Main problems derived from crossbite in children

Main problems derived from crossbite in children

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7 foods that age you

7 foods that age you

When you feel deprived of energy, your memory plays a part, and your reaction power is slower than your grandmother's, so you tend to believe that the older you speak the word. In fact, all of these problems could be caused by a number of foods that you consume without knowing that you are aging.

The secret of the people who manage to maintain their pleasant physical appearance despite the passing of years is the correct nutrition.

what foods it is recommended to avoid to prevent premature aging.

Simple sugar and carbohydrates

Simple sugars and carbohydrates (glucose, fructose, sucrose, lactose) give you an immediate energizing sensation, as the body rapidly metabolizes these substances. In a short time, however, fatigue and reduced reaction speed are installed. In addition, dermatologists have detected an effect of premature aging sugar on the skin, by destroying elastin and collagen in tissues.


Canned foods may have a relatively low content of lead, a metal that lowers hormones, which play a major role in memory functioning, norepinephrine and dopamine. Long-term effects can be devastating: nervous system dysfunction, memory loss or senile dementia.

Pickled foods

In the process of preserving pickled or stored foods in the brine, the salt turns into nitrites. Once they reach the bodies, they interact with the cells of the body and predispose you to premature aging or even cancer.


Although you consume caffeine for its tonic effect, this excess ingested substance dehydrates your body and causes accelerated skin aging. Soluble coffee can lead to nervousness, irritability and insomnia, three long-term stress triggers.


Regular alcohol consumption causes inflammation of the liver, disturbance of the menstrual cycle, inhibition of ovulation, loss of libido and deformation of facial features (bags under the eyes, wrinkles). All these phenomena speed up the aging process and predispose to premature death.

Red meat

Red meat contains many proteins that are beneficial for tissue regeneration. In contrast, the excessive consumption of animal protein causes the loss of calcium in the bones, leading to osteoporosis.

French fries

Foods prepared at very high temperatures are high in trans fats, associated with an increased risk of developing heart disease.

Riddle: Five arms, I'm not lying to you

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The benefits of goat cheese for family health

Goat cheese is a culinary preparation that is beginning to take more and more place of the assortments of cow or sheep in the food of the Romans. It is considered that goat's milk has many more benefits for the development and growth of children and the health of adults than sheep or cow. For this reason, nutritionists strongly recommend it in the diets of all family members, from babies, to parents and grandparents!

Why do nutritionists recommend goat cheese?

From small to large, all members of your family can enjoy the taste and benefits of goat cheese, every day. Nutritionists claim that goat's milk is healthier than cow's milk, providing more nutrients and energy to the body every day.

Less fat

If you intend to lower fat intake in your family's diet, then goat cheese is a good ally. It is in the category of fresh cheeses that have a lower fat content than matured cheeses. Helps to balance cholesterol in the blood and in the long term, to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Less calories

A serving of about 30 g of goat cheese has about 70 - 85 calories, considerably less than the assortments of cow's or sheep's milk, which can exceed 100 calories in the same quantity. It is a food that helps to maintain the shape of the whole family, and can be successfully integrated into the menu of those who lose weight.

Strengthens bones and teeth

Goat cheese is a very important source of calcium, an essential mineral for strengthening bones and teeth, especially in children, which is in the process of growth. And adults benefit from the high calcium intake, because they are affected by osteoporosis, the most common disorder caused by deficiency of this mineral in the body.

Goat cheese can even contain 895 mg of calcium and 729 mg of phosphorus, two of the most important minerals for bone and tooth health.

It accelerates metabolism

Goat cheese helps in lean diets due to low fat content, but high in protein. Proteins are essential nutrients for stimulating metabolism and rapid burning of body fat.

It strengthens the immune system and prevents infections

Cheese made from goat's milk contains a set of vitamins and minerals with an essential role in stimulating immunity and preventing infections and diseases of the body. It contains more vitamins and minerals than cow cheese, being rich in vitamins D, K, B and A, but also in essential minerals - calcium, phosphorus, potassium or magnesium. These nutrients play an essential role in combating some of the most common diseases - anemia, allergies, respiratory, genital or digestive disorders.

According to doctors, goat's milk can be consumed at any age, including babies. Although cow's milk is recommended to be introduced into the baby's diet after the age of 1 year, the goat's milk can be introduced even earlier, if a fortified version is chosen with the nutrients the child needs at this stage of growth.

Goat milk proteins are better tolerated by the baby's digestive system.

Is your goat cheese frequently consumed in your family? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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It's a miracle: the 422 gram baby is still alive

Moms are always worried when their chicken refuses to eat. Whether he has only a few months or a few anisors. And it is natural to be so because the mother is the one who feeds her baby from day one.

When he refuses to eat a certain kind or any kind of food, when he does not want to spoon or eat too much, when his menu is reduced to only a few foods, the mother thinks that he is not sufficiently nourished, that he will not grow, they will lack essential substances.

Sure, all these thoughts, fears and many others are not always aware but they feed a state of dissatisfaction, sadness, worry, nervousness, sometimes even anger or revolt.

At one point one enters a vicious circle from which moms can no longer leave. They are upset by the child's refusal and are waiting for the table with a tight heart, suspecting that the little one will not eat. They are agitated and would do anything to eat the chicken.

That is why he uses all kinds of methods, such as giving him food in his mouth although he can eat alone, eating elsewhere, possibly on TV or in the park, distracting the child from eating, to determine him to play and during this time to give him food to not notice, to mix the foods he likes and those he does not like.

Most of the time, all these efforts do not bring the desired results. With all the torment and "techniques", the little one does not eat much.

Mothers are very trapped in their emotional state and do not realize that they are transmitting it to the child. Can a child eat with such a stressed mother?

It is unanimously recognized that during the meal a calm atmosphere is needed to be able to focus on what we eat, to feel the taste of food, their smell, appearance, chewing and swallowing.

Therefore, a comfortable position is needed, in no case standing, on the pot or running. The stressed, sleepy child, who is hurt by something, bored, quarreling or worried about something else, cannot eat like one who is calm and interested in food.

Adults always talk about "lack of appetite". She is often confused with hunger. But often the children, especially the little ones are hungry and yet they do not eat. For this there are more superficial explanations (the child is picky, does not like the dish, does not eat alone, does not want with a teaspoon, prefers a certain person and not another with him at the table etc) and deeper looking to get closer by his condition and the child-adult relationship.

A good way to understand what is happening with the child is to try to get into his skin. Both a child and an adult lose appetite if it hurts, is nervous or scared. So the condition of the adults is very important and also the atmosphere during the meal.

Other aspects that might be useful to you are:

Children eat better and more eagerly when they do it alone than when they get into their mouths.

• It is good to be told the name of the food and the child to know what to eat.

• Do not do anything else during the meal.

• Adults eat with the child at the table.

• Be encouraged to eat alone even if he cannot keep the spoon in his hand or get dirty on clothes.

Anca Munteanu
Psychologist - Child psychology
Center of Action Psychology and Psychotherapy

What allergy medication can I take if I am pregnant?

During pregnancy, we prefer not to take medication whenever possible, but you do have a status when you need to consider whether taking or taking the medication poses a greater risk.

What allergy medication can I take if I am pregnant?Arrуl that since mothers can safely relieve their allergic complaints, dr. Monika Augusztinovicz Allergologist, Foliar-nasal surgery, a doctor at the Buda Allergy Center.

If we suffer, the baby will not feel good

In this idхszakban more tцbb mothers seek help that - kьlцnцsen kйszьlve the parlagfы season - felvйrtezze magбt against allergiбs tьnetek, ъgy to kцzben szьletendх children not veszйlyezteti egйszsйgйt "A lot of people are held each gyуgyszerek szedйsйnek under vбrandуssбg kцvetkezmйnyeitхl, so uncertain of legtцbb.. however, there is some concern when seeking advice from a specialist about what they can do, what they can or cannot do, and the worst thing is to avoid pregnancy without treatment, " Monika Augusztinovicz.Whatever the symptoms and illnesses are, you should expect all the medicines during pregnancy the benefits and risks need to be more carefully considered. In the case of allergies, if the symptoms are not treated, neither the fetus nor the mother can benefit. The mother is constantly symptomatic, tense, feeling unwell, unable to rest. Cellular allergic substances circulating in the mother's body also pass into the fetus.

Strict regulation

Regarding the risks of taking a drug during pregnancy, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has found the following categories: - A - to be safe in controlled trials.
- B - They are safe in animal experiments, not tested in humans or dangerous in animal experiments, but not in human experiments.
- C - found in animal experiments dangerous, in animal experiments not tested or missing in animal experiments. However, the benefits of its application can justify the danger.
- D - Humane experiments confirm the danger, but the benefits of using it can outweigh the danger.
- X - contraindicated during pregnancy.

Discuss with your doctor!

According to the FDA classification, both first and second generation antihistamines fall into either B or C category. This is an important guideline, but in practice the use of active ingredients in each category gives a slightly more nuanced picture. The example of loratadine is classified as Category B, but the description of the loratadine-containing antihistamine leaflet warns against caution when using this medication during pregnancy. Monika Augusztinovicz said that in this case too, the principle of balancing the benefits and risks is valid. "If your baby has a nasal congestion due to allergies that interferes with work during the day and at night, then loratadine-containing tablets can be used to relieve her symptoms. cream can be personalized, depending on which month of the pregnancy the pregnant woman is. There is a way to minimize the disturbing symptoms. "However, it is important to note that consult with the treating physician at all times, even after childbirth, because if necessary, the operator should be changed. Certain active substances, such as loratadine, are excreted in breast milk, therefore use in breast-feeding women is not recommended.

Natural helpers

There are also drug-free solutions that can be safely used during the first trimester to relieve allergic symptoms. THE sea ​​water spray nasal spray And it is orrmosу can be used several times a day. They help cleanse nasal passages from pollen and keep the nasal mucosa moist. Sуbarlangot It is also worth visiting this time, applying it early can help alleviate your allergic symptoms.As a great alternative to Rhinolight phnotherapy, which without side effects is able to achieve great improvement: relieve nasal discharge, nasal congestion, nasal itching. It can also be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding, the treatment should be started when symptoms occur.Related articles in Allergy:
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