Complete guide to baby bath accessories

Complete guide to baby bath accessories

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Shows schedule, Comic Opera for Children, June 2016

Cord Blood Center facilitates stem cell treatment for a three-year-old patient

Cord Blood Center, the first stem cell bank in Romania, announces the release and first use of a placental blood transplant for a Romanian patient suffering from cerebral palsy. After a prior evaluation, specialists at Duke University Hospital accepted the use of the graft. Thus, Alex, three years old, will be leaving for the United States at the beginning of February, where he will be given his own placental blood transplant processed and stored by the specialists of Cord Blood Center in the laboratory in Bucharest.

"Cord Blood Center not only stores placental blood and related stem cells, but aims to help clients, if need be, for a transplant. Alex's case also suffers from a condition that can be treated with his own stem cells. "The therapy the child will benefit from is still experimental, but has proven useful in different cases treated at Duke University Hospital," said Cord Cord Center General Manager Dr. Tudor Panu.

In 2010 Cord Blood Center initiated the program "Support for transplantation", which is with all its clients, offering them in case of need financial support of up to 185,000 euros for a transplant abroad.

"Similarly, in Alex's case, Cord Blood Center not only facilitates access to treatment, but will also support all expenses related to travel and therapy to be performed soon in the United States, in one of the top 10 elite medical institutions. from the US, "added Dr. Tudor Panu.

Alex was born healthy, but at the age of 11 months, he had an accident that changed the life of the whole family. He drowned during a meal and suffered a respiratory arrest. The minutes that elapsed until the cardiorespiratory resuscitation resulted in severe neurological injury, with subsequent diagnosis of cerebral palsy. There was a struggle with life, many months spent in different hospitals in Europe and a long series of therapies for the little boy who, after the accident, was immobilized and lost the ability to swallow food alone. For more than two years, the family has been trying hard to help him maintain good physical condition and make progress. The child's daily program includes sessions of kinetotherapy, swallowing, massage, acupuncture, osteopathy, hydrotherapy and hypotherapy. Periodically, the family goes to Ukraine where they attend a 2-week intensive recovery session.

"By accepting and administering the graft in Alex's case, we receive a new confirmation of the quality of the graft processed by experts in the CB Grup laboratories. We hope that after this transplant, certain brain cells will be stimulated to activate and Alex's learning capacity. to grow, "said Dr. Tudor Panu

Alex's parents chose to store placental blood stem cells at Alex's birth after careful documentation and after they were convinced that innovations are taking place in stem cell therapies.

"As a parent, you can never say that you have done too much and ... you can never stop," confesses Alex's father, George.

Did you know that:

• In Romania, less than 10% of the newborns benefit from stem cell harvesting.

• In the last 12 years, the number of transplants using umbilical blood grafts has increased 10 times.

• Over 25,000 umbilical blood grafts were used worldwide, until 2012, to treat various conditions.

• 1/200 are the chances that a person will need a transplant with his own graft or a related transplant, during a life of 70 years.

Movies with values ​​to see at Christmas with children and that are not Christmas

The sofa, blanket and film also works for children, especially on winter afternoons. And at Christmas, with the school holidays, we find ourselves in the ideal time to spend unforgettable afternoons with our children. But we are going to choose the films well, that the cinema is entertainment and leisure and, at the same time, we can take advantage of it to reinforce education. Here is our list of the best movies with values ​​to see at Christmas with children.

Solidarity, camaraderie, generosity, empathy or teamwork are some of the values ​​that frequently appear in movies to watch as a family. What better time than Christmas to promote values! And through the cinema it is also possible to reach other aspects of the integral development of the child, such as stimulating their curiosity with adventure or mystery films, highlighting the importance of illusions and learning to manage emotions.

And all this without forgetting the most important thing: the child's smile, having fun, having fun and playing! What movies are we going to see this Christmas?

- Coco
The protagonist is a boy, Miguel, who wants to follow in the artistic footsteps of his musical idol. It is one of the most emotional films for children capable of moving even the coldest adults. It is ideal to remember our loved ones and to encourage our children to continue fighting for their dreams.

- Up
If we want to move, of course this movie is the best. Only the image of the house flying thanks to a million colored balloons is capable of sticking you to the sofa and not moving until it is finished. Values ​​such as love, companionship or friendship are united with a very positive life perspective.

- Billy Elliot
An 11-year-old boy is already very clear that he wants to be a professional dancer. And throughout the entire film it is seen how with effort, perseverance and perseverance any dream can come true and any obstacle can be overcome.

- Wall-e
In the not as distant future as we would like, humans flee from the planet that they themselves have destroyed. Among the waste is a robot, the protagonist of the film, who wastes generosity and dedication. It is an ideal film for our children to have more environmental awareness.

- Gru, my favorite villain
We have several days with this first film from which they have then created a fabulous saga and a lot of games. The Minions not only make us laugh, they also give us a few lessons in the benefits of teamwork and effort, which are by no means incompatible with fun.

[Read more: Christmas movies for children]

When educating our children in values, it would not be bad for us to preach by example. Christmas is a difficult time for conciliation and it so happens that all families have the same problem. Why don't we practice a little solidarity and teamwork that we encourage so much in our children to spend an unforgettable afternoon?

Our proposal is not to spend the afternoon with the family, but for the children to meet each afternoon in a house. We can meet other families from the neighborhood or school and organize our agendas. So children can continue to see their friends even on those winter afternoons when the weather doesn't let them go to the park. And so our children also have a greater feeling of being on vacation.

With a little effort on the part of adults, a little more organization and a pinch of enthusiasm, we can make the Christmas holidays unforgettable for our children this year and practically without leaving home. A few games after the movie or having everyone together make some cookies for snack is enough to reinforce the bond of friendship during the holidays.

Some of those afternoons, and depending on the desire of the adult who is with them, they can also be used to make crafts, add Christmas decorations to the tree, have a hot chocolate while they comment on the movie, try a scientific experiment and, for what not, do the homework that they have pending. It is not the same to do them each at home than in the company of friends.

And we? We calm down, because we know that the afternoon that they are not at our house they will be enjoying, having fun and learning with their friends in a safe environment.

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Spinach food

Spinach food recipe, easy and fast, is recommended for babies of 10-12 months.


  • spinach
  • two pumpkin strips
  • two strips of chicken breast
  • a teaspoon of olive oil
  • four tablespoons milk
  • four coils of salt
  • 1. The pumpkin and spinach are removed from the freezer and left to thaw;
    2. When the pumpkin and spinach have thawed, a small pan is set on fire;
    3. When the water boils, the pumpkin is boiled, when it is boiled it is removed, and in the remaining water the spinach is boiled;
    4. Pour the water from the pan and put on the pan with the olive oil, the pumpkin passed, and the chopped spinach;
    5. Boil the chicken breast separately;
    6. When the spinach and zucchini are slightly warm, add the milk and salt and mix well. Let it simmer for a while, until the milk is reduced;
    7. When the chicken has boiled, remove, cut into small cubes and add to the food.

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    How do you talk to the child to motivate him?

    The way you talk to your child can hurt, delight, intrigue, upset or motivate. If you know how to address it, you can raise a child with great self-confidence, ambitious and powerful.

    Here are the words that inspire your little one to succeed in everything he proposes!

    It is crucial to communicate as much as you can with the little one, but how much you do and the message you convey through words is very important. They can make the difference between a strong and ambitious child and a relaxed and passive, unmotivated child, always willing to fail.

    Surround it with positive, optimistic words!

    It is important that your little one is always surrounded by a vocabulary rich in positive and optimistic words and terms. In discussions with him it is advisable to avoid offensive, annoying or sad expressions.

    Always try to expose the positive side of situations, to help him see the full side of the glass, without neglecting the negative behaviors of the child.

    Your little one must always feel your love and affection, which are also transmitted through words, and only be criticized for his behavior, and not his person.

    For example, if something goes wrong, it does not make it "stupid, useless, disobedient, bad, etc." or other unpleasant names. He always attacks the behavior - it wasn't bad, but the way he behaved.

    Remove NO from conversations!

    Eliminating NO from communication corresponds to positive discipline, one of the most successful ways to raise educated and caring children, but also happy and motivated at the same time.

    Positive discipline is based on emphasizing and highlighting the positive behaviors of the child, going on the idea that if they have the appreciation and praise of the parents for them, they will be tempted to behave beautifully.

    But it does not mean that you have to ignore negative behaviors. They must be treated according to the rules system - consequences. It is important not to give too much attention and the child to see that you are upset or worried, because he will repeat them. It will be his way of attracting your attention when he lacks it.

    Praise him and compliment him when appropriate!

    It is important not to scratch your praises and compliments, but not to generalize them. Never tell the child that he is the best or the smartest.

    It always conditions the praise or compliment of its merit. For example, if he managed to solve a math problem that gave him a headache, tell him how proud he was to find his solution and not let himself be beaten. He could also receive a generous hug from you.

    Always encourage him to move on!

    Encouragement is one of the most successful ways to raise a motivated child. Always "pushing" him from the back and helping him think and find solutions to the problems he faces is the most effective and beneficial way to raise the child.

    It is important that the little one does not give in to any obstacle, however small, that he meets on the way. In order for this not to happen, it must be stimulated and encouraged by you, the parents.

    Mistakes are an important educational and motivational lesson in helping him be ambitious and successful. They are an opportunity to help the child become better and avoid failures. Allow the child to make mistakes by reminding them of what they need to learn from these failures or mistakes and what helps them.

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    Valentine's Day 2016: Calvin Klein Heart Bracelet

    For her, a silver bracelet with delicacy: 60 € (Calvin Klein).

    Where to find it?

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