in our lives. They play a very valuable role, because they have the great wisdom of the years of life and the lessons learned from their own experiences as parents. As with grandmothers, grandparents They are not caregivers or babysitters ... they are grandparents! If you want to recognize their excellent work they do with their grandchildren, nothing better than a gift. We give you up to 10 gift ideas for grandparents. Take aim!

What do grandparents bring to their grandchildren? Apart from wisdom, a grandparent can bring care, love and many values ​​to grandchildren. On such endearing dates as Grandfather's Day, birthday, Christmas or Three Wise Men, it would be nice if we didn't forget about grandparents.

Thus, Guiainfantil.com has selected 10 gift ideas we can make to grandparents. You will tell us what you think.

1- Books. If the grandfather is one of those who like books, a book can be a very successful gift alternative. There are many books that grandparents may be interested in: adventure, classics, best-sellers.

2- Movie or music DVD. If grandpa likes to watch movies, this gift is perfect. Find out the types of movies he likes.

3- Slippers or other footwear. A shoe to walk around the house is always welcome. So are sneakers or shoes to go out.

3- Table games. There are grandparents who love board games, such as chess, the game of the goose, even cards, dominoes, puzzles, etc.

4- Pijama. There is no more appreciative gift for a grandfather. Surely you will be very excited to win a pajama for your grandson or granddaughter.

5- Photo holder. Grandparents, as well as grandmothers, love to have frames with photos of the family in some corner of the house. So a photo holder with a photo of your grandchildren, they will love it. A glasses holder made by children is also a good gift.

6- Toolbox. For grandparents who like to do small works at home, a toolbox can go a long way.

7- An agenda. This is a gift that all grandparents will like, especially those with a lot of chores to do. It will help you get organized.

8- Cologne or perfume. This is also a great gift for grandparents who love to smell good. You just have to know which scent they like best.

9- A clock. This is a useful gift for grandparents. You don't have to buy them an expensive watch. There are alternatives at a good price, depending on the material.

10- Newspaper or magazine subscription. If Grandpa likes to read a weekly newspaper or magazine, it would be nice to give him an annual subscription.

Important: We must treat grandparents with the same affection and respect as always. May they never lack kisses and hugs.

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5 things that do not cause autism

5 things that do not cause autism

Autism, this disease that isolates children in a silent world, is one of the most debated and researched diseases at present among specialists. Scientists try to find out the exact causes that affect the child's ability to communicate and interact with others, but in their endeavor they have encountered a lot of myths or misconceptions related to the factors that trigger the disease.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to discuss the things that do NOT cause autism and to "bury" them permanently from the path of proper growth of a child!

Parental style

Nothing you do in caring or raising a child is related to your child's autism diagnosis. It is useless to let the feelings of guilt or frustration invade your mind and the joy of being a parent. Although the exact causes of this frightening condition for parents are unknown, they certainly are not related to how you choose to care for your child.

Studies suggest that autism triggers are genetic, biological, or neurological in nature. Therefore, nothing you do or do not do in the care, discipline and education of the child cannot be the cause of this disorder.

Behavior during pregnancy

Not only the way you look after the baby after birth has been associated with autism. There are a number of prejudices according to which sun exposure, vices, medications or emotional traumas experienced during pregnancy could cause autism in children, things that are not true. But it is certain that many of these can have serious repercussions on the general health of the child.

Vaccines (immunization)

In recent years, a real anti-vaccine propaganda has begun in children, on the grounds that it would produce the neural changes associated with disorders in the autism spectrum. First, the ROR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccine was targeted as the main culprit for triggering the disease. Shortly after, all types of immunizations gradually began to be considered risk factors for the disorder.

Specialists warn that vaccinating children is too high a price to pay for their health and life, for parents to consider scientifically undetermined speculation that immunizations would have implications in triggering autism.


Since sugar consumption has been associated with increased risk of ADHD in children, many researchers and pseudomediaries have tried to make connections between food and autism, launching all sorts of unwarranted assumptions. For fear of this disorder, many parents switched their children to diet or diet, removing from their menu foods with gluten, casein or other ingredients that the respective studies relied on.

It is certain that nothing has been proven in this regard and that the chances that the foods consumed by children produce biological and neurological degeneration involved in the onset of this disease are very low.

Electronic devices (gadgets)

There are not many diseases and problems with which phones, TVs and, in general, modern gadgets have not been associated over time, and autism is no exception. At one point, it was speculated that the habit of watching TV shows could trigger autism in children. But no scientific evidence has come to light to prove that watching shows or movies would result in the biological or neurological degeneration involved in autism.

And electromagnetic waves emanating from gadgets, and especially from mobile phones, have been associated with autism, based on the fact that it would have a harmful impact on the brain. However, at present there is no evidence that the use of electronics could be responsible for the onset of the disorder.

Do you know any other things that have been falsely associated with autism? Who do you think is the real cause of this non-infectious disease? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

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What is reading for children. The viral note of a 7-year-old girl

What is reading for children. The viral note of a 7-year-old girl

When you discover reading one fine day, there is no going back. Suddenly your wings grow and you fly. It doesn't happen to everyone, of course, but it does to many. Some before, and others after. To Daniela, at 7 years old. Yes, at seven years old. It's true, it's very early.

This little girl's teacher asked the class to write in a few lines what reading meant for each of them. He asked for sincerity. But he never expected to find an answer as deep and direct as hers, Daniela's. Only 7 years. Find out what reading means to children. Here is the answer that makes us adults reflect.

Daniela's note went viral on social networks. Her teacher, Ángeles Lara, proud of her student, uploaded her to Twitter. Immediately afterwards he received a barrage of messages. Most, astonished at the words of this little girl. This was the writing of Daniela, a 7-year-old girl living in Ceuta, about the reading:

"Life is not just being glued to a little machine and the internet, it is living on the edge and I don't mean jumping the walls of school, I mean reading because if you read it is not necessary to escape because you've already escaped through the books. "

Many people found it hard to believe that someone so small understands reading as an act of freedom. Normally, at that age, children read for fun or simply because they are forced. It is not until later, when children suddenly discover an exciting world in reading. However, this writing on what reading is for children, shows that literature does not understand ages.

Before the incredulous messages of many, responded the teacher, who assures that it was not a dictation, but a free text, in which each one had to express what they felt before the books. The girl's own mother wrote to ensure that no one had told her anything. And to clarify that Daniela is like that, free, creative and original.

Free. That is maybe the word. The same one that the little girl used as a keyword when thinking about reading. Books offer freedom. You can escape, think what you want, feel what you want ... no one can stop you, or clip your wings. Great definition, amazing definition, to read to all children.

Reading can start from pregnancy itself. Babies begin to hear their mother's voice and learn to recognize it from before they are born. It is an ideal time to start reading stories. And since babies, yes, even if you think that they are still not capable of understanding anything .. You can tell them stories, with the help of a little 'theater'. Very short stories, because when they are very young, their attention span is less.

But as they grow up, and when that wonderful moment comes when they learn to read, then yes. Bet on leaving stories, adventure books in their hands ... And discover the amount of benefits they have for them:

- Encourage the imagination. Books are stimuli for fantasy and imagination, a very powerful engine to encourage creativity.

- Enhance critical thinking. Help children to reflect and think. It helps them to know each other better and to think about everything around them.

- It helps them recognize their emotions. Characters in stories are a great vehicle for helping children recognize basic emotions, as well as giving them tools to manage those emotions.

- Improve your reading comprehension. The more they read, the easier it is for them to study later, as their reading comprehension will greatly improve.

- Improve your vocabulary. It is certainly quite evident, and it does not usually fail: children who read more have a richer vocabulary than those who do not read. It is obvious, since we do not speak as we write. We tend to specify and synthesize more when using oral language.

- Boost memory. As you read, the area of ​​the brain that recognizes and files words is activated. Many times we reread a phrase because it is attractive to us, and we exercise our memory with the intention of retaining an idea.

- Transmits values. One of the great advantages of books for children is that they can also be used as a vehicle for transmitting values ​​and teachings.

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Stress is defined as the body's general response to any stimulus that produces tension. Faced with some circumstance of possible danger or threat, the individual sets in motion his regulatory mechanisms to be able to adapt.

This term is continually linked to the lifestyle that exists today; traffic jams, rushing, accumulation of work, etc ... These are situations that generate such tension in adults. But,Is it possible for babies to be stressed?

The answer to the question if the baby can also suffer from stress is yes. Although we must clarify that most children suffer from "eustress" or positive stress, this being an active response to an unpleasant stimulus, which ends when the conflict is resolved. This type of stress provides us with useful tools to face life.

However, although it is rare that a child who is well cared for and is loved can suffer it, there is a percentage of babies who can suffer from the so-calledpathological stress or anxiety with which they can see their health altered.

There are multiple causes that can cause stress in babies. Among all of them we can highlight the following:

- Childbirth. The extent to which babies are stressed will depend on the type of delivery. Studies by Professor Vivette GLover and her team (Imperial College London) show that there is greater stress on the baby when there is instrumentalization to promote birth, such as the use of forceps. In contrast, the least stressed babies are those whose mothers deliver by scheduled or voluntary cesarean section. At the intermediate point is natural delivery, vaginally and without instrumentalization.

- Disease. Diseases that are very common in babies such as infant colic, flatulence, otitis produce very intense pain capable of producing great anxiety in children.

- Parental anxiety. Children are very sensitive to the emotional state of their parents, they are able to quickly grasp how they feel and quickly catch their mood.

- Lack of care. Studies show that children who are not fed when they are hungry, do not change their wet diapers, are allowed to cry until they are exhausted and do not get answers to their babbling, are more likely to suffer problems of stress, insecurities and fears that children to whom their parents dedicate all kinds of care with care and attention.

- Lack of sleep. If they do not get enough rest they do not regain strength and fatigue ends up taking a toll on them, first in the form of nervousness and then stress.

- The lack of routines. Babies need to follow a regular meal, sleep, bath, and walk schedule in order to anticipate what is going to happen. This will give them a sense of security.

- Excessive stimuli. Continuous noise, too much light, too many changes in activity, sudden movements, etc. They increase the nervousness of the little ones

The best thing we can do so that the baby does not suffer stress is to prevent it. For this, it is necessary to make the child feel loved and integrated within the family.

The family environment must be characterized as a calm and relaxed atmosphere, where there is an hourly routine in which there is space for food, play and rest.

Experts recommend breastfeeding, at least up to 6 months to prevent stress in babies, since it is one of the best immunoregulators that exists.

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Before the door was full of talent, they enjoyed what they were doing. They are our little miracles!

Musical talent is one of the earliest manifestations of talent.
(Illustrated by us)

The drummer

In Japan, you can present the knowledge of a six and a half year old "miracle drummer" in Debrecen. Patricia Wesser and teacher at high school, Kovács János percussion artist a Sznjбtszу Stъdiу with Debrecen traveled to the eastern island together on Fridays.
Jannos Kovács's two-and-a-half-year-old man deals with the child he calls "drum phenomena," who has repeatedly demonstrated his exceptional ability on the Debrecen Jazz Days. This time, with Stephen Pinczés' Debrecen Stuttgart in Toyama and six other Japanese cities, we present the matchmaker's little story, in which my teacher is a drummer from Debrecen.

The singer

Andris Szabou is known by many as Megastrub. The blind boy sang Péter Máté's songs a couple of years ago and played barefoot songs on synthesizers.

The piano

Ádám Szokolay piano music has been playing piano at the age of fourteen and has attended the University of Music Arts since the age of nine, and has had many international concerts already,

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