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Maternity leave: Work until you pop, or start it early?

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Week 22 of pregnancy - the to-do list

Week 22 of pregnancy - the to-do list

It gives you a list of things to do during pregnancy, week by week! We help you with a list of essential things to do!

- the fetus has already acquired "exotic" dimensions, its size being slightly comparable to a papaya fruit; it's time for a new photo of the album, marked with the number 22, for this week; Did you know that these days, his eyes and lips have completely contoured and he is starting to look more and more like a newborn?

- make sure that you eat properly and thus provide the fetus with all the necessary substances for harmonious development; the menu from this period must be diversified and balanced, rich in foods such as eggs, sweet potatoes, oilseeds, legumes, lean meats, orange juice fortified with calcium and vitamin D, yogurt, green leafy vegetables, salmon, etc .;

- if you want to have another beautiful memory from your pregnancy, besides the photo album for each week, it's time to think about a creative, funny and beautiful photo shoot, made in a professional studio; your tummy has already got bigger, you give off that shine of pregnancy that everyone is talking about and you haven't accumulated too many extra pounds; it is a good time to highlight your strengths in a memorable photo session, in which you can co-opt the future father;

- you have already entered the 5th month of pregnancy and the birth is near; if you plan to return to work shortly after birth, it is time to look for an option for a nanny, a foster child or a person to leave the child at home; inspects the "crèche" market, the offers of the bone agencies and gives the country the support among the retired or unemployed relatives who are responsible enough to play the role of good for your little one; you do not have to make a decision now, but it is good to get an idea of ​​what the possible variants might be;

- if they have not done so far, it is possible to already appear the stretch marks and the black line (brown stripe located along the abdomen); the most important thing is to know that these signs pass most often after birth and that there is no need to take therapeutic measures during pregnancy; inform yourself of the causes of their occurrence, and if you still want solutions to fade these unsightly signs, always consult your doctor before using a product or treatment that you do not know if it can harm your pregnancy;

- continue to seek the ideal position for sleep, especially as the belly will begin to "bother" you more and more at night; specialists recommend the lateral position, on the left, as the safest, but also beneficial for the girl; if you feel that this position does not suit you, test the version on the back or on the right side; place a pillow between your feet and under your tummy when you sleep on the side, as you may feel more comfortable;

- keep playing sports, but adapt your exercise program to your new physical condition; it is important to avoid overstretching the legs or the sudden movements of the trunk; go to the room if you are an active and you want to do constant training during this period, but do it under the supervision of an instructor specialized in working with pregnant women; if the fitness room does not faze you, limit yourself to long walks every day, easy swimming laps, climbing stairs and, why not, numerous dances accompanied by good cheer, which tones your body, but lifts you up morale;

- rest as much as possible, especially if you have a risky pregnancy; If your doctor recommends bed rest, make sure you follow his advice, as it is possible to have the risk of pregnancy complications associated with this period; Among the most frequent of these are premature contractions, early dilation or placenta praevia;

- do not give up your blog or task log; hold on to your thoughts that disturb you, the joys that overwhelm you and the feelings you feel during this period; over the years, you will get excited by reciting the rows from this period;

- Interact with other pregnant women, in forums, in online communities or with those around you; even if everyone around you is at all times, sometimes you feel the need to talk and download to a person who knows exactly the conditions you are going through and who you know understands you perfectly.

The end of the year most often evokes holiday meals and gift distributions. During this period, it is also customary for some people to thank firefighters, postmen, nannies by giving them, often in the form of an envelope, a certain amount of money: the new year's gifts.

New Year's gifts, give or not give?

  • For centuries, this tradition Thank you to the dedicated, available people who are not necessarily paid for the services they render you.
  • While it was customary to hand out new gifts to the Postman, firefighters, garbage collectors, building guards by buying a calendar or preparing a small envelope, the New Year's tradition seems to be losing some strength.
  • This practice is nevertheless a good way to reward your nanny for the services she gives you!
  • A little, a lot ... How much to give? To each according to his means!
  • But you may feel that because of the more emotional nature of the relationship you have with your child's nanny, you do not want to "give" her money.
  • In this case, drop him a gift at the foot of the tree!

Frédérique Odasso

And you, give yourself New Year's gifts? Take our poll

Loss of one parent

How to treat flu and colds with homeopathy

Specialists in homeopathy explain to us how you can treat colds and even flu with homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic treatments for flu are valid for babies, children and even pregnant women.

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We suggest you use the fables and their morals to educate your child in values. This fable of Aesop, the fable of 'The dove and the ant', deals with the value of gratitude. Your child will understand that by helping others and appreciating their help, both will benefit. Fantastic teaching of this ancient fable where the two main animals, the ant and the dove, help each other as a sign of gratitude. Do not miss this beautiful animated version, with subtitles so that your child can also read it.

Edition: Lola Doménech

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THE DOVE and THE ANT. English. Moral Based Animated Story for Kids. WIK Entertainment

Decapitation - Don't treat it, treat it!

Decapitation - Don't treat it, treat it!

You start scratching your head when you hear that titty. But the real challenge is to bring a family member home. That's where life comes from for a while!

Year-to-year cerebral palsy is a recurring phenomenon in the community of children, especially in elementary schools and kindergartens. Although, to the best of our knowledge, the head does not transmit an infectious disease, the presence of a bleeding mucus is extremely unpleasant, and the wounds resulting from scratching may be over-infected. In spite of advanced hygiene conditions, the incidence rate has been unchanged for years, proving that headaches are not primarily a function of social conditions. Cognition, lack of personal experience, and concealment of disease play a role in survival.
Therefore, we aim to intensify the fight against lichen in the beginner's lesson and to reduce the possibility of re-infection. The Nуgrбd Kormбnyhivatal Nйpegйszsйgьgyi Szakigazgatбsi County Department of йs Orszбgos Tisztifхorvosi Office orszбgos kampбnynyitу tбjйkoztatуjбnak legfхbb cйlja that tanйv kezdetйn when the children szьnidхt kцvetхen ismйt kerьlnek kцzцssйgbe, felhнvjuk the szьlхk, nevelхk figyelmйt the fejtetvessйg megjelenйsйnek lehetхsйgйre. We would like to emphasize that the cephalopod is not wrong, and that the primary task and responsibility of the parent is to treat cephalopod children.
An essential element of the struggle is wide-ranging information aimed at providing the general public with adequate knowledge of the cephalopod, its recognition, its propagation and its preventive / abortive procedures. We have assembled professional materials for those who, in the same period of time in the whole of the country, are able to work in unison to achieve our goals according to a set schedule. We address our call to all those involved in the fight against cephalopathy, ie schools, residential and social institutions, local governments, home and school physicians, and cancer practitioners. Parent meetings at the start of school provide opportunities for parents to inform parents and school health professionals about what they are doing, as well as annual medical examinations.
The head does not take into account age, sex, position: it can be contagious, dirty and clean hair can be mucous. Don't get it wrong, but hide it, don't handle it, pass it on, and do not risk the community irresponsible!
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