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Child stuttering. Stuttering child

Child stuttering. Stuttering child

The child stuttering it is a problem that can be diagnosed and treated from the early stages of a child's development. An early detection of this disorder makes it possible to prevent it from persisting in later ages and persisting into adulthood.

According to American Stuttering Foundation, approximately 5 percent of children go through a stuttering period lasting six or more months. Three out of four children who begin to stutter regain fluency before they reach adolescence, leaving only 1 percent with a chronic problem.

According to experts, stuttering affects both boys and girls equally, but by the time they reach school age, the number of boys who continue to stutter is 3-4 times greater than the number of girls. Risk factors that predict stuttering will become chronic rather than disappear on its own include:

- Being male

- Having a family history of chronic stuttering

- Delayed development of articulation or language - Stuttering that has lasted 18 months or more.

At present, none of these risk factors appear to be sufficient on their own to predict chronic stuttering. Rather it is believed that it is the accumulation or addition of factors that differentiates children in whom stuttering comes and goes from those in whom stuttering becomes permanent.

- Parents of the child with mild stuttering They should not be worried or alarmed, their goals should be, first, to create an environment where the child is comfortable talking and, second, to minimize frustration and embarrassment. Parents of children with mild stuttering should:

1. Learn to listen to the stuttering child patiently.

2. Make the child understand that they accept his stuttering. This will allow your language to develop without increasing the stress or physical effort you make when speaking. The child will feel less pressure when speaking.

3. Set a good example for the child, speaking slowly, calmly and relaxed.

4. Refrain from correcting the child's language, getting upset, or telling him to slow down.

5. Motivate the child with comments like 'We all have a hard time learning to speak. Take your time, many children get stuck. Everything, at first, is difficult, but then it is solved. '

- The parents of the child with severe stuttering they should ask a specialist for help to provide direct treatment for their child. Severe stuttering occurs when a child becomes obsessed with speaking well or begins to fear the idea of ​​speaking. In those cases, parents should:

1. They should set a good example for the child by speaking more slowly.

2. They must communicate their acceptance to you despite the stutter, paying attention to what you say rather than how you say it.

Since this can be difficult for many families, it is preferable to have it done with the help of a speech therapist experienced in managing stuttering. Professional treatment for severe stuttering almost always consists of helping the child overcome his fear of stuttering while teaching him to speak more slowly, smoothly, and relaxedly, even when he stutters.

Treatment also focuses on helping the family create an atmosphere of acceptance of stuttering that makes it easy to speak without tension. As mentioned above, some speech therapists may choose to teach parents to perform some aspects of therapy themselves. In this case, he will ask them to carefully document the child's responses to treatment and will follow the process closely.

In general, the diagnosis of stuttering is almost provisional and is based both on direct observation of the child and on the information provided by the parents regarding how the child expresses itself in different situations and times. There are two types of stuttering, mild and severe.

The doctor is usually the first one parents turn to for help. The doctor may advise the parents and refer them to a speech therapist or speech therapist when deemed necessary. Intervention early in the process - intervention that can range from family therapy and indirect treatment to direct instruction - can be the crucial factor in preventing stuttering from becoming a lifelong problem. Data from several different programs indicate that the rate of recovery is considerable if treatment is started at preschool age.

The child's stuttering should gradually decrease in frequency and duration over the course of a year or more of treatment. In some cases, stuttering can go away completely. The results that are achieved will depend on the nature of the child's problems, the other qualities in his favor, the skill of the speech therapist and the ability of the family to collaborate with the treatment.

source consulted:
- American Stuttering Foundation

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How to Treat a Childs Stutter

From what age can children have ice cream

It's one of those toys that grow with a child. We buy once and we have a toddler for many months. Playground offers many opportunities for entertainment and good learning conditions. It works already for a four-month baby, and will be used at least until the second birthday.
The toy does not belong to the canon of recommended products on popular websites for parents, and yet it enjoys great popularity on auction sites. Nothing unusual. It just works. It does not have to please all adults. It passes the most difficult test - the baby's interests. This one gives five plus!

How was with us

We bought the toy when the daughter finished three months. In our case it turned out to be a little early.
The daughter, lying under the toy, could not appreciate its values. Over time, however, fun became much easier. She accompanied aging on her back, then, when her daughter began to prefer her tummy, she took up many moments, she was invaluable in the crawling phase, loved when learning to sit, she became a favorite element of learning to walk.
We didn't buy a daughter or walker. The Playground served as a pusher for a short time, where the daughter supported herself, and in time she began to move and walk with him. It was a transitional stage, a moment that allowed me to move on on my own.
Today, the daughter uses the Playground to "play on it" and bring out the same sounds and melodies that are boring for us and still equally interesting for her. The toy also serves as a small table to which you can conveniently attach a card and slowly create the first real works of art. I am sure that the Play Garden will serve us for at least a few months.


  • the toy has four buttons of different shapes and colors, which when pressed activate a single sound or melody - the whole or demo version (depending on the setting),
  • for an older child, the toy can be turned into a table with a drawing bench.
  • high durability - the toy survived a lot of hits and nothing happens with it.
  • easy cleaning
  • engaging - a younger child looks curiously at his reflection in the "mirror", plays with moving elements (which can be pulled out in such a way that a small child in the position on his back or on his tummy can easily reach them).
  • easy to carry (has a special handle),
  • contrasting colors,
  • quite an attractive price (from about 70 to 120 zlotys) taking into account the fact that the toy will serve for a minimum of a year is not much.


  • Difficulty setting the toy top.
  • Difficult access to the seat (best to help the child sit down).

The title of the hit for Little Tikes Play Garden is due to the fact that it is a 5in1 product, a toy not for days, weeks, but months or even years. Actually indestructible. When it ceases to be attractive to our child, it can simply be sold. Its popularity is growing, we should not have a problem finding a buyer.

Childbirth after organ transplantation

Childbirth after organ transplantation Until now, delivery after several transplants was not possible. In fact, there was a limited possibility of getting pregnant. The events of recent days have shown that we can be definitely more optimistic about this topic than we thought.A 26-year-old woman from Qatar who transplanted five organs: liver, pancreas, stomach, large and small intestine gave birth to a healthy child. This is the first case of a successful delivery after such extensive surgery.

At 19, when the woman was diagnosed with changes requiring surgery, she had to terminate the pregnancy and was convinced that in the future she would not be able to have children. Until now medicine knew cases when healthy children were born after two transplants, never a larger number.

Pregnancy, which was classified as high risk, but fortunately ended positively for mother and child. This is good news for people in a similar situation and for all transplant patients.

Chocolate mint cookies

Chocolate mint cookies

For a complete snack, make these delicious and crunchy cookies. The freshness of mint goes well with chocolate. The children will feast!


  • 100 g of complete rice flour
  • 50 g of butter
  • 1 egg
  • 50 g of chocolate
  • 15 mint leaves


Mix the flour and melted butter, add the egg.

Cut the chocolate into small pieces, add them to the dough.

Chop the mint and add it to the device.

Shape 1 cm thick cookies on the oven plate.

Cook about 10 minutes at 180 ° C, the edges of the cookies should be golden.

Mother's Day Quotes

The most beautiful quotes are about motherhood, bereavement, unfulfilled motherly love and devotion.

Piss off your sweet mom many times,
Squeeze your hands well, you will lead somewhere,
They love your heart to speak to you,
Your mother loves you the most.
Lakner Artъr
By the time your grandmother becomes a truly good mother, she is preoccupied with being a woman.
Grégoire DelacourtMom is the man who dresses up for the day. To rise and begin to live in it, and for those of us who know it, would simply be inconceivable without life. And what would we do if we disappeared? Then what? Where's the air we're talking about? Where did the water wash the way we were going? Where is the earth hidden from our feet?
Tore Renberg
It seems outward: a child takes advantage of his parents, consumes his nerves, his power, his life - he uses everything for himself, and as soon as there is nothing left inside, he throws away the wasted priest. He does not look like a belly: he does not devour, but calls himself. And it is not yellowish yellow, it does not feel sorry for every minute you spend with it. Tйvedtem. All your lungs remain in it, changing to thousands of cells. You see all the time spent with it, all your efforts in it - here it is, it has not disappeared. The kid will be in you, and the more you give him, the more expensive you will be.
Dmitry Glukhovsky
I don't want my latches to be brighter in the eyes of my kids.
Erzsébet Schдffer
It is also possible to lose parents and make mistakes. There is no ascent in the world that is perfect. Really good parenting behaves in admissions, apologies, and resumes.
Tari Annambria
Is there a force more powerful than the motherly love that straddles the gates of the walls and drives away every obstacle in the cross?
Martin Pistorius
You have a part of your heart that only opens up when you have a child.
The Lottery c. movie
I realize we have two lives. The first is ours. The second is our kids. We need to teach them what we know, what we have learned.
True Blood - Drink and Let's Die c. movie
If you're struggling, if I'm making mistakes,
I remember your hand:
I'm not with you now,
Are you a sloppy baby?
I bow my head,
Your white hand would hold on to me,
And I would say, as it used to be,
Mom, Mom! my mother, my mother!
Viktor Lбnyi
In this world we cannot do great things, only small things with great love.
Mother Teresa
Not the most powerful who has the most wealthy weapon, nor the greatest treasure, the richest, but the most powerful one who brings man to the world.
Szakszly Dezh
The mother is fighting in the middle of the world,
His eyes are aggrandized in childhood.
Wives Genius
Because each was a mirror,
Where can I see:
That I have the ground
My dearest mother!
Petffi Sbndor
If you are a mother, you will never be truly alone in your thoughts. A mother always thinks twice: once for herself, second for her child.
Sophia Loren
My mother, thank you
now on this intimate holiday,
I want it now and always,
always stay with me.
Devecsery Laszlo
Love is hovering in the mountains, with love boots in mountaineering boots, and a lover is captured by the power of love when a child travels on it.
Цrkйny Istvбn

May God give you some treasure, riches,
Rubies and a palace of flowers,
You can give me money, shine on you jewels,
You can't give only one twice,
Sweetheart mother.
Honthy Hanna
He leaned lightly on your hand
Thank you for your life,
It grew from my heart and white heart
Your stories, the genres.
Бmon Бgnes
There are many millions of people in the world,
And there are thousands who love you,
But if there is a problem, no one knows,
And nobody cares with you.
There is only one who is always with you,
Good ghost stone, watching over your face -
Even if you are bad, they always look good:
Your darling, sweet, sweet, sweet mother!
Lakner Artъr
Mom can only be N. That's their choice. It's his job. The most beautiful and the most difficult. The hardest part is that an office that never gives you freedom never gives you rest, constant attention, love, devotion, blood, demands. Whew, beautiful. Because only he knows the secret. The mother's heart is a secret. How a new life is thought of as a human being.
Csitбry-Hock Tamбs
Maternal love is uncritical, innocent and self-sacrificing, and maternal love forgives everything: hysteria, tears, indifference, insecurity or cruelty. Maternal love is a black hole that swallows the bully, frees itself from all defense, forgives the blasphemy, theft, and lying, and changes the worst of the deeds that are not their fault.
Joanne HarrisAlso worth reading:
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Numerology in Breastfeeding

Numerology in Breastfeeding

Name Donovan - Meaning of the Name

Name Donovan - Meaning of the Name

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Gaelic "donna", brown, and "bhain", dark. This Welsh surname was only given as a first name at the end of the 19th century in France. Feast: July 15 with St. Donald, a Scottish abbot of the seventh century. His derivatives: Donoven, Donovon, Donny.

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Dangers in the game

Dangers in the game

From birth to a few months to less, there is less danger of baby playing.

Make sure that the colored cloth placed in your hand does not let the color fall as it is the baby's first job to pick it up. The same applies to the time when you are playing with wet animals and rubber dolls. It should be noted here that great care must be taken (this applies also to the child's older age) to buy only trusted toys. Often untested toys on the market can pose the most risk to the child: poisonous toner, lightweight wheels, multiplayer toys. Electric toys need special attention. As your baby gets more agile, he wants to play a part in everything, and his innate curiosity often jeopardizes him. Just toddlers often fall out of play, so be careful not to get caught in the exposed parts of the objects in the room. (There are several corner protectors that can be mounted on the corners of the table.)
Without going into the need for completeness, here are some of the most common medical emergencies:
At a young age, when we still cannot explain to a child that it is small objects do not put it in your mouth, do not give your child a toy that is easily disassembled. In such cases, he swallows the small object, which, if not stuck in the esophagus, kills the pet.
If the object is larger, it may get stuck in the esophagus, in the worse case it enters the esophagus and requires medical attention. Children love to put small objects in their noses and ears. Do not try to remove medicine and similar round, tiny, foreign bodies entangled in your ears, nose, as you can only press it inward and cause more trouble. Let's put the selection on top. We may also encounter a case where a long, purulent female is found in the background by a tiny foreign body embedded in the nose. with a pencil in his mouth or something like that. Falling in the middle of a game, a long object in the mouth, can cause frostbite, and in many cases, the pencil can pierce the palate.
Don't buy a game that is a hбlуzatrуl it works even if it has a transformer. The transformer may also fail. Such games are only appropriate if the child is old enough to respect the play.
Special care must be taken with the objects that long or cordate. Kids can play with a horse, a dog, or just lightly wrap around their neck. They may also cause choking bags, neylon bags. Do not play much with your baby a on the sun, because playing games can cause severe sunburn without a proper cap and gear.
If in a small pool, vнzben children play, paddle, and especially not to lose them out of sight, even if they are just a few inches deep.
Although it is a very important part of the meal, it can also be mentioned that it is an inappropriate habit to feed the child during play. One should always pay attention to a calm, disciplined eating. Keep your child from jumping abruptly off the table, running around your games while eating or running, as they can easily catch or bite your tongue.

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