Our 2020 List of Unique Baby Boy Names - Names and Meanings!

Our 2020 List of Unique Baby Boy Names - Names and Meanings!

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8 things you would like to know about the second child

When you became pregnant again and gave birth to a second child, you did not think that things would look so different and that you would find everything so new and unexpected. You thought you were used to what it means to care for a newborn, what problems to expect and what are the difficulties you will face. But the surprise, the raising and care of the second child are quite different from the experience you had with the first one. Here are some of the things you would like to know about the arrival of the second child!

Discover that you can be even busier than you were before!

Did you think that now it will be easier, because you have already undergone an experience and you have the necessary training to deal with any problem that comes your way? It is true, you are better prepared and you know more, but you will still have to deal with diapers, sleepless nights, breastfeeding, colic, mildew, illness, exasperating crying, etc.

Even if you treat them with more dexterity and skill, they will be present in your life and will have to be resolved at the same time when you will have to take care of your first born. Taking care of two children requires a great deal of effort. You need to be aware that you will have more responsibilities, less free time and more problems to solve than in your first parenting experience.

Discover that you must "invent" time for all!

Mother with supernatural forces or fantastic woman ?! You certainly have to be one of these two heroines to be able to cope with the busy schedule and the responsibilities that have multiplied with the arrival of the second child in the family.

But with a little tact and a lot of insight, you will be able to integrate all the tasks in the 24 hours that one day has. With an agenda in hand, plan and prioritize everything you have to do, so that you organize yourself every day of the week and set aside time for yourself and your partner or for social life.

Social life will be on the ground!

Did you think you had no friends until now? After the birth of the second child, your social life will experience a significant downfall. Not even time to phone the best friend or relatives you will not have. Your social life will not be affected forever from now on. It all depends on how you manage to organize yourself and how quickly you adapt to the new family context.

Not even your sex life is on the roses!

Specialists have noticed a strange tendency among couples with more children. It seems that in families with at least two children, partners tend to be closer to one another and to be more supportive and understanding of one another.

You may love yourself more, but there is a downside. It is possible that now, having two children in their care, each with their own and different needs, you can no longer find time for sex.

You treat and love your children differently!

Of course, you love both of your children just as much and you don't think of making a difference between them. After the birth of the second child, you may be overwhelmed with strange feelings about each of your two children.

With or without your will, you will feel a different kind of love for each one and treat them differently. In most cases it happens that the new family member is more loved and receives more attention from the parents, and the older one is easily neglected.

Even if you try to treat them both, it is still possible that the way you love them will be different and have your "favorite". Don't blame yourself! There are normal feelings that I can try. It is important that none of the children feel deprived of your affection and love!

You are better prepared and consider yourself a better parent!

When you care for a second child and face all the challenges of raising and caring for both children, you feel stronger and more confident. You feel it is an important victory in the account of your personal achievements and an important test of maturity. Therefore, from the moment you hold your second child in your arms, you will do things completely differently than in the first experience.

You are better prepared to face the difficulties and problems, you know what to expect and why the baby needs it at every age. Things are, at least from this point of view, easier. The way you strengthen the relationship between the two brothers and how you treat them, so as to avoid fraternal rivalry between them, will prove to be the true test that will show you how good a parent you are.

Meet the fraternal rivalry!

With only one child around, things were simple. The toys were his only, he was just walking around you, guy, pulling your skirt and getting all the attention. By the time a new baby appears, the older child may not be very happy to share everything, including your love and attention, with him.

Fraternal rivalry is a feeling of jealousy or envy that naturally occurs between brothers of different ages, when the territory of the older child is invaded by the emergence of a new family member. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare the older child in advance for the arrival of the second baby. After the birth of the new family member, make sure that you pay the same attention to both children and involve the older brother in the care of the baby, to get closer to him.

You feel like your family is full and you are more fulfilled!

With good and bad, the experience of being a second mom manages to bring you soul-satisfaction and make you feel more fulfilled as a woman, more so than at the first pregnancy. Specialists have found that only after the second child is born do women feel truly fulfilled and can say that they have a united and whole family.

What changes have you experienced in your life after the second child came into the world? How did you deal with them? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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Agathe Lecaron: Felix

Agathe Lecaron: Felix

Second child for Agathe Lecaron, the host that will be found in the show Les Maternelles in September. After Gaspard, 2 years old, this is another little boy named Félix who was born on May 28, 2016. Nice gift for Mother's Day!

Photos: Twitter

Usually it causes a major storm when this topic gets out of hand. Most women plan to have their baby breast-fed until the age of one, but it turns out that it is not uncommon to finish breast-feeding after the age of two.

The intimate moment of breastfeeding

While the World Health Organization recommends that you continue breastfeeding until or after the age of two, and primarily to habit of breastfeeding for two to three years, and anthropological research also supports breastfeeding is not restricted to infancy during natural conditions, in advanced countries, it's not a custom either. Typical malicious comments on a blog include: "My son has been breastfeeding my son 3 and a half years old. breast milk. "" There is something in this story that, in my opinion, is not a wholesome conclusion from the mother's point of view. The child is not the property of the mother who has come to the world to make her fucking life better. " with the plasma year and your BMW terrain, because there are others, then you have to figure out something you can pick up. on the vaginal evening, suckle until ovine ... live in yurt with your grandparents and take care of them. Sorry. "What Can Your Breastfeeding Advice Do? First of all, it is strictly private, for how long you breastfeed. No one has the right to mourn a mother, even if she is a couple of weeks apart, even if she is a couple.It is not uncommon for a mother to be a big cat, but she is always interested in separating her suckling child. When you dive deeper into the conversation, you usually find that you really don't want to, but the notes of acquaintances and relatives are very confusing and overwhelming. .How is this? What's wrong with what? To help me in my explanation, an old story and a poem very close to me are as if it happened to me as if it were telling my feelings. I admit, I was surprised when a letter from one of the readers of Kismama Magazine came to my attention several years ago, formerly a toddler who ran with confidence and insistence on the sweet mother's breast every day to console her with disappointment, minor accidents, or boredom with a little sip of milk. I almost saw disappointment and disgust as he turned from there to the hell. From one moment he could collapse into the other, a world he had believed safe and predictable. He had to suddenly learn where his mother's body and his personality lay. I also remembered my little boy, who was sucking his finger enthusiastically, until someone had greased it with dripping peppers so he would never feel like getting it. I remember her grimacing face and the surprising sensation that for the first time in my life, I regret it with a pure heart.

A brief answer to your concerns about breastfeeding and weaning

Whenever possible, we trust the child when he or she separates. Give him the opportunity to develop a natural step-by-step process of suckling when he is not in need. Once in a while, you will develop this intimate, loving form of contact.Another way to know is sensingthat - no matter how much we love to breastfeed - sometimes on our days, with the years, maybe more and more, we are looking for independence, and to re-possess our body. Really, one nice day, you know, that was too much. These things run in parallel, and we are far from alone with the infant child. We learn to let go of each other, to love with greater distance. We are happy to become more and more shaky, but secretly headache a bit. How much, I never managed to put it into words. Then fate struck Cross Lilla versйvel. It contains everything that can be said about this topic.Thank you and youWe'll save
we saved a lot,
it was over
also summer
And we got old,
йn my face
a bullshit,
He opened
her curly hair ran
with him,
if he ran,
and yeah
I left
let it fall,
And when he cried
a little,
I've breastfeeded again,
out there,
in front of people,
let them marvel,
We are so
the two of us.
They turned a little,
as if they didn't fit,
what's good,
but we did
léptьnk fыre
And we saved
go to town,
And if you're hungry
we just sat down
the skin,
just like the peasant women,
could run
the world.
her body
I was at it,
I caught five,
х grabbed me,
I left,
And I closed my eyes.
We were somewhere far away
in something unknown,
where it is ringing
there is no rule
don't even know
no language,
only force
and movement,
He came up to me
And I went up to Jin
and how we met,
we laughed at the time.
We blotted out five
the two of us, sure
йn х,
we told him
how you can, if you need to,
we stay
And when
we were torn in two,
х coming to Latvia,
And we dare to go
two halves,
yeah it was
I was free,
that it has dried up
the river, the sweet,
and as it faded away,
this is you,
the water of freedom,
my face began to tingle.
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Coloring of stories: The little mermaid

Download the coloring to print

Baby colic
How Heating Affects Children's Health

On many occasions, parents exceed the temperature of the home when winter arrives and this can cause health problems in our children, presenting respiratory and skin problems.

We tell you what are the main consequences for your child (harmful) of using the heating in an inappropriate way.

1. More colds. Changes in temperature favor the appearance of colds. If the temperature difference inside and outside the home is very extreme, or if there are rooms in our house where the temperature is different, this can lead to children catching colds. Therefore, experts recommend having a homogeneous temperature throughout the house.

2. Respiratory infections. The excessive temperature in the houses causes the environment to be dry, which favors the appearance of various respiratory infections, the mucous secretions dry out, it is more difficult to expel them and they do not defend the organism of children as they should, affecting even more children than suffer from bronchitis or other chronic respiratory diseases.

To avoid this, the ideal temperature in our homes, according to experts, should not exceed 20 degrees in winter.

3. Dehydration. The humidity of the air is necessary for our organism. It is considered optimal when it is close to 60 percent. To prevent the environment from drying out due to the use of heating, it is recommended to use air humidifiers that help to restore the ideal humidity level.

4. Dry skin and eyes. The dryness caused by an excessive heating temperature and an inappropriate level of humidity in the environment causes children to have drier and tighter skin, so it is necessary to hydrate it more frequently during the winter so that it cracks less.

In addition, dry environments favor eye irritation, burning eyes and a feeling of heaviness in the eyelids in children.

Cristina Gonzáles Hernando. Editor of our site

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Flying with small children: Checklist of questions to ask your airline

Traveling with small children brings its own set of hassles: Can you bring your own car seat on the plane? Will the gate agent announce preboarding for families with young children? Can you check a stroller at the gate?

Airline policies change frequently, so it's a good idea to call ahead or check your airline's website every time you fly to make sure you know what to expect.

Standard practices for airlines based in the United States

Most U.S. airlines follow these policies on domestic flights (though it can't hurt to double-check before you buy your ticket):

Typically babies must be at least 7 days old to fly. Some airlines allow younger infants with a doctor's written permission. Others extend the minimum age up to 14 days or have additional restrictions.

Lap babies (younger than age 2) fly free on domestic flights, usually one per paying adult. (You may need to present proof of age.) This does save you money, but it's important to note that babies riding in airplanes are safest riding in government-approved car seats. (The label should read, "This restraint is certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft.")

Your airline might allow you to bring your car seat on board if the flight isn't full, but there's no guarantee you'll get an extra seat if you haven't bought a ticket for your child.

The FAA has banned the use of supplemental lap restraints, or "belly belts," in airplanes. Booster seats and harness vests may be used during flight, but not during taxi, takeoff, or landing.

Children age 2 or younger sometimes receive a special discount when you purchase a seat for them, especially when you're traveling internationally.

When you buy a seat for your child, you'll need to bring a government-approved car seat for him to sit in on the plane. Airlines usually require that a car seat be placed in a window or middle seat away from exit rows. Some airlines impose additional restrictions.

Children age 2 and up must have a ticket for their own seat.

You can check your collapsible stroller when you board and pick it up as you exit the plane. Some airlines may require bulky and non-collapsible strollers to be checked at the ticket counter, however. It's a good idea to check your airline's stroller policy before your trip.

Important questions to ask before you fly

Airline policies for families vary widely. Many rules, including whether to allow preboarding, are at the discretion of the gate agent. The best advice is to call ahead and ask the following questions, but be prepared for possible changes at the gate.

  • Is there a seat discount for a child younger than 2? (This question applies if you'd like to pay for a seat for your child rather than holding him in your lap during the flight.)
  • Do you offer seat discounts for children 2 and older? If so, for what ages?
  • Will you require proof of my child's age and identity? If so, what proof is required, and when do I present it? (As crazy as it sounds, some babies have been stopped from boarding because their names are similar to suspected terrorists on "no-fly" lists. Carrying a government-issued birth certificate or passport may help avoid such snarls.)
  • Can we get seats in a bulkhead row? (Bulkhead seats have more room to stand and maneuver, but less room for stowing carry-ons.)
  • Are bassinets available on the flight? When should I reserve one? (Bassinets are available only for lap babies, and can be used only in bulkhead rows.)
  • Do all of your rows have extra oxygen masks? If not, can you seat us in a row that does? (This is important to ask if you're traveling with a child who doesn't have his own seat.)
  • Do you allow preboarding for families with small children? If so, will there be a preboarding announcement or do we have to ask at the gate?
  • Do lap babies get a baggage allowance?
  • Does a car seat count as a carry-on? If I have to check it at the gate, does it count against my baggage allowance?
  • Can we bring our stroller on board? Will it count as a carry-on? (This question applies if you want to wheel your child down the cabin aisle rather than checking your stroller when you board.)
  • Do you have diaper-changing facilities on the aircraft? (Most large airplanes have one restroom with a changing table.)
  • Do you offer children's meals? What's included? How far in advance should I order one?
  • Can you warm my baby's bottle during the flight?
  • Is in-flight audio or video entertainment for children available?
  • Can my spouse or loved one get security clearance to accompany me to the departure gate if I need assistance?
  • Do you offer assistance with maneuvering through the terminal when making connecting flights? How can I arrange for that?

Additional questions to ask international airlines

Keep in mind that everyone – even a newborn – needs a passport to travel internationally. Make sure apply for your child's passport well before your trip.

  • What do you charge for babies younger than 2? (For international flights, all children need a ticket, even those who sit on your lap and don't have their own seat. A lap baby's ticket often costs at least 10 percent of the price of a regular ticket.)
  • Do you offer seat discounts for children age 2 and up?
  • Can my child sit in his own car seat? If not, can the airline provide a car seat that's safe and appropriate for my child?
  • If my child has a different last name, will I need additional documentation at the airport?

If you want to know if the name Valeria is a good option to consider when choosing a name for your baby, we show you all the necessary information and details so that you know everything about this beautiful name. The name Valeria, although it has not been a name that has aroused much interest from parents, the truth is that it has grown a lot in popularity in recent years. In Guiainfantil.com You will be able to know, in addition to the origin and meaning of Valeria, what day her name day is celebrated, what famous people carry this name, as well as names combine with Valeria, and other curiosities.

Valeria is the feminine variant of the name Valerio (less frequent). It is of Latin origin and comes from 'valerius' which means 'healthy', 'robust', 'strong', 'vigorous', 'which is courageous'. So now you know, if you choose this name for your girl, she may be brave, smart, hard-working, and always ready to do new things.

Tell the story that Saint Valeria of Milan, belonged to a noble family. Venerated as a saint and martyr of the Catholic Church, she was the wife of Saint Vital and mother of Saints Gervasio and Protasio. Her husband, an army officer, was martyred and murdered in Ravenna, Italy. Upon returning to Milan with the body of her husband, Valeria was seized by a group of pagan Romans who forced her to choose between abandoning the Christian life or dying. She refused to abjure Catholicism and was martyred for giving Christian burial to other Christian martyrs and for failing to worship Roman gods.

For this reason, the Catholic Church venerates her and dedicates the April 28, as the saints of the existence of Saint Valeria, Gallic martyr of the third century.

Actresses, singers, models ... there are many well-known and famous women who are named after Valeria:

  • Valeria Mazza, model (1972)
  • Valeria Golino, actress (1966)
  • Valerie Perrine, actress (1943)
  • Valerie Harper, actress (1940)
  • Valeria Lynch, Argentine actress and singer of Pop, rock, tango (1952)
  • Valeria Gastaldi, Argentine actress and singer (1981)

If you are going to choose the name Valeria for your girl, it would be nice to know what the numbers say of who has this name. The name Valeria, by the sum of the numbers that corresponds to them, belongs to the number 5, in numerology. Know the good and bad characteristics of this profile.

Good Features: They are usually babies who stand out for their activity, great energy and desire to learn. They have quick thinking and a great ability to learn new things. They are usually friendly and become the center of attention.

Bad features: In the same way that they are usually babies with great charisma, if they are not given limits, they can become arrogant and even cruel children. You need to pay more attention to them and teach them values ​​such as respect and understanding for others. Their dynamism can also work against them, by exhausting their caregivers and parents.

Among the compound names in which there is the name Valeria in the first or second place, we highlight the most popular:

- Name Valeria before:

  • Valeria Alba
  • Valeria Beatriz
  • Valeria Ines
  • Valeria Lucia
  • Valeria Maria

- Name Valeria after:

  • Ana Valeria
  • Juana Valeria
  • Lara valeria
  • Maria Valeria
  • Nuria Valeria

Do you know how to pronounce the name Valeria in other languages? Contrary to what happens with many other names that vary greatly in writing from one language to another, the name of Valeria has few variations. We tell you, to follow:

  • Valeria in English: Valerie or Valeria
  • Valeria in French: Valérie
  • Valeria in Russian: Valeriya
  • Valeria in the other languages, as Portuguese, German and Italian, it is written the same: Valeria

Valeria name coloring pages printable for kids

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A mom with a lot of imagination and creativity

If there is something that I love and that fascinates me, it is the creativity that some people manage to express. There are children who, due to their naturalness and spontaneity, manage to do what they have never done before, as there are mothers who manage to make motherhood even more beautiful with their own baby. I mean these beautiful photos, which began to be taken by the Finnish publicist Adele Enersen, when her daughter Mila he was barely two weeks old.

The photos have been circulating for a long time due to the eyes of Internet users. While sleeping, Mila is the central character in different imaginary worlds. Mila is a pearl, she is a butterfly, a fairy, an astronaut, Little Red Riding Hood, a surfer, and among many other things, even hanging clothes. I will not tell you more. The best thing, if you still do not know them, is that you see them and enjoy a lot with the fantasies of a mother who makes the possible dreams of her little daughter come true.

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Sandra Russ -Pretend Play and Development of Creativity and Imagination

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