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Celebration costumes: DIY projects for your hero!

Celebration costumes: DIY projects for your hero!

One of the reasons for children is often impatient when it comes to the kindergarten or school holidays is their transformation into the most popular and popular characters.

The little ones love to disguise themselves and take on certain roles, and wearing the specific costumes makes them feel proud and confident in their own strengths.

Boys take this opportunity to transform themselves into their favorite superheroes, to design qualities such as courage, intelligence, intuition, loyalty or empathy.

Whether they choose a saving hero or are assigned a Machiavellian role, they enjoy the popularity of the characters they represent and the sympathy of educators or teachers and parents when they play their role.

The need to be the center of attention and to assert themselves through their talents and qualities is very important at this age, and the holidays represent the perfect opportunity for their validation.

The costumes distributed in the specialty shops can be quite expensive, and many parents either do not allow or justify such an investment that the children will only make once.

Therefore, many use their own imagination to create the appropriate costumes that will precisely reproduce the features of the favorite characters, which children will wear with love and pride and at the same time not to invest huge amounts.

Here are some ideas that will help you prepare your little boy's holiday costume alone, without having to pay a fortune for it!

Fear of "Turning Back"

The film "Turned Back" by Pixar was a real success, being awarded at the Oscar gala and gaining sympathy among all the children. One of the key characters in this film is Fear, the correspondent of the emotion whose name he carries. Fear is always a concern, and sometimes it helps children to avoid danger.

To create this character's costume, you will need:

- a white-blue striped shirt

- a vest with a black and white print

- a red butterfly

- a pair of navy pants

- the cordeluta

- a piece of wire with protection, specially designed for DIY projects

- special paint for lilac skin and a brush

- a dye spray for lilac or gray hair

- crepe paper of lilac color

- paper adhesive

Here's how you'll turn it your boy in Fear:

1. Use paint to make paint to color the face in the shade of lilac chosen, as evenly, with the help of special brush.

2. Color your hair with hair spray and, if longer, comb it to the back.

3. Tie the cordeluta wire, fastening it tightly. Twist one end so that it looks like a question mark.

4. Wrap the cord and the wire attached to it in crimped lilac paper, fixing it with the paper adhesive.

5. Help your child dress up, put the cord on his head and you will be ready for the big event!

Anger from "Turning Back"

Another male character in the animation of the year is Fury, the emotion that makes us manifest aggressively when we are upset. Although the emotion is negative, the children love this character.

Here is what you will need to reproduce the costume:

- a pair of gray or brown pants

- a white shirt

- a black belt and black shoes

- a red tie

- red paint for painting and a brush

- dye spray for red hair

- a pair of red gloves

To turn your boy into Anger, you will have to proceed as follows:

1. Use paint to make paint and brush so that it colors homogeneously the whole face in shades of red.

2. Color your hair with the special spray.

3. Give her clothes to wear and do not forget about accessories: red gloves, belt and black shoes are required. Your child will look exactly like the one in his favorite animation!

Woody from "Toy Story"

Already reached the fourth sequel, this film is one of the Pixar classics that have conquered both children and adults. One of the key characters in the film is Woody toy, a friendly and courageous cow who does everything possible to stay present in Andy's room and life.

To turn your son into a true Woody, you will need the following clothes and materials:

- the pair of blue jeans

- a pair of boots

- a yellow shirt

- the red scarf

- the white dress

- a few pieces of black felt

- black and brown needle and needle

- a belt

- a piece of yellow felt

- two safety pins

- a cowboy hat

- a piece of brown canvas

- a scissor

Here's what you have to do:

1. To decorate Woody's vest, cut the black felt into irregular pieces of similar size and sew them from place to place on the white vest, using the black thread to conceal the seams.

2. Use the yellow felt to cut a star and an oval. You will catch the star with a safety pin on Woody's vest, turning it into a shiny badge. The oval piece of material will become the buckle of the belt, which you will attach to it with the help of the other safety pin.

3. Use the brown material to create your little boy a gun port. Grab it by the strap, using the brown tie.

4. Help him to wear his outfit, paying special attention to details: the scarf should be hidden a little under the shirt at the bottom of the neck, and the jeans should be fitted inside the boots. Put his hat on his head and you will find it difficult to distinguish him from his favorite character!

The Incredible Lord from the "Incredibles"

Superheroes from "The Incredibles" have a special story: they have to give up their mission to save the world and adapt to a normal life in the suburbs, but one last mission helps them to return to the center of attention and prove once again. that I am on the side of good. Led by the Incredible Lord, the main hero, they go through a series of exciting adventures.

The Incredible Lord's Costume is ... incredibly simple to make with the help of these items of clothing and materials:

- a pair of red tights

- a red helix

- a pair of black socks

- a pair of black gloves

- a pair of black boxers

- an orange ribbon with a width of 4-6 cm

- black, yellow, orange and white iced paper

- paper adhesive

- a piece of double adhesive tape

- a scissor

- a piece of elastic black material

- a thin black cord

Here is how you will proceed to turn your child into one Super hero:

1. Cut out the iced paper so you can rebuild the logo of the Incredibles: an orange oval, a black one you will lengthen, a rectangle and a yellow bullet, a white bullet smaller than the yellow one.

2. Assemble the logo with the paper adhesive and attach it to the red shirt with double adhesive tape.

3. Cut the black material in the form of a mask, drill its side edges, symmetrically and insert the string so that it can be fixed with the help of the mask.

4. Wrap your baby in tights and a turtleneck, put on the boxers above and catch the orange ribbon at the waist.

5. Put your socks on top of your tights so that they look like a pair of boots. Attach the mask and you will have your own Incredible Lord!

Russell from "Above All"

"Above All" is one of Pixar's most beloved animations, and his engaging story about love and friendship has conquered children around the world. One of the key characters in this animated story is Russell, the curious and brave boy who discovers a lot of things with the help of his new pensioner friend, Carl.

To turn your child into a cute character, you will need the following items of clothing and materials that you probably already have in your wardrobe or you can purchase on a low budget:

- a pair of beige or brown shorts

- a pair of white socks

- a pair of black or brown shoes

- a yellow shirt

- the yellow jacket

- an orange scarf

- a backpack

- a long piece of brown material

- colored iced paper

- a chop for frying

- double adhesive tape

- paper adhesive

Here's how you will suit your little explorer:

1. Cut out colored glossy paper balls of equal size.

2. Cut the piece of brown material so that it looks like a ribbon. You will tie it over his shoulder to the waist, so you have to make sure that the length is wide enough.

3. Glue the colored bullets onto the brown ribbon with small pieces of double-sided tape. Then decorate them with smaller pieces of paper cut into different shapes, using the paper adhesive so that they look like badges.

4. Cut an orange triangle out of paper and decorate it so that it resembles Russell's flag for scouting and attach it to the frying pan with the adhesive.

5. After you have dressed your child, accessorize it with the scarf, hat and backpack and catch the flag of the backpack. If you have time left, you can inflate some balloons to make the character more truthful.

How did you dress your superhero at the party? Which character do you prefer? We look forward to your comments in the comments section below!

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It's no big surprise that when you have a baby, you go to the couch. Although all children and parents alike, parents are constantly challenged by the constant watering challenge. Baby wipes are very practical and not just what you think.

Here are 8 things you can use for popcornYour baby's towel is weak, the sensitive baby's skin adapts, and contains no harmful substances that can harm the baby. You can also use it for countless things, not only for the baby, but for you as well. Let's see what comes with a cloth.

1. You can remove your makeup with it

However, if you have a baby, the bar turns into the night, and the night turns to morning again, but sometimes it is difficult to make a difference. When you can't find a cleanser and of course you can't jump to buy another, but you need it. to keep it clean and fresh, well, in that case, the baby cloth! And when the baby is bigger and you just run out of lipstick, do you do a good job of wiping your lipstick off the face or wall?

2. Clean the dog's paws

Not only for people, but also for autumn, slushy, muddy pins, the cloth is perfect. It is also good for you to remove the soggy feet from the puppy, which will not only be clean, but can also carry other risks.

3. Clean Your Baby's Face (And Other Body Parts)

When you wipe your own face with a cloth, can you clean your baby's face as well as your hands, arms, feet? Much more effective than paper kitchen towels or napkins.

4. You can smell the air with it

Yes, that's it! Drop some essential oil on a diaper and place it in a basket on the diaper table.

5. You can clean it

They are great for cleaning the inside of your car (which is often needed when you have a small child), for repainting your baby's plastic toys (which you can use to help a smaller child). It is handy and miraculous.

6. You can also remove blemishes

If you have a child, there are patches on your clothes. But not only do the kids get their clothes dirty, you must have had the stone fall off. Instead of napkins, paper towels, or kitchen towels, baby wipes are more effective, removing blemishes in no time at all. For example, if you soap a little.

7. You can also use it for goldsmiths

Well yes ... after birth we are many who are struggling with gold. Be sure you always have baby wipes to help you in unpleasant situations. Put some light in the doldrums!

8. Nyron for a little refreshment

Do you get a Hgut? Get some popcorn out of the refrigerator and carry yourself and the baby with it. A real redemption for both of them (article source here)
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  • 11 Powerful Cleaning Tips
  • 10 Things Your Life Will Change When You Are Born

Riddle: His stepmother and sisters

Riddle: His stepmother and sisters

Guess riddle


His stepmother and sisters
they didn't let her out
but the good fairy arrived
and made the prince happy.

Guess, guess ... Riddles for kids are a great way to stimulate intelligence, logic and creativity in your little ones. Also, this children's game provides a wonderful opportunity to spend time with the family.

For this reason, on our site we have created a fun application to play riddles as a family, with thousands of riddles to stimulate children in their learning and help them learn vocabulary with a fun game.

You can search children's riddles from different categories, pick a random puzzle, get clues, and enjoy an afternoon of family leisure, in the company of our pet. Go ahead and try your luck!

Less money for moms

Less money for moms

There are only three weeks until the method of payment of the childcare allowance will change. From January 1, 2007 new rules will enter into force. From next year, the mothers who will prove that by the date of birth they have achieved, 12 months, professional income subject to income tax will receive compensation 6 million old lei.

There are only three weeks until the method of payment of the childcare allowance will change. From January 1, 2007 new rules will enter into force. From next year, the mothers who will prove that by the date of birth they have achieved, 12 months, professional income subject to income tax will receive compensation 6 million old lei.
In addition, they will also benefit from the state allowance for the child, which will increase from 240,000 lei, as it is now, to 2 million lei. Under these conditions, the new mothers will receive 8 million lei (6 million allowance and 2 million allowance). But they will lose the 240,000 lei, which were granted as a state allowance.
The changes will also be in terms of the incentive given to mothers who interrupt their child-raising leave and return to work earlier than the two-year-old.

They will no longer receive, besides the basic salary, 3 million lei as before, but only one million lei. "The people who want to start the service earlier will receive, besides the salary, the supplement of one million lei, but also the allocation of 2 million lei. And in this case, 240,000 lei will be lost. In order to benefit from the supplement, the mothers need of a request and a certificate from which they can return that they returned to work. The documents are submitted to the county departments of the work they belong to, "said Mihai Rapi, executive director of the Department of Work, Social Solidarity and Family Bucharest.
According to him, the winners will have mothers who do not meet the conditions in order to receive the allowance. "They will receive the state allowance, which will no longer be 240,000 lei, but 2 million lei," said director Rapi.
Read the whole article in: Freedom
December 11, 2006
Cheese with nectarine and plum in oven

Cheese recipe with nectarine and prunes in oven, recommended for babies 7-8 months.


  • or nectarine
  • two plums
  • 6 teaspoons of cheese
  • 1. Nectarine is washed, peeled, peeled and placed in the yen vessel;
    2. The plums are washed, the seeds are cleaned and the slices are added to the nectarine;
    3. Add water to cover and place in the oven;
    4. Once they are ready, add the cow's cheese and add it;
    5. Keep a little in the oven.

    Tags Baby recipes Baby recipes 7 months

    Melpomene: origin and meaning of the name for girl Melpomene

    Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Melpomene.

    Name of the muse of tragedy.

    "Song to life".


    • Melita Bihali, Yugoslav actress (1938-).

    Drawings of the name Melpomene coloring page printable game

    Melpomene: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

    Melpomene name coloring page printable game

    Drawing with the name Melpomene coloring page printable game

    Drawings of names. Melpomene name to color and print

    A very contagious laugh. Children's story about magic and laughter

    The power of laughter it is not just therapeutic. Laughter transmits the best of emotions to children, it amuses them, makes them happy, makes them see life in a different color, makes them face their problems with another perspective, that is why any reason is good enough to be able to laugh out loud .

    This is a children's story about magic and laughter, where also laughing has incredible effects, do you want to know what they are? ...

    Everyone knew that in the castle of the Sunny Kingdom the birthdays of the little children were magical. Many things were heard and some were so rare that it was hard to believe. Even the wise court magician, Marlowe, was unable to explain or understand these enchantments.

    It would soon be Prince Louis' eighth birthday. An enormous chocolate cake had been ordered for the celebration. So big, they thought it wouldn't fit through the living room doors. And it is that, all the boys and girls of the kingdom were invited to the Big party.

    The big day has arrived. And when the little ones entered the royal hall they discovered the young prince and his brothers suspended in the air. They floated between the big lamps, they tumbled ... but the most surprising thing is that they didn't stop laughing. The young guests were amazed and more than one was open-mouthed. And it was the son of the baker of the kingdom who said: "the party seems to be up there, how will we go up?" Hearing him, Prince Louis explained: "You just have to think of funny things and you will see how you rise and end up in the air."

    They did so and everyone had a fun afternoon thanks to the laughing gas that gave off the happy thoughts of the little ones. They danced on the heights, they ate the cake clinging to the curtains, and some of them even had a drop of pee escaping from laughing so much. And it is that, the gas of the laughter flooded all the air.

    The magician Marlowe did not understand what was happening in the royal hall, but he did know that the afternoon was drawing to a close and the guests had to return to their homes. He tried to climb a ladder to grab their feet and help them down, but was unsuccessful. He asked them to please stop laughing and think about how sad their moms and dads would be if they didn't come home that night. It was then that hesadness filled them, when the enchantment disappeared and everyone was back on the ground.

    It had been a great birthday and Prince Louis had had the best of gifts, the laughter of his kingdom.

    If you want to know if your child has understood the text, you can ask these simple reading comprehension questions.

    - Why was the prince's birthday so special?

    - Was it the wizard Marlowe who had cast a spell on the birthday?

    - What had to be done to be able to fly?

    How could they come down from the heights?

    - What thought would make you fly?

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    Ready with string for enrolling children in school

    While the reality is quite different and it is happening for a long time the same and the same things, yesterday, the head of the Bucharest School Inspectorate, Cristian Alexandrescu thought that it was the case to make the match theory. He announced yesterday, through a press release, that from now on the condition of enrolling in the first class of children to take tests, except those provided by the regulation, and the collection of fees or sponsorship from parents are prohibited.

    While the reality is quite different and it is happening for a long time the same and the same things, yesterday, the head of the Bucharest School Inspectorate, Cristian Alexandrescu thought that it was the case to make the match theory. He announced yesterday, through a press release, that from now on the condition of enrolling in the first class of children to take tests, except those provided by the regulation, and the collection of fees or sponsorship from parents are prohibited.
    Also, Alexandrescu wanted to remind us that the educational units have the obligation of registering with priority the children who live near the school and, within the limits of the places left free, of the other applicants.

    The parent or legal guardian has the right to request the schooling of the child or to a school unit with primary education classes, other than the domicile, or is dismissed, with the approval of the Board of Directors of the educational unit, within the limit of the approved schooling plan, only after ensuring the schooling of the children rounded up in the area of ​​coverage of the respective school unit.
    Read the whole article in: nav" rel="nofollow" href="//"> The current
    03 April 207

    Name Iréna - Meaning and origin

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