The rights of the most violated children

The rights of the most violated children

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Chicken is very common on children's menus, especially if we present it in the form of nuggets. But what you surely did not know is that it is possible to make this recipe for children without gluten and without using flour to coat it.

Zuzana's recipe, from 'Beyond gluten', maintains all the nutrients of traditional chicken nuggets but is much lighter and with very little fat, since instead of using oil we will make the chicken in the oven.

  • 150 gr. chicken breast (approx.)
  • 100 gr. ground almonds (approximate amount, to taste)
  • Salt

Tips: Instead of ground almonds you can use other crushed fruits, such as walnuts. For allergy sufferers, you can also substitute grated coconut or even homemade coconut milk pulp, made with a dehydrator.

1. Preheat oven to 350 ° F (180 ° C), prepare a tray by lining it with parchment paper or aluminum foil

2. Clean and cut the breast into pieces of the desired size and shape, not too large. Add a pinch of salt to each piece of chicken.

3. Coat each piece of chicken in the bowl with ground nuts (or grated coconut, or coconut pulp etc.) and spread it well so that it is covered.

4. Place the chicken nuggets on the baking sheet, leaving space between them.

5. Bake for about 25 to 30 minutes (in half the time you can turn the chicken to make it evenly done).

Zuzana Pinilla

Blog Beyond Gluten

Vegan recipes, gluten free and sugar free.

Contributor to our site

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Riddle: I am a very well-groomed gentleman

Groomsmen Party. Deluxe Shaves. Mens Hairstyles

The best spring poems for kids

The best spring poems for kids

Who's tired of winter? Hands up! But you don't have to wait a lot, the real spring time is over. In the meantime, read the best springtime poems you can teach your kids!

Spring will bring spring, you see!

Shine up, sunny day, in the gardens my linds freeze! Don't your kid love this lovely little kid song, do you? If you teach him something new, read the following 10 spring verses and learn about your favorite ones. Tell me every day, so spring is sure to come soon!

Children's poems, say for smaller ones

Head wind, warm wind,
Spring is coming, running over,
No head and no snow,
It's here, it's spring!
Х-х-х, green the field!
Boo, hoe, come on, let's open up the garden!
Yellow rust, wildflower, shut out the hurl!
Say the chickens, it's spring, open up!
Blue Violet, Sparkling Blossom, Good luck in the world!

Children's poems for bigger ones

Йva Mentovics: The sun is coming… The sun is gone, the heat is gone, the blanket disappears.
The fragrance of the flower, the world turns green.
Chubby Chick: - The hatch is coming!
Get on the goose: - Let's go on the tour.
Osvabt Elizabeth: Springtime saying Stay cold,
melt, huh!
Leave us here
Send your girl
for yourself.
Tell him,
bring the
the laughing blue sky!
Imre Csanбdi: Spring-awakeningWake up new spring,
juggler, ray,
twig covered,
you frown,
all kinds of birds
I learned a poem!
Tssoyri Sbndor: Spring Elder Poem Skirt stitch on elder,
so it's ready for spring,
lacy bare
and relax,
as a grandmother -
because if you didn't sew,
would remain bare.
Zsadбnyi Lajos: Kipp-koppKipp-clop
I called spring
the rig.
Youcan mr
The cobweb.
Rouka will take it
The goose.
Zelk Zoltбn: Spring songOne, two, three, like,
little ozzike, where?
-Also, if I know Jin:
i'm running here before spring!
One, two, three, like,
you little bunny where?
-This woods, and for the rut:
the beautiful spring ahead!
One, two, three, so,
you little bird very much:
sing a beautiful song
make spring more beautiful!
Ilona Bészszmanynyi: Spring DayThe snowball has fallen,
The bark breaks silk.
Well, spring wind
A magpie is talking.
Ringing hurvirg
Good spring
He's ringing.
Violak silk
The cover of the sky,
Slowly moor over meadow
A stork is hanging around.
Silver is your tükrы.
Dongsong is the dongou
Welcome you fresh spring,
Fuck you, bud!
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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Bill is a male name of Germanic origin, derived from "will" and "helm" that can be translated as "will" and "protection". It is sometimes perceived as a diminutive of the names Guillaume and William and meets a lot in the United States.


The 42nd president of the United States, Bill Clinton, his real name William Jefferson Clinton, born William Jefferson Blythe III, the famous pioneer of micro-computing Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, who is dedicated today to its humanitarian foundation , the American actor Bill Cosby (The Cosby Show), the American actor Bill Murray (Ghostbusters) ... Your little Bill to kiss you which career?

Bill is patron saint William of Bourges, known for his pious character and dedication to study and meditation. Died on January 10, 1209, he became the patron saint of the University of Paris and the patron saint of the gunsmiths.

His character :

Bill is a creative, powerful person with good self-control. He is also communicative, laughing, sociable and receptive. Insightful and dynamic, Bill can be a good entrepreneur ... is not Bill Gates?


William, William, Billy, Bily

His party :

Bill is celebrated on January 10th.

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Meringue milk ice cream. Dessert recipe for kids

10 Ice Cream Recipes To Keep You Cool All Summer  Tasty


Kebab is a preparation specifically for Arab cuisine, which has an exotic and aromatic taste.

Preparation time

35 minutes




400 g honey

2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar

1 teaspoon of mustard Dijon boabe

mint leaves, minced

2 small branches of rosemary

red pepper, salt

2 tablespoons oil

1 clove of garlic, shaved on a small grater

Method of preparation

Cut the meat into cubes, then add it to the marinade in a mixture of balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustard berries, minced mint leaves, minced minced rosemary, red pepper, salt and garlic. Leave everything in the fridge, covered with a food foil, at least an hour.

Place the pieces of meat on the frying pan sticks, then place them on a hot barbecue. Let them brown, about 3-4 minutes, on each side.

The type of kitchen


Tags Arab cuisine

What to do when children's gums bleed

मसड क सजन और दरद क अत तरत. Gum pain and swelling problem solution

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