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Feeding problems: Overweight

The problem

Your pediatrician uses height/weight charts to follow your child's growth patterns over time. A marked increase in weight from one visit to the next – jumping from the 50th weight percentile to the 85th, for example – can be a sign that your child is putting on too much weight too quickly. Overweight toddlers are frequently easy to spot. Often, their tummies and thighs are chubbier than most kids', so while the length on a pair of pants might be right, the waistband is too tight.

What you can do

Young kids should never be put on a diet, because they're likely to miss out on nutrients that help their bodies grow, says Janis Jibrin, a registered dietician based in Washington, D.C. Instead, allow kids to grow into their weight. One of the best ways to do this is to increase your child's activity level. With toddlers, this is as simple as making sure they get outside to run around for at least 30 minutes every day.

Typically, overweight kids are accustomed to eating fatty foods and sugary drinks such as chips, cookies, fruit juices and sodas. You need to train their taste buds away from these foods by introducing things like vegetable juice and fresh fruit. They can still have juice, but they shouldn't go over the recommended daily amounts for their age range. You can stretch juice servings by diluting them with water. After age 2, consider switching to skim milk to save on calories and fat. One cup of whole milk has 150 calories and 8 fat grams vs. 90 calories and 0 fat grams for a cup of skim. Finally, parents need to watch what they eat, too. "If your children see you eating cookies and cake, then they'll want those things too," says Jibrin.

Obesity, Causes, SIgns and Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment.

When someone screams at the child

When someone screams at the child

Cherry sorbet

Cherry sorbet

Train on the BNTSZ, hunting for cigarettes! BNTSZ and MБV are preparing to comply

It was the morning of the last Sunday before Christmas. Gideon the little pig snorted and stood on his white legs, excited to find his friends. This day was for all a great day, the day when the manger was being prepared.

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  • He ran to the barn that was to welcome him. There, he found Bruno the lamb, Alain the foal, Odilon the donkey and Emilio the veal grouped around a bed of straw on which a little Jesus would soon take his place.
  • All around, stones brought from outside had been harmoniously arranged at the bottom of the stable, evoking a cave decoration. Alain and Odilon had recovered the scarecrow from the nearest field. Standing in the background, he played his role as a shepherd perfectly.
  • A beam of light crossed a narrow window to land on the improvised cradle, it was beautiful. said Emilio, she's ready! And in full! Everything is there, the shepherd, the lamb, the donkey, the horse, and the ox! "Gideon raised his ears, waiting for the rest. But immediately, there was none. And what about him?
  • Determined not to stop there, he rushed out and headed straight for the nearest farm. He entered the main room, deserted fortunately, and spotted the plant that interested him. With delicacy, he tore two long bamboo leaves that decorated the place. He stared at them well on the top of his head.
  • In a reflection of the window, he admired himself. Perfect ! It looked like two drops of water to Odilon the colt.

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