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Are you pregnant and looking for the ideal name for your baby? Our name finder has thousands of names for boys to help you in this important choice. We highlight the name in the dictionary of meaning of names: Onesiphorus.

Name known to be borne by the Christian who helped Saint Paul while he was in Rome.

"That takes profit"

September 6


  • Olympia Dukakis, Greek-American actress (1931-)

Onesiphorus name coloring pages printable

First Communion suits for boys sailor model

First Communion suits for boys sailor model

We invite you to sit in front of the computer accompanied, if possible, by your child and enjoy a special moment, look for a model of first communion outfit among many photos.

The First Communion is the Catholic celebration that commemorates the first time that one or more of its faithful receive the sacrament of Eucharist.

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When the child screams ...

Many parents, grandparents and educators ask for help when dealing with a screaming child. It is true that the feeling of anger and helplessness is great in front of a child who screams, crosses the floor, and for which no explanation is worth two dollars ...

Here is a situation that we intend to discuss today, thus hoping to identify some of the causes that lead to these behaviors and an appropriate mode of reaction from adults.

Of course you have many examples and experiences with children who at 2, 3 or even 5 years old are protesting by screaming, crawling on the floor, hitting or hitting themselves, throwing objects, refusing whatever is proposed to them, being able to cry and scream for half an hour until they lose their breath.

Usually adults try to calm them down, to please them, to somehow get them out of the crisis by either distracting them or giving them something they like.

However, although sometimes the child is quiet, he will not abandon this mode of manifestation, but will resume it on other occasions. Until parents or educators say that "every time something is inappropriate or is denied, such a crisis begins."

What to do in this situation?

It is the question they desperately ask, seeing that this behavior does not go away, and even becomes more frequent. Of course, there is no recipe to calm the child and the option of not rejecting it is not good because, thus, the child will never be able to tolerate frustration.

He will remain with this way of expressing anger and this will cause him to be excluded from the group of children or to ruin his relations with others.

If we talk about how the child reacts in the face of frustration, when he is not given what he asks for, when he is taken out of the park, when he is quarreling about hitting another child or getting his hands on something dangerous, then we will have to teach him to accept frustration, to learn to postpone the fulfillment of his desire or to express his experiences in another way (anger, sadness, regret, fear, despair, nervousness). For the child who does not yet speak, the mother is usually the one who puts into words his experiences.

She tells him that he is sad, nervous, upset, that he would like to ... but not now, but later, he tries to comfort him, to find an occupation that will make his expectation easier, to give him provide temporal cues to delay the realization of the desire.

"We go home, eat, make kids and when we wake up, we go to the park," the mothers say. Then the children learn this way of succession of the different activities and they say "after this night", "after going to the kindergarten 3 times" etc.

Around the age of 3-4 years they manage to master temporal cues such as yesterday, today, tomorrow, evening, over 3 hours, next week, in summer when we go to sea, etc.

But coming back to screams and attacks of anger, we try to look for their causes. Most of the time, the children manage to transmit their condition to the adult so that if the mother says "she can no longer", "she comes to scream", "she feels completely helpless", "she feels drowning in anger", they are also the experiences of her child.

Few adults remember their childhood experiences and prefer to live with the idea that little ones have no reason to get upset or even have the right to do so. However, we know that the experiences of the child are as intense as those of adults and that little ones feel like new sadness, grief, despair, suffering, impatience, anger, anger, joy, enthusiasm, confusion, disorientation, etc.

The list would be very long and it is important to identify these states with our child and to name them so that he knows what is going on with him and later he can talk about them.

Most of the time, the cause is a conflict that the child feels and does not know how to get out. He wants something and cannot realize it because he does not come out or because someone from the outside does not let him.

He cannot or does not know to ask for help, does not know how to express his wish, is not heard by the adult or is ignored and then his experiences exceed a limit beyond which he can no longer "master".

He would like to "say" something he does not know how to express or the pressure inside is as great as the outside. Under these conditions, screaming and aggression appear, self-aggression as a way to punish themselves for the lack of a solution.

Another important point in managing an anger crisis with screaming and walking on the floor is to give the child the opportunity to calm down and find a way to calm themselves.

Adults who try countless methods, interventions, offer the child a little something, alternate consoles with threats, hit him, then kiss him only succeed to disorient him even more. Some of them prefer to search for a child rather than to understand what is going on with it.

This method of reward and punishment is overused at the expense of trying to put ourselves in his place, to feel what the child feels, to talk to him about what happened.

Anca Munteanu
Psychologist - Child psychology
Center of Action Psychology and Psychotherapy

All you need for bath and care

All you need for bath and care

Prepare before your return the place of the bath, with a small bath (even if the first days the sink is large enough to accommodate your little end), a bath thermometer, compresses, cotton wool and physiological saline.

Baby bath: the video

My grandmother's pancake roast!

Children are again welcome to the Hummingbird Festival at the Yukai Square Playground and Theater on Saturday, September 3.

Vitsz Laszlo is in our childhood
it was a star. It's time to
your kids will die too!

The all-day program, which opens the Jubilee Season of the Hummingbird Theater, is populated by various companies from all over the country, and Henrik Kemény's bassinet cannot be missed.
The 20th Free Festival is a HaDede címы starts performing in the hall of the theater. The Kabulca House of Veszprém and the Belgian Theater De Spiegel are collaborating in the production of small children and babies, with the composer Erzsi Kiss and Future Buzek playing in the role of Van Bassin. At the Hummingbird Festival - according to the program on the Hummingbird Children's and Youth Theater website - a dozen of the Hubay Yen Music School Youth Brass Band are playing on the York Square, Ruth Kovrny. Dйlelхtt Йvszakok The title is based on the poems of Sándor KбNYÁD, the István István Vocational Vocational School, and the students of Margit Stúddij Kolibri Dajka, and the Association of European Free Musicians (ESZ) Székely milfs and the devil cнmы can see the public.
Délben Barbro Lindgren Kukacmatyi cinemû's play can be seen in the theater, the play directed by János Novák is played by János Bánn. Following the lecture there is a craftsmanship in the foyer. Early on the Yoke Farm Zsuzsanna Vajda and Gabor Pilbri The hungry tree cinmы, by the Pécs Marksman House, then by Róka Szvvs Adventures in the garden címы mûvé, the viewers can see the production of Griff Bábhnhazz in Zalaegerszeg.
So you can see Henry Kemeny after you Vitzy Laszlo And other people's production.
Kősõ déllutn is the Slovak Church of Our Lady Husky bitch eyes The film was based on a production by palуc népmese, followed by a presentation by the Urban Dance Team as well as the Michel Indali prize.
The programs concluded with six cordial professional talks in the hall of the theater, with critical guidance by Katalin Бgnes Szыcs.
The Hummingbird Children and Youth Orchestra at the New Season Festival presents performances by the Hummingbird Trombone Quartet, and programs are hosted by Бинне зарина and Szabolcs Ruzina. If you want to show your grandmother's pancake sucker to the kids, then there's your place.

Christmas recipes for children from different countries

The Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve dinners, and the Christmas meal, are several of the most special moments of Easter, so in Guí we gather the best international recipes for children and adults.

Spanish, Mexican, Peruvian, Colombian or Chilean recipes are some of those that we have compiled for all those who want to surprise your loved ones. There are more elaborate dishes and others of a quick preparation, but all are healthy and they can be perfectly consumed by children.

Within the selection proposed by our site there are recipes for starters, first courses, second courses and desserts. All explained step by step so that its preparation is as simple as possible.

Italian panettone. our site brings you the recipe for Panettone or Easter Bread, a popular Christmas sweet around the world. This recipe for allergic children maintains all the flavor of the panettone without adding gluten or sugar.

Spanish bream. Homemade recipe for baked sea bream with potatoes. Simple recipes for children. How to cook a sea bream in the oven easily and quickly step by step. Fish recipes for Christmas or family parties.

American stuffed turkey. Learn how to make a delicious stuffed turkey for your family's Sunday lunch. Stuffed turkey recipe. our site teaches you how to prepare a traditional baked stuffed turkey. A very special recipe for Thanksgiving, Christmas or any family dinner with children.

Chilean Celery Salad. To accompany the meat in the Christmas meal, our site brings you the recipe for celery and avocado salad, a traditional Chilean dish that is quite healthy for children.

English cheese and tarragon soufflé. For those who are looking for starters for the Christmas menu that children like, our site brings you the English recipe for the cheese and tarragon souffle.

Argentine coconut nougat. For all those with a sweet tooth looking for a traditional Argentine dessert for this Christmas, our site brings the recipe for coconut nougat. We guarantee that children will enjoy it.

Peruvian rice to the gardener. Rice is one of the main ingredients in traditional Peruvian dishes, so on our site we bring you the recipe for arroz a la jardinera for you to make at Christmas.

Colombian pork leg. our site brings you the pork leg, a traditional recipe for Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas food, from Colombia, that children will love.

Mexican punch. If you are looking for a warm drink to complete your Christmas menu, from our site we propose the punch, a Mexican recipe that parents and children will enjoy.

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What to do when children bump a baby tooth

When children begin to explore the world around them, they are exposed to multiple falls that can hit the baby teeth, leading to a situation of urgency in which parents are sometimes at a loss about what to do or where to turn.

On the other hand, there may also be many strokes that They go unnoticed by the parents and when they finally go to the consultation it is because they observe that their child's milk tooth is changing color or already has an infection. That is why I am going to give you a series of tips that will help you to better understand and control these types of situations.

What should we do when the children blow to a milk tooth?

The first thing to do, that when a child hits a milk tooth, and as long as it is not associated with other more serious complications (loss of consciousness, wounds that require suturing ...), is contact a dental clinic, rather than going to a hospital. Well, it is the dentist who will best advise you on how to act depending on the severity of the blow.

In addition, the dental clinic has all the material necessary to make a good diagnosis of the tooth that has suffered the blow, and consequently, handle urgency in the most appropriate way and indicate the best treatment.

We must go to the dentist as soon as possible, but the time will depend above all on the type of trauma that the child has suffered and the urgency that it requires.

- If it is acute: we must go as soon as possible to the consultation, in case the baby tooth has completely come out of the mouth (avulsion) or has suffered a displacement prevent the child from eating or closing his mouth properly.

- If it is sub-acute: attend the first 24 hours, in those blows that the milk tooth has suffered an intrusion (displacement inwards), when the tooth has mobility and bleeding of the gum (subluxation) or in case of fractures that have exposed the nerve of the baby tooth.

- If it is deferred: more than 24 hours, in case of crown fractures without nerve exposure.

The dentist will perform a complete clinical examination to determine how many teeth have been affected in the blow or if there are any others soft tissue injuries (bruises, lacerations, inflammations, etc.).

In most cases, a bone scan intraoral in order to establish a more accurate diagnosis and consequently, determine the most appropriate treatment. Also, a photographic record to have control over possible future changes that the hit tooth may undergo.

Once the type of trauma that your child's milk tooth has suffered has been determined, the dentist will indicate the treatment to follow, warn parents about the complications that may appear in the milk tooth and the possible sequels in the future permanent tooth; and will schedule the visit protocol established by the international association of dental trauma, which in general will require a check-up at a month, at three months and at 6 months.

At each appointment there will be a scan, an x-ray, and a photograph that will help the dentist to show the changes that the traumatized tooth has undergone after the blow.

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Flu Vaccine in Children

Flu Vaccine in Children

The arrival of the cold is usually accompanied by the tedious flu, and to alleviate the effects of this disease, vaccination campaigns are proposed, but is it safe to vaccinate a child? We will give a series of recommendations about the flu vaccine in children, and whether it is safe to vaccinate.

Not long ago the flu was a disease with a quite considerable mortality rateNow, and thanks to medical advances, the flu is a disease that will leave us in bed for two to five days with muscle aches, fever, cough, but nothing else, unless you belong to a risk group, then more attention will have to be paid.

But what is the flu? Is it so important that we should vaccinate our child against it? Influenza is an acute and contagious airway virus that is spread modify very frequently, it is because of that the vaccine is renewed every year In order to adapt it to the new strains, and despite being a non-fatal virus, risk groups, such as the elderly, pregnant women or children with chronic diseases, should be vaccinated to alleviate possible complications in their clinical picture, such as pneumonia or otitis.

The flu vaccine tries to disable two proteins present in the flu virus. On the one hand, there is the hemagglutinin, responsible for the achievement of the flu, and the neuraminidase, responsible for the degree of severity of the condition.

The anti-flu vaccine It does not contain active viruses so it will not cause infection in the child, but perhaps it can be noticed a reaction with a slight fever and malaise the next day or the days of the vaccine administration.

The vaccine should not be given to babies under six monthsAlthough the vaccine is administered in two doses in children under nine years of age, after nine, a single dose is sufficient. It is recommended for children with diabetes, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and intestinal and kidney diseases.

But there is also part of the population that you should not get vaccinated if you have an egg allergy or any other component of the vaccine, so it is always advisable to consult with the child's pediatrician.

And if we don't want to vaccinate the child, what can happen? Well, it is totally legal and there will be no other than, if our child is infected with the flu, rest, drink plenty of fluids, honey and lemon to soothe the throat, avoid sudden changes in temperature, and perhaps administer ibuprofen or paracetamol to alleviate fever, since antibiotics are not necessary.

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