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Name Emeraude - Meaning and origin

Lunch food

Even if the Oltenians are renowned for their consumption of leeks, we will show you that leeks' food is highly appreciated in all areas.

Preparation time

50 min.




2 leeks links

2 fat peppers

2 carrots

5 baked tomatoes

3 tablespoons olive oil

100 g of olives



Method of preparation

Photo: thecooksnextdoor.wordpress.com

Clean the leek, wash it well and cut the leaves, then cut the stems in thick circles of about 3 centimeters.

Photo: robinellisdotnet.wordpress.com

In a large saucepan heat the leeks in the hot oil, then add the chopped chopped peppers, the carrots on the grates and cover everything with a cup of water. Leave all the vegetables to a boil, and when they are half browned, add the scrambled olives in boiling water.

At the end, when the leek is penetrated, add the tomatoes given on the grating, season with salt and pepper and let it simmer for 10 minutes.

Serve leeks with chopped green on top.


You can serve this simple food, as a main course during the fasting or as a garnish, along with some chicken dishes prepared in the oven.

The type of kitchen


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The little house of verses. Latin American poetry for children

Incentivize your child love towards literature and books by short poems and rhymes. They are fun and get the attention of the little ones.

On this occasion we offer you a poem by the Argentine writer Elsa Isabel Bornermann. This is a very short poem to help children memorize. Enjoy with your child with this poem: 'The little house of verses'.

The little house of verses

It is made of paper and little,

but everything fits there

what one needs

in its seven rooms

with its seven little windows:

In one there are violet dreams

there are in the other, smiles;

in the third, a giant

well drawn with chalk

that keeps beautiful words

under the shirt ...

In the fourth room

a chest with little music;

in the fifth, two mirrors

to see beautiful things ...

(one can see the birds

and on the other, stars ...).

In the sixth room

covers walls and floor,

a tulip garden

with velvet grass

and spiral staircase

to go dancing to heaven.

In the seventh there are two moons

at the bottom of a trunk:

one smells like warm sugar,

the other to blue perfume ...

one wears gold buckles,

the other tulle bows.

Oh! What a beautiful house,

of paper and so little!

but ... have you seen?

what one needs

in its seven rooms

with its seven little windows.

Find out if your child understood the poem and was attentive. You can help yourself with these simple questions:

- What was the house made of?

- How many rooms did the house have?

- What things are in the rooms?

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When children need school reinforcement

When children need school reinforcement

There are children who during the school year they begin to have difficulties in their learning that if they are not treated on time or taken into account thinking that he will improve by himself, it is very likely that he will begin to have a delay in his knowledge with respect to the level of the rest of the class.

This fact can cause that children do not get good grades in exams because they prefer not to study to something they do not understand and even if they have made an effort the result will be negative since they demand more than the level they have reached in their learning.

Failing to pass tests will cause children to become frustrated, to stop organizing well, to become distracted, inattentive, and until your concentration begins to decrease, that they do not do their homework for fear of making mistakes and even in the long run it can lead to school failure. But is that reason enough to think about giving him a school reinforcement? Of course yes.

In this sense, children will clearly need a school reinforcement because their performance is not adequate. If, after reading the above, you think that your child may need this extra academic help, you should think about what exactly he needs and think about his personal characteristics since not all children need the same help, nor do they have the same learning rate.

You are likely to have several questions through your head to help you. Is an academy or a private teacher better? There is also the possibility of going to a psychopedagogue to help him organize and establish appropriate study techniques and that as parents you can help him at home in whatever he needs.

But if with or without that you also want to sign up for an extra help for school reinforcement, these two options are viable and appropriate, but you should think about what your child needs to choose one or the other. For example, if your child needs individualized support and works better without company, a private teacher will undoubtedly be the best option, on the other hand, if you prefer to go at a slower pace and have colleagues around to share experiences, in this case , the academy will be the best decision.

Of course the determination to choose a private teacher or an academy it will depend on a reflection of the parents, of the characteristics of the child who needs the school reinforcement and good information about the professionals that are available in the environment. But it is essential that you make sure that the work that is done with your child is to overcome difficulties with a specific plan and not only to carry out school tasks.

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The power of positive re-inforcement. Wendy Smith. TEDxPlymouthUniversity

How to choose your baby's bottle

When the baby is born, many thoughts of parents are about feeding the new member of the family. Although the best diet whenever possible is breastfeeding, some women are forced or choose to feed their child with feeding bottle. But how can we choose the best bottle for the baby?

The bottle is used to feed the baby with Formula milk (or breast milk previously expressed with a breast pump), and to be successful with the one we choose for our child, it is necessary that it meets certain requirements. Some aspects must be taken into account when choosing the bottle in question, although many babies reject some according to the nipple because they are not the ones that best adapt to their mouth.

It may also happen that if there has been previous breastfeeding, the baby rejects during the first feedings the feeding bottle, but when we find the one that best suits it, the process will be easier.

In general, it is necessary to choose a bottle that is functional so that it is not too complicated to wash it, and also that it is easy to sterilize. Also, try different models or teats it will help us to know exactly what our baby is demanding.

Plastic baby bottle: The bottles with unbreakable plastic are very practical when babies can already hold them by themselves and drink them themselves, either their own milk, or water when we are out for a walk.

Glass baby bottle: Although it is more delicate and above all it weighs more, it is quite good for babies especially the first months when they are feeding with it. On the other hand, it is much easier to clean and sterilize.

- Baby bottle with rubber nipple: This type of nipple can be chosen when the child already has teeth, because it is much stronger than silicone ones.

- Baby bottle with silicone nipple: Silicone nipples for bottles are the most classic, and also the safest so that the baby feels comfortable from the beginning. They cannot be used forever, since when they start to get a little hackneyed they can be annoying for the child's gums.

- Anti-reflux baby bottle: Although there are opposite sides that criticize this model, for some experts it is the ideal option to prevent reflux in babies from birth to the first twelve months of life. Its peculiarity is that it has an angle with an inclination of 30º that prevents this from happening and also helps parents.

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18 Important Things Babies Are Trying to Tell You

Queen of Egypt. Biography in children's story of the great Cleopatra

Who was Cleopatra? If you ask your children this question, they may be able to give you a vague idea of ​​who they think this historical figure was. But, so that you know a little more about his life and his role in the history of Egypt, we bring you this biography in a children's story about the life of the great Cleopatra. It is titled 'The Queen of Egypt'.

Cleopatra was born in the time of the pharaohs. She was of Greek stock, so she grew up speaking, reading and writing in Greek; but how she was a very smart girl She was the first in her household to learn to speak Egyptian, and everyone assumed she was descended from an Egyptian family.

Every day he played with his little brother, Ptolemy, on the banks of the River Nile.

- Look at Ptolemy! - Shouted his brother pointing to two large crocodiles.

- Let's see if you can catch me! - Ptolemy shouted playing tag running between the pyramids.

Cleopatra's beauty did not go unnoticed by anyone. Her sweet and harmonious voice, her big green eyes, her slim body, her fine hands; everything about her was elegance And, as they said around there, it was because every day he bathed in donkey's milk.

When the brothers grew up, even if they had never imagined it, They fought for the throne and Ptolemy drove Cleopatra out of the house. She got very angry with her brother.

She went to live in Alexandria and there she fell in love with Julius Caesar, to whom he told what had happened to him. So the lover decided to help her regain the throne of Egypt by kicking Ptolemy out of the palace. Later Julius Caesar was assassinated and Cleopatra reigned with Cesarion, their son.

A few years later, Cleopatra met Marco Antonio; by then she was still bathing in donkey's milk and they had a crush. It happened that he was already married and, his wife's brother, Octavian, who was emperor of Rome, was very angry when he saw that Marco Antonio left his sister for another woman and declared war on the two.

Knowing how in love they were, Octavian captured Cleopatra and sent a letter to Marco Antonio saying that she had died. Falling into the trap, broken with pain, Marco Antonio decided to kill himself rather than live without his beloved. The same day that Cleopatra learned of the death of Antony, she also took her own life. She put on her makeup, put on her best dress, lay down and dropped an asp on her bed so that it could poison her with its bite.

From this story, you can ask your children some reading comprehension questions with which you can check if they have been attentive to everything you have read. In addition, below we propose more language activities with which you can review some of the concepts your children have learned in class during the previous months.

To make the following activities attractive to your children, think of them as a challenge or a game that you have to solve. In addition, you must adapt them to their level and age, since if they are too complicated or too easy to solve they will cause a certain rejection.

[Read +: Benefits of children reading biographies]

- Reading comprehension questions about the story
We started with some 'true or false' questions to assess whether the little ones understood and paid attention to what they were reading.

  • Cleopatra was of Greek origin.
  • Cleopatra and Ptolemy fought for the throne of Egypt.
  • Cleopatra fell in love with Julius Caesar, who helped her regain the throne.
  • Marco Antonio and Cleopatra also lived a love story.

- Complete the sentence
Another fun way to find out if the children have understood what they have read is to propose an exercise to complete the sentence from the story. Here are some examples that you can propose to your children:

  • Cleopatra's brother was named _______.
  • Cleopatra's son was named _______. (This one is complicated!)
  • Cleopatra liked to bathe in ________'s milk.
  • Cleopatra died from the bite of a ___________.

- Look up the most complicated words in the dictionary
To better understand the text, it is also necessary for children to understand all the words that appear in it. Therefore, we must suggest that they look in the dictionary for those that they do not understand. With this exercise, we will also help children to expand their vocabulary.

Although each child may have different doubts, these are some of the most difficult words in the text.

  • Pharaohs
  • Lineage
  • Asp

Once the previous exercises have been carried out, we can propose to the children other more fun activities, but just as educational, so that they can dive into the time of the pharaohs.

- Journey to the past
How much do your children know about Egypt? They sure still have a lot to learn from this fascinating time! As a result of this biography in the tale of Cleopatra we can embark on a journey through time and learn more about the time of the pharaohs and the pyramids. To do this, we can accompany our children through the Internet, but we can also do it in a more analog way and pick up books or encyclopedias.

- African legends
Your kids will love reading some of the most beautiful African legends like 'The Baobab' or 'The Elephant and the Rain' or 'The Hyena and the Free'. All of these stories convey important values ​​to children such as humility or forgiveness.

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