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The phobia of flying or getting on a plane is not exclusive to adults, children can also suffer from it. If in the most serious cases of phobia you have to go to a specialist, for that slight fear of the plane we have some tricks. Children will be delighted to get on the plane. How to make the child lose the fear to the plane.

Now that the holidays are coming, many families take plane trips. Most children love to get on the plane, but some are afraid of flying. That fear of the airplane, as in the case of adults, is a fear of the unknown. How is it possible that an airplane can fly and transport us safely from one place to another? Without the need to give aeronautics lessons, we can prepare the child a while before.

If the child is afraid of the plane we can try some weeks before the trip by plane to tell him stories about airplanes, to mentally draw him a panorama in which the plane is that means of transport that takes him to magical places. Let your imagination not lack to present you the flight as a unique opportunity to discover wonderful things.

It can also help a lot when the child loses his fear of the plane by buying him some toy airplanes or a model to build the plane as a family while each one imagines the perfect trip. And if possible, you have to take the child to the airport to get familiar with real airplanes and see that people behave naturally and not fearfully.

When it comes time, that is, when it is time to get on the plane, the best method for the child to lose his fear of flying is to entertain him and distract him with something he likes. Many airlines allow children to visit the cockpit so that they see that the flight is safe and feel more confident, but it is not always possible.

Carrying a portable DVD can make it easier for your child to entertain his favorite movie without even realizing that he is on an airplane. But in the key moments that cause the most concern, such as the takeoff or the landing you have to improvise. You can play 'I see I see' at those times and give them candy or lollipops to alleviate minor discomfort in the ears.

During the flight the child can stay entertained and forget about your fears by playing to create stories about the rest of the passengers or playing the role of pilot and deciding a different destination. Bringing her favorite toy, some drawings and coloring pencils or a bunch of stickers that can be sticked on her handbag are some of the essentials. Because in addition to the child's fear of flying, we must take into account the fear of other passengers to fly with children.

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How to care for your baby's teeth and gums

Dentist Ricardo Perez: It is critical that dental care starts early. We want all children to have healthy teeth, beautiful smiles, and benefit from excellent dental health.

Narrator: Dr. Ricardo Perez is a third-generation pediatric dentist in Chevy Chase, Maryland, and a member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

Dentist: There we go, Chase. You are a very handsome boy. And Mom, you are here for your first dental visit?

Narrator: When should you first take your child to the dentist? Different experts have slightly different answers to this question. What they agree on is that the first visit should happen no later than your child's first birthday.

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that you take your child in sooner if he's at high risk for dental decay. Your baby's doctor can help you decide this at his regular well-baby checkups.

The American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry advise bringing your baby in for a visit as soon as his first tooth appears. If he doesn't have a visible tooth by his first birthday, bring him in anyway.

Dentist: I advise my patient population to start proper oral hygiene habits at home early.

Narrator: There are several reasons to start caring for your baby's teeth and gums early.

First, it helps prevent tooth decay.

Dentist: If the teeth are not properly cleaned at home, early on, if there is milk residue or food debris on these teeth, it's the proper environment for bacteria, that is now in the baby's mouth, to begin to produce acid, and this acid is actually what erodes or causes tooth decay.

Narrator: Second, it sets the stage for good oral hygiene later.

Dentist: The more you get him used to you brushing his teeth (or Daddy), the more receptive he is going to be. If you start at 2, it is going to be a little harder.

Narrator: Third, even though your child's baby teeth will eventually fall out, they're still very important.

Dentist: Baby teeth contribute in the developing of his face and his mouth. Proper chewing is very critical for proper eating and therefore his dental health is directly related to his general health. Baby teeth also preserve the space for permanent teeth.

Narrator: When can you expect your baby's teeth to appear?

Typically, the lower central incisors emerge first, then the upper central incisors.

The lateral incisors, which flank the middle teeth, follow next.

Then come the first molars, which will likely appear soon after your baby's first birthday.

After that are the canines, and the second molars come in last.

Most children will have a full set of 20 baby teeth, or primary teeth, by their third birthday.

There's no real need to clean your baby's gums until she sprouts a tooth.

Some dentists recommend wiping a baby's gums once or twice a day with a damp washcloth or piece of gauze wrapped around your finger. You can do this if you like, but there's no evidence that the habit will prevent tooth decay.

Dentist: Once teeth begin to come in around 6 or 8 months of age, parents can begin to transition to using a baby toothbrush.

Narrator: Once your child has at least one visible tooth, buy a baby toothbrush with a small head of soft bristles. Use a tiny amount of fluoride toothpaste – just a dot the size of a rice grain or a thin smear.

Fluoride is very important because it strengthens your child's tooth enamel and helps prevent cavities.

But be sure to use just a little. Children who swallow too much fluoride can develop a condition called fluorosis, which can cause permanent white spots on their adult teeth.

Brush your baby's teeth twice a day – once in the morning and once before bed.

Brush gently on both the outside and inside surfaces of your baby's teeth – or tooth, as the case may be – and try to brush her tongue, to dislodge the bacteria that can cause bad breath.

Don't worry about rinsing after brushing, since you're using just a tiny amount of toothpaste and the water would wash too much of the fluoride away.

Flossing for babies is optional. There's no evidence it makes a difference, but some dentists play it safe and recommend it anyway.

Your baby's dentist may recommend flossing between any teeth that are touching each other.

Dentist: Some kids need to have their teeth flossed earlier because they don't have any space in between their teeth.

Narrator: Gently floss your baby's teeth the same way you'd floss your own.

Most babies have plenty of space between their teeth and won't need flossing, at least until they have a mouthful of teeth that are touching each other – usually between ages 2 and 2 1/2.

Pay attention to your baby's emerging teeth and take care of them right from the start. Your child's pearly whites are worth the effort.

Brushing Your Babys Teeth: Baby Oral Care

5 tips for skin sagging

Loss of skin elasticity begins in our thirties, becoming faster at fifty, but reversible with certain methods. Beliefs about sagging skin are dispelled by Beata Sutka, a specialist in Oxygen Medical Ultherapy.

5 tips for skin sagging

Why is our skin going down?

Reduces skin freshness depends on a number of factorssuch as smoking, light sleep and fluid intake, and the amount of time spent in the sun. All of these can accelerate the natural process that starts anyway, which is to reduce the production of collagen and elastin over time, and the ability of the skin to absorb water. elkerьlhetetlen, but yuh hнr that matter lassнthatу. At the same time, it is important to dispel the parental beliefs that are associated with this topic.Fiction 1: Running and jumping movements cause sagging.
There are two main biological causes of sagging of the skin: less collagen which leads to a loss of elasticity diminishes the hair on the face which may make us look smoother. You do not expect to be able to move with such vigor and strength in running or aerobics that it collapses the collagen state. There is a much greater chance that if you do this movement for too long outdoors without UV protection, you can actually reduce collagen production. So the protection of the light is essential even in cold, cloudy weather. Myth # 2: Body Balance Does Not Affect Facial Skin.
Whether you are weight loss or weight loss, weight change it definitely works for the face skin, the faster and more significant the change, the better. When we lift weights, our skin is stretched to give room for extra volume. If we lose weight, however, we can see the sagging of the subcutaneous and periwinkle skin. As we get older, we also notice that when we use our fingers to tighten our complexion, it jumps back into place much more slowly than it did in our younger days. Myth 3: Sleep on the stomach causes sagging.
The sleeping pose does not cause sagging, it all leads to sleep cramps. These are the linings, indentations that the linen press on the face, neck, décolleté, and with the passage of time remain on the skin. We can all be relieved by sleeping on our backs or trying some ergonomically designed cushions.Exhibit 4: Home skincare is nothing.
It is true that commercially available supplements may not work wonders, but an effective hydration can temporarily breathe life into dull skin. It is worth looking for supplements that contain vitamins A and C, as well as vitamin C serum and AHA-containing cosmetics. It is also worth trying retinol serums, but only at night, as the sunlight deactivates the active ingredient. There is much we can do to slow down the aging of our skin once UVA-filtered products hasznбlunk.Myth # 5: Professional therapists only work against wrinkles, but they do not work against sagging.
- Nowadays, a professional procedure that provides an effective and safe solution for skin sagging is now available. Micro-focused ultrasound accurately targets the point where collagen regeneration can be initiated at the correct depth. The fabric is heated to an optimum temperature of 67 ° C, where collagen formation begins. special ultrasound treatment Immediately detect skin volume, "rise", with a final result within 3-6 months Sutka Bebta, a specialist in Oxygen Medical Ultherapy. - Comparative studies also show that special ultrasound treatment is more effective than state-of-the-art laser procedures and more targeted than radiofrequency treatment.
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  • Past, present and future of children at risk of social and personal exclusion

    There are boys and girls who, despite their young age, have lived experiences that do not correspond to them or have been in situations that no one should ever go through. There are also others who have been spoiled too much, they have perched the iron throne from a young age and their will is served on a silver platter at too high a price. For both, the acts and / or the past of their parents mortgage their future while their childhood develops with unknown people in sheltered homes, foster families or centers for minors, giving YOUR INNOCENCE as the only guarantee. We talk about children at risk of social and personal exclusion and how they face their future.

    When there is no choice but to leave, when you have to unexpectedly leave the place where you live and have grown up, when you leave everything behind and the farewell is a fact, the only illusion you have left, perhaps, is to be able to fill that void soon with the hope of a return.

    When this happens to you when you are three, six or eight years old and your opinion is not taken into account, you leave alone or accompanied by a brother to another city, turning your childhood upside down, observing through tears the gap that opens between you and your loved ones - the same ones who have neglected or overprotected you, mistreated or ignored you until you feel abandoned - and those who receive you on the other side are strange people, so, only then, the innocence and ignorance of that age are the only reasons that allow you to stay sane.

    On a daily basis, too many minors are forced to leave their homes at a very young age to go to live in centers or sheltered housing for minors. In these resources of the Administration they receive and protect them temporarily or permanently, depending on the case. This will sometimes depend on the will or possibilities of their families, and the work that can be done with them to solve errors and redirect a situation that is given to minors and that directly, without warning, turns them into victims. Everything will be determined by that will and those opportunities to ensure that children do not feel 'stored'.

    They are lives broken as soon as they are born, built on mud foundations. Most of their parents have in common lives unstructured by drugs, crime, abuse, abandonment or all at once. But not only in families of low sociocultural level do these cases occur.

    Currently the overprotection that comes with offering the solution before the need arises, the overwork of parents that carries with it an inattention that is supplemented with hours of video games, the lack of a 'no' in time to mark the limits or the The reversal of roles where the wishes and interests of children are those that are imposed on common sense is making many parents with a 'normalized' socioeconomic situation unable to guide and educate their children, which has become, in recent years, in a cause for which minors enter these centers.

    The minors grow up in this environment and normalize it. So those who see their parents go to work every day, help each other, respect each other and take care of themselves assume it as normal, there is a risk that those who see them taking drugs, committing crimes or giving a beating as a speech, also assume it as something natural. On the other hand, those who have passed from the cradle to the throne and from there direct and manipulate, do not want to get off it and do not understand why they should do so.

    They arrive at these frightened places, they are received by unknown hands, neutral hearts. They are programmed a fictitious, 'normal' life, in a false home and to avoid the social and personal risk that being with their families implies, they are educated against nature, trying to eliminate perennial vices that were the norm at home. Here they are offered normalized social structures, they are removed from danger, they are given support, affection, they are listened to, they are helped to train the person, the pieces of the puzzle are arranged, but how do these rearranged pieces fit into the puzzles of their families?

    We must not forget that some children do not want papier-mâché or make-up to hide their reality, because what they are and have been - in many cases - is what they intend to continue being, and what they are offered in these homes or not. they want, or they are just warm cloths unable to mitigate the helplessness of being outside of their family.

    It is the theory of the eternal return: the parents did not know or could not do it and now it is the children who suffer the consequences. Is the problem being misbehaved or is the problem simply difficult to grasp? Should we intervene in the family from the core, from within, and whenever possible, avoid the trauma and irreparable damage that separating children from their parents involves?

    The solution is complicated, but reality says that there are still many cases in which, While the parents share a cell, the children live in the sheltered homes, And so the cycle continues.

    Those who hopefully return to their families after time because the situation allows it, tend to be left with a sour experience of their passage through these resources. In this journey they have been educated by countless people with standardized criteria who, sometimes, unfairly and due to ignorance, are often blamed for their situation. At the same time, if the working conditions of the educators are not adequate, they leave the job looking for a job improvement, which causes a movement of people and an instability that does not favor the creation of sufficient links with the minors, who are in such need of stable referents.

    When the return to the family does not materialize, there are reactions that can range from 'scratching' the affection of everyone close to them, to creating firm knots of feelings to protect themselves from everyone who approaches, passing through those others that replace the lack of love for material things that mislead your mind and evade it. As they get older within them, hopelessness, disappointment, and perhaps hatred have fermented, day by day, disappointment after disappointment. Innocence and ignorance, then, are no longer reasons to maintain sanity and, to tell the truth, they are not without reasons.

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    "At home the kids' favorites"

    "At home the kids' favorites"

    Tamás Bereznay is a specialist in both main and part time. A superlative, like a kid and a cat, requires a variety of cooking, but that's fine.

    He was a little tired, as was all dads with small children in general. Nothing special, only the kid got up at night. Multiple times. And Dad grew up there, anesthetized, bared, laughed, because after all, anesthesia usually drowns them in laughter. Tamara pushes the boys, with a month that she immediately throws out the sight of both of them. He doesn't care that Tom's got to get some grab on the table the other day.

    - I didn't really understand that. How can you laugh while sleeping?

    "I never start… I try to concentrate on silence, lullaby, and when I think the baby is asleep, he just gives birth." But he has such a text that immediately the seriousness is over, we start shouting. After that, of course, the silence, the babbling begins again…

    - The strict fathers will strike hard ...

    Photo: Olga Fbbiбn

    - I don't belong in public. I don't realize, for example, that a child can be left in the middle of the night when it is obvious that his mother or father is in need. I didn't understand when the little one fell, instead of comforting him, he was still scolded. I told you not to run - they are good for the orthodox child. I belong to a different group of parents, also considering that I may allow too much for the child. Sometimes I think I'm like a grandfather of Judas. He who comforts, loves, babysits his grandchild, and leaves the educator to rest. You simply have no voice to raise your voice.

    - And who educates you then?

    - Mostly my wife. And the bigger kids, because we have a big family. We still have my wife's two children, and there are two children in the family, the bigger daughter who lives with my ex-wife and her brother. Tamara mostly listens to the older ones, but if she has a day like that, she won't obey anyone. Going after his own head. Incredible babe.

    - I have some bias in your voice ...

    - I'm out of it. But for all my childhoods, I love being so busy at home. I grew up in a big family myself and got used to having kids around me. For example, my little brother was diapering, feeding, bathing, imagining, and when I was a kid I wanted to be an uncle.

    - Did you just have to choose the casserole?

    - Goofy or your Uncle, I missed that, so I stayed with the former. But I also like to cook with the little ones, even if I have to spend more in the kitchen. Nowadays I think a lot about reading a cookbook and cooking real kids' menu with kids. I will teach you the basics, make easy, delicate tricks.

    "It can be easy for your wife ... you can always rip breakfast, lunch, dinner reps and turnips ..."

    - Because I do a lot of work, I don't have much of it, my wife is on the week, and more on the weekends. But if I hit him, they'd really do anything. I cook mainly the kids' favorites, celery potato soup, Bolognese spaghetti, pizza, big croissant, stuffed cabbage.

    - Are you reading some cookbooks?

    - Sure, but not while cooking. After so many years of routine, it would be funny if I wanted to order something for the soup, but I'd read recipes in my spare time. Last time I counted, we have 125 cookbooks at home. This is also needed for my work, giving me more and more ideas as I scroll through them.

    - Do you find new recipes easy?

    - That's why I'm not saying that some people are hard-working and I feel that all the food in the world is cooked, frozen, there is nothing under the sun. I also don't know how, but a taste, a spice, and a new, exciting recipe are born. And then I realize that I can write a book.

    - Brochure, your first cookbook has just been published. This market was a bit crowded, don't you think?

    - I think there are just a few in the shops. Outside England new weekly volumes of gastronomy are published, and at home it is a terrible struggle to prepare, publish, and sell a demanding cookbook. The geniuses of the world are so varied that it would be necessary to present them all in Hungarian.

    - Which kitchen do you like the most?

    - Greek, Italian, Spanish cuisine is my favorite. Anywhere I find my tooth currency, but the Mediterranean cuisine comes in one. But I don't like to mix things up. The pizza is as delicious as the Italians thought it was - with fresh tomatoes, oregano, delicious ham, not the way I do some homemade food in Hungarian, with sausage and ketchup.

    - Don't you and your wife argue in the kitchen at home? Do you need pepper and the like?

    "My dear cook is extraordinary, there's always food, pepper and the like." All we have to do is prepare you for lunch sooner, because that is my profession.

    - If we're on the kid's menu, what do you think of being a bailiff in kindergarten, kindergarten and school?

    - Waiting for us, Tamara will start ovi while she's at home with her mom. There is also nothing to give birth, as the bigger ones eat hot food at home, so we pack more snacks. We paid for a while but did not eat, did not like me, so it was more important that if my wife was at home with the little one, the big ones would eat something decent.

    - Your honeymooner, Jamie Olivier, has reformed the English school dress besides his super restaurants. Don't you have similar ambitions?

    - My big picture is Jamie, and I really appreciate what you do and do. He embraced the school canteen and was completely redesigned, though it should be added that the English government had received support from him. There's a lot we miss for a caliber of such a large caliber, but that doesn't mean I'm not thinking about a similar task. To get the kids to know about fish, green food, more fruits and juicy ingredients, go to the school menu. I'm full of idea, but I don't know which door you should knock on to make this happen.
    Baby Stars a Maternity magazine every month. Search for it or pay for it!

    What character for your little Aries?

    What character for your little Aries?

    Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling: Amada

    Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling: Amada

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